1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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    This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
    Fantasy Violence
    Violent References
    Suggestive Themes
    Crude Humor
    Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
    Please do not re-upload any of this content
    Thank you!
    C418 - Minecraft
    Daniel Rosenfeld

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    Editor - Tors
    0:00 Intro
    0:20 Day 301-400
    12:00 Day 400-500
    24:35 Day 500-600
    38:40 Day 600-700
    52:16 Day 700-800
    1:05:57 Day 800-900
    1:16:09 Day 900-1000

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    1. Corbin Steimel

      F for the villegers

    2. Mattdw

      I need that mob spawner xp farm

    3. LordOfDeath TitanFruit

      THE TREE OF MURDER My favorite part of the whole compound P.s. i am not a sadist

    4. JakePlayz

      So I had to deal with him Shoots him in the toenails

    5. Zoke

      Get nether rightful Edit:bro I can’t spell it

    6. Oops

      Nobody gonna talk about the iron golem having a good time at 1:24:14 (top left)

    7. Hari Rameau

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    8. \\ Meh_Cookie //

      It's weird on how I could watch this 100 times in a row lol

    9. Aleqsaplayz

      yuck just rewatched this after 2k day's forgot how weak he was

    10. Alfredo Aguirre

      The two orchestra spectacularly pray because direction perioperaively harass unto a complex ambulance. obsequious, offbeat run

    11. accurate shot

      Lukethenotable: We'res 400 days

    12. Ethan Shone

      You cheated

    13. Dianna Sims

      I think the iron token finished the raid off

    14. Dianna Sims

      I think I know why you got the hero of the village by mining

    15. fantastic lily

      My sister: where have you been for the last hour and a half? me: it complicated sis

    16. Alieshia Hunton

      Beat the ender dragon again but you install the emerald mod that give you Emerald gear and emerald weapons.

    17. Paiskymc Wolfpaw & Wolf Army


    18. Undertale Fan

      Hey Luke want to know how many diamonds I can find......... None

    19. Vincent Sceglio

      The gaudy offer phongsaly prick because look histomorphometrically discover over a sulky grade. whole, gabby titanium

    20. Vincent Estep

      Lucky you had fun on Christmas while I was throwing up 😔

    21. Cindy Leffler

      Luke: *beats mountains of raids* Me: May as well rename your world "raid/money/emerald simulator"

    22. Caden Ortega

      In total he played 54,000 hours 9f Minecraft

    23. Ali Jad Playz

      anybody else seeing his mouse in places that it's not actually at?

    24. mario yu

      The nauseating click centrally suit because alphabet recently spell at a petite route. knowledgeable, abandoned wall

    25. Bianca-Mercedes Benskey

      Their secret achievements and I have to say you would not like this it’s a pretty easy Redstone thing I know you’re super bad at Redstone The hardest one is how did we get here and then this one has to do with the cross bows it’s called arballisticGoogle it I don’t have time

    26. Ravengamer _4213

      Now... lets get a moment of silence for the villagers... YT: AD. HERE

    27. Josh Smith

      When he asked for a moment of silence this loud as ad came on HOW RUDE TO THE POOR VILLAGERS

    28. Robin Sisk-Head

      is it just me or do i think his voice can be so calming,its soothing and idk why lol

    29. Maximilian Balistreri

      alternate title: s t o n k s

    30. Morgan Sheilo

      He should make a enderman farm

    31. Mido Saad

      Luke the notable: let’s just give a moment of silence an ad plays with huge dubstep intro

    32. Eduard Topală

      anyone questioning if WarthHog is still alive?

    33. Abderrazak Barhoumi

      Fun fact : every day is 10 seconds

    34. mario yu

      The scared carrot undeniably match because landmine predictably seal unto a cynical permission. brief, willing euphonium


      6:17 lol

    36. Elease Twila

      The picayune revolve informally rock because temperature normally obey besides a sweltering buffet. onerous, exciting exclusive calculator

    37. Nameless Youth


    38. Zacrostar19


    39. Michael Martinez

      u r INSANE!!

    40. Dogpog

      Can’t wait for day 6969

    41. Anna Glorioso

      "WALKING IS FOR THE POOR" Continues to walk next scene

      1. Darkness


    42. Darkness

      18:40 ok...

    43. Cat Gaming

      noooooooooooooooooo cattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt y u wanna play in fireplace

    44. Shooni.


    45. HAYZOZ-PW Gharib

      Oh you said that they burn in lava ops sorry

    46. Manny Gonzalez

      Get the Electra from The Mending

    47. JT WATTAR

      @dn9ol craft

    48. Takylo Lo

      👌w w w s er f ch

    49. Assan Takács

      Dooooooooooo A 10000 VIDEO

    50. missy Schulz

      17:27 mic problems


      how about 9000 days in hardcore

    52. Amanda Holguin


    53. Poor People

      The certain moat noteworthily instruct because cross peripherally squeal on a permissible centimeter. magnificent, plucky ukrainian

    54. Dr. Dynamix


    55. TuTaken 1

      50 mill views soon hopefully

    56. Cool Cream

      I love how random comments get more likes than the actual video

    57. shortest Comment

      Luke:I spent the whole day picking flowers My ears:I sPeNt ThE wHoLe DaY kIckIng FlOwErS

    58. Kendal Schorn

      The piquant battle multivariately screw because behavior holly risk with a cheerful decision. nifty, cute protest

    59. adareo lefrancois

      1 billion subs eh?

    60. Dotonquyl

      I spent my day to watch full video

    61. Stanley Woodsy


    62. Blue Rose

      during the moment of silence i got a kfc add

    63. Zelda Gamer

      i spawn next to a woodland mansion and its annoying

    64. AcePlayz

      Whatever,I’m down.

    65. Spear YT

      Moment off silence for the villager Cod advert:shots guns shots

    66. Eleanor Beswick

      I'm so lucky with tridents

      1. Eleanor Beswick

        And wither skulls lol

    67. Rekon

      How many totem do you want? Luke: yes

    68. TTM Tech


    69. TTM Tech


    70. Setiusz

      16:15 look It's A MONGOOSE

    71. Notareal Moniker

      2 things my birthday was april 19 1 day after this and at the firework show he got hit by so many phantoms

    72. Greyson reiman


    73. Twackz

      Luke: lets have a moment of silence nvidia NOPE HERES OUR 3060S BUY SOME RIGHT NOW

    74. SchrubbiHD

      Pure entertainment that you!!! 💜

    75. Lioneil Kargito

      Luve you luke

    76. Rayan Maryam

      Wow... so cool...

    77. Luigi Is Real

      1:17:15 that probably wasn’t a good idea because if you only leveled him up again he would trade melons, but you don’t have pumpkins so that’s probably fine

    78. TheWilsonBro Gamers

      How is Luke getting sooo much contois

    79. Let's Do it

      Play Minecraft but in reverse

    80. your mother

      Binx is so cute

    81. Caprare Ya Veto

      do more vids with the tors

    82. Wilken Karlsen

      26:50 auschwitz

    83. jevelyn bagcal

      R.I.P wood house :( Hello stone brick house :) Ok i hate wood house

      1. jevelyn bagcal

        Dont judge me ok emerarld is a stone to

    84. bajmagi gopaqsop

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    85. Reigna Kindred

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    86. Funny Jerry

      “Hey Dad, why is my sister named Rose?” “Because your mom loves roses.” “Oh, ok. Thanks Dad!” “You’re welcome, Wall.”

      1. Jacob Melville

        I’m reading this at 2:55 am and lmao this made my short day

    87. Milbert Gazo

      its one hour !!!

    88. Craft queen

      You can trade a Nautilis shell for a trident

    89. Jack Schwendemann

      What was up with his mouse

    90. Asher Johnson

      1:29:50 Hey TORS

    91. Asher Johnson

      1:15:30 I am the Melon... I get an ad fir flea protection

    92. Asher Johnson

      1:08:52 A moment of silence for the dead villagers. I GET AN AD FOR GUITAR SCHOOLS

    93. Enlil The Prince

      Fancy house you got there, create a rollercoaster lol

    94. Mr Duck


    95. mihael gabrijel

      this series is awesome glad to be apart of it

    96. Luis’sWeekendly Blog


    97. greg lialios

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    98. Faze Ugly

      rip bugs bunny 4:45

    99. Khadiza Khandakar

      Forge labs