2030: Privacy's Dead. What happens next?

Tom Scott

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    tomscott.com - tomscott - At dConstruct 2014, I spin a tale of the future: not to make a prediction, but to put our current world in perspective.
    Thanks to all the dConstruct folks at the Brighton Dome: crew, volunteers, and audience!

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    1. Varun Gupta

      If they don't host Tom Scott again in 2030 for the real deal, I will be *s e v e r e l y* disappointed.

    2. durdleduc

      i wonder if that "whatever comes next" is machine learning

    3. Pro Gaming With Ed

      Hello I’m here from 2020. A folk Rock sea shanty Band made number one

      1. Grim Pickles

        @Gaming with Joseph Thomas its a quote from him

      2. Gaming with Joseph Thomas


      3. Grim Pickles


    4. JOEGE

      Damn I wish I was like that presenting in front of the classroom.

    5. JOEGE


    6. In Space

      I somehow like the fact that little teenagers are going to be telepathic and they won't have that much privacy.

    7. Willow Tree

      nine years to go

    8. Vinnie Davis

      you either have convenience, or privacy.

    9. Shotgunsam 23

      See you all in 9 years

    10. Erik Bussing

      I'm watching this in 2021 and damn this is getting way too close, i'm getting seriously scared

    11. HACKERISTIC 499

      5 years ago no one predicted that there will be a shortage of silicon and companies will be fighting for it.

    12. Ghady Mezher

      here i am fighting privacy by using linux etc

    13. karl melver

      2:24- 3:02 Thats just tik tok..... are we living in 2030 already?

    14. Janya Andromeda Galactic

      sad fact its 2020 when privacy died actually

    15. Scarlett D'amante

      tik tok is step one to the muttering teens

    16. Black Night

      Tom only has one shirt

    17. Jusuf Agung

      It's 2021, and privacy dies already.

    18. FirstArchon

      maybe the internet was a mistake....

      1. FirstArchon

        @Connor i always assumed privacy wasn't gone for good it was just a problem with regulation needing to catch up with technology. i've never considered the idea of "its just over and no one will even understand why it was important to begin with"

      2. Connor

        It’s not. Go with the flow and you’ll be just fine.

    19. Alexander Muchow

      "a folk rock sea shanty band won't be on the top music" literally 2021 with Wellerman

    20. TerryTwoToes

      Your jokes are not funny just cringy

    21. sowolf92

      I mean you aren't wrong

    22. Frank Earnest

      "Assuming that industrial society survives, it is likely that technology will eventually acquire something approaching complete control over human behavior. It has been established beyond any rational doubt that human thought and behavior have a largely biological basis. As experimenters have demonstrated, feelings such as hunger, pleasure, anger and fear can be turned on and off by electrical stimulation of appropriate parts of the brain. Memories can be destroyed by damaging parts of the brain or they can be brought to the surface by electrical stimulation. Hallucinations can be induced or moods changed by drugs. There may or may not be an immaterial human soul, but if there is one it clearly is less powerful that the biological mechanisms of human behavior. For if that were not the case then researchers would not be able so easily to manipulate human feelings and behavior with drugs and electrical currents. It presumably would be impractical for all people to have electrodes inserted in their heads so that they could be controlled by the authorities. But the fact that human thoughts and feelings are so open to biological intervention shows that the problem of controlling human behavior is mainly a technical problem; a problem of neurons, hormones and complex molecules; the kind of problem that is accessible to scientific attack. Given the outstanding record of our society in solving technical problems, it is overwhelmingly probable that great advances will be made in the control of human behavior." -Ted Kazyinski

      1. Ghady Mezher

        i feel like they already discovered everything exept consciousness but they wont need it to control people since as u said its hormones and electical currents

    23. Jacob Pfeiffer

      15:45 Twitch made that a reality... spooky.

    24. rainbug

      That next big thing... C19 Plandemic?

    25. Jake 28

      Typo in captions at 17:27 , "It odesn't matter whetehr you tagged that as "remove me from this photo""

    26. slime


    27. PachiKwasAway

      16:37 nobody: Tom: *predicts cancel culture *

      1. Ghady Mezher

        yea and right now privacy is almost dead like when you use google chrome or windows or mac os or microsoft edge or android or iPhone or youtube or all social media. you may ask what is the answer to this problem? it is open source. from kernels to operating systems to apps to drivers all code must be accessed and checked on the internet

    28. Subclavian BHZT

      Was privacy is gone then how come I can't be onto your stalking end of the gangstock plenty of weirdos

    29. Reed

      Even in my twenties, I hope that as I grow older, I’d still be able to comprehensibly use technology. I love everything I’ve seen now being produced by good to mediocre people. I really hope I never come to a point where I loathed the tech itself

    30. Andrew Cutler

      The number of things in this talk that have already come true make me really nervous about the things that haven't.

    31. jan kees


    32. Evap

      dang we need a tom scott sigh compilation on this video

    33. Tej

      "Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better"

    34. Ham Shandy

      Knowing the identity of every protester in a mob is devastating knowledge, but it didn't stop that mob storming the gates of their Congress. On track here in 2021.

    35. UpsideDownyHead

      16:25 Jan 6th Capitol riot anyone?

    36. UpsideDownyHead

      15:50 Twitch anyone?

    37. Vloger Games

      about halfway there, still waiting for my telepathy :(

    38. CyanicTempest

      "Teenagers are becoming telepathic" So uh... anyone else see that Neuralink video about the monkey that can play pong... Telepathically...

    39. Alpha Wolf Gamer

      Hello From the futrure =)

    40. Whyareall


    41. Dylan Sumner

      "A folk rock sea-shanty bank isn't going to make the top radio playlist" think again Tom

    42. Mathew Ferstl

      I hate this future

    43. Paul

      Just leaving my mark here for when I come back in 9 years.

    44. Luke Clayton-Holland

      FIblock better recommend in 9 years

    45. King Delirium

      Some of this is terrifyingly plausible... and some of it is hillarously 2014

    46. Trash.


    47. Patrick

      We have idiot parents letting their kids do this.

    48. Rob VanCamp

      Thankfully, I'll be dead

    49. Abhishek Thakker

      me watching this video in 2021

    50. E B

      15:02 hmmm wellerman prediction???

    51. Alvin's Pasta

      DedSec: "Allow us to introduce ourselves"

    52. Perhaps

      Start of his speech -sighs - speech intensifies - *sighs* - *speech intensifies - SIGH - SPEECH INTENSIFIES EVEN MORE*

    53. seldom speech

      2021 not quite yet

    54. Music_Lights

      Telepathic teenagers scare me. Teenagers already scare me today with their quickness of technology.

    55. David C.

      I support social medias like discord, you can connect with anyone you want. However only the people you choose can see you.

    56. Astolfo The Trap

      We’re getting there

    57. craig mccartney

      noted check back in 9 years

    58. pizzarella

      TIL privacy is pronounced pree-vuh-see in British English

    59. Amarok vom Berg

      Suddenly: Corona

    60. 勇樹

      It's already happening in online schools

    61. SRB Makeup

      I just want to let the engine know I wanna see this in 10 years from now 😂

    62. Pedrosso

      Easy: Just tell websites you don't give them your consent to add your info to an engine. And if they don't comply. Sue them

    63. Arlen Bračković

      Well this video already agend like a fine wine. :). Keeping Calendar event on 1.1.2030.

    64. ContagiousRepublic

      Your sigh quota against Ganymede is maxed, your government is heating the anti smart ass extermination orbital lasers because Ganymede made the unprecedented step to ASK the government to do that before the government asked if it should. Don't sigh again. This is your last warni... oh, you be that way? PEW PEW PEW

    65. Scum bigula

      "currency based on reputation score" china currently

    66. INeedAttention exe

      Tom was wrong about one thing, sea shanties are popular on TikTok apparently

    67. Thats Ruff Dog

      He's wearing the same shirt as in his profile picture.

    68. Midas Pool

      Just commenting right here to say hi to future-me when I watch this video again in 2030...

    69. LoadingHacks

      For the people coming here in 2030 - "No-one cares that it all came true, that privacy is gone and war is constant"

    70. hetspook666

      The next new thing has not happened yet if you compare 2014 to 2021 i see no big difference in technology.

    71. Dmytro Kiktenko

      Privacy is dead. Long live the privacy!

    72. Twitch

      It's crazy now. You simply cannot stay away from technology and smart phones anymore. You NEED them if you want a job, to research, to navigate, and mostly to communicate with others. Without it, you're a nobody. No one will know who are, and you're easily forgotten among society if you decide to not be a part of it.

    73. Malarkiey _

      waiting on me sending this to my kids and say "we didnt have the mind reading devices you have nowadays"

    74. KingVickVick

      funnily enough there is a sea shanty folk band with a chart hit in 2021 they made it bro!

    75. Mr DeWitt

      This is happening faster than expected....

    76. Luiz Felipe

      Privacy is dead. Long live having 10 identities ! I don't mind sharing everything with strangers, I only mind sharing with the IRS.

      1. Malarkiey _


    77. Kyle Shovan

      Folk rock sea shanty, you say? Hit the nail on the head, Tom.

    78. James Angius

      You people are crazy in these comments.

    79. James Angius

      I love this!

    80. This THing

      I love being forced to give all my personal information by my school to random websites that will stick to me all my life!

    81. Flyin Brian Meyers

      Amazing how far off the mark this all turned out to be.. instead of more freedom we have far, far less...

    82. Citrus

      Folk rock sea shanty band, huh?

    83. iH h

      who else is watching it in 2021

    84. Otto Sedelies

      Kind if disappointing really how little changed in the last seven years, compared to the seven years before that.

    85. Greg Homan

      15:02 by 2023, this in particular will have aged extremely poorly

    86. Richard

      2031 - the year of the neural engine deep fakes.

    87. Looq

      "Everyone knows that a folk rock sea shanty band isnt going to make number 1 on the chart playlists"... Well 👁👁

    88. LUMM0X 26

      This is why i purposefully search up dumb, disturbing and weird questions, they’ll never know exactly how you are that way.

    89. engineer gaming

      closer and closer

    90. IAmSeamonkey

      the terrifying thing is that 2030 is now only 9 years away and we could very much be living in this kind of future

    91. Flowcharts

      Good News! There is no privacy policy, because you have no privacy!

    92. ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

      I don't mind loss of privacy as long as it's happening to EVERYONE. On the other hand , if only I am the one whose privacy is being breached , I will be pissed and unhappy.

    93. Blank

      Hello youtube algorithmers.

    94. jdoexrayvision

      But ... if you, eh, ah, ooh, . . . might like to try . . . Eh, ooh, ah, to begin to ooh ah, eh . . . Tell a story, um. It might be a little like em, uh, eh, uh this if you tried ooh aghrgrg.

    95. David Gibson

      “A folk folk sea shanty band won’t make the top of the radio playlist.” Well, not radio, no. But just six years later....

      1. jangoice gaming

        I was thinking the exact same thing, something said in 2014 because it was 'so ridiculous'

    96. Shiboline M'Ress

      It's like Doctor Who's "Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel". They'll turn us into cybermen and we won't know it till it's too late.

    97. Fernando SSMM

      Gonna be 30 in 2030. I **want** to catalog my life, and for this to be close to reality. Privacy is good, but being telepathic is for sure worth it.

    98. Leon-Josip Dzojic

      9 years left

    99. Yash Raj

      16:25 "wouldn't stop them from stroming gates of your palace" This aged well

    100. DickGorzinya

      I for one would rather die fighting before giving up independent thought and the future of humanity.