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    INSANE 50 x 84+ RARE PLAYER PICK PACKS!! - FIFA 21 Ultimate Team


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    Julkaistu Uukausi sitten


    1. kaim15

      can those cards get upgraded?

    2. GMG SE1 SE15 GANG

      All ucl for a sbc 😩 with icon swaps out

    3. Illyrian Blood

      I opened 2 7.5k packs and got 2 87 rated ( Silva , Laporte ) give normal packs a chance its worth the time

    4. krishna karthik

      Tierney is too expensive

    5. Kaelon D

      I got Eden Hazard in my Triple 87 upgrade pack. Big W

    6. FC Barcelona G

      Busquets, kroos, Neuer wtf 🤬

    7. Jack Adkins

      It hurt my soul to see Nep put in Brazilian UCLs into the sbc

    8. Joe Stewart

      Which selection is winning the TEAM objective ?

    9. Matthew van Zyl

      I got Hazard and Martinez out my 87+ 🤝

    10. DANK

      I just want to Switzerland Nation Players: Embolo, Akanji and Shaqiri

      1. ItsJamieDodgr

        Shaqiri's winter refresh last year was class so if he gets a nation sbc thats like 92-93 rated i will have to do him

    11. D J

      Whilst the Scottish sbc is a majority w it does come with a slight overpricing comparing to the Sweden sbc last week. Personally I feel EA could have done a group SBC for each of the groups for euros and copa America for nations that could use more players within, and the popular nations like England France Germany Spain Belgium ensure they're positions that are very few or a league that is a bit out there but just monster boosted. I'd have rather a fof boyata or denayer over batshuayi heavily due to the sheer amounts of Belgium special cards never touching the defenders

    12. MadridistaJP

      Hey anyone know the best time to buy these PTG players?? Some of them are at their lowest but idk if they’ll keep dropping or go up after getting their upgrades.. any advice?? I’m looking at Hazard and Militao, thanks.

      1. D J

        Now is the best time, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually cards cheapest. All prices will go up after Friday just from less supply, hazard best sooner rather than later as he hasn't yet been upgraded but is guaranteed to either Thursday or Friday

    13. Dylan Ambrose

      I got prime puyol from my 45k pack and chilwell from my 100k pack, big dub

    14. angryquim

      How did they not do a Billy Gilmour?

    15. Jackasa 09

      Does anyone think people will actually change their team for the bonus picks?

    16. Small Guy

      just got fof pogba and fof chilwell in my preview 100k then sold one player and got 1.45million coins

    17. sxm

      Why does tierney cost a house he has 86 defending in june

    18. megan abblett

      i did forsburg nations player and he is insane

    19. Mi1eHigh

      So is it just me, whenever a game ends on fifa any game mode and result i get booted off ultimate team, anyone know anything at all about this

      1. surendran9311

        Yes it happens a lot to people that quit or get lots of quits from doing icon swaps. It has happened to me the last two icon swaps. Do not play the game for at least a few hours, it usually helps. What i did this time around is after each set of icon swaps, say i do the PL, i play a full game of squad battles. So this time it didnt happen to me. Its a mechanic in fifa this year to stop bots getting coins from game play.

      2. D J

        What message does it show when it does this? Is it always the same message too?

    20. Ben Hunton

      Got 95 hazard from 87+

    21. J T

      Got excited when I saw Tierney because I’ve got PIM Dalglish, then I saw the rating

      1. ItsJamieDodgr

        J T just look at who you currently use at LB and ask yourself, "can he boogie?"

      2. J T

        @ItsJamieDodgr yeah I’m considering that too

      3. ItsJamieDodgr

        got PIM Kenny in a swaps pick earlier and then did Tierney cos I had the fodder

    22. Soccer Legend

      i got prime moments eto’o from the 100k pack BIG DUB

    23. Liquidnov a

      Links perfectly to my pim Dalglish

    24. Ryan Knight

      I got 3 87s in the 87 and 4 85s in the 85 player pick

    25. rdad 123

      thank god dykes wasnt one of the players in that sbc cause after that game id be discarding him lmao

    26. Finn Strachan

      I'm Scottish this was probably the quickest set of sbcs iver ever done

      1. waitt_68 Live

        @Bawa 1411 nice bro

      2. Bawa 1411


    27. Reegclippedyou

      On the 87+ three players I got João Felix path the glory and rebic path the glory and Bernardo Silva

    28. 10whatabeast

      Nep, he’s also rated higher than the pair of them 😂!

    29. Kyle Clarke

      Lmao I got Sanchez and Joao Felix both in my 87+ I couldn’t believe it

    30. Globlogabgalab

      I got prime best from 25k preview pack made 650k profit the preview pack is an amazing feature

    31. Taktic121

      I got that chidwel and also Davis tempted doing that lb

    32. Cormac Fennessy

      Huge dub for me I’m Irish love Celtic and support Newcastle what more could you want 😂

      1. ItsJamieDodgr

        to play in Euro 2020

    33. kevin knowles

      I wouldn't minded a Scottish cha Adams fifa

    34. Chris Eades

      Or get chillwell for 70k lol

    35. King Cantona

      Chilwell is literally 80k on Xbox. He's arguably better (if you prefer more agile full back he isn't) and he's way cheaper.

      1. Óran Chapman

        And he’s a live card

    36. Gašper Cigoj

      My first team full of French players 🙌🏻

    37. CLUZUM

      I got chilwell and Eder militão huge WWW

    38. GUCCI EMO

      I did the 87 pack and I got 2 ptg, Martinez and eder.miltao

    39. Dani Martinez

      I got 3 back to back walkouts in 100 k packs, and one of them was Griezmann with Kun Aguero, and in all i had profit, the last one was an 84 rated to the preview stopped🤣

    40. jacco de jonge

      i packed sanchez fof and lewa and mbappe in 87+ pack, finaly something ;) such a shame they did not do the dutch nation players , only one :(

    41. Gil Brusseel

      I got Pogba in my 3x 87+ players 🤟

    42. Ewan Waddell

      I gott chiellini silva and PTG Rebic

    43. leon sweets

      anything got to do with arsenal nep bumsucks either they useball or they expensive but still do it😂

    44. Exiledpuppet 22

      I got green Alexis sanches, green rebic and alisson in my 87+ x3 so I am very happy now tho

    45. Mutix

      My 87+ l got FoF Morata Neymar and Ter Stegen

    46. Konohamaru Gaming

      I got ben chillwell ptg and mbappe and lewandowski in 87 triple upgrade

    47. Simen Pedersen

      It is only 15 wins, which is nice and easy :O I haven't played WL on Fifa 21, but my biggest win from previous years was 14 wins (Think I have only played 10-15 WL since it was introduced a few years back)

    48. Jake Moore

      I done the 87 x 3 and got fof hazard, neymar and van dijk. Big W.

    49. Jonathan Kolk

      Got Pogba Lets gooooooo

    50. Ian Wilks

      15 wins nice and easy... 🙃

    51. 1989stoneroses

      in the video it’s not awful, in the title it’s amazing 😂

    52. Promisito - I'll take you on a journey

      Honestly, that stipulation is redundant given that more than half of the teams I come up against in WL are literally half french; Mbappe, Varane, Mendy, Kante, sometimes Ben Yedder. Any other nation bar French would have been a welcome gust of fresh air

    53. ツZinner

      Hopefully ea can also do these sbcs for Copa oro. (North American/Central America/Asia) tournament that happens in July.

    54. Kb gaming

      Did the 87 pack and got 3 gold GKs ffs Oblak , Alisson and ederson

    55. Joelclips

      i’m tone of the biggest arsenal fans but can’t do tierney because HE IS SO EXPENSIVE AND OVERPRICED

    56. aiden garvie

      done 87x3 got terstegan allison and suarez

    57. robb stark

      Anyone knows what keys does he use to open new tabs to see Fraiser, Tierney and McGregor? He always does the same and i don't know what it is lol

      1. robb stark

        @Will Marshall thank you bro!

      2. Will Marshall

        Holds down command and clicks on the card

    58. Ethan Bryant

      Got chillwell in my 87 upgrade

    59. Chancellor Palpatine

      I don’t want hear shit nep u got Maradona yesterday and most people got L in that pack

    60. Hamza Sheikh Year 11

      The weekend league plus is a positive as it gives u an incentive to use players u would not use normally fair play EA

    61. Malachi Fusciardi

      I got Modrić, Busquets and Son in my 87+ pack. Smh

    62. J R

      chilwell fof says hello?

    63. sam 15

      Well I mean tierney is 250k and FOF chilwell is like 80k Need I say more And chilwell is upgradable

    64. Daniel Cooper

      220k for Tierney, 90k for Chilwell with better links and being dynamic. Sorry Nep, that is an atrocious price for Tierney

      1. Daniel Cooper

        @INVU Weirdly aggressive comment. Just said it's over priced

      2. INVU

        Well go use your fucking chillwell then... I want Tierney. COYG!

    65. Olaf Thedetlef

      Still waiting for Zlatan..

    66. Jonathan Fagan

      So EA inevitably make WL sweaty as fuck. With varane mendy mbappes ect....

    67. Wael Ahmed

      Yo know it's a good sbc when he says "OOOooo its alright"

    68. TopOfTheSlots

      I got Martinez, klosterman and oblak buzzing with that Dub

    69. Jayden Chatty

      Tierny is fucking overpriced

    70. Coco21

      Win with french players on WL: Mbappe go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

    71. Lucas McCafferty

      Scotland forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Sam needham

      Really want the tierney card, doing Henry atm and just got Sanchez in 87x3

      1. Clarence

        @Rob Mays Bruh just don't speak

      2. Sam needham

        @Rob Mays yeah you can🤦‍♂️😂

    73. Ahmad Luqman

      Got hazard and Morata out of the triple 87 pack

    74. steven mcguigan

      having said that, i'm scottish and just reached the scottish nation players bit of the video ..... wahey, about time.... not overwhelmed with the players they've picked, no billy gilmour (saving him for something more expensive ea?) or 2 or 3 others that spring to mind but hey, how can i complain, at least there is a scottish one...woohoo :-)

      1. ItsJamieDodgr

        Billy might get a silver stars for a TOTGS or something idk there will be a reason they gave it to McGregor

    75. 222120222120

      who would like to have untradeable Tierney for aprox 220-230k when you can have tradeable Chilwell, tradeable Robertson and tradeable Shaw for aprox 270k what an overpriced card xD

      1. ItsJamieDodgr

        Scottish people who have fodder n no coins thats who

    76. vSamuel9

      packed prime king cantona from preview 50k pack lmao too bad im trade banned

    77. Sammy Del24

      I got Sanchez in the 85 plus pp

    78. SPG 1019

      Ah yes, the guaranteed goalkeeper 87+

    79. steven mcguigan

      can't agree that having to play WL with a french starting eleven is good...i struggle to get the wins with my best team which about 1/3 french, how the hell am i going to win any ? they should not put put objectives into the WL ( or rivals for that matter, my rating just gets crushed when i do any stupid fecking objectives)

      1. D J

        You'll find 90% of people will also be using disadvantaged teams as well tho. On the other hand if you play normally against worse full french teams you may go up a placement (Go to G1)

      2. Daniel Cooper

        Most other players will also be using a worse team too

    80. Jake Driver

      No Mcsauce no party.

    81. Curly745

      I’m half tempted to just play my main squad for wl just to get more wins over the casuals that are gonna field a gold French team

      1. Clarence

        @Reload TV still using mendy and Varane in June ?

      2. Reload TV

        You don't want to face me then all I've had to do is change my goalkeeper

    82. Reload TV

      My team is already 9 French players

    83. Pucman Plays

      I got Ter Stegan, Rebic and Chilwell

    84. ben atrill

      Nepenthez the card can be upgraded in World Cup qualifiers

      1. Dave Walker

        The Scottish player's ent getting upgraded

      2. ben atrill

        Cause they aren’t all just euro cards

      3. Paddy A

        Are you clapped

      4. Jonathan Sparks

        The nation players? How?

    85. TheBodyferr

      I got fof e.hazard. The first good card i got on this promo. Can t ask for more

      1. Gil Brusseel

        I got Pogba 🤟

      2. Daniel Cooper

        Same mate gg

    86. Paul McP

      :-( wanted Wales today

    87. Ruben

      Both 85+ picks I got 4 85 rated cards. Did the 87 tripple thing and got 87 griezman, 87 laporte and 87 fabinho. Really fucking over this shit game

    88. DONMARK

      Got felix in the preview packs ..sell or keep?

      1. Reload TV

        @DONMARK good luck to us both

      2. DONMARK

        @Reload TV okay .. I'll keep him for a while and see . Portugal's group tough !

      3. Reload TV

        Gamble I bought him for the gamble

    89. Karl Laoun

      i got 3 87s from the 87+ x3

      1. Paul McP

        Me too...

    90. C Bizzle

      "It's only 15 wins which is nice and easy"! I'd need to play at least 28 games! 🙄😢

      1. C Bizzle

        Oh and out of 87+ pack I got 3 87's. Fabinho, Bernardo silva and CL modric. Atrocious luck

    91. Robbie Mcclymont

      I support Arsenal and I’m Scottish my ultimate team is called dalgleish to glory this sbc is what I’ve been waiting for

      1. Ray Mysterio

        Rat to glory

      2. Nathan Kilburn

        @Hayden Bailey imagine being from Brecon

      3. Hayden Bailey

        Who asked?

      4. yayo4nasal

        @Nathan Kilburn chill with the cap… lmao hes our height hes only 5’9 then again so is king ngolo 👨🏿‍🦲

      5. Nathan Kilburn

        @yayo4nasal aye he is basically a gullit

    92. Blunt Katana

      Gotta love that Arsenal bias

    93. HAMZA FN

      i think robertson was better than tierney so i think robertson deserved a card but tierney is to a nice card tho

    94. V10Vernon

      Yes Nep, hope your well mate

    95. superaids33

      Just did my 87+ triple and got Allison, Ederson and Navas thanks EA

      1. Ahmad Luqman

        Got fof hazard with Morata and hadnovic

      2. PermaVirgin

        Got Harry Kane, Trent and Laporte. Would’ve been happy with a Neymar or someone

      3. Taktic121

        Ffs 😃

      4. Ewan Waddell

        Never complain about a cheeky little Keylor Navas

      5. Charlie Moore

        I got courtois navas and sczezny 😂😂

    96. Legend

      The next one is gonna be Denmark players

    97. Alex Byrne

      Can we just get one mcginn card ffs EA

    98. Net Burner

      I was expecting nep to flip out with the squad requirements for the Scotland trio. I think all 3 are far behind the power curve and cost far too much.

      1. Matip El Matip

        also, Scottish is not the best linkage

      2. daniel

        I’m Scottish and Idc if they’re under the power curve

      3. ItsJamieDodgr

        McGregor is a good price imo

      4. Musa Khan

        @Igor Jelinčić oh ok

      5. Igor Jelinčić

        @Musa Khan nepenthez chief xD

    99. DJ19

      Gold Messi, Ramos, Silva from the 87+. First time packing Messi ever, been playing since 13

      1. DJ19

        @Messi yeah pretty cheap, but my first ever first owner Messi, definitely keeping him. So I’m actually quite pleased

      2. Messi

        His price is 100k unfortunately);

    100. mh a

      That 87 gave me eden hazard