1,204,986 Votes Decided: What Is The Best Thing?

Tom Scott

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    Sometimes, you regret asking a question. • Win your Ultimate Tech Bundle by entering Fasthosts’ Techie Test here: www.fasthosts.co.uk/tomscott
    Thanks to Graham Haerther for the main audio mix, and for recovering the terrible sound in my echo-filled flat!
    (For the folks asking: I'm not planning to release the ranked list -- partly because "ranked list of major world religions" sounds like the sort of thing that'll cause trouble, and partly because I can't guarantee there aren't some other nasty things still in the list. Apologies!)
    00:00 Introduction
    00:38 Every Thing
    04:35 How To Rank Everything
    05:45 What Is The Best Thing?
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    1. Tom Scott

      Thanks to all the people who voted! The results were definitely not what I'd have predicted.

      1. * F.B.I *

        ❤💙💜 ❤💙💜 ❤💙💜 ❤💙💜 ❤💙💜

      2. Record Games

        I really love carbon

      3. Sharlos

        Hi Tom, was this a conjoint analysis? If not, Id be happy to run your results for you to improve your validity

      4. Shahar Zamir

        we need another one like this but this time publish it in all the platform

      5. Two Bros No Foes

        Its bisexuality

    2. Michael-Elliott Jansen

      1. why did the good night sign off make me emotional 2. tom scott in front of the bisexual flag is my new aesthetic

    3. Jabba da House

      creativity 83.6% logic 83.2% creativity scored number 7 logic scored number 6 logic didnt win in the slightest

    4. esqimo

      Bisexuality being above heterosexuality by so much makes me so happy.

    5. mitch dorsman

      bisexual gang unite

    6. Jakkyr'


    7. vex life


    8. The Horse Outside


    9. Sugar / Eden Blob


    10. Louie Bartholomew

      Any chance of an extended cut for the data selection nerds in the audience?

    11. Chewy Gami

      Spotted "Waluigi" at 2:17

    12. FEMBOY

      What's going on with His greenscreen in this Video?

    13. God of War

      10:03 your welcome

    14. Vigilant Sycamore

      As a Pole I'm contractually obligated to say that the best thing is pierogi

    15. Altaria is the best


    16. TalysAlankil

      bisexuality beating heterosexuality by a massive margin is just a fact, actually

    17. Ànec Jó

      Being a nerd that has a paladar of a child fits me well!

    18. Morgan

      I’m watching this at 1am, you can’t stop me

    19. Fisher and Hunter Do Stuff

      Earth is the best thingy supports life and eeven if the sun disappeared bacteria and crustaceans could still survive under the miles of frozen ocean

    20. pep

      i pauses randomly during the “things that most people don’t care about” thing and saw my hometown ??

    21. Ed's Studios

      p r o p l a y e r d e f i f a

    22. Curb 21

      7:34 funny there is a typo on “logic” should be 84.2%

    23. lonesomespageti

      Love it how in the list of people there is just some guy named "Oscar"

    24. SteveJones313

      I wish I knew how to program a pairing-rank system. Genuinely surprised I can't find it online anywhere. A simple program that allows you to enter your entire data set, and then creates a "quiz" that you can link people where it will randomly show pairs for peeps to vote on, which would then provide you with the results.

    25. Silent Fox

      ''The best thing is sleep'' Me, a insomniac: **Hmmmmmm**

    26. Ali

      I love you Tom!

    27. Shade Pizza

      who else cheered when bisexuality came on screen

    28. kulartüp

      Can we talk about that our brains voted for the brain as the best organ

    29. Grant Kerr

      An audience of depressed Liberal Democrats it is then.

    30. Reemus4

      Well as a robot I dont care so much about fresh water or air. electricity on the other handshaped grappling appendge is very impotant to me.


      ...which twilight movie

    32. overly confident walrus

      still convinced bisexuality is the best thing

    33. Maksim Kuzmin

      9:20 - "This is ridiculous!" - Tom tried to say, but recalled he's British and continued the phrase.

    34. Jess Yan

      *wind instrument that causes cancer*

    35. xXSedateKnaveXx

      I'm straight and I'm telling you if I was given heterosexuality or pizza i would choose pizza cause who cares

      1. Nirwux Arch

        And who wouldn't?

    36. Robert

      Part two post coronavirus?

    37. Lycorisy

      Checkmate, people that are unironically proud that they dont sleep and/or have a bad sleep schedule. Please sort out your life, if you will.

    38. patheticest

      Dibs on being the best thing

    39. Callie Patino

      pizza. flowers. bisexuality. wind turbines. long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. then everything changed when tom scott attacked

    40. xiu-quiahuitl leal

      The best thing is friction. Just think about what i said.

    41. Kepler_591b

      I physically pogchamed on number one

    42. Reol Tech

      6 months later, i rewatch this video and i just want to point out something. Tom, I know you are smart and there is 100% chance you're better than me in maths. But I think there is something wrong with your top 10 percentages. If I'm not wrong 83.6% is higher than 83.2%. But from what i can see 83.6% is number 7 while 83.2% is number 6. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

    43. justbellaforshort

      I’ve seen this 3 times but it never gets less interesting!

    44. Nathan

      Pro player de fifa

    45. Zecky

      This is just amazing, I truely love it

    46. Basti5454

      Dog go fishing is much much better

    47. Tapu

      200 OK

    48. xp89 xp89

      “The best part of the body... the brain” - The Brain

    49. InnovativeName

      How old are you Tom ?

      1. Nirwux Arch

        This question comes off as really random and unsettling.

      2. Awá Ará

        He's 36.

    50. Mel

      The best thing is sleep...? Meaning when we can dream and escape this world? Or when we're not awake, thus, not in this world...? Hmmmm

    51. Ballistic Blocker

      If sleep is the best thing then why am I currently avoiding it by watching this video.....I really need to get some rest.

    52. Dea Baum

      You should rerun this once most of the covid stuff has calmed down

    53. IvanFletcher

      I'm surprised on how high bisexuality is.

    54. Riley Carpenter


    55. Joseph Montgomery

      Bisexual sleep-deprived nerd here AMA

      1. Jelly

        ​@B.N.A I also want to know

      2. B.N.A

        What's your favorite type of cheese?

      3. Baguette Gott

        Not much to ask, but just wanted to mention - you guys have the best flag, it's the prettiest out of all of them and it has the best colors and I'm very jealous

    56. Simon Lee

      i watched this before. for some reason i remembered #1 as owls

    57. Softren Production

      can't even argue any of those results tbh. especially number 1

    58. RiotPunch

      I started cheering when bisexuality beat out heterosexuality like I was watching a football match

    59. 64 sb

      “The best things according to twitter”

    60. Killian Reilly


    61. Maja

      i'd choose cats and kpop over sleep but my fave kpop group are people AND tagged with a longitude coordinate, so I guess my fave things are cats and sleep😌

    62. Small Might

      "The best thing is... sleep." My clock: *3:41 am* Me: *Hasn't slept in over a day* My family and friends and therapist: *Worried for me*

    63. Small Might

      "What is the best thing?" The thumbnail: *Bisexuality and windmills, obviously.*

    64. Badger

      dog go fishing

    65. Rhazien


    66. Artemis Steele

      Anikan, I was right. I told you... *The bisexuals have taken over!*

    67. Dawid Krzyczkowski

      Wait do the pipe organs cause cancer to the person playing it or the person listening or both

    68. GusBounas


      1. Badger

        dog go fishing

    69. Isabela

      Pro player de fifa KKKKKKK obg brasil

    70. Dasa F.

      its the best when you get recommended a video like this from a channel you havent heard of before then all the recommended videos from it on the side make you go "OOO GIMMIE LET ME SEE :0" anyways long story short i've very happily subscribed

    71. Dasa F.

      i really appreciate that you added captions to this video!! it means more than you could know bc it is just so uncommon esp on youtube ^-^

    72. Dasa F.

      thank you soso much for carefully filtering these, the fact that you thought about which things just didn't need to be voted on in this kind of poll makes me feel safe and incredibly respected, all the love to you and your things

    73. Dasa F.

      now this is EXACTLY what the internet was made for

    74. Therv

      Pro player de FIFA foi foda, cadê esse ser magnífico

    75. Alexandre Melo

      "pro player de fifa"com certeza eh obra de algum br

    76. Chrismofer

      the true mark of how nerdy we are is that space and time have exactly equal value

    77. Micah On The Mic

      Þe best thing is god

    78. TatlynTael

      I want to take this poll, but too little too Twitter.

    79. UnResolved Legality

      was I the only one who thought that the number 1 thing would be Freedom ?

    80. Iain Wilson

      "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." There did you need to run a poll?

    81. Iain Wilson

      The Nazis, just trying to innocently sneak in since 1933

    82. Maciej Moroz - Trener Flirtu i Relacji

      That was some crazy emotional rollercoaster. :D

    83. lara gintner

      tinha que ter brasileiro metendo pro player de fifa no negocio

    84. Klyff Hanger

      The best thing is at 10:05. Thank me later.

      1. Klyff Hanger

        @Badger yes

      2. Badger


    85. Hanny Mary

      And as Tom revealed 'sleep' , my FIblock sleep/snooze reminder popped up, and I realised the clock read 11.50 pm.

    86. anonymous person

      Well I haven't watched the video, but think the anwser is love

    87. Iterum Conare

      Brain: "I am the best part of the body" " *Fingers! Tell them that I'm the best part of the body.* "

    88. Aestinoct

      Why is the taskbar yellow? Better yet how?

    89. Kukulkan

      I didn't even vote in this, and I'm a bisexual sleep-deprived nerd.

    90. Lillian2167

      I think people also voted for stuff that is MORE interesting, so in their view, the better thing. I mean everyone knows water and air are important, but are they interesting, maybe, but not always. :'''D

    91. _𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪𒐪__

      sleep is the best thing because it's the closest to not-being-alive we can get without making anyone sad.

    92. Sexy Pigeon Lover

      bees should have won smh

    93. Moop

      If this isn't a perfect example of how bias works, I don't know what does, haha.

    94. A.K.

      Nobody: People: Being half-dead for half the day is the best thing about life

    95. Travis Caddie

      “Sleep is the cousin of death, so I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”

    96. Khanka Khanka

      Video in 1 sentence: WatchMojo video for nerds that is lot cooler than most WatchMojo videos

    97. Tsz hei Leung

      sleep is more important than air and water

    98. AppleSauce UwU


    99. The Immortal Sun-kun

      Orgasm was at #69. Wow. Even unintentionally, even when the odds seem like they’re stacked against you, the Internet always finds a way.

    100. Kien Thinh Tran

      The obsolete feather differently check because cathedral molecularly bless along a stupid coast. tacky, inconclusive fighter