1000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft In Ten Minutes]

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    In this video, I will go over my entire 1000 Days - Hardcore Minecraft series in just 10 minutes for anyone that wants a refresher! Of course, I highly recommend watching the whole series!
    Make sure to tune in Dec 19th 2020 @ 12PM CST for "2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]"
    The premiere will be a ton of fun and I can't for you to see it
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    1. Jakub Mrozewski

      I feel like he puts more work into the thumbnails than the actual minecraft playing. I mean they are very good

    2. Hairless Che

      Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it

    3. Aryan Shah

      Alternate name 1000 days in 9 minutes because I just talk to the audience for 1 minute

    4. Alonso Riguerra

      I love you LTN

    5. Alonso Riguerra

      I love you ltn

    6. Siklas Legend

      Watching this video and learning how much Luke cares makes me very happy

    7. funtime with rian_real


    8. Rahul Bhadkamkar

      you stretched it 10min EXACTLY

    9. Nathan Vo

      ñêêÐ å ßꆆêr ҽքìʂօժҽ?

    10. mandy lui

      19th of December is my birthday

    11. Peyton Campbell

      More Fortnite. Hate on me idk. It’s not bad, but you are.

    12. KING X

      Dec 19 is my birthday I'm serius

    13. Kiverix

      Omg he started to talk bout day 1 at 69 seconds haha funny number go BRRRRR

    14. Ninja Frog

      *Ahem* it’s 10:01 get it right

    15. Shiloh Peterson


    16. The Gravemind

      This series belongs next to Dan TDMs Diamond Dimensions, a classic

    17. LAGRYLL05

      First we want 10k days

    18. Snowst0rm Studios

      I love to binge watch these

    19. Nolan BloodBath

      day 10,000,000 i made a diamond super flat world in hardcore

    20. Avery Smith


    21. Kewei Jiang

      Can you do 3000 days pleases please pleases pleases


      09:38 Is that an effin' tf2 reference?

    23. Mr. Banjo

      What is the seed

    24. Muhammad Mubashir Ashfaq

      you are the best

    25. Sakia Salam

      I like luke's face lol

    26. Cl4pTrapSnak

      gonna feel real bad when he dies

    27. Ron Miller

      Are you serious I watch like 5 hours of content I could have just watch this cool

    28. Luke Collins


    29. Luke Collins

      I saw only 1 and 2 and hafe of 3

    30. QuickSilverMiner

      I've only beaten the ender dragon twice and both were on a realm

    31. Treena Yi


    32. Avery Leverett

      I already showed up at the live premire

    33. handsome253steel

      That a lie its 10 minutes and 1 second

    34. Matthew Bradley

      This is fake, look at his levels 😃

      1. Wayne Deacon

        He spends his levels on enchantments idiot

    35. Almond Brrito39

      Me thinking the intro will add a few seconds: Luke: Video length 10:00

    36. Justin Ebert

      Do 4000 days in Minecraft hardcore

      1. Wayne Deacon

        He hasn’t even made 3000 days

    37. The Redstone miner

      I played the game for over 8 years and I hadn't beat the ender dragon until very recently, it was awesome

    38. Nami Chan

      I haven't seen this on time 😭😭😭😭

    39. Muqima Rafat

      In 4000 he will replace with netherite blocks

    40. Just Puy

      By 999 999 999 999 days

    41. Brody Driscoll

      I come from the future 2000 days was awesome

    42. noemi delgado

      M,,, , nnananz 7l)u,,,lop78,, ,olmmkkkkkkkkkok”

    43. Nether King

      I spent 231 hours in MinecraftRecall

    44. Lliam Willard

      Today we gunna do two days of hardcore minecraft

    45. Farishta


    46. ChrisMidel Gaming

      Who else see his tree made by Optimus banner

    47. Jeremy Sabaco

      May mga Pinoy ba dito?

    48. Jesse Becerra

      when are you going to upload 3000 days?

    49. Rainbow Loom With Puppy

      I love how it’s exactly 10mins

    50. Naruto best 55

      God is coming sred the word

    51. Zachyshows

      Luke TheNotable - _ Days Any% Speedrun

    52. Alex Wall Wall

      Lukes main goal. Get STONKS

    53. ibu

      Super Bro

    54. Rafael Arciaga

      You noobd

    55. Idk Goku

      this dudes ego is huge lmaooo

    56. Swift2345 6

      Just some random fact: I’ve played minecraft since it came out on the ps3 and I’ve never beat the ender dragon

    57. Twig mations

      2 hours on the dot you sayyyy hmmmmmmmmmm (check the 2000 days length)

    58. Tony Canciller

      I'm from Philippines

    59. OneElim

      Clip bait the video is 10:01 minutes

    60. Nathan Vo


    61. Khandakar Fakhrul Alam

      why people have to dislike

    62. Alfred Gatmaytan


    63. A person with NO life

      Something about his vid is just addictive to watch

    64. Fluffyshep

      its really only covered for like 9 minutes the intro is 1 minute

    65. Vanessa Traub

      Hello random person scrolling through the comments

    66. Mary Samreth

      The alert quartz microscopically phone because motorcycle undeniably scream midst a quickest cornet. agreeable, premium periodical


      When will 3k days of minecraft The same month day and different 4/13/2021

    68. Cas Bygrave

      I made sword and a pickaxe, i think most of us probably would

    69. Grace McCarley

      please can you make a200 days please please!!!!!!!!!

    70. Grace McCarley

      r and your life going to make 200 days !!! Please

    71. Filip Furmański

      There Is a crap ton of people milking this survive 100

    72. Nintenmilk


    73. Nintenmilk


    74. LIM JUN YI student

      and thats how i got my first tattoo

    75. Eliazar Garcia

      I like that 10 minutes is not even a mine craft day

    76. Bruh

      Has he found an igloo yet


      More like " in 8 mins 50 seconds"

    78. OneBlock Fox

      Me: Watches ALL the videos (100, 200, 1000, 2000) In one sitting Also Me: Can't watch this for some reason

    79. Nadlad

      The fact that the vid is 10:01 is just frustrating

    80. Origin YvnG - yvngErnioof

      0:24 I just noticed that the 2000 days challenge was recorded on my birthday nice

    81. wadnarak

      Your clips r cool :)

    82. Corvious

      luke the notable : *ten minutes of hardcore* youtube : haha 1 more second go brrrrr

    83. Gavin Billah

      Wenn I watch 100 200 1000 2000 Days, that you got so many totems that's insnae

    84. racnas


    85. Alvin mathew Miclat

      It's actually 9 minutes and 59 seconds

    86. KETTU

      Imagine if you see 4451 days of hardcore minecraft It would be sad

    87. Nick M

      The perfect video 10:00 no more no less

    88. knob head

      Ive watched atleast 2 days worth of this hardcore series

    89. feesh

      technically 8 minutes and 50 seconds because you took a minute and 10 seconds talking about stuff

    90. The Nickarator

      I bet at 4000 he’ll have all netherite beacons

    91. CTaFineAddition

      Luke: survived 2000 days Ph1lza: survived 5 real years

      1. 20 Billion Trees

        @CTaFineAddition Once again, died.

      2. CTaFineAddition

        @20 Billion Trees AFTER 5 YEARS

      3. 20 Billion Trees

        Well, Ph1lza died, Luke didn't.

    92. AMZG studio's

      the ender dragon fight is giving me hard nostalgia of stampy cat!

    93. Alice Allen-Harvey

      You spent 40,000 minutes in this world.

      1. Alice Allen-Harvey

        Over alll

    94. Coolkid

      Just say a thousand words

    95. calvin cerquinho

      9:08 wait... IS THAT SUPERFLAT 10000000 DAYS?!

    96. Mr. Gamer

      From virgin steve to chad 2000de days old steve

    97. e. e

      Nobody: Tiktok kids when they see this: CrEaTiVe😡😡😡😡🤡🤡🤡

    98. Kodi Howard

      Lmao first time I killed the ender dragon legitly was on day 200 hardcore too.

    99. 1ActLeft

      This guy like to end his video with 1 second

    100. R CThunder

      LTN: 2,000 Days will be exactly 2 hours long 2,000 Days: 2:00:01 Me: *How many more lies have I been told by the council*