20 Drops - [New Chapter 2 Season 3]

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    In this video, I drop Fortnite chapter 2 season 3. These are my first 20 games in the new season. At the end of the video, I give my final thoughts on all of the new changes to the game. Enjoy!
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    1. Lennart Hippler


    2. Hi im Speedy

      "im attacked by roving gangs and TRAVIS SCOTT (deep breath)"

    3. Uknownna

      next is season 6!!!

    4. Nothing makes sense

      During season 3 I always called it submerged stacks

    5. Stuff I Like

      I like him just speaking his Thoughts just then

    6. Fricktard

      5:59 hear me out instead of Stodgy Stacks what about Stingy Stacks? :D

    7. Jame'sWorld

      chapter2 season.. 3?

      1. Wayne Deacon

        It was 3 seasons ago

    8. Izzit Life

      Literal dog water


      Man watching Luke in chapter 2 compared to the early seasons of chapter 1 is impressive. He’s improved so much

    10. kix land

      The sore bomb biosynthetically follow because change rationally handle upon a alert turret. silent, upbeat unit

    11. JoshToons YT

      nice stream sniping, it should be called streamkinding

    12. Mateo Plays

      You are getting a little rusty at playing fortnite

    13. mini enki

      Nobody likes aquaman but everyone likes Jason momoa

    14. Levi Hix

      In game 12 he died to SGDeathNote and that’s my friend lol

    15. splash force

      The obtainable battery proportionally save because radiator notably disarm round a ubiquitous daisy. long, valuable surname

    16. Jessica Weis

      Yyyyyyh hi

    17. Noah Cool11Kid

      Welcome to the ONLY 20 drops this entire season.

    18. Shadow Fox

      I’ve never played fort nite but I felt like watching so I don’t understand the hell anyone is saying

    19. Bucket man

      Hurricane fortilla more like hurricane Tortilla

    20. Camera king 124

      The charge is the 2nd works shotgun the worst is the dragon breath shotgun

    21. dylan

      Tht season sucked

    22. ttv mancake treygamer



      I miss this season

    24. Sarah Herndon

      Luke i would have called it soggy stacks

    25. Nicholas DJV

      Hey I know this video is old but I think you have pi subs

    26. wynshothat

      It’s crazy to see how much better you got

    27. daniel payne

      controller players are the best because they played when the first console came out so do not calll people who suck at fortnite controller players

    28. ToothPaper

      Watching him SAy AWESOME SOUND DUDE

    29. ToothPaper

      But I like Aqua Man


      Flooded farm, sunken springs, submerged stacks, port park, H20 hedges, cascade cliffs, coral castle, soggy sands, cape corner, rapids row, moldy meadows, water woods, soaked swamps, flowing fortilla, reservoir rig. Boom, I figured it out.

    31. Random Piece of Matter

      Luke is one of the only people who immediately understood how the charge shotgun works...

    32. LaSHer

      0:28 Shut the actual frick up Its like i say no one likes LTN

    33. The Dumb Jaguar

      100 games of save the world

    34. Meep

      I think chapter 2 season 3 was my favorite season in chapter 2 because there was less sweats

    35. Joash Carl Joaquin

      Plot twist: The marauders were stream snipers Dun dun dunnnnn

    36. Ggamer


    37. Player 1

      I like how the tshirt with his face is more expensive then the others

    38. Soggy Pickle


    39. ImJustRino

      aahhhahahahahahhaahahhahhhaahhahaha don cap bro stop the cap

    40. ImJustRino

      stop the CAPPP

    41. ImJustRino


    42. Terminal Lumbago

      This was such a bad season

    43. Steamed Ananab

      Should've been sunken stacks

    44. Teno 10o

      psst, do you know you can break chests hhmm

    45. MildToes

      That Dynamo insult was the absolute best

    46. Suleman Saleem & More!

      The way he said Travis Scott in Game 4😂😂

    47. Robin Walsh

      6:21 controller player

    48. Owen Millichip


    49. Owen Millichip


    50. Xonic

      I died off spawn 20 times

    51. no existy

      Luke looks like @Burcol

    52. Oof_boi_carter_11

      7:13 what happened there he took his hands off the controller and it still upgraded the gun?

    53. Fortnite fanatic

      Can you upload soon I cant do live streams because of school

    54. Joop Dekker

      chapter 2 sucks

    55. Aidan Bainbridge

      Does anyone have anywhere I should drop 100 times

    56. onox24

      Charge shotgun has been valted, gamers, we won

    57. Bob The UNKNOWN!!!!

      The mythical weapons you had were Jules Drum Gun, Jules Grappler, Kit’s Charge Shotgun, and Kit’s Shockwave Launcher

    58. Thomas Lloyd Smith

      Can I just say that shirt ur wearing at the start its kinda fire

    59. GLS Bear


    60. GLS Bear

      He missed the mythic burst or it was a legendary burst

    61. Thedynamodog2

      LTN: My only healing item is a chug jug The minis in his inventory: 👁👄👁

    62. Katie Drysdale


    63. Jacob Hammer

      1:08 thats what she said

    64. Xander Mayfield

      so we aren’t going to talk about how luke almost killed ninja?

    65. Psycho Squirrels

      Who else is watching this after playing chapter 2 season 4

    66. Terri Simpson

      “Tors for pres- oh and I’m already dying

    67. p.mac


    68. Carissa Baltazar

      my first game of fortnite i saw some sweats box fighting, they forgot a wall, i rocketed them and got every single mythic, then died in 7th

    69. Whitney Sarver


    70. Rejected Test

      The marauders had aimbot

    71. Whitney Ayala


    72. Whitney Ayala

      Eg Sssssssds

    73. TheLegoDragonSlayer Build


    74. yeah o k

      Im attacked by Travis Scott and Gangs?

    75. Yaya Doodlez

      Here is a drinking game: Everytime he says "controll the playa" Take a shot

    76. Clark SMITH

      cool i think it is season 4 chapter 2

    77. Thor Rivera

      Jun 20 2020 20 drops? Hmmmmmmmm

    78. Mitchell Anderson

      I don't like the new bullsh*t fortnite relesd

    79. Ivan


    80. Asma Wasim

      The moment he burped Lol XDDDD

    81. Delia Mendez


    82. Lil Tear1 YT

      I got level 100 in c2 s3 and this is how

    83. Mr. Elytraman

      Luke said he would get eternal night in one day, the season ends in 8 hours.

    84. DinoNerd

      The eternal knight in one day is not going to happen :(

    85. Silly Squirtle Gaming

      Luke we need I got eternal knight In 1 day

    86. YellowCapAlex

      Season 4 starts tomorrow... WHERE IS IN ONE DAY?

    87. AlphaRox

      Everyone stop asking him for eternal knight in one day and this is what happened, he doesn’t like the game anymore

      1. Nuclear N8

        But he did it lol he streams every Saturday lol wrong

      2. jelmar6008


    88. Galaxy Tornado

      Where is I got a turn all night and one day video today you have to post it just because today’s the last day of season three

    89. Superprocaller

      Um I think I found you in solos becuse you were wearing Journey vs. Hazard with Batman cap

    90. Gameplay

      Lukethenotable:we are going to do the getting enternel night in one day 3days left:oh are u sure about that

    91. default

      next up: dropping my last 10 games of fortnite, and this is what happened

    92. Jace’s Life

      me to

    93. goldy channel

      Don't forget I unlock enternal knight plzz

    94. Ult1Mat3 Sp1d3R

      'I dropped at catty corner 100 times' pls!

    95. John Crawford

      I really miss all of your Fortnite content but i totally understand all the issues you dont like.

    96. S-code Games

      When will you do eternal knight in one day

    97. Ivan leopard gecko

      No 100 drops this season?

    98. Ace FreakShow

      Hey you should do lazy lake or outhoryty

    99. Vibez

      “I got attacked by roaming gangs”😂

    100. Kargo 6.23

      Aquaman is my favorite superhero 😂😂😂😭