Above Average (with too many people to fit in this title)

Tom Scott

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    Today in the Game Garage, it's not about what you know: it's about what you can do. Pull down the description for the full cast and links to everyone's channels!

    Cambria Bailey-Jones - cambriabailey
    Guy Larsen - guylarsen.com
    Taha Khan - fiblock.info

    Barry Lewis - fiblock.info/green/Azy...
    Colin Furze - fiblock.info
    Em Ford - fiblock.info...
    Hannah Witton - fiblock.info
    Lucy Bella Earl - fiblock.info/green/z4t...
    Saf - fiblock.info
    Steven Bridges - fiblock.info/green/qK0...

    And here's the stop-motion video that Cambria, Guy and Taha were working on! www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjr4w...

    Edited by Elliot Gough and Michelle Martin
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    Directed by Grant Stevens
    Produced by David Bodycombe and Tom Scott

    A Pad 26 / Labyrinth Games production

    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. The Foundation Agent

      Stick equal numbers of pencils between your fingers in a row, layer the same pattern with a gap, stack pencils into the gap horizontally like a slot.

    2. UK Emergency Responder

      This is a low key version of Taskmaster and I love it!

    3. Lilly Friedman

      why did so many people pick the orange beanbag???

    4. hobrin

      would have shot the domino to the other side with my fingers

    5. S Anderson

      I really enjoyed this!

    6. Aurick Suess

      This seams strange considering COVID

    7. Fish Finger

      I wonder if standing on the table whilst holding a sugar cube above your head would count, because the rules state that you can use the cubes and your body.

    8. ringosis

      I really want to know how long Tom's had that bike. I haven't seen a Townsend since the 80s.

    9. NFSHeld

      When I heard "count backwards", I knew it was going to be sevens.

    10. MrFungal Toe

      Have you considered making this into a board game?

    11. Pandicornio VII

      I just couldn't stop thinking about Guy. Like that guy, Guy.

    12. Hana Boskova

      Please don't tell them the time, I feel their pain :D

    13. Oroberus

      This would be a great actual gameshow

    14. NITRO H

      14:26 classic physicist

    15. Nate Levinson

      The careful quilt topologically switch because zephyr phenotypically itch down a jaded decade. powerful, acid soccer

    16. WFX DSN

      Censored all the swearing except "BASTARD" 😂😂 brill

    17. giovanni pezzin

      Just discovered I'm really good at counting backwards

    18. Dawid aka Grendel

      @1:54 you sold me for that episode right there...

    19. Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury

      The real question: why did (almost) everyone choose the orange bean bag?

    20. R2D2 fromstartrack

      Omg colin is even more high energy than normal

    21. Joseph Gavin

      "You can use the sugar cubes and your body" *stands up and holds sugar cubes high above head* "So I win right?!

    22. khfan93

      I have to say I think this was the most promising of the Game Garage and I'd love to see this brought into a full series.

    23. Kostia Khlebopros

      I really liked this game

    24. theatog

      For the sugar tower task, I think everyone spent way too much time trying to make the base "uniform". In fact, you probably want SOME space between the cubes to widen your base without compromising stability. What I would do is literally sweep them horizontally on the table so that they are loosely packed, then from the outside of that "plate" grab them by the handful and start building up. You will save SO MUCH time arranging them in squares and would utilize much more materials.

    25. Kekyoin

      I always think "I could do that!" then I realize I couldn't

    26. Z

      Ah. The days before covid.

    27. Kurt Relunio

      I consider myself below the average person 😎

    28. Girafarig Appreciator

      Let me guess, Steven Bridges at some point down the line, his family came from the West country/Belgium

    29. Lawton Wilkerson

      This would make an excellent game shows, celebrities could send in videos of them doing the take from the comfort of their home and the contestant competes with that. Especially for quarantine

    30. FBI Master

      5,000 pence is only like 60-70 usd

    31. Jordan Beagle

      I was thinking they really should've eliminated Saf

    32. QandL3news

      What about breaking the pencils in half?

    33. YnnatheguardianChannnel

      Hey guess what Doot

    34. maruftim

      Wow to the amount of verified channels in the comment

    35. Briana Violet

      I died at “5 thousand pence” 😂

    36. lostindasauce

      Wow 4 people in a room close together with no masks... weird

    37. Reuben M.D.

      The awesome twist about this game is that it's possible to eliminate people who did badly in the third challenge.

    38. Felix Moffat

      The camera angle in the beginning makes Tom look like a giant compared to the others

    39. Arpan Dutta

      8:48 kaneki ken is an expert of this game (also jason). whats 1000-7?

    40. Colin Roskos

      Why did so many pick orange?

    41. 47Mortuus

      "Men might have an advantage here" SEXIST HOMOPHOBIC ANTI LGBT TRUMP LOVER!!!!!1!

    42. Finian Unseld

      Toms age is literally all I can think about the whole time

    43. IceArdor

      They should be able to wager a point after completing the task and before seeing the competitors. If they completed the task below average, they lose the points they wagered. If they completed the task above average, they win the points they wagered.

    44. Danny


    45. Eggy Media

      Don’t put a red line under your thumbnail I had avoided watching this for ages because I thought I had already watched it (I was so confused)

    46. Vyllibh

      "... Anybody who works with their hands in any capacity should go." So... The sex educator too?

    47. E E

      i tried playing along with the beenbags it was horrible

    48. Feplay Builds

      I would have won the second game..............................if I could catch the beanbag everytime

    49. Mark Kmiecik

      For the sugar cube stack if using your body is allowed, you pick up one cube with your fingers, put the rest on the floor and stand on them holding the one in your fingers as high as possible above you.

    50. Maarten van Heek

      "I believe you guys are a bit more meticulous with your hands..."

    51. Toxort

      if 19.2 cm wasn't above average, i would feel really bad about my pp.

    52. Mayan

      In the second game, am I the only one who realised none of the numbers they were saying were multiples of 7. 500 isn’t a multiple of 7 so if you take 7 it still won’t be a multiple of 7? Haven’t watched the whole vid so they might address it Edit: they didn’t, this isn’t hate the the show runners/Tom, I actually really like Tom. I think this just shows that even clever people make small mistakes

    53. Maaz Ali

      For the pencil thing why didnt they just pick up the table with one hand

    54. Levi Ackerman

      hold up the music video they were making was for Green, by cavetown

    55. Optics Online

      Steven looks just like Matthias for dope or nope

    56. vocalnerd

      Switching the angle at sugar cube stacking was honestly an absolutely genius move, it gave so much stability

    57. Shalimar Lake

      Fitting that only recently did trump seem to imply that counting backwards from 100 by 7s is hard...

    58. BARUtubbig

      Whaaaat barry lewis? I knew this guy from myvirginkitchen. Used to watch him like 8/9 years ago. Was such a small channel then.

    59. Brendan Brendan

      imagine a mathematition doing the bean bag thing

    60. Ali Khan

      what the HELL is a sex educator!??!

    61. Zoë Cheney

      I never thought I'd see three of my subscribers, Tom, Hannah and Barry in one video together but I love it and I need this to happen more often.

    62. crash the gaming master

      why in the shugar cube one didn't someone just put a shugar cube on their head you can use your body and the shugar cues

    63. K M

      Too many people picking the orange bean bag 🤔 what's the deal 🧐

    64. Hyphen 8d

      Taha is just suffering from success.

    65. Nobleness Dee

      Love the holding of the prize photo ops at the end ... :)

    66. kitsada 2.0

      Colin looks like hes been stuck in the gadget geaks shed since the series stopped

    67. coldfrost

      so this is taskmaster but for smarter people?

    68. GSAU

      When measuring the height of the Sugar Cube Tower, wouldn't it have made more sense to simply count the layers of sugar cubes?

    69. Lahav P

      "oh thats not that bad... unless they tell you to count down by 7. then its the worse". obviously you picked 7.

    70. NinkyNonk500 /Max M-N

      Have you pitched this to the BBC yet?

    71. Blest Adeleye

      the maths game wouldnt have been so hard if they didnt choose such a hard odd timestable

    72. mel mel

      didn't they want to eliminate em at the last one? why colin got eliminated?

    73. Francesco Sanchez

      I want to see "above average" on daytime TV tbh

    74. ZEEGA

      cool show tom

    75. sdrawkcab190

      I feel like you should have given the stats for all 7 domino attempts

    76. David Noble

      Just tried the bean bag one, I got to 304.

    77. Rafael Acurcio

      I wish I could see the performance of the other participants in the last challenge. Great show! Had a good laugh watching it.

    78. Erdenwurm

      22:04 Tom is just researching about some things we might not know... 22:11 That smirk killed me ^^

    79. Adrian Martinez Dorsett

      The counting backwards I'd be great at... if the number's not seven. Stupid seven...

    80. Flying Burrito

      Ahhh the good old days when we were allowed to hang out with friends all in the same garage.

    81. SuicideBunny6

      15:10 The rules say you can only use the cubes and your body to assemble the tower, so would it also have been valid to make the sugar tower lean against your body?

    82. Bigman attitude

      Pickup the table

    83. Harry Betteridge

      With the sugar cube game to make the tallest tower with just your body and the sugar cubes all somebody had to was stand up and balance two cubes vertically on their head to win.

    84. buttieboy666

      This should be in school.

    85. Gummy Bear

      The quick way for the dominos would be build from the middle and build with two hands

    86. Propop pop

      To be fair I think saliva is not fair for example what if it cut off my arm and attached a bottle of glue

    87. अंशुमान अवस्थी

      Colinfurze was asked to do bad.

    88. Entitled

      Game is rigged in favor of the single player. Gonna try the counter ng backwards game with friends. Looks frustrating enough. Almost a real life Mario party game.

    89. Young_ Zombling_

      4:18 is that a nicotine patch on Tom’s arm?

    90. Radar of The Stars

      "472" "Wrong Number" "F**k you!" that was amazing lmao

    91. Michael Riley

      Wait, now i want to know who was the fastest of the people they eliminated!!

    92. Wanttofanta

      "Time starts when you touch a sugar cube." The only time you'll ever hear that phrase spoken in your life haha

    93. SPAM .03

      Such a cool game concept! Also I’d love to play all of these games this was a lot of fun to watch

    94. Hexamethylenediamine

      I wish tom got attacked

    95. Cat Chara

      i could easily do the sugar cube one

    96. Ritu Chandra

      2:52 "this might come in *handy* " was this pun intentional? XD

    97. Gamepocalypse Gaming

      Is it just me, or does this give off a taskmaster sort of vibe?

    98. Sandy Ross

      I hated seeing all of those pencils get swept off of the table by Tom, so much broken graphite!

    99. TheArmyKnifeNut

      Wait, I wanted to know how the other 4 did on the dominoes... I had my predictions too and now I'll never know if I was right!

    100. Cas G

      HAHAHA the chairs. I love how ghetto this is