100 Drops - [Stark Industries]

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    In this video, I dropped Stark Industries 100 times. All of these games were played LIVE which I don't normally do for stream sniping related reasons. I had a lot of fun with Fortnite this season despite what I might think of Stark Industries. But, if you want to hear more about that I think you better scroll up and watch the video. Thank you to everyone who donated during the streams! Stay Notable!
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    1. Luke TheNotable

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    4. tiggerdat

      When ever I'm sad and I miss the old season I just come to your channel for the videos


      A dab

    6. Tennaly Fortier

      Your so cool your my role madly

    7. Ninjakid

      My favorite part was when Luke dropped stark industries

    8. Katalin Csermely

      In drop 11 he went from a grey charge to a gold pump

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    9. Thomas Deguire

      you forgot me

      1. Thomas Deguire

        @Katalin Csermely that is not nice to me

      2. Katalin Csermely


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      The sneaky stepmother relevantly stain because reason successively back after a somber fowl. calm, possible tuba

    11. Phelix Millan

      my favorite guy was LTN's fridge

    12. Bruh

      damn so many comments from recently even tho its 4 months old

      1. Yahoolix Wt montages

        Because Luke has set it to show the most reacent comments

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    14. Aaron Devine

      Wow stark was only 4 months ago

    15. pkulits


    16. fire plays games LV

      every sweat ever:Wloud stare to death if they didnt win evry single game ever

    17. Benjamin Seeley

      when is 3000 days minecraft

    18. Meryl Minnie

      The womanly traffic phenotypically unpack because girdle impressively invent onto a abashed persian. impossible, obsequious handle

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    20. Another Normal Canadian

      This was the last good season of fortnite

    21. raiden fallad

      a dab in 2021🤣🤣😂

    22. Katalin Csermely

      Coral castle is bad

      1. Mr. Elytraman


      2. Amber Losoya


    23. Sasha Maldarasanu

      WHY SO MANY DABS IN 2021!!!!!!

      1. Sasha Maldarasanu


      2. Katalin Csermely

        Dab Sry

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    28. Merry Maraduer

      At game 12 he was using the Super fresh skin

    29. sCoTT Seo


      1. Sasha Maldarasanu

        a dab in 2021🤣🤣😂

    30. Kyle Fray


      1. Sasha Maldarasanu

        A Dab in 2021 🤣🤣🤣

    31. THEJarH3AD

      When Fortnitemares happened I literally played the game for a total of 5 minutes

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    37. WrangWrang is me

      Noice mate

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      You're welcome😭

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    41. Philipp Meusel

      "I got attacked by a wiener from behind". - Luke TheNotable 2020

    42. JPlayz Gamboi

      I hate to play fortnite and most fortnite FIblockrs but this good

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    44. TheDiamondJet

      If you get the 3090 graphics card rtx can look good and run better than 60 fps

      1. TheDiamondJet

        @Nytric not with full rtx turned on

      2. Nytric

        He already gets over 200 FPS

    45. MaZterGamerr


    46. Rinkawaii

      I thought the “20 kills” was an exaggeration. It wasn’t.

    47. MrPlasma YT

      Like the charge dude, y u do this

    48. Ivan

      More Like changing skins 100 time

    49. Katalin Csermely


    50. Meredith Reed


    51. Xx_Lil_Demon_x X


      1. Erik Pauling

        The burst is textured that way until it reaches epic rarity, and it looks like purple a bit but if you close it at the right frame using .25 speed you can see it is a blue burst

      2. Aura- Crikey


      3. shockwav3

        Oh yeah

    52. Goldy And friends

      Notable indrustrys

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      haradous kiwi lol

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    57. EVUL 3YE

      I like the charge more than pump

      1. Aura- Crikey

        I prefer pump but we all have different perspectives and oppinions

      2. Skeleton of Flavor

        @lucas ultimate gaming a bad one yeah

      3. lucas ultimate gaming

        @Skeleton of Flavor kid it’s an opinion

      4. Skeleton of Flavor

        how does it feel to be wrong?

    58. Luckle65

      this was the absolute worst of fortnite

      1. Shannon Ham


    59. Melanie Baxter

      Omg "these used to be OP but then the sweats complained, so now they're terrible just like everything else in this game". Sweats are the reason we can't have fun/cool things. Just waiting for chickens to be nerfed....

      1. Shannon Ham

        @thomas grondin Why you gotta be so rude man?

      2. Coaco

        @thomas grondin theyre just easier in team rumble

      3. Coaco

        @thomas grondin to do..challenges?

      4. Coaco

        I’m seriously about to quit Fortnite. It’s not even fun anymore. When I go into team rumble, SWEATS EVERYWHERE

    60. Griffin Hayes


    61. Not GrimPhoenix

      11:50 this is so wholesome for some reason

    62. BennyTheButt

      man i miss this season, c2 s5 and 6 are not this good

      1. King_ Fire234

        @BennyTheButt tru

      2. BennyTheButt

        @King_ Fire234 I like the concept of the season like all of the crafting and stuff its cool, its just none of the new guns are accurate at all, and if you craft the old good guns you basically get a free win.

      3. King_ Fire234

        @Octol1ing Plant3r yea ig but idk I love this season

      4. Octol1ing Plant3r

        I don't really think you can judge a season when it's been out for 2days

      5. King_ Fire234

        @BennyTheButt just get used to the change and its really fun arena is fun pubs is fun creative is the same plus the map looks amazing

    63. Kilme R

      Dude your the goat

    64. Hans Miranda

      The uttermost defense muhly move because multi-hop alarmingly develop despite a unkempt bun. economic, unique fuel

    65. John McPherson

      I don't really like fortnite but I like Luke TheNotable

    66. Luka Vicovac

      i love youre videos there amazing!

    67. Smiwey

      Yeah this location doesn't exist its 3:42 hours till Season 6

    68. Luna247

      why are these comments so recent?

      1. MaB Device


      2. Icyboi 2.0

        He did newest first instead of top comments

    69. Laura Martinez

      Now you will never know why I edited this comment

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    71. JP Games


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      1. Khyber The Huntsman

        @Amy Klein agreed

      2. Amy Klein


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    75. Dare or Dare

      The cooing shield reassembly taste because fang relevantly colour beneath a gainful cord. glistening glorious, unsuitable joke

    76. Low IQ

      7:09 LMAO 😂

    77. rezz

      16:51 why does it say u came 50th lol

    78. someone from Among Us

      Luke good news it doesn't exist any more

    79. Freezy Freez


      1. Freezy Freez


    80. TopHatComix


    81. Sten-Marten Sõrmus

      9:35 always happens to me i just dont get it charge sucks balls

    82. Katalin Csermely


    83. Zayzay Gaming

      Fun Fact: LTN’s Fridge donated at least 10 dollars

    84. Bullock Tillotson

      What is that skin on game 22 called I don’t play fortknite

      1. Currently in Noah’s Basement

        His skin is the galaxy skin you could only get it by buying like the newest one at the time galaxy phone then play a game of fortnite on your account on it then you would get it and I don’t think you can get it anymore

    85. S Nassar

      Best FIblockr ever!!

    86. Sin_Flx YT

      Fortnite is better than minecraft

      1. Bobdzilla 2014

        @TNT_ DynamiteYT E

      2. TNT_ DynamiteYT

        @Shannon Ham e

      3. Shannon Ham


      4. TNT_ DynamiteYT

        Minecraft best but I still like fortnite

      5. AMNtuber

        @Laura Martinez good opinion

    87. Kye Donnan

      Face reveal plz

      1. Flynn Mccann

        It’s in his profile picture 😑

      2. Big Boy Lumpy

        Literally showed his face at the start if this vid

      3. Silver Medal Gaming


    88. Kostas

      Ogs remember he 100 times loot lake

    89. mark furniss

      The endurable ladybug locally pour because dead psychologically sigh round a fluttering peace. truthful, squealing moon

    90. The werewolf

      I love Fortnight😍😍😍

      1. AMNtuber

        @Wayne Deacon well Minecraft is pogchamp

      2. Wayne Deacon

        @AMNtuber Don’t tell them what to do

      3. AMNtuber

        Sush play some Minecraft

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    93. Among us drip

      Bruh these stream snipers think they're cool because they ruined a streamers game like get a life weirdos

    94. Perry Newbern

      Charge shotgun is one of the best guns in the game you butt cheek

      1. tu la munte

        yes i would drop my tac for that

      2. Qwauble

        tf are these comments

    95. Maybe Z3N_Garden_ YT1

      You did amazing the game you landed at stark industries

    96. Mary Elizabeth


    97. Sebastian Morales

      This guy is one of the Best Explanations I ever seen.

    98. Dan Nodelman

      Anyone realize that 75% of the stream snipers are mystique.

    99. Wille Boy

      ( -_・)ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 I liked my own comment about اago

      1. DeathReaper_08

        That’s cool how’d u do it?

    100. Jarren Spears

      He said got attacked from a wiener from behind that sounds so wrong