100 Drops - [Ranked in Rainbow 6 Siege]

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    1. The great Ravenclaw

      He played the fuse intro at the beginning in reverse

    2. KaiAteYourPie

      One video. 8 elite skins. Ughhhguebeuqbrjfqjfnvienfkel *edit 9 elite skins *edit 10 elite skins

    3. Shades

      It's insane how none of them can aim.

    4. Creepercammy Gaming

      19:16 was my favorite part of the whole video

    5. Skyrealm


    6. Tania Viflyaeva

      do you even have Aruni or Oryx

    7. Tania Viflyaeva

      luke you suck

    8. Buttery Tomatoes

      suppressor and red dot on all his guns. this gameplay hurts

    9. MarnidTheTrader

      "If you've never played ranked siege before, go do it, but be careful, you might run into me." I dont think you would be very much of a threat

    10. Jesus Christ

      You video finally gave me the courage to play ranked

    11. Mason Brooks

      This is really pissing me off

    12. Frank White

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    13. Jaime Megan

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    14. Freda Martin

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    15. Zak Quinlan

      This is painful to watch from a acc siege player

    16. Jennifer Ricciardi

      Can u play siege again

    17. Ron Nutting

      You have to win 4 rounds without the enemy getting 3 wins, if they succeed with winning 3 rounds, it's now best of 8 rounds instead of 6.

    18. Kill Manga

      Did you know You clicked on

    19. Fah H

      i used to watch you play fortnite. then i moved onto r6, glad you made a video about it

    20. Jack Framholt

      Im glad I bought it ✧

    21. Liam Carlson

      honestly best purchase i made 9$ for this

    22. BobTheEnderman

      Luke, Montagne is not pronounced Montane. Its pronounced Mon-tannee- yuh.

    23. Tyrano34

      Luke the bullet sponge

    24. NE0NRETRO

      i’m not trying to be mean but you suck at this game lol

    25. Random STUFF69


    26. coopers chreiberazki

      The modern marimba compellingly unfasten because milkshake accidentally invent afore a delightful teacher. wise, ugliest control

    27. Noah Schlosser

      Oh if only Luke knew what happened to poor Tachanka 😢

    28. Xerox Games4

      22:50 bro what is that noise

    29. Shabbir Abbas110

      not gonna lie his loadouts made me want to pour vinegar in my eyes

    30. X-_-VIER Playz

      what skin did he use in game 80 with the gold gun

      1. Unknown

        im pretty sure its a paid gold skin its like 2$

    31. alexander jimenez

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    32. BirbInABathtub

      it hurts to watch this but I can't stop

    33. Zero Hop3

      New season, new 100???? I hit plat in 19 games

    34. Kobe Johnson

      20:04 Juan tap boiiiii

    35. Aged Tomato


    36. Chul Kyung AKA Vigil

      "Fair" 1v1 with BLACKBEARD LOOL

    37. Blu

      Am I the only one that watches this thinking it’s cute how noobish he’s being

    38. Mr Moss

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    39. SA_AldiMealDeal

      remember when tackankas ability was still the mg

    40. Radim Ziegler

      How is this man, that uses a red dot on everything, doesn´t lean, still in a better rank than me?

    41. HotNoBeans

      25:39 Luke: “If only I could pick my turret up and shoot it on the move” Me: *Laughs in Tachanka rework*

    42. Yank Espinal

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    43. nick11jl

      25:39 foreshadowing?....

    44. Charles Ashley

      The reason Ubisoft made his LMG his main weapon is because this vid

    45. Jan Guerrero

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    46. Daninja.3301 _

      when you think you could zry to play tanked too ad it looks like fun, then realize its on concole and u have only pc ;-;

    47. dan singh

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    48. Dom Dom

      Luke TheNotable: "If only I could pick my turret up and shoot it on the move." Ubisoft 2020: "Yo, we gotchu homie."

      1. Dom Dom

        @Bob Ross 2 I don’t mean anything other than Luke got what he craved

      2. Bob Ross 2

        2021 you mean

    49. 2Fast4U 3

      20:42 Thats not a teammate :/

    50. deathbringer117

      i was watching this while rainbow six siege was downloading

    51. Thekilerguy

      Luke : I got into silver Me who plays better than him but is in copper: wait what? *A to exit* Me: ohh your on console that explains everything

    52. Dominykas Jurkevičius

      and i recomend to play on pc

    53. Dominykas Jurkevičius

      Thank you so so so much for doing this video this is my most favourite game besides minecraft

    54. trolled

      why. the silencer. why. why. silencer? why?

    55. Cobalt Chezynuggets10

      Bruh mans played BARE MINIMUM 300 rounds

    56. Bradicalss


    57. Bradicalss

      Ew, the gsh in fuze?

    58. Mason Saxelby

      Dude you should open the alpha packs from the wins in a separate video because I know you got some.

    59. Cooper Pereira

      Play more r6 ranked but change this time like playing with someone from a different rank each game or playing with pros

    60. LittleNagos_

      Is he playing on xbox or pc

      1. LittleNagos_

        @TheOrangeBoi ok

      2. TheOrangeBoi


      3. The problem Starters

        He’s playing on Xbox

    61. Oscar Faughnan

      It just makes me cring that he uses red dot on everything, when literally every sight besides iron sights is better. And he uses suppressor as well, it's just cursed


      The lack of recoil control is making me seem like a champion player

    63. SomnamXYZ

      Luke, Just asking but can I play with u cuz I'm gold 3 and quite decent so, yh. I play Xbox my name is Somnambulist XY, and I'm verified on R6 tracker.

      1. RIVEN_PYRO


    64. Logi. King

      I swear just cause he plays fortnite he thinks every shotgun is good

    65. Kai Broglino

      You know your bad when this guy has a better win/loss ratio than u

      1. The problem Starters


    66. Qxzfyi __

      104 mmr wat

    67. ExileHasLeft

      Just bought the game and can‘t wait to start playing it

    68. Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Nazi

      You poor man

    69. DeckerDane


      1. TheOrangeBoi


    70. Glizzy bot

      luke: if only i can pick up my turret on the run he really predicted this

    71. onlyfeelix

      22:18 destroying gadgets with the "Hockey puks" is pretty important. it can give your team an advantage with the same value as a kill :)

    72. onlyfeelix

      Hey Luke, Im a Gold 2 / Gold 1 on pc and having skins doesnt make you a better or worse player. Most of the proleague players use the default skins as well. I do too. Just wanted to leave this here. But ngl, you're way more patient than me, regarding a loosing streak :D

    73. Cayden S

      19:49 that’s what she said

    74. TheSilverCatZ

      luke you can shoot concusion thingys with echos drones u know

    75. Lt. Waff1er

      Why does he thi k the bad ops are good

      1. TheOrangeBoi


      2. The problem Starters


    76. virqz

      wow. im Silver IV. im better than luke. I feel good now

      1. Murphy26

        @The problem Starters you did dip shit

      2. The problem Starters

        @virqz who’s joe

      3. virqz

        @The problem Starters joe

      4. The problem Starters

        Who asked?

      5. The problem Starters


    77. lowkeypotatos

      you know they're bad when they play 100 games of ranked and get ranked silver 5 and they main blackbeard

    78. SuperMarioBacon YT

      I'm going to use Blackbeard because he has an amazing rifle all of siege: u do u luke

    79. Mark Jackson

      God I wish this was PC, just so he could understand the suffering.

      1. Mark Jackson

        you cannot tell me that is ranked on pc

      2. shockwave NSG

        He plays on pc with a Controller

    80. pixelplayz34

      (-)7 Lord Tachanka


      "if only I could pick up his turret and move" Ubisoft: wright that down, wright that down!

      1. TheOrangeBoi


      2. Nice Cock Bro


    82. Juliano Renkert Junior

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      1. TheOrangeBoi


    83. Emily Griffin

      The verdant expert coincidingly trap because geranium relatively increase out a nonchalant blouse. cut, satisfying class

      1. TheOrangeBoi


    84. T-J ABS

      "If only I could pick my turret up and shoot it on the move" Ubisoft half a year later: "Your wish is my command"

    85. Marc Salas

      The luxuriant icebreaker exceptionally excuse because tomato collaterally inform minus a slimy cupboard. obsolete, quiet cake

    86. Sheep Reviews

      Kind of predicted tachanka rework 25:38

    87. MaxtasticRandum

      don't worry youtube the blood is cranberry juice

    88. Betsy Burton

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    89. Captain Nigga

      The awful night scully book because temper superfamily remember a a public shoemaker. mellow, befitting coin

    90. Xialax

      He played bb instant dislike sry

    91. Help No

      Well now I’m reinstalling siege

    92. Gio

      25:38 If only you could...

      1. TheOrangeBoi

        He’s a legend

      2. King Boo Gamer

        He’s a profit

    93. I3eety

      "Ill get there eventually" *Still using red dot*

    94. Gio

      Damn silver 2 first rank? That’s not bad for a first ranked placement. I think my first time playing I got copper or some shit

    95. William Schick

      I played 150 matches and I can’t get out of bronze

    96. Holy Rice

      I did not know Luke was gay

      1. TheOrangeBoi


      2. The problem Starters

        Why you think that

    97. Peace

      me and my friend got like 5 seconds of fame bruhhhh LOL nice video though

    98. Xpkarma

      Plats be like 😳

    99. Drk

      id say thats rly good 4 ur 1st ranked season an love the fact ur legit learning an wanting to learn unlike alot of players ive come across who only care about being the next beoulo plus seems u actually enjoy the game wich is another plus awsome vid dude

    100. Dictator8

      He may not be the best player but man I would of rage quite after 18 rounds