2021 OTB Open | RD2, F9 CHASE | Conrad, Gossage, Barela, Hammes | Gatekeeper Media

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    Welcome to the fourth Disc Golf Pro Tour event of the season! Replacing the San Fransisco Open, the OTB Open is held at Swenson Park DGC. We will be coving MPO2 chase card all weekend.

    Round 2 Chase Card:
    James Conrad
    Aaron Gossage
    Anthony Barela
    Adam Hammes

    Commentary by
    Brian Earhart | @brian_earhart
    Nate Perkins | @perksofdiscgolf

    Coverage is powered by Innova Champion Discs \u0026 Founders Brewing Co.

    Happy Little Tree donations will be made to One Tree Planted.

    Music: BirdieFest

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    00:00 INTRO
    01:07 HOLE 1
    06:18 HOLE 2
    09:41 HOLE 3
    12:52 HOLE 4
    18:02 HOLE 5
    20:49 HOLE 6
    23:45 HOLE 7
    27:40 HOLE 8
    30:52 HOLE 9

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    1. Jason Schwartz

      Someone get that man a sponsorship!

    2. flopkin

      I see James Conrad, I click

    3. David Arterburn

      The Aaron "Grossage" typo on the intro leaderboard is pretty accurate. Absolutely gross Colorado talent.

    4. White Male

      "diverse" ..no, its called; *'varied'* .

    5. Aardvark Acapella

      The form camera is definitely the biggest differentiator compared to Jomez. Still great to see more high-quality coverage.

    6. Patrick Gunderson

      29:00 it’s a fox!

    7. Joe Brown

      Birdies are waiting for you, out there in Conrad Country!

    8. Joel Slack

      Hammy woke up ready to throw!

    9. Daniel Klever

      If any other player fell off that tee they would be freaking out but since it's James they're just both like "oop"

    10. Rob Clayton

      Back 9 coming soon.?.?...

      1. Gatekeeper Media

        Yeah should be soon.

    11. dustman

      Brian could use to relax a little bit on the commentary. Nate is an exceptional commentator as well, let him have a little more of it.

    12. Justin TheBasket

      Nate notices some really interesting details about different players form, whether it be putting or driving. It'd be supper cool to see some form comparison video's from Nate. Maybe specifically on the putting side since I've heard some really interesting observations from him about various players putting form.

      1. Ryan Chandler

        'Supper cool' is where something is so awesome that you have to tell your family about it at the dinner table.

    13. 155BPM

      I see AB I click

      1. 155BPM

        would've clicked anyway but now I just did it extra fast

    14. Fergus Bolton

      Did Jerm say the aviar is the best putter of all time? I thought he putted with p2s...

    15. AChromatic Mediant

      Watching from Grand Junction! Great to see Aaron tearing it up and hearing him shout out some familiar names.

      1. Patrick O'Donnell

        I'm from Fruita!

    16. VIDEOsverigeNU

      Of course I am watching this before before the lead card!

    17. Ed discgold

      Great coverage, loving it. Especially the slomotion analysis. Do you upload those as a separate spin off?

    18. Andy

      1:53 I've done the exact same thing, except I fell into a river 😵🤣

    19. C Johnson

      Gimmick tee almost kills Conrad! And that's just the first shot! Stay tuned!

    20. Marcelo Holl Cury

      Thank you covering various cards!!!

    21. Tommi I.

      Hammes is just a big mood killer almost everytime he makes a big mistake. Not a fan. Maybe should think about his card mates and viewers.

      1. Logan Johnson


      2. Sue In Raleigh

        Not fun to watch. 😑

    22. Deputy Smoke

      Watched live yesterday so I was looking forward to this card- thanks!!

    23. TL Tilley

      Ofc nobody has heimburg on coverage for his ace lol

      1. Gatekeeper Media

        Just means he’ll have to do it again on our round 3 coverage! Haha

    24. Deputy Smoke

      Sweet. Love Nate as commentator

    25. Cxeri93

      2nd viewer!

    26. Arnas Lietuvninkas

      1st viewer!

      1. Zachary Harris

        So hardcore man....so gnarly.........lol

      2. Arnas Lietuvninkas

        P.s. My finger got muscles from refreshing