Aaron Rodgers: Jeopardy! is a Dream Come True | Guest Host Exclusive Interview | JEOPARDY!


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    Guest hosting Jeopardy! is a dream come true for Aaron Rodgers.
    “When I came on the show in 2015 and got to do Celebrity Jeopardy!, I just saw how special this environment was,” Rogers said. “I remember thinking, this would be like a dream job.”

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    1. Woody Allen

      Reporter: Aaron, when will u host Jeopardy full time? Aaron: Once the packers inform me that lafleur’s contract extension is finalized.

    2. David Schick

      He’s probably a little tired of getting hit.

    3. darkknightsds

      Has no business hosting this show

    4. ken aka mrgentleman lifestyle tv

      I like him as a host

    5. ken karwoski

      Aaron did an AWESOME job guest hosting!

    6. TheSpoilerofVirgins

      Question? Who's an overrated & overpaid QB in the NFC, and when they CHOKE in the playoffs time after time, doesn't except any responsibility, but still gets $$$

      1. Ray Ray

        We found the Vikings fan

      2. 0ffspringfan

        Same guy who's the reigning MVP.

    7. Ethan Menzel

      He wants to do it, son if he enjoys it, give him the job

    8. sherrie jones

      Wow.....who would've thought. He's a natural!!👍🏻✅

    9. Beverly Jones

      It's all about the voice, the enunciation, clear speaking, no high-pitched voices. Gonna be impossible to find another Alex (he enunciated his words perfectly), but here's hoping they come close and find THE ONE soon. Haven't heard one guest host come close yet.

    10. suraj chavan

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      1. bernice ravitz

        Relax all, I think hes being appraised because of his Male appeal rather than his ability to host Hes ok but not that great.

    11. bones23jones

      Glad he agreed to do it. Was impressed with his performance as a contestant a few years ago.

    12. leyenda61

      No diss to AR, but this celebrity host merry-go-round has really diluted the Jeopardy brand. We want consistency that feels reliable in the long-run, but even more so I think we need Sony to just make a conclusive decision and run with it & support it

      1. Ray Ray

        I get that but I like to see the options. I think they should let the fans decide after showing the options and I think that's what they are doing

    13. Porter Johnson

      Aaron Rodgers is the best guest host by far. #12