Alex Ovechkin Cup Check On Trent Frederic


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    1. Jens95

      I'm not a guy so I wouldn't have a clue if Frederic embellished the cup check or not. I'll keep my opinion out of this one 🤣

      1. Migoz Chavez

        and I know, its his weak spot that makes him angry

      2. Migoz Chavez

        just to clear out, normally you dont cross check their arms but back or upper part of arm, unlike this guy

      3. Migoz Chavez

        @Kevin Ford Yes but imagine if you were in porn industry and someone would be cross checking your you know what. They know what they are doing, thus is a pussy move to go down like that. Ovi can do a lot of crap but I see this was justified.

      4. steclov

        Frederick Ovechkin - yes, I have iron balls! Ovechkin - let's check it out now )))

      5. The Impaler

        Pain can be measured. And a group of scientists did. A kick in the nuts hurts 10000 times worse than giving birth does :D

    2. VIP Limousine

      You mess with the bull, you get the tip of a hockey stick connecting flush to the balls. Cheap sly unseen crosscheck to unprotected for-arms. Karma bitch.

    3. Cint2 Shmelev

      Куда ты на "великого", сынок...

    4. Александр Егоров

      Самый подлый татарин в нхл

    5. Деревенский брадобрей

      Саня уже слишком мудр, чтобы тратить много сил на разборки;)

    6. ПРАВДА. ДА.

      Все правильно, Санек.

    7. Hailey Rigsby

      You mess with the bull you get the horns

    8. Brian Melvin

      I’m a Bruins fan and like Fredrick...but Don’t mess with the elder statesman of the NHL. Show him some respect!

    9. Елена Кривега


    10. Darkasknightfall

      Ovechkin: “if his balls die, they die!”

    11. J w

      Not sure that's what they mean by ball hockey.

    12. Ori Amir

      Honestly and to be fair...Fu%$ Frederic, he's a fresh nobody. cross checking the wrist of the only chance on earth right now to break Grtezki goal record. it should have been harder for him. like out few weeks.

    13. Равиль Махмутов

      А хули))), накокошники надо одевать)))

    14. Муслим Исмаилов

      Овечкин если они выйдут раз на раз на кулаках,Фредерику этому в реанимацию прямая дорога!)))

    15. Андрей Лебедев


    16. Александр Музов

      Operation resection of testicular veins by Ivanissevich.

    17. Афанасий Тык

      Frederica always looks like victim-pussy

    18. Алексей Ивашков

      Ovechkin is a cool Russian dude booom to balls and game over)))))))))))))))

    19. Brad st

      I imagine it's a lot like getting punched in an ice-cold nipple.

    20. Сергей Прядильников

      Молодец Саша!

    21. Евгений Федорченко


    22. Allen Martens

      This ovi guy to shit scared to fight old man should retire

    23. Mitch

      Ovis a bitch

    24. Sergei 123

      Frederic может вешать гульфик на стенку в рамочку, будет потом рассказывать, что ему сам OVI по яйцам заехал:)

    25. Lance Gelb

      I just kept laughing and laughing when he did the cup check lol

    26. Subitrash


    27. Anton Sedov


    28. drsch

      Cross checks the guy twice... "What did Fredrick do?" Really?

    29. steclov

      Frederick Ovechkin - yes, I have iron balls! Ovechkin - let's check it out now )))

    30. steclov

      Фредерик Овечкину - да у меня яйца железные! Овечкин - сейчас проверим )))

      1. Максим К

        Весь матч нарывался и от Ови и от Уилсона получить, вот и пожалуйста))

    31. B4warned

      I guess that’s what you get for starting shit. Ovi didn’t do anything in that short sequence to deserve those cross checks to the arms.

    32. Trixie Cat

      Okay I love Ovi but this was dirty. Frederic got up quick for a guy who just got racked but hockey players are a different breed of man. Frederic kept trying to fight Ovi the whole game. He needs to learn from Svechnikov what happens when you poke the bear. It ain’t pretty.

    33. kvtria

      Фледерик, сука, ну куда ты блять лезешь?

    34. M Alibozek

      He wouldn’t fight Frederic earlier then he cup checks him. That’s low.

      1. MotoMaximus

        Why would he fight someone who is still wet behind the ears? No need to have another young kid concussed. A cup check is a good way to let the kid know to back off.

    35. Сагит Аглюлин

      Доходяга куда дергается ? Как воробушек помохал крылушками и схолота от ястреба👍👍👍👍

    36. Scott Alan

      Ovechkin can dish it out but he can't take it he's a wuss he should be suspended for five games and heavily fined

    37. Иван Иванов

      Дешёвая хрень, типа макагрегра, это шоучлены

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    39. Дмитрий

      Интересно почему тавгай Бостона доебался именно до Ови?) Может быть, у него была такая спец задача в этом матче? Оригинальный ответ, Саня, хоть и осуждаю за удар по яйцам.

    40. 227

      он Саню до этого провоцировал,ну и нарвался.И главное упал и по сторонам смотрит,судью ищет чмошник

    41. Колхозный автоэлектрик

      I'll write one thing, it's just that Frederic watched how Ovi played with Svechnikov, and now he plays really cool. He decided to go the same way, but Ovi just gave him bells. Why am I writing, Freddy, as he was a mouse in hockey, will remain so)) )

    42. Jorge Masvidal

      That shit is unacceptable. Leave my balls and eyes alone.

    43. Mikhail Kuzichkin

      Tom Wilson isn't doing his job

    44. Joel Fell

      Scrappy doo over here... “lemme at em lemme at em!”

    45. Span Dex

      Frederic is just a pain in the ass, can't fight and Ovi just welcomed him to the big leagues.

      1. Mike Rodick

        He could fight fym. Also its a low blow

    46. Sébastien Hamel Bourdeau

      Hope players will get the message : dont crosscheck me for no reason,you will pay the price!

    47. Jim Mason

      Hhhhiiiiiggggghhhhhhh how are you!!!

    48. CriscoCornPop

      Ovi is such a pussy

    49. andrey egorov

      Вот где владение клюшкой на профи уровне

    50. DJ Ross

      Washington has 2 of the dirtiest players Wilson and Ovi.

    51. brandon26 000

      Crosby did this and you guys haven’t stopped crying about it to this day while simultaneously calling Crosby a crybaby. But Ovi does it and it’s funny lmfao.

      1. khure

        Well Crosby is a whiny little bitch so there is that.

    52. Mak Dak

      Ови по яйцам бьёт, чтобы Фредерик таких же как он сам не наплодил! А вообще там в паху у них намудник, так что серьёзной травмы не получит, но будет уроком!

    53. Ismo Sarkala

      Onko toi ovechkin homo?

    54. Серега к

      Саня бей всех!ты Русский!!!!

    55. M P

      Come on Frederic, stop being a little rat.. chasing big cheese.

    56. Евстигнеев Вячеслав

      Замечательно Алекс врезал, но надо было так ткнуть, чтобы этот мальчик понял: на надо злить русского медведя, без яиц останешься!!!

    57. Richard Case

      Ovechkin knows what to do to a no name player who tries to act like a smartalic.

      1. Richard Case

        @colehan Who said anything about tough??? I said he knew what to do!!! You need to take an elementary reading and comprehension class!

      2. colehan

        If you think spearing a man in the balls makes you tough then you must be the biggest pussy in here

    58. Nick Tesla

      Boston #11 cross checking Washington #8 putting a stop to it

    59. Толик Северны

      Доходчиво, а главное эффективно! Просите ! И вам дадут!!!

    60. Primal Park

      frederic deserved every bit of it

    61. The Water Warrior


    62. GT -R

      If I was that Trent guy I’d wait until the next game and do the exact same thing to Ovechkin. If they tried to give me a penalty for it I’d do the same thing to the refs. If my coach gave me shit for it I’d do it to the coach. I’m not exactly sure when it would end....

    63. Ricky Wright

      Anytime a Bruin goes down, I rejoice

    64. Michael Owens

      You mean Ovechkin the gutless coward.

    65. ramms mutter69

      Eh poke the bear enough times he's going to react. ROFL! This was actually pretty funny considering how Frederic has been looking for trouble.

    66. Сергей Смирнов

      Провокатор получил по яйцам.

    67. Михаил Морозов

      Вот ты Фредэрик, знать тебя ни кто не знает, как засветится и что б о тебе говорили, правильно надо закусится с ребятами мирового уровня, оп и о тебе говорят....

    68. Вася Васьков

      Красава Саша! Надо было еще раньше засадить этому птенцу провакатору 😅😅😅

    69. Ignignokt

      No, I don’t want to drop the gloves. I’ll tell ya what I do want to do though...

    70. Кот Матроскин

      Старый конь глубо не пашет, но борозды не портит... 🤣

      1. David Musterer

        Bolshe spasibo Ove

    71. Otx

      Hockey for weirdos🤦🏽‍♂️

    72. Борис Бритва

      Саня, не только по воротам может влупить)))

    73. Аскар Асанов

      Смертник Федерико

    74. Onyblitz

      When did Ovi become a rat?

    75. Володя

      Ржу уже два дня.Саня круто.

    76. Valerijs Kazakovs

      And hitting the bone above the elbow pad with a stick - it hurts and very much He himself asked for the whole game he ran into Here he ran into

    77. Кирилл Занин

      Another sucker, wants to get hype on Ovechkin. Frederic will end up badly.

    78. Darck Weider

      Подлец! Знает куда бить

    79. The Impaler

      Ovechkin = Worse rat than Marchand.

    80. Ермек Жумжуминов

      Тут многие говорят мол из под тишка, ну предупредили раз , нет понял парень , сколько можно было терпеть.

    81. Ian O'Malley

      Good. Frederic thinks he's so tough. I'm tired of this guy. Not because of his play but his whining after the fact. I appreciate his spirit though.

    82. Jory Meneer

      Ovis a bitch. Him not fighting and then doing this proves it.

    83. Jeff Reardon

      Ovechkin is a dirty hockey player who uses his stick to really hurt a player. I do not like his brand of hockey. That play is a perfect example of what he is willing to do. . That was a very dangerous move with his stick. The intent was clear. Screw him.

      1. Dave

        Just going to ignore the Bruin purposely cross checking right in a gap of padding ?

    84. iam stevenson

      He just got Gordied Howed!

    85. olevet75

      Ovi decided to check his cojones, that's what happened

    86. Brian Schermann

      Make sure to look around make sure the ref saw.

    87. Tano Rajala

      Frederic cross checked him and then ovi got mad and couldnt control where his stick was going he was just mad so he had to do something

    88. Jack Kadien

      In pro-wrestling terms, Ovechkin gave him a receipt.

    89. Bilbo Baggins


    90. Addictive_LiquoriCe

      if you're going to be annoying you'll get nuts cracked. He felt that the day after for sure :D

    91. William L

      I am not an Ovechkin fan andv3what he did was wrong but Frederic too got what he deserved just trying to make a name for himself. This sort if thing is why you need enforcer types in the NHL It is Ovi's job to score goals and Frederic can stop him by taking him to the box. An enforcer takes care of that.

    92. Jack Mitchell

      wes mccaley just announces "you cant do that"

    93. Rob Ducharme

      I'm old enough to remember when that wasn't a cross check, but a love tap. And I'm also old enough to remember that being at least 5 for spearing.

      1. Dave

        I remember when rookies would be put in the ground for being little assholes.

    94. brt 1759

      Ovie with the solution to being crosschecked by a punk.

    95. ervar

      и ни одного комента русского.зашквар овца

    96. ervar

      putin time works.its true russian

    97. Nik Nik

      Основной крюк зашел в очко.

    98. Jeremy.Ford Avon

      What did Frederic get? ... a lesson he won't forget. Don't do that to star players.

    99. LSDcrackers226

      I'm a Bruins fan and I'm not saying Frederic didn't deserve some kind of punishment for what he was trying to start with Ovi but seriously, who goes for a nut shot?

    100. DMG KEYON

      He deserved it😂