Apple Juice - Tom Scott (Full Album)

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    Album Run 003

    En esta ocasión traemos al maestro Tom Scott a escena con Apple Juice, álbum grabado en 1981 con algunos temas de Scott ejecutados en vivo.

    Lista de Reproducción:

    00:00 Apple Juice
    05:13 Gonna Do Iy Right
    09:29 We Belong Together
    16:02 So White And So Funky
    20:19 Gettin' Up
    27:31 In My Dreams
    33:43 Instant Relief

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    1. Magnus Bs' Druminspiration Channel - New dec 2020

      Absolutely fantastic album!! 🎵❤️

    2. Jesper Højland

      I keep wondering why this marvelous album never made it on either Spotify og Apple Music - a pity, as a lot of aspiring musicians probably will never know of it. And it is bloody excellent!

    3. 머스트

      great album!!

    4. Antonios Antoniou

      Bought this album in early eighties browsing in the old giant record stores of London (bring them back) Came across Tom Scott after noticing Eric Gale and Steve Gadd and loved it since

    5. Barbara Lynch

      Yup! I was there at the Bottom Line NYC. It was awesome!!!!

    6. Bjørn Winnæss

      Funny to hear Marcus playing so softly, and not just beating his strings, like the slap he went into later. There's a story when Marcus met Jaco. They really did. Anyways; Jaco invited Marcus to his hotel-room in NY. Marcus was a kid, like 16 - 18 and knew his bass, but was still looking for bass-stuff in the record-store. So; Marcus brought his bass to Jacos`s hotel-room, and of course was anxious about the whole thing, until Jaco asked him to play something. At that point Marcus had already developed his slap-technique, and exactly did that. What was Jaco`s reaction ? Jaco just said: I can play like that, but I don't.

    7. Janice Taylor

      Jamming Tom and LA bringing the juice and juicy!!💯🎼😷🤗!!

    8. David Richardson

      Original smooth jazz.

      1. Joseph Wright

        I think Tom Scott morphed into smooth ja unfortunately, but funk ja has bit more grit and bounce than smooth ja.

    9. Tom Thunell

      I agree its almost Stuff. I saw them in NY 1984 and loved them.

    10. Tom Thunell

      En av funkens genom tiderna bästa platta. Njutbar

      1. Bjørn Winnæss

        Jeg var der den kvelden, og fikk en prat med Tom etter konserten :)

    11. Bjørn Winnæss

      I was there. My first visit to NY /USA from Norway. Was invited to a concert by my brother in law who didn't like jazz, so I expected nothing. What a surprise when the band took the stage. I even talked to Tom Scott afterwards. An unforgettable night :)

      1. Bjørn Winnæss

        @H.c. De Wid I forgot to mention that after the concert, we met Tiny Tim, who attended the concert in the audience. We had a chat, and he sang for us at the sidewalk in NY. I didn't know who Tiny Tim was at that time, but I know now :)

      2. Bjørn Winnæss

        @H.c. De Wid Dr John was amazing my friend, and so were all the musicians. At that time I didn't know about either Steve Gadd or Marcus Miller. But God; what an impact those two did to jazz, and were about to do at that time. I was lucky indeed to experience that night, and I think it change my mind about music. I used to be an accordion player, classical music. After the night I opened my mind to jazz, and finally I ended up with Joe Zawinul and Jaco Pastorius.

      3. Bjørn Winnæss

        @Rob Bitti It sure was. Something you will remember until the end :)

      4. Rob Bitti

        What a night that must have been !

      5. H.c. De Wid


    12. Philip Stringer

      Priceless to me I taped it wore vinyl and tape out.11 and my drum teacher had a great attempt at the drum solo written down for me to study. Steve's inimitable thank you for uploading.

    13. what_mean

      oh yeh!!

    14. tory Big

      Tom Scott 이 앨범을 듣고 섹소폰 소리의 매력을 알게 되었습니다.

    15. More Music


    16. Diego Meza

      Love you Steve Gadd

      1. 菊田修一

        Me, too!

      2. Andy Jackson

        As I read on another thread, "Oh My Gadd!"

    17. mobiusII

      Thank you is all I can say...

    18. J_A_

      Is that Marcus on bass?

      1. 菊田修一


      2. Renato Marcianò

        yes! :)

    19. servicarrider


    20. More Music

      Oh hell yes!

    21. Mark Sacher

      This is absolutely his best!

    22. Christian Bonett

      Hey whaddya expect... it's almost Stuff with Tom Scott...

      1. weh3weh3

        Yes...the all-star rhythm section...

    23. Michael Dean

      Lost this classic vinyl in a Hurricane. Love the Tom Cat'! Thank you (and the 'L.A. Express') for everything !!!

    24. More Music

      Correction. Recorded live in New York's Bottom Line Club 1981

      1. Bjørn Winnæss

        I was there ;)

    25. Bill Moody

      One of his best albums. Though there were so many good ones: Intimate Strangers; Tom Cat; New York Connection, and; Tom Scott & the L.A. Express. Just to name a few.

      1. Joseph Wright

        Bluestreak was my first introduction to Tom Scott and it is a bit of a throwback to his funky days.

      2. Lorenz Müller

        Bill Moody where can these live tracks found as studio versions?

    26. Fabio Enne

      I loved so much this album!

    27. Emilio Leroy

      - New York, The Bottom Line, January 15,16 & 17, 1981.- Tom Scott (ts, ss, lyricon), Eric Gale (g), Hugh McCracken (g), Richard Tee (kbds), Marcus Miller (b), Steve Gadd (dm), Ralph McDonald (perc), Dr. John (p & voc).

      1. Drums Thiago

        Steve Gadd my hero!!! Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Carlos Vega in my heart !!! Thiago from Brazil !!!

      2. duffy

        @baldy555 Well, two of the four are still with us

      3. baldy555

        @duffy Lucky you!! Wish I was there too....

      4. baldy555

        I really miss this combination of people: Richard's Fender Rhodes, Eric's smooth guitar sounds, Steve's perfect timing, and last but not least, Marcus' funk bass. Tom, you truly created a legend in this album. Thank you.

      5. duffy

        I was there on the 17th. They played a very long time that night.

    28. ConservativeAnthem

      Exceptional live album...great songwriting and tight but joyous playing.

    29. GEO Kag

      Thanks a lot! I'm a great fan of Tom Scott and this is my favorite album! I'm happy because there wasn't any full album in youtube and now there is this one!

      1. Bjørn Winnæss

        I was there while recording. Also had a chance to talk to Tom after the concert. One of my best night in NY, evnet though I'm form Norway :)

      2. Patrick T

        My favorite sax player ever.