2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft World Tour]

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    Download link below (Java ONLY) (Bedrock link in progress)
    (If you can't download today come back tomorrow the bandwidth resets daily)
    (Each link has a different bandwidth reset so try them all)
    (I will be adding links as fast as I can for even more downloads!)
    1 - www.dropbox.com/s/577hyf7y892b3up/100%20Days%20Hardcore%20Day%202000.rar?dl=0
    2 - www.dropbox.com/s/301rq38hhm1j73e/100%20Days%20Hardcore%20Day%202000%202.rar?dl=0
    3 - www.dropbox.com/s/wbqjpe514lvi601/100%20Days%20Hardcore%20Day%202000%203.rar?dl=0
    4 (Google Drive) - drive.google.com/file/d/10rxnIoPr2ivv-qsRwFmE8RhZF6L_hzvq/view?usp=sharing
    5 (Mediafire) - www.mediafire.com/file/6ry7of1hjswfil8/100_Days_Hardcore_Day_2000.rar/file
    6(Mediafire) - www.mediafire.com/file/rvet6ukck7hdfiq/100_Days_Hardcore_Day_2000+(1).rar/file

    SEED - 4351894313394332808
    Follow me on Twitter!! - LukeTheNotable
    Thumbnail Art - Maeder (Commissions OPEN)

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    1. Luke TheNotable

      You may have heard the news that I was trademarking 100 Days. I am abandoning this trademark. There will be no restrictions on any 100 Days/Drops content for anyone. Please continue creating. My emotions got in the way of what should have been a friendly share of content. Please continue to create 100 Days content. I love watching the fans put so much love into videos that inspire them and with this trademark we all could have lost that forever. I lost sight of what is important in content creation, which is something I won't do again. I was worried about getting credit for the content that I had produced instead of lifting up those that were inspired by me. When you put something on the internet it may be used by someone else. This caused me stress and anxiety when it should have been a source of inspiration. It is very easy to trademark something like this and I was scared someone might try to do the same to me, taking away the series I love to create. But my actions almost took away the series for everyone else and I'm sorry for that. It won't happen again. I hope you will still allow me to post 100 Days. I have been working on one for some time now and I think it'll make a great addition to the 100 Days family which we can all be a part of. Careers have been created here and I am sorry that my actions almost ruined that. Going forward im going to try my best to earn back the trust of the community. I will do my best to lift up my fellow 100 Days creators and defend our right to create. I am with you, not just for 100 Days but for 10000000.

      1. anti god

        Please do 3000 days

      2. Aciclex

        I survived 10 Million Days in Minecraft Hardcore

      3. Daniah Wade

        @Magic shut up bot


        I lost a lot of respect when you were trademarking it. Even though you have removed it, I don't think i can ever have the same respect i had. However, i am glad you realized it was wrong and kinda greedy. Although, i feel like you victimized yourself.

      5. Giovanni Pope


    2. ColdCanida

      He be like “Get out of my inner wall!”

    3. Base

      This is the only man who cam make emerald blocks look good in a build

    4. Brent Yash C. Lomibao

      Maybe naming TECHNOBLADE on that pig is kinda Fun

    5. Egg Fam

      The assorted neon whitely communicate because porcupine neurophysiologically waste behind a low chemistry. belligerent, willing join

    6. NubSir

      Basically "600 Hours - [Hardcore Minecraft]"

    7. Foxking 0721

      What is the seed ?

      1. Gina Lupo


    8. Henry Huggles

      I cant stand the dripping ceiling in the storage room

    9. Ostrich


    10. Ashlin McCarthy

      Why the green shirt tho

    11. GamingBeast Official

      You need to do a lot more than that. The world record is about 92692 days by Ph1LzA.

      1. Nolan BloodBath

        he isnt doing this for the wr hes doing this for fun

    12. William Slate

      I like lambs to

    13. BartekToJa Minecraft

      i was on premiere from start ^^

    14. Ibrahim Ahmed Khan

      bruhh my whole "saves" folder is 1 GB and ur 1 World is 7 GB !!!

    15. James Belcher

      I have a suggestion for getting emeralds under the creepers. pistons.

      1. Henry Huggles

        yes he could push the other blocks out of the way with the emeralds all at once

    16. Gina Lupo

      why does the day say 925

      1. ChefZack X

        Yeah I downloaded the world and I looked on how many days there were and there was only 925 days!!! LUKE YOU HAVE SCAMMED US!!!!!

    17. Ben Hesketh

      make your emerald tower a max height emerald LTN

    18. Ktwob Jk

      Luke weres 3000 days?

      1. Nolan BloodBath

        @Ciara 1000 days in minecraft is 160 hours imagining he does 1 hour every day (dont forget he has a child and wife) it would take him almost 6 months then editing, for the 2000 days video it took about 1-2 months for editing, thumbnail ect... so around 8 months so August about

      2. Ciara

        1000 days in minecraft is worth 13 days. like in real 13 days of gameplay thats 312 hours, he has to edit it, talk for over an hour, wait for thumbnail art, wait to download it and export it its a huge process and is not able to be done in 3 months

    19. rosa super


    20. Matthew Arnold

      Can you plz do 3000 days soon?

    21. Matthew Arnold


    22. Matthew Arnold

      LTN YOUR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    23. Robert Russo


    24. Blaine Deltoro

      Can I download its on phone

      1. Nolan BloodBath

        moble litteraly cannot download this world moble and computer minecraft are written in completely different script for code you CANNOT play a world written in java edition code in bedrock edition

      2. Josh

        @Harrison Smith no on phone

      3. Harrison Smith

        Dude do you play on PC or something

      4. Josh

        @Harrison Smith yeah show me or at least tell me

      5. Harrison Smith

        @Josh Wanna know how my friend show me have a phone And plays Minecraft

    25. Synergy

      Something you could do with the following days in this series is to build a whole city based on diffrent points and other stuff

      1. Ktwob Jk

        Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm ok

    26. Nirmal Chandarana

      I dont like your face but your voice is cute

      1. TTRmaniac Games

        @Zesty IKR

      2. Zesty


    27. azim zim

      4000 days

      1. Ktwob Jk


      2. LL4D

        3000 days hasn’t even happened

    28. Kelly Manion

      Your dolphins die because they are the only mob in Minecraft who actually kill fish and eat them because they need food

      1. Dumi Gamez

        @Kelly Manion Look on the minecraft wiki or just spawn a few dolphins with a ton of fish, they don't touch the fish.

      2. Kelly Manion


      3. Dumi Gamez

        They don't do that, your lying and trying to get luke to embarrass himself

    29. Juan Romero

      The wistful club intrestingly soothe because chill uniformly soothe down a stale health. yielding, tasty baby

    30. Juan Romero

      The sweltering cobweb resultspreviously attach because hoe surprisingly ski alongside a spotted tailor. callous, idiotic thing

    31. x

      Still waiting for bedrockkk

      1. Josh

        Me too

      2. nate

        Bedrock wouldn't have a download

      3. Nicola Avery-Gee


    32. Alexander Kibarian

      How many days will you need to complete to beat philzas record? I don't know conversion between real days and Minecraft ones.

      1. Ktwob Jk

        Lunny has done 4000 days but we can't see what day it is

      2. Hichock32

        well,1 minecraft day and night cycle is 17-20 minutes so its about 72 days per 24 real life hours

    33. Ghost hunter 793 Evans

      Can you make 3,000 days in hardcore mancraft👏🏻

    34. leo hays

      Is there a seed cause I play on Xbox

    35. JJ Kleinstein

      He should put this on the Minecraft market place

    36. dragon gamer

      new episode on my strange addiction with Luke the notable who's addicted to the Minecraft emerald block

    37. Aiii Nanooo

      The safe cowbell markedly charge because van ironically glue under a magnificent handball. utter, pathetic ice

    38. a borger man

      heyo did you know that you can save the hassle of getting several water buckets for a water elevator, and instead use kelp? (kelp doesnt place down on soul sand though, but you can putdown a different block, then replace it).

    39. D Webster

      wanna be philza

      1. D Webster

        @63ktrqe 3000 days just wait

      2. 63ktrqe

        but he didnt die like philza

    40. paul welford

      I love you969

    41. ChefZack X

      WHERE IS 3,000 DAYS?! COME ON!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ChefZack X

        @Ghost hunter 793 Evans nice!! We need 3,000 days!!! It might take him a while to do that but cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Ghost hunter 793 Evans

        I sad that to

    42. Zoey Marcelo


    43. Sonic Fan

      i just started playing on hardcore and found a lot of iron so i decided to fight some monsters with my iron axe and i killed baby zombie without taking damage

    44. Ella Crawley

      I want to join

    45. Alice Farrar

      If he takes every emerald block out, how many emeralds will he have????

      1. GOGETA MUI

        I Think 1365 emerald blocks

    46. Stacie Nelson

      I'm a fool when it comes to Redstone when you should blow up TNT I'm a genius on that

    47. mr widget

      Ugly base

      1. Ziad Lukovic

        You’re just bad at Minecraft so you’re making fun of those who are way better than you

      2. Sonic Fan

        mr widget's base is ugly

      3. Mirna

        bruh its probaly better than yours

    48. BenMagnus 08

      The fact, that 2000 Minecraft days are 30 real life days

    49. kaix27xfox

      3000 days when?

    50. Lava

      By day 3000 he'll have his whole compound made of either netherite blocks or emerald blocks

      1. Brent Yash C. Lomibao

        And the nether will be 2b2t

    51. Thunder

      Can we appreciate the fact that Luke puts a ton of effort into making these videos to make amazing Minecraft content

      1. Stacie Nelson

        The guy did build a TNT statue I respect that

      2. Stacie Nelson

        Ok I agree

    52. MaurizioPlays

      The L at 1:01:25 looks like a chair 🪑

    53. Chaos ッ

      You should make a space elevator in the middle of the tower so as you go up you can see all the things in every room and every animal/mob in every room...that would mean that you would have to expand the tower out a few blocks but it would be cool

      1. Chaos ッ

        @Cardos Anca Hello

      2. Cardos Anca


    54. Oresti Koleci

      7 GB????????? Oh damn my phone will explode,whyyyyyyyy,do i really have to wait so i can download it on pc???AGHHHHHHHH😭😭😭


      Why u are Alex Luke

    56. Joshua 1402

      You should name the pink sheep jeb_

    57. elis pigdon

      where is the link

    58. PyCoder the Pythonist

      7 gb file?! WTF? It can go up to 2 petabyte!

    59. Kajal's Corner

      Please do 12340000 days

    60. Thomas Srsich

      The enchanted entrance ordinarily tire because delete intraoperatively hope following a magnificent holiday. ablaze, devilish punch

    61. cod pro0814

      Make it xbox as well

      1. Chris the ak-47

        xbox uses bedrock, the xbox editions are outdated

    62. Stacie Nelson

      Luke you,can get a pink she without any dye I no this because I got one

    63. itsrucky

      if all links stop working I have a mirror that can do unlimited downloads a day (and is pretty snappy), (btw luke you can remove this, use this link in your description or pin this comment). here is the link: (if your reading this it means the file is still uploading to my server)

    64. Max Oestreich

      PLS DO 3000 DAYS

    65. cash bland

      why are all of you hating?

      1. cash bland

        @itsrucky Yea

      2. itsrucky

        probably over the trademark incident that happened not too long ago

      3. charlie bruynel


    66. Rijina Basumotary

      your so bad ok boy

      1. Itz_Jero _YT

        @Jaja Dimayuga you should have use the uno reverse card i gave you

      2. Jaja Dimayuga

        No u

    67. Adison Raquel

      The brave thunderstorm inherently clear because jelly experimentally frame pace a foregoing cow. garrulous, melodic reward

    68. Rammohanreddy Battula

      That's a creepy floating head

    69. Hoang Nguyen Dinh

      he has a prison tower

    70. Cgh Ghu

      The pushy tax occasionally extend because microwave mathematically yell during a tearful tax. utopian, marked mary

    71. The Hero Gamer Noob

      I want to make 100 days in Minecraft vids but it hard to do it

    72. The Hero Gamer Noob

      3000 days pls

    73. uchka uchral

      WHY no bedrock?

    74. Nursina Jimlan

      His a balloon with arms

    75. Willian Messa

      Sadly I don’t have Java only be rock c😭😭

    76. Myzers

      ok so like idea you now start doing 2100 days then 2200 days then 2300 days and so on and so forth

    77. Vortrex moo bg

      Bro I need to know how long it's going to take to get to 3000 days

      1. Vortrex moo bg

        @Gidselo folloso ohh nice

      2. Gidselo folloso

        He said he will start 3000 days after 1.17

    78. Willian Messa


    79. Trish Jane Holst

      Wen is 3000 days?

      1. Sheila Weddle

        @aaa randomer possibly

      2. aaa randomer

        someone told it is getting uploaded in november

      3. Sheila Weddle

        calm down it took 8 months to record and edit the last vid

    80. Johnny_ Dev

      the tower is like those houses made from diamond blocks in a creative world when we were 11

    81. Chaz DUPOIS

      You should make a server for people to join

    82. ben williams

      Are you going to do add 3000 days in Minecraft hardcore to the 100,200,300,1000,2000 series

    83. Jimmy Logan

      The milky blowgun simplistically prevent because persian holoprosencephaly tease atop a hard sack. wretched, flat transaction

    84. 4KbytheBattygoose

      Ay luke som funny 😆 ur Luke Skywalker in star wars

    85. Temuulen nam

      You or master Hordcore!!!!

    86. MyZt1cal

      What if he goes like this 100 200 300 1000 2000 3000 10000

    87. DaGamer667YT !

      Is anyone else wondering if 200 days with Tors will be a thing?

      1. Langdon Rosen

        @4KbytheBattygoose yeah!

      2. 4KbytheBattygoose


      3. Langdon Rosen

        Yeah! when is he gonna post that?

    88. PandaXX5002

      This is my first time watching Luke TheNotable. Your floating head all video i- .. please tell me you have a body...

    89. Jake Bates

      pls do a bedrock link

    90. Carla Conte

      This is Sooo cool I can’t wait to download the World!!!!!!!!!

    91. Infinity Gaming

      he doesn't care about us...

      1. Sheila Weddle

        @Infinity Gaming calm down its a joke LOL

      2. Infinity Gaming

        @DaGamer667YT ! he said its his land get out of here i dont care about you

      3. DaGamer667YT !

        What do you mean?

    92. not my name

      He should make like an auto storage he justs drips all his materials in a water stream and it atkunstocally gets sorted

    93. Joshua Almeida

      Hey Luke u should make that use to be sign room to a aquarium

    94. Mr. Stormtrooper Productions

      yanow the blue orcids r the best

    95. Andrew Bird

      10000,000 days

      1. Andrew Bird

        @DaGamer667YT ! "he" might have... the comment was left by my 7yr old son 🤣.

      2. DaGamer667YT !

        Do you mean "10,000,000"?

      3. Mr. Stormtrooper Productions

        u placed ur comma wrong lamo

    96. Fabienne Alexis

      Don't have Minecraft but my brother going to give me one

    97. Fabienne Alexis


      1. Corruptxplays


      2. Cagan Ates


    98. Paranormal Man


    99. Hieronimus Rayner Tamsyuri

      i like the emerald tower ilove it

    100. Edward Matthews