Aaron Rodgers: What Did You Hope to Bring to Guest Hosting? | Exclusive Interview | JEOPARDY!


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    Aaron Rodgers' approach to guest hosting is rooted in “respect for the position.”
    Jeopardy! Guest Host Aaron Rodgers responds to the question: What did you hope to bring to guest hosting?
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    1. ken karwoski

      Can't help not to cry watching this!

    2. Christopher Eubanks

      Next month Christian potanza and ring legend edge are guest host

    3. 60sTeen

      That man talks like he just took a handful of Sleep-Eaze. Muttering, showing no personality at all. I’m not watching all the liberal Main Stream Media characters in coming weeks. I thought these two weeks would be something to enjoy. Wrong on that!

      1. MrWhat11the

        i found his presence calming. Would you rather have Anderson Cooper? lol

      2. John Lee

        Trebek was neutral to politics.

      3. Bucketfullabiscuits

        That's just how Aaron Rodgers talks lol, look up his interviews on the Pat McAfee show

      4. Mr. Vice President

        OK boomer

      5. Zman

        How do you know that Trebek didn't have a liberal mind set? times change, people change, nothing lasts forever. Keep living in the past and get left behind

    4. ibbjamin

      I always think he’s telling a joke when he talks.

    5. Enrique Dozal

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      1. SeanSg1


    6. Chris Finch

      Just like Ken, he hoped to bring honor and legacy to Alex’s place, though no one would ever dethrone him, at all. JEOPARDY! without Alex Trebek, is like a pizza without toppings.

      1. New temp Phone-Ash

        @Neil have a good day!

      2. Neil

        Or pancakes without 'real' maple syrup!,..👍😆