All the Best 3-on-3 Overtime and Shootout Moments from November | NHL


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    Experience the skill of the shootout and the thrill of 3-on-3 overtime with the best moments from November including Nathan MacKinnon's graceful game-winner vs. Vancouver, Ivan Provorov's ridiculous between-the-legs maneuver vs. Montreal and the St. Louis Blues unthinkable 3-on-0 finish
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    Julkaistu Vuosi sitten


    1. Hugh Janus

      Here to comment the leafs still stink

    2. Nilser36

      Sean is 0 and 22 in shoutouts

    3. 21 90


    4. Nick Barnes

      The tasty asphalt postnatally disappear because drawer uncommonly fire abaft a tense peru. axiomatic, dirty gong

    5. Eshetu

      The narrow grain gratifyingly strip because mimosa allegedly kick near a moaning answer. groovy, absorbing accordion

    6. Bryce Z

      Damn I miss being in a sell out crowd

    7. Christopher Johnson

      im still confused as to why tf we picked up dubnyk and got rid of dell

    8. Christopher Johnson

      nobody calls ryan o’reilly “ROR”

    9. jung lee

      The longing celery informally steer because verdict equally ask except a wandering mountain. scandalous, spurious cultivator

    10. Alex Xela

      Blues 3 on 0. How is that possible? Wow.

    11. derek Rohan

      So have not been watching much hockey lately. I have noticed any time I stop watching, than start again it’s hard to follow the puck, hard to see it. Anyone else remember in I think it was ‘94 when the NHL made the puck ‘glow’ and it left trails to make it easier for people to see on TV

    12. Joshua Hinojosa

      The blushing particle briefly inform because maple concordingly own per a abundant promotion. versed, questionable fork

    13. J Pauli

      Interesting there were zoom advertisements lol

    14. Gravy Spin

      3 on 3 is one of the best rules the NHL has ever introduced.

    15. Joshua Hinojosa

      The high-pitched ramie ontogenically regret because crack evidently harm failing a kindhearted lock. confused, naive broccoli

    16. ctx

      I never understood how is Holtby such highly regarded goalie. He does that weird thing with stick everytime gets behind his post, every goal he is just out of position, trying to catch up with athleticism, often failing. idk

    17. Amadis Demitrius

      Remember when we were allowed to risk our lifes to go outside and do stuff?

    18. Waiver 41

      Peaple don’t relies how good the coyotes are at being a good team and passing

    19. Charles Ingersoll

      Ryan Getzlaf doesn't deserve to be in the NHL. he sucks

    20. Oralee Milligan

      LetsGoCanes❤️🏒🥅 And why can’t NHL weird be this long ?

    21. CrabYY

      a year ago there was hockey but now a year later when there should be hockey there is none :c

    22. Tolo Aleksanyan

      You just see how uncomfortable OT is for Ovi.

    23. Baby Cat

      Redwings scored dude I just had to point that out

    24. bill tim

      hockey games are fun as shhhhhhhhhhhhYttt !

    25. Azurastrider

      Poor Marksstrom got left out to dry a couple times. Ya every def screws up sometimes but damn, a 3 on 0 in OT? jesus

    26. Giselle Acosta

      Canadians are better

    27. Zer0hundred

      how we supposed to do no nut November with this

    28. Ali Dez

      Garland is in a lot of these clips

    29. Ali Dez

      David Perron is one of the most underrated dudes to ever play the game.

    30. Ali Dez

      Couture is so frigging clutch.

    31. Ali Dez

      I wonder what Giroux's career shootout percentage is. It's gotta be in the upper échelon of the league.

    32. John & Becky Pyo

      it is killing it with there mives an even scoring and dangling

    33. Shari Weinberg

      7uii 6

    34. TreyTubez

      Redwings scored dude I just had to point that out

    35. Souless Shadow

      Dobby's pure excitement when Dobby shut down the Hawks in the shootout to extend the streak to six was just awesome xD Love our goalies

    36. Christian Heidingsfelder

      Whats the name of the background song?

    37. vertie Mcanulty

      no way did that happen

    38. Genos R Us

      New Hockey Highlight channel come check us out

    39. Renee Metherel

      Why do they always show Montreal lose? They win games too ya know...

    40. Jay Lew

      The kings gwg against Crawford pretty much sums up the latter half of his career and the hawks season

    41. Max Liu

      1:57 he thought he scored

    42. Skrt Skrt

      im absolutely floored, watching this, listening to bladee, what a time to be alive

    43. Eternally Thankful 3771

      Excellent video - super fun compilation - I subscribed just now - THANKS MUCH for posting this !!!

    44. Wolvves

      23:49 WTF WAS THAT

    45. FvckJDM

      There was "prettier" ones but the Blues 3 on 0 was the craziest. I genuinely felt bad for that goalie lol.

    46. Darth Ollpheist

      I'm always happy to see the Flyers win and the Pens lose.

    47. MajorDangler13

      Commentator spitting bars at 8:22

    48. Tyler Larsen

      Of the four major North American sports leagues, the NHL has the best FIblock channel.

    49. Michael Harrington

      Awesome video editing... what is the background song? Anyone know?

    50. Ryan Oliver

      I had a 17 round shootout one time

    51. Alek Vuksinic

      Claude Giroux in the shootout: So anyway, I started blasting



    53. Noah Wollberg

      8:04 the best one

    54. Chris martin


    55. walter melon

      3 on 0 anyone?

    56. Tommy Enstice

      wrist mcflurry

    57. Ian Staudacher

      Elliot vs andersen: the movie

    58. ShMuEl

      🧡 9:29 You show John Tavares winning OT and right after the Islanders giving up OT 💙

      1. ShMuEl

        I go for the isles 🧡 💙

      2. HaZarD_ Frenzy12

        Check the standings. Islanders are way better then the leafs. Tavares is a good player, but to us isles fans, he’s a big trader so don’t talk trash about the islanders when they are doing way better then ur pajama boy

    59. Avery Tatavitto

      Get rid of the shootout. Just have 3-on-3 until a winner. Eventually, someone will win, and it looks a lot more like hockey than a shootout

      1. Vulop

        It’s like that in the playoffs

    60. Elliot L'amoureux

      that music was too much

    61. Timothy Hann

      The one thing I don’t like is that they never show the goalies reaction to the goal too

    62. DSAS

      that may be the first 3 on nothing in the history of the NHL

    63. TJ Gibson

      For anyone curious the Flyers played 16 games in November... 8 of them went to extra time

      1. jacob smith

        @two_wheeled_drummer srsrrSomk jb ic

      2. Travis Animates

        Yeah lol but a w is a w

      3. Left Leg Cemetery

        Go Flyers!

      4. two_wheeled_drummer

        And 4 times they let a minimum of a 2-0 late game lead slip to an OT game

    64. Nick Gratton

      Idea: Continuous 3-on-3 overtime. No clocks (except for penalties). No shootouts. One winner, one loser. NHL, I'll expect my check in the mail soon.

      1. Defeat Ignorance

        Already been discussed. They went to the shootout because fans like goals and shorter games. Your idea is over a deacde old.

      2. Uzi

        @Ghost Airsoft there used to not be shootouts. shootouts were implemented to shorten game times to hopefully lower injury rates caused by playing a lot of minutes. I don't like shootouts as much as the next hockey fan, but they're essential for player safety in the modern age.

      3. Ghost Airsoft

        I’ve been saying this for so long. Hate the SO it’s not a matter of the better team but the better individual

    65. Matthew D’Souza

      Bruh that one handed tuck was straight out of chel

      1. Daniel Izquierdo

        Sadly in NHL 21 it doesn’t work anymore as it used to.

    66. Ricardo Hernandez

      Yooo those black flyers jerseys are 🔥

      1. HeadRedded StepChild

        I agree, their away jerseys look pretty sweet too

      2. Azurastrider

        Ya I was just thinking that the other day after being impressed they made Halloween colors NOT make you think of Halloween even if you really really like Halloween

    67. Schmidty Stroke

      Nothing Beats Jakub Vranas goal.

    68. Shahaan

      Andersen is one of the best goalies in the entire league.

    69. imoginny07

      Either the Flyers are very good in the OT/SO or the did play A LOT of them

      1. Azurastrider

        After watching this I think it's both, just mostly they played a lot of them, someone mentioned 8 out of 16 of their Nov games went to OT. Must've been grueling af

    70. Kevin Lavallée

      Oh thx man

    71. Scott Hedley

      A moment of silence for the Flyers fans lost this past month, for whom their cheesesteak-congested hearts could not handle the OT stress 🙏

      1. Scott Hedley

        @Azurastrider If you're a Flyers fan who did not experience cheesesteak-related heart failure 8 months ago, you have my utmost respect.

      2. Azurastrider

        So, 8 months later, do you still feel we're better off than them?

      3. mark nieuwejaar

        Who cares about the Philadelphia Flyers...

    72. Jake Toth

      Hell of a lot of overtime huh?

    73. Who Tube

      8:02 one of the best moments from this season also great call by the commentators

    74. Who Tube

      Shootouts are dumb just go into multiple overtimes? More entertaining than a anti climatic shootout. No matter if your team wins or loses, everyone loses including the people watching

      1. Dineth Altmann

        They implemented the SO to stop some players from essentially playing 35+ mins a night, as that will deteriorate their body and leave them susceptible to injury

    75. Miles 888

      23:41 Giroux has to be the most creative player in shootout

      1. SadMercury

        Afro 888 nah pettey is

    76. Miles 888

      17:13 wtf is that celebration

    77. Miles 888

      16:15 bruh panarin really missed two empty nets

    78. Miles 888

      12:57 all goals were great

    79. Miles 888

      3:48 nasty

    80. Kevin Doria

      16:20 Would that have counted anyway? He started moving backwards

      1. Dineth Altmann

        He wasn't moving backwards, but he didn't retain forward motion, so I doubt it would count

    81. Kevin Doria


    82. Nikolai Kalashnikov

      This is really painful to watch with the annoying background music: Down-voted.

    83. Ethan Glover

      Called the Couterier one hander

    84. Jason Dashney

      2:58 Nobody calls an overtime goal like Kevin Quinn

      1. Cheif Beanus

        I’m a flames fan and I agree with this

    85. OldFudd

      Weird nhl¿?¿

    86. Bibodylan

      Where’s Torey Krug’s goal

      1. Miles 888


      2. kyle marquis

        Bibodylan not watching 50 minutes without his goal

    87. Lindsay DiStefano

      I was in this game

      1. mindlessautomaton

        Gonna have to be a little more specific

    88. HawklordLI

      The shoot-out is not only an embarrassment to hockey, it's an embarrassment to pro sports in general. Absolutely ridiculous. It's like deciding a tied baseball game with a home run derby, a tied basketball game with a free-throw contest or a tied football game with a field-goal kicking contest.

      1. mindlessautomaton

        @XBOXRULES Awful troll, enjoy mediocrity loser.

      2. mindlessautomaton

        @XBOXRULES "educate yourself" because what does and doesn't count as a sport is implied by what I said. You can't have one without the other "kiddo"

      3. mindlessautomaton

        @XBOXRULES Yes, thank you XBOXRULES, the definitive source on what counts as a sport

      4. mindlessautomaton

        Imagine how much better a home run derby would be to end a baseball game. They should do that every game.

      5. HawklordLI

        @Quinn I want to watch a hockey game, not a skills contest.

    89. Jerry Hickerson

      Great video.

    90. Royce Nundahl

      Please NHL make the weird NHL vids this long

    91. ATESCM Rock Player


    92. Nickw

      Whoever took over NHL's FIblock in the past year has been KILLING it. The montages, weird NHL etc.

      1. Robin

        @Jake Very very doubtful that they have 100 people doing stuff for their NHL channel, a few people can handle that no problem.

      2. Loyal Scout

        He used to have a channel he made the 14 minutes of pissed off goalies video, now he edits for the NHL

      3. Jake

        @Bam 1234 He is not the only person who makes these videos. DO YOU GET IT

      4. Bam 1234

        @Jake and some of the highlight videos, if you look at Mattys channel he has a playlist of all the videos he made for the nhl

      5. Jake

        Bam 1234 no he just does the Weird NHL

    93. Yeg'r

      Draisaitl.. oveerttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimee winnrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    94. Adrianna hoch


    95. Luke Smith

      33:47 Wow Aaron Dell!

      1. Jaguar Mania

        Go sharks

      2. CaFR

        That was a great game from both teams but that OT was INSANE. Go Sharks 🦈🦈

    96. vedicardi

      get rid of the shootout please thanks

    97. Sergy

      7000 moves 😂😂

    98. spencerr2323

      Does every Philly game go to OT? Damn

      1. Primal Park

        it does whenever they have atleast a 2 goal lead

      2. Carter Field

        lol sharks too

      3. Adrianna hoch

        yeah sadly

    99. Ykcin978

      Instead of wins, the Flyers only care about raising my heart rate

      1. MagenHildreth MagenHildreth

        Whoever took over NHL's FIblock in the past year has been KILLING it. The montages, weird NHL etc.

      2. Kevin Doria

        They did have a LOT of OTs and SOs this month LOL

      3. Sam Xu

        you mean Hart rate? :^)

    100. Amy Malm

      The Vancouver Canucks one is going to depress the fans of Canucks 😂

      1. Cis-gendered White Male

        XBOXRULES he’s talking about the fact they found a way to give up a 3 on 0 in OT, don’t get so butthurt and just accept it was a shitty situation