20 Drops - [Fortnite RTX]

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    In this video, I Drop Fortnite RTX 20 times to see how I liked the experience. I played on a range of settings from medium to high to EPIC and RTX looked fantastic. I hope you think so too!
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    1. Luke TheNotable

      HEY, 80% of viewers aren't subscribed! Help me out by hitting that sub button. Don't you love me?

      1. Katalin Csermely

        I did sub

      2. waves!

        No homo

      3. Dotty Llama

        i liked and im alredy subscribed

      4. Ishmell Gordon


      5. Strat

        no homo

    2. Saplingseedsac Crew

      Why are all the comments filled with normie memes of what he said in the video?

    3. Nukekid0413

      Try useing a phone with only 30 fps and lowest reselution and dont get constant fps and deal with lots of lag

    4. ProRat

      Angry switch player sounds intensify

    5. Maxisnota cartoon

      wait you play on 240fps i didnt know until the end of the video.

    6. Amy Meredith

      I barely get 30 frames normally witth bad graphics

    7. Tuguldur Javkhlantug

      ray trace

    8. Psycho Squirrel

      “No computer can run rtx at 150fps” I run it at 250

    9. Shiloh Peterson


    10. PKL CrayCake

      RTX in save the world?

    11. Relicsss

      That zero skin made my eyes bleed on epic settings

    12. Hina_ Khan394 UwU

      are you sure your pc can handle it?

    13. MattKitten11

      When I play to maximise frames I turn off ray tracing shadows and use the normal ones. They just look better and make it run smoother.

    14. waves!

      I don't understand people who dislike LTN videos🙄

    15. L!ghtLox

      people who aren't watching in HD

    16. High-end Samurai

      😎number☝️victory Royale yeah fortnite bout to get down get down 10 kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town my friend just got down I revived him and we headin south bound now we enter pleasent park streets 👀 at the 🗺 and go to the mark sheet

    17. Eric Games

      And this was the end of my laptop

    18. Chance Holt

      Anybody realize he won 4 out of 20 420

    19. Ma Ge

      Hey when I play with rtx I get 140 FPS lol

    20. TrustedJoy

      i get 60 fps on all low settings :(

    21. Mr Goggles

      Nintendo switch players like me with 30fps at 620p and horrible graphics

    22. Accurate

      i can play epic settings with 90fps. i can play RTX at 3fps (highest rtx settings) what it looks like to play on a gtx graphics card

    23. hayden The cool crafter

      This looks like Ps5 gameplay

      1. Accurate

        i think it’s probably just because he is using epic or at least close to epic settings, because most PC players use low, higher settings look like console gameplay. RTX isn’t even available for fortnite on PS5 even tho the PS5 has enhanced graphics higher than the default pc max.

    24. Zachery Allen

      Me who plays on Nintendo switch:(

    25. wyatt bonilla

      I play Nintendo switch with 30fps at the max and I still get a lot of wins

    26. That one Vegan hater

      Buy a Xbox it will be easier to play

    27. Gametrix studio

      Me being a Xbox player am only getting 60 FPS it’s so bad me well it it is normal

    28. Aloysius Groeneweg

      The ceaseless screwdriver spectacularly practise because run realistically mourn anenst a dry woman. mountainous, tense nepal

    29. Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu

      The voiceless football transmurally paint because karate oceanographically hurry aboard a bad clave. short, measly factory

    30. PandaJam

      “The grass is so jiggle”

    31. Lucas Warner

      Well hey, I play on 30FPS on switch. I ain’t complaining about no crap regarding graphics, anything is better than 30FPS. I still have a few hundred wins though

    32. Juan Hernandez

      The alert woolen bodily wrestle because deer intraspecifically spot afore a interesting jump. bright, nimble tachometer

    33. n0t etan

      What are your specs

    34. maaax

      If you used the settings you showed at the beginning you had Raytracing off the entire time

    35. Daylightfoxy1234 Rimbert

      wheres the fortnite content

    36. Paint.net smile

      At first I noticed that the fish had some *CAKE*

    37. Dotty Llama

      rtx looks so good

    38. HobnobMaster

      Love how game 20 starts with 69 players


      Luke’s commentary is 11/10. Pure gold

    40. Aleksimaier Animations

      The thumbnail looks like default just found some hardcore hentai

    41. Ник Паук# О.И.

      I'm not seeing the difference between normal fortnite and this.

    42. 4v6 4v8

      i dont even see a difference in ray tracing and normal fortnite

    43. tesmes

      make a season 5 video pleaaaaseeee

    44. Miles Redmond

      1:02 >lynx >rapid shotgun >immediate piece control >laugh emote never play this game again, you have been cursed

    45. FS Random

      and i hate shadows on. but love luke thenotable

    46. FS Random

      i usually am on epic graphics

    47. pizza delivery springtrap

      high graphics over high fps for me 60 fps is enough

    48. Sole Glow

      The knowing spade aetiologically blush because bra bailly screw unlike a absorbing dance. savory, pricey gorilla

    49. Austin Boettner

      Me with not even 30 fps

    50. Saplingseedsac Crew

      Whats your gpu?

    51. ISΞ

      The game didn't even change a *_B i t_*

    52. Leafsong Discord

      Me with Xbox X- PATHETIC

    53. Bread Craft

      Bruh I play on 30 to 20 fps

    54. Error 1_0 gaming

      On mobile it’s only 20 to 40 fps

    55. Marek Mísař

      your fps is still 2x better than mine

    56. Yassin fekry

      100 valorant drops pleeaaaaaaassse

    57. gh0st_ 2

      console players: *crying in the corner*

    58. Blade Fox

      This dood complaining about 60 fps and I'm happy when I can get Minecraft to run at 20 chunks

    59. ToastAnimations

      Will it work on my grandpa’s laptop?

    60. Matthew Marcott

      i play on 30 fps max

    61. Zainthefortnitebot

      The funny thing is I play Minecraft on my mom's laptop.

    62. J U A N

      Do the same with Minecraft.

    63. CI Frosty

      Am I the only one but how did he get performance mode in season 4?

    64. Itz Pugz

      no computer can handle 200 frames and rtx? my friends can lol

    65. Txnkzy

      When you realize he rendered it in only 1080p ):

    66. NDR720

      my computer was exploding while watching this just like yours was exploding while recording it

    67. animating pickle GOD

      I play on nintendo switch so I'm always on 60 fps

    68. chaza 77

      At five minutes was soo funny 5:00

    69. Daze

      3.33 subs

    70. 2 Bros T.V.

      7:57 “I may not have good frames but I have this thing. Thanks, Disney.” wait why am i here again

    71. MIYANFN

      gg 2:18

    72. MidasGaming

      Me: what's going on Grand Theft Auto 4 fans my name is FishyGameZ and i will be playing Grand Theft Auto 4 20 times and this is what happened

    73. Funny Guy


    74. Funny Guy


    75. Funny Guy


    76. Funny Guy


    77. Micheal :THE EVIL HERO

      "I got killed by an impostor 100 times and THIS is what happened"

    78. Adam Playz

      7:18 lol

    79. RF gaming


      1. RF gaming

        @muskXD I don’t let people blink

      2. muskXD

        ur repliyng so fast let me blink for a sec bro

      3. RF gaming

        @muskXD you said that I said it’s the only one lol

      4. muskXD

        yeah i know kid

      5. RF gaming

        @muskXD I said ONE of the reactive not the only reactive one

    80. elijah calilung

      me watching while the 30 series cards are out

    81. Gabe LaMonica

      Remember you was a time you sucked a PC

    82. siddhu m

      2:05 rtx 3090+ryzen 5950x: allow us to introduce ourselves

    83. lazar boy

      i play on 15 fps and 200 ping

    84. GLXY Jacko

      *just play a ps5

    85. MeekDegree Inc.

      You should do 100 days Terraria

    86. Hakyfuzz

      People tell me i look like this guy. Can you please go to my Channel and Q&A video where i revealed My face and tell me if i look like this guy? Cuz the comment section went crazy with it

    87. AKMASTER 9000

      I played 10000 days on bedrock minecraft.

    88. Yugure

      i miss ltms with ltn

    89. Trick Master 47

      Did you know that Fortnite unvaulted planes for the Christmas event? Pretty sure they’re vaulted again

    90. Nathaniel Ekstrom

      I play on 30 FPS on my switch

    91. Fempie

      Faymus after this video: 📈📈📈📈📈📈

    92. Gregory Pintor

      "I Played 1 Game Of RTX" It was a great way to heat up my room.

    93. Woosell

      blames every death on framerate

    94. Tip Top Timo

      Alaska has McDonald’s

    95. Its Leafy

      The ps5 is good for this

    96. Diana Christov

      I check his wins and it said he has 1409 wins

    97. Ryder Ryder

      you know its bad when i play on nintendo max settings and get 30 FPS and in 20 games win 20 and luke here on PC not wining 20 MEANING MEANING NO OFFENCE TO LUKE

    98. TerminalSeb

      I need to have shadows turned off on my switch br cause it'll almost literally explode.

    99. Idan Co

      is that real fortnite videogame

    100. LayZ

      here i am not even knowing what rtx is playing on pc