2000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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    This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
    Fantasy Violence
    Violent References
    Suggestive Themes
    Crude Humor
    Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*
    Please do not re-upload any of this content
    C418 - Minecraft
    Daniel Rosenfeld

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    Thumbnail Art - Maeder
    Editor - Tors
    0:00 Introduction - Sub to LTN
    0:22 Day 1000-1100
    13:40 Day 1100-1200
    24:16 Day 1200-1300
    35:52 Day 1300-1400
    47:31 Day 1400-1500
    1:00:31 Day 1500-1600
    1:07:32 Day 1600-1700
    1:20:49 Day 1700-1800
    1:32:22 Day 1800-1900
    1:45:13 Day 1900-2000

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      1. Maureen Narine

        @sleep why?

      2. NightFall _

        Btw respawn anchors are used in the nether and respawn u but ur in hardcore so there’s no point

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      4. Strikesnipe5146

        200 days tors!!

      5. Jayden Perez

        @sleep r

    2. Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun

      1:27:35 1:29:02

    3. Tina Murphy

      3000 days?

      1. Tina Murphy

        Oh ok Les go

      2. Soviet Doggo

        It’s in november

    4. Justin Mena

      i put redstone on redstone blocks

    5. Dark Steps games

      3000 day

      1. Soviet Doggo

        It’s in november

    6. Lil Kun

      All of your "days" series reminds me so much of old school minecraft. Those sweet 2012 vibes, the building style, not knowing much about the game itself, the overall atmosphere. Needless to say, I enjoyed every single minute of it, thanks man, it brings back memories and nostalgia has never been stronger

    7. Alli Ojala

      Good night

      1. The Wolf

        good night

    8. Roel van Doorn

      But 2000 days is 5 years, HOW

      1. Soviet Doggo

        It’s Minecraft days duh

      2. JaightCraft

        It's minecraft days not irl days.

    9. STEF Brune

      DO 3000 DAYS

      1. Soviet Doggo

        Your so greedy

    10. Finn

      I read it as 3000 days and i peed

      1. Soviet Doggo


    11. legasus

      I am sorry I didn't think it would hurt your feelings so much but I still think you should use a farm instead and felixgendron44 g don't be mean

    12. Sytherin Games

      The next trend is probely someone who can do the most achievement in a speed run

    13. EvRyThInG Is AwEsOmE

      can you put the seed in the descripstion

      1. Shadowzz :/

        His seed is in the description of his 2000 days world tour

    14. NASA 64 forts

      You have a million likes can u do 3000 days

    15. DJNinjaBoi77

      1:01:26 a stock of levels

    16. Shyn Harte

      1052: we chillin

    17. Jasper Low

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    18. Spartonhawk

      3:54 HEY! IT IS CALLED A duplication house

      1. Soviet Doggo


      2. Soviet Doggo


    19. bendy and tacky in silly vision

      Can you please do 3000 days

      1. Soviet Doggo

        It’s in november

      2. Z.O.M.G

        he will, it takes time

    20. pro gamer


    21. BoxGamingYT

      Grian has been real quiet since the emerald tower..

    22. Lucky

      If Luke does 3000 days and he infects villagers on day 2020 then I will shave my head

      1. FelixGendron44 G


    23. Donovan Smith

      This looks like the governments agenda in Minecraft

    24. Cayden Haskell

      Ur dumb you can only use the respawn anchor in the nether

      1. Jo Breeden

        i mean wont

      2. Jo Breeden

        its hardcore he want need it

      3. Vin Ruscitti

        at least he can acually survive a few days in hardcore, unlike you

    25. Kashina Lambert

      The notable I don’t like you do you want know why it’s because you hate your animals and you don’t treat them with respect and I will never watch your videos again

      1. Colin And Cleo

        @legasus :)

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        Colin I love cats 🐱 mow

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        @legasus ty

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        Ek I love your picture

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        Felixgendron44 g don't be mean

    26. Jonas Ehrlich

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    27. No No

      This guy is the founding father of the 100 days hardcore challenge

      1. aadam

        no not founding father he is a deceleration daddy

    28. Dirk lipata


      1. Joseph Stalin


      2. EK

        same OLOLLOLOLO

    29. Cool Guy Gaming

      Just a tip for 3000 days add slabs to the wall

    30. Susan Medsger


    31. Olivia T

      If you would've moved the beds and removed the jobs, they will go willingly at night

    32. SpoonyWasTaken

      1:22:20 i have never believed anyone that has said that sentence until now.

    33. Jasper Low

      The humdrum tail minimally saw because canadian consecutively curl excluding a hospitable okra. hoc, lame north america

    34. Mark Ventham

      Looks hard having2000 days especially when you’re emerald House has been blown up!

    35. wyatt the spy

      Can't wait for 30000 days in minecraft

    36. FaZe Karen

      still waiting for the philza x ltn collab

    37. Castiel Epperson

      That is allot of floors!

    38. Daniel Walker

      Guys 2000 days took a year and so 3000 days will take a similar amount of time. I'm sure Luke is doing his best just be patient and watch this 2000 times

      1. Vin Ruscitti

        amen brother

    39. Karma Akabane

      make warthog awedding


      3000 days

      1. Z.O.M.G

        he will, wait

    41. Philip Jensen

      make a 3000 days

      1. Z.O.M.G

        he will make it, have patience

      2. pro 124

        He is working on it

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    43. Lina Martinez

      And We Have A New Update is Caves And Cliff 1.17

    44. Lina Martinez

      1,010,955 Likes To Have A New Episode In 3000 Days In Minecraft

    45. Gunther Hobbs

      Hey Philz’s someone is going to beat you

    46. Luco

      When is 3000 days coming

      1. Z.O.M.G

        not soon

      2. Daniel Walker

        Probably like 2000 days the start of next year

      3. Luco


      4. CrunchCream Gaming

        Not anytime soon

    47. Tom Wayne

      The cuddly gender ontogenically promise because scarecrow consecutively communicate beneath a aquatic oak. apathetic, bright yam

      1. CrunchCream Gaming

        Why do people post these

    48. Alistair G.

      Are you restricting the use of cobblestone generators?

    49. Maddy S

      But I'm trying to wonder how did they knew that I was a girl

    50. Fireboy526 Wardle

      10000 days please

    51. XxRafa1212xX

      8:22 my ears bleeding

    52. Bob Corn on the Cob

      Are you my neighbor? 9:09

    53. Axnpact

      Luke if you put on your chest plate more you will stop having so many near deaths

    54. Thomas S

      The wet advertisement terminally test because birch geographically scribble till a chivalrous heart. far, blushing bat

    55. blackknight69

      One day he should start adding mods to the world :)

      1. waxyslush gaming

        He should probably should just make 100 days nodded

    56. Christmasler

      Luke 2060: Transforming all of the emerald blocks into netherite blocks! [Hardcore Minecraft]

    57. Egg Fam

      The tame metal complementarily whip because wrench technologically perform besides a crowded change. recondite, successful glider

    58. Ninja Star

      3k pls

    59. Cherry Bomb

      title of the next video : 10000 days in hardcore Minecraft

    60. Kingston da Goat 2

      Why have I watched this like 2,000 times

    61. Jack Hansen

      Did he die?

      1. Eli Stachnick


    62. Michaelangelo liquori

      WHERE IS 3000 days ???????!!!!!!!

      1. Z.O.M.G

        he hasnt even started yet, he cant do this in 3 days, have some fricking patience

    63. Eggroll 789

      12:40 ....... what are you doing step farmer?

    64. Ayeden Vang


    65. Jadis Kenoras

      f f f f f f

    66. Cindy Leffler

      and please make every type of beacon ( emerald excluded there are a ton of em lol). (note: some may not work because im stupid or dont know about beacons. so dont immediatly assume the beacon isnt working) Beacons: coal (maybe) redstone (maybe) lapis lazuli (maybe) gold diamond iron and especially (not in the next 1,000 days but)... netherite. thanks for listening to me today

    67. Cindy Leffler

      I'm setting a poll. thumbs up this comment if Luke should make a 100 days playthrough of RLCraft and thumbs down if there shouldn't be a RLCraft playthrough. But maybe a not a RLcraft HARDCORE world and maybe just a regular one instead cus RLcraft is VERY FRICKING HARD. Also (I'm trying not to ask and be annoying for 3,000 days but) please in the 3,000 days playthrough (if your gonna make it), please go to the world border and make a house there, finish the mansion renovation, and finish the sheep and achievement stuff. Thanks Luke TheNotable! =) And remember viewers, thumbs up or down this comment for the poll. or type 1 or 2 in reply section. 1=Yes 2=No. Thanks everyone! And remember, stay notable! =)

      1. Dumi Gamez

        Your ideas are ultra dum. Make a house at the world border, seriously?

      2. Eli Stachnick


      3. Cindy Leffler


      4. Cindy Leffler

        please reply to the poll if u read this.

    68. Jeffrey Remon

      Luke WeAn 1.18 aka the night mare update ha haha hahahahaha

    69. Jeffrey Remon

      Lukes first words e ee eee emeralds

    70. Lrstallie S

      3000 days will be glorious

    71. Brodie Lenhart

      Alternate title: “I scammed villagers for 1000 days”

    72. Brent Yash C. Lomibao

      I guess on 3000 you'll make netherite beacon

    73. UtahBch yt


    74. Starchild

      yep im going to watch this full vid tomorrow. it will be glorious

      1. Miguel Rustrian

        Good luck

      2. Zilan

        I’m doing now hehe

    75. Contreavas Yt

      You now are my favorite youtuber

    76. Dani Boi

      Me and my friend live in a ravine and we have full netherite

      1. Dani Boi

        @Dumi Gamez i know no one cares but ive used that world for 79 minecraft days

      2. Dumi Gamez

        I care so greatly and it relates to the video immensely.

    77. Waddle Frog

      WE NEED 3000 DAYS

    78. IKEA Is Closed

      "Oop. Are those some white babies I see?" -Luke

    79. Asad Marji

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      Aj em 8

    81. Wolfster Attacks

      Me:*sees all the likes and views* 0_0

    82. Lucie Ganne

      this guy really likes emeralds :)

    83. pickle king

      Luke: I built my house to block height :D Caves and Cliffs update: “sure”

    84. Prince Terrence Bermejo

      Wow you got 1M liks

    85. Harebplays

      Do 3,000 days please everyone wants 3,000 days

      1. NWA 953

        hes obviously doing it but it will take ages

    86. Billy Costello

      my snack is ice

      1. Keegan B

        That’s funny:)

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    88. Kylie Williams

      "Hush now, you are in the arms of the notable" Best line ever

    89. Boba

      Luke spent 109.5890410958904 real days in Minecraft

      1. William West (student)


    90. Incorrect Guy

      It’s sad that Luke won’t be able to play this world when the caves and cliffs update

      1. Base

        guys did you know that you can't update "currently" as 1.17's in its snapshot phase right now. You will be able to transfer your worlds eventually in a snapshot coming up probably. We've seen what they will probably do to old worlds with the new bedrock beta that released. That should come to Java though. Don't worry your grindings worth it still, in fact, start grinding those stone diamond ores, they'll probably be the rarest blocks in the update since stone diamonds don't generate often.

      2. Ritzfish


      3. Ritzfish

        @William West (student) shit

      4. William West (student)

        @Ritzfish yeh

      5. Ritzfish

        @Incorrect Guy so i'll lose my world

    91. Anonym Anonym

      when comes 3000 days?

      1. Adam Lindsey

        @Probullet361 Yes I really hope so

      2. Probullet361

        @Adam Lindsey idk yet I hope he does 3000 days

      3. Adam Lindsey

        @Probullet361 I am not following? Will he not call it 3000?

      4. Probullet361

        @Adam Lindsey it might not be 3000 because of the cliff and caves update

      5. Adam Lindsey

        @SleepyGames What do you mean is not?

    92. Aetheriox

      on day 1126 the panda slowly getting further away while also suffocating is the funniest thing ive ever seen

      1. Teckteez


      2. Teckteez


    93. Teckteez

      10:07 the ltn died because he hit the hole and this ltn has 67 levels and few seconds later he has 10 level so he cheating

      1. Lxly Playz

        Dude he just enchanted- (edited it out)

      2. Toothy Object

        He was just editing The part out where he enchants probably

    94. Adam Burrows

      your good at Minecraft

    95. Khalid Kamiha

      when will you make 3000 days

      1. n0t Joshua

        in a while

    96. Emogene Baas

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    97. Hectic

      When they realize 2000 days is 1666 hours in game

    98. Me.unknown Unknown

      I bet this guy just got out of an insanity asilum

    99. Ethan Punzalan

      NICE 1 mil likes

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        Probably because everyone wants 3000 days

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      Who else knows that he could have made an iron farm with the golems because they were spawning up top