2021 Las Vegas Challenge | RD1, F9 | Barsby, McMahon, Smith, Montgomery | DISC GOLF COVERAGE

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    Thank you for tuning into our first coverage of the 2021 season! We are at the Disc Golf Pro Tour opening event the Las Vegas Challenge. We will be covering MPO chase card all weekend!
    Card: Gregg Barsby, Eagle McMahon, Brodie Smith, Colten Montgomery
    Commentary: Brian Earhart & Nate Perkins
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    00:00 INTRO
    02:05 HOLE 1
    04:54 HOLE 2
    07:28 HOLE 3
    10:38 HOLE 4
    14:12 HOLE 5
    17:54 HOLE 6
    20:11 HOLE 7
    22:42 HOLE 8
    26:24 HOLE 9
    29:25 OUTRO
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    1. Gatekeeper Media

      Thanks for tuning in! We are very excited the 2021 season is upon us.

    2. Filip Lillevars

      Gregg Barsby coming straight in from shooting Lord of the rings 4, revenge of the elves 🧝‍♂️

    3. Steven Carroll

      Pro disc golfer: *throws Brian: “solid”

    4. Joe Pinkston

      Crazy, just finished listening to some flight diary. Then I hear Brian's voice and I'm like yes! Such a great podcast if you haven't listened. Brian is an outstanding interviewer.

    5. Christopher Mayone

      Oh yeah! Brodie throwing 500+ on Hole 3. Keep it rolling Brodie.

    6. Ryan Hunt

      Who is this Gregg lady

      1. Gatekeeper Media

        Hey, how about a little respect?

    7. The Jenius

      Loving the new graphics! Or at least new to me, lol

    8. Barbeqdbrwniez

      Great commentary! This is my first gatekeeper media video but it's the first of MANY to be sure. Keep it up y'all!

    9. Baysinger's Disc Golf Channel

      This should calm some of the Brodie haters down! He is here to stay! Thanks for the outstanding coverage!

    10. Fifa Dillon

      Barsby or Dave grohl 😂

    11. Mike Tuites

      I’m commenting after the first hole... get Brody off the pdga

    12. Robert Kucala

      Solid commentary, but I especially appreciated the players getting a chance to say their piece and the form breakdowns. Two things I haven't seen before on post produced and hope you keep doing!

    13. Mark Wiggins

      Where's round 2 coverage??

    14. Colton Cammack

      Anyone notice how Barsby got a par on hole four but got the little birdie sign pop up over his name?

    15. WiggersART

      I love that commentators are not playing on the card.

    16. MrJstreetcar

      I'm only here for Barsby, you can keep the other jabronis

    17. David Andersson

      You guys are the best! All positivity 😍🙏❤️

    18. Doug Dunfee

      Perky Bearhart commentary!! Thanks for the awesome coverage!

    19. Hard Boiled

      Brian thank you for your commitment to this sport, for the time you take out of your day and tournament practice to give us great commentary. I saw your interview on live coverage and you are a busy man and I want you to know it is very much appreciated. Thanks brother!

    20. Jeffro4kag

      Every time I watch Colton I want to play this game just like him. He's such a great player. The other three aren't too bad either. 🤣

    21. JJB

      Gatekeeper killin' it!

    22. bepriceless

      I was there last year; it was somewhat green. The course looks horrible this year.

    23. Joshua Black

      For everyone enjoying the commentary, you should check out the podcast "The Flight Diary." It's Brian Earhart conducting long form interviews with the touring pros. It's amazing content!

    24. Ran-tan-tan

      Fantastic commentary!

    25. DAP2 CRYPTO

      Brian, why has your Twitter account been suspended? 😂😂

    26. laddyboy123

      Great commentary!

    27. DAP2 CRYPTO

      Can’t wait to watch around 2 coverage and listen to Brian talk about his stellar day!

    28. Eli Pratt

      Best intro ever 🦅🦅

    29. Colin Treinen

      It says whale sex with captions on lol

    30. Dan Jones

      Great commentary from Nate and Brian, and impressive to see Brodie hanging right in with these top-tier pros. I think he's definitely gonna jump over 1000 at the next ratings update!

    31. Christian Potts

      Nate says it's 7 a.m. and I'm actually watching the coverage at 7 a.m.! Nice job, men!

    32. Muckertheblimp

      I love the commentary

    33. 20 20

      Love the Eagle highlight montage to start the show!

    34. Beau Tepley

      Go eagle, he's my fav flying saucer thrower!

    35. Maxwe Beats

      Brian and Nate are probably my favorite commentary duo ngl don’t @ me

    36. areyoubeingforreal

      cardmates should not be allowed to wear the same colors. i keep confusing colten and brodie. they should be dressed like the wiggles

    37. hityourchin

      Had to mute it.

    38. Wide Right

      Damn the double leap year February 30!!

    39. Andrew McGivney

      we don’t like Brodie, spot putting his loser bro ass on cards

    40. Van Damage

      Brodie has athletic ability, so do I, but no social following..

    41. Keith Allen

      Bearhart and Perks are the dream team.

    42. Brett Johnson

      I used to work with Perkins and he never talked in that deep voice, at least back then. I guess everybody tries to be attractive in one way or the other so who can blame him?

    43. Shawn Weindorf

      Love the coverage but on i think hole 3 or 4 you guys put that Gregg got a birdie when he in fact got a par. Just a heads up.

    44. ryno1995

      Great coverage gatekeeper! Loved seeing Brodie kill it! What a crazy improvement he has made in just one off season. Dude must have an insane mentality and work ethic.

    45. VIDEOsverigeNU

      Brodie looking guuud.

    46. Chris Stillwell

      I like these two on the mic.

    47. william brewton

      Barsby looking like Stuart from Letterkenny

    48. Jujitsu Majors

      Brodie is definitely looking alot more focused and dialed. So happy to finally see discgolf again

    49. Harris Clayman

      Love this commentary duo. ❤️ Brian ❤️Perkins. So good.

    50. Keith Friestad

      Ezra went 11 down through 9????

    51. Cameron Leiby

      Let’s go barsbarians, great card!

    52. epegr107

      The new graphics are confusing, not impossible to interpret, but not immediately clear with a quick glance

    53. Randy Black

      Huge shout to Gatekeeper for asking and listening to the fans on how to improve coverage. We suggested giving the players a small chance to thank sponsors or highlight themselves and they incorporated that in the very first round. Loved seeing that. Cool move and looking forward to lots more coverage this year! Kudos again! Shout to Brian and Nate as well for commentary

      1. Randy Black

        @Naeda Thoms on their Instagram page a few weeks ago

      2. Naeda Thoms

        Just curious.. Where exactly did they solicite fans for suggestions on how to improve coverage ? Agreed.. Loved hearing the players with the bio / sponsor plugs. Gives you a chance to better get to know the players.

    54. Tyler Bruce

      Of course it’s calm conditions all week leading up and then the day it starts the wind goes crazy

    55. jcrow62

      Thanks for the love Nate! It was crazy in Texas. I’m a huge fan of you and my clan is all night strike for life!

    56. M _

      25:48 Brodie must not know he's supposed to watch his cardmates' shots according to the rules. MF'er is practically running to the next tee pad.

      1. timlanigironu

        He's played enough to know the rules and plays with Paul who is a rules dictionary. Probably had to pee and got okay from the card.

      2. jcrow62

        Also he shot out of turn by 2. Seeing him run, my guess is he had to pee or something. Lol. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt.

    57. M _

      Another mistake from GK. Hole 4...Barsby for Par and not Birdie.

      1. LetterToVoltaire

        Fucking Wayne is gonna Wayne.

    58. Javier Rodriguez

      Great stuff!

    59. James-tube

      Great coverage! 🔥🔥🔥

    60. Jason Hibdon

      Loved this across the board. Commentary was great, information was useful, appraisal of the players was enthusiastic but did not feel biased, and love the infopanel setup. Keep up the great work!

    61. Backstage Organics

      Brodie mind-blowing progress!!

      1. JJB

        Yeah, he looks solid so far!

    62. The Cynic

      Why am I seeing different scores on this channle. Where is mcbeth and wysocki

    63. Dan the man

      did anybody notice the date of the Las Vegas challenge at the start of the video? (At 1:25)

      1. ryno1995

        😂😂😂. Or the round 1 front 9 leaderboard at the end.

    64. Sam Roeber

      Might have just turned into my favorite commentary team out there. And they're just getting started!!👍Good luck Brian and Nate

    65. Infinimetrical

      Very cool!

    66. Rick Smith

      Love the footage. I wish I was seeing the Robot Chicken in this tournament. Does anyone know why he is not in this one? Just curious.

    67. Steve Shiley

      Gatekeeper your coverage just keeps getting better and better. The upgraded graphics look great and I appreciate the hole maps in conjunction with the flyovers. The channel is looking great!

    68. Andy M

      B9 ?

      1. Gatekeeper Media

        Should be out within the hour.

    69. David Beadle

      Like the intro, the graphics, and the opportunities for players to talk about their sponsors. Keep it up!

    70. Rory H

      So impressed by Brodie!! Your coverage is absolutely incredible too!

      1. M _

        More like Chodie.

    71. eltsdim

      Commentators really sucking off brodie in this video, he is a total amateur, lame

    72. Peewee Sermon

      Love the coverage! Thanks bros

    73. Ben Marecle

      I'm rooting for eagle glad yall have his card for this round

    74. Heckin Steve

      Just curious, roughly how long after the F9 does B9 get uploaded? Super excited for the 2021 season!

    75. Danny Hollis

      Who didn't come back after covid besides nate safeton?

      1. Runaway Jim

        Nate sexton is playing

    76. Dadgum

      Nice coverage! I can see you guys have really improved your editing and camera work over the off season and Im excited about Perkins in the booth. i don;t know how others feel about this, but while I like seeing the secondary camera angle of players releasing their tee shots, Its frustrating not seeing the disc fly. would personally rather always see the over the shoulder shot for tee shots. either way, great coverage and i look forward to watching yall this year!

    77. Eric Rathbun

      Loving Brian and Nate on commentary! 👍👍

    78. ryan holland

      This is a great card. Thanks GK Media

    79. dboenish

      Really great commentary! Expert technical comments when discs did surprising flights or kicks. I will be looking forward to more Gatekeeper with Brian and Nate

      1. M _

        @Gatekeeper Media Read above or are you too dense to realize the first sentence answers your question?

      2. Gatekeeper Media

        @M _ • why are you even here then?

      3. M _

        Only reason to watch. Editing, camera quality, and timeliness of releases is subpar.

    80. Scooter McDoogall

      The Flight Diary

    81. Nic Heavener

      Barsby’s putt is just not designed for the wind. Has to make the adjustment when conditions are bad like this

    82. Scooter McDoogall

      I am so happy right now

    83. XFwks134

      How long until this groups back 9 gets posted?

      1. Darren Perkins


      2. Gatekeeper Media

        Within the hour.

    84. Jim Plattes


    85. Nicholas MacLeod

      Thought the commentary was great, liked the dynamic between Nate and Brian. Looking forward to the chemistry continuing to develop throughout the season

    86. lucideye

      Loving Nate on the coverage, his calm demeanor sets a nice vibe.

      1. lucideye

        @Joshua Black will do, I have been a fan of his since I met him last year. This will give me more insight into the man

      2. Michael Connor

        @Joshua Black Earhart's podcast, not Nate's... But agreed it's fantastic!

      3. Joshua Black

        If you haven't heard of his podcast "the flight diary," I highly recommend it. It's a long-form interview format that isn't really done in disc golf.

      4. Michael Connor

        He's the best!

    87. Austin Texas Law

      Thank you!!

    88. Timothy Erb

      Love the little blocks in each players graphic box that shows what throw the players are on, keep up the good work!

    89. James Hammond

      I predict Simon will have some type of elbow surgery then he will come back like Tommy john

      1. brian6speed

        fuck surgery not needed

    90. chase standefer

      Great coverage and commentary. Love the BE and NP commentary

    91. Felix Vega

      Great coverage guys. Loved the intro.

    92. James Hammond

      I think Eagle should change his name to Birdie

      1. Jakefromstatefarm


    93. Joshua Barnett

      Every time Barsby gets on camera I feel like he's cropped into the card from 90s dg clips. What a legend

      1. Samuel Ehrhardt

        Barsby is the man

      2. TheUnderScore

        He may not be that old but he’s definitely a legend. And one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Super friendly down to earth guy.

      3. Teukka

        @askingforafriend but he dresses like it

      4. askingforafriend

        He's not THAT old lol

    94. revpgesqredux


    95. Jack Hawley

      LOVE the new graphics, both at the start of the video and during play. Great to see y'all are investing in the little things!!

    96. Joshua Barnett

      DISC GOLF IS BACKK! Great coverage as always, GK. McMahon intro was pog

    97. DirtyCarl

      Looks like Brodie has his own personal cheerleader in Barsby, love to see it

    98. Steezdiscgolf

      Let's go!! Waiting all day for this! Thanks guys

    99. revpgesqredux

      And Barsby's my guy... actually had the privilege of a conversation at Usdgc practice round...and prayed for him and have been since... Go Gregg!!

      1. Samuel Ehrhardt

        Barsby is THE MAN

    100. revpgesqredux

      I am transformed ultimate guy from way back and it's exciting to see Brodie go