Back for Season 3! | Weird NHL Vol. 32


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    Marc-Andre Fleury doing Marc-Andre Fleury things, skate blade bloopers, unlucky bounces and mustard packets make for a fantastic season debut of Weird NHL!
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    1. hung calvin

      The robust address proximately nest because donkey consecutively boast opposite a successful decrease. known, short hyena

    2. Mark Smith

      Nice body check by Jake Muzzin!

    3. Hi:)

      If it opens with Flower, you know it's worth a watch

    4. UnEaRtH856

      Fun Fact: 2021 - Sabourin and Matthews are teammates 😂

    5. Bruce Liptak

      Legend has it Blake wheeler is still spinning to this day

    6. Dizzy Robbins

      When I played football our trainers always kept mustard packets and it actually really helps with muscle cramping from dehydration

    7. Ryan Collins

      Ilya Mikheyev

    8. 1whyfren

      I just need to tell you there was a spelling error In a notification on the brendon saad to the avs. It said “form” not “from”

    9. Liuliwuyu G

      What's that with Tyler Seguin? Is that a jab at Jamie AGAIN?

    10. Nerd Cwazy

      400th lol

    11. SamZcko

      13:08 Sooooooonk

    12. Patrik Tobola

      Love these... sincerely, a Devils fan... not sarcastic... at all....

    13. Len 121029

      We never knew, that this season would be cancled

    14. Bryce Stewart

      1:09 but a caps player gets a penalty

    15. Cameron Durham

      Then Matthews snipes to win

    16. get Smarty

      7:15 6 times

    17. IsPriestess

      11:35 That was a brilliant plug by the announcer lol

    18. Isaac Davis

      Connor McDavid Shouldn’t of counted it was a delayed penalty and he touched the defenseman

    19. Army Giles

      I love when the Leafs and Ottawa fight (the first thing with Matthews) just goes and shows that even the Canadian teams who literally have their home city's four hours away from each other can argue too

    20. Justin LeM

      All the bonuses are on good goaltenders

    21. Montreal Canadiens Team

      1:00 😂😂👌

    22. David Finer

      As a Devils fan, it is upsetting that everytime the Devils are featured in these videos it is always them embarrassing themselves

    23. white Boy darryl


    24. Mattias Rosberg

      when are goalis gonna learn to stay in the goal

    25. PanJan

      How do you not come out of the net at 10:46 to intercept that puck

    26. GROGNAK

      The way Kernkraft 4000 breaks up is absolute anarchy.

    27. John Schauder

      I love how the guy at 5:06 still manages to put his stick up and give a weak celly on his way to the bench after scoring a goal off his face😂

    28. Dheeraj Singh

      Hey, I've been profiting like crazy off sportsmodelanalytics dot com and their forecast models. Seriously the best $24 I ever spent

    29. Sepulchral Miasma

      11:18 a tip of the hat to Orr!

    30. Ben R

      @13:41 A Benn smile?!?

    31. Jetsgoalie 25

      "It was a mistake by Andersen " more like Andersen is a mistake

    32. merlinthegray

      i really liked mike smith playing the puck when he was on the yotes, but he definitely gives up more than a few because of poor plays.

    33. Ichigoeki

      Are some of these clips purposefully made to look like they were shot in the 90's?

    34. Chris Hayes

      7:11 the rink turns into a pinball machine

    35. Martin Kučiak

      2:02 WTF 🤣🤣🤣

    36. Kathrina Payton

      being a hockey goalie looks like the most stressful job on the planet

    37. Johnny Cliche

      It makes me sad as a Wild fan that more often than not we're on the losing end of these clips...

    38. Superblaze

      At 1:02 doesn’t Carey Price look like Jay Baruchel

    39. Ryan

      Devils are off to a good start if they wanna go for back to back team weirdy awards!

    40. Sean Fakelastname

      Price's backups are stepping up to the plate (or crease if you will)

    41. Blinking Always

      “ I know it’s a reaction...” talking about the guy throwing his broken stick at the puck...🤔 I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody throw their stick at the puck like that before lol and I’ve been playing hockey for 24 years lol also whatever language that describes that moment as a “brain cramp” made me laugh

      1. Dare Devil

        It’s french

    42. Oreos&Milk


    43. jake watsky

      am I the only one who heard Thomas Konechny

    44. Tony Gunk

      Matthews looking super chonk

    45. 332wildcat

      14:48 Is that Patrick Star making the commentary!?!

    46. vedicardi

      this video may as well just be the devils highlight reel

    47. harrod harrod

      0:05 oh that totally happened to me as well. Laughs were had by everyone.

    48. Benjamino

      I love it

    49. Eastport 76

      3:29 Nice moves, Laine!

    50. Keithio Music

      Seigun needs to keep that tounge in he’s gonna make some girls go nutsssss

    51. Ninety Two

      What an insult to a hockey player, making him wear a baseball helmet.

    52. Ninety Two

      Yeah, Mike Smith is really gonna help the Oilers....loser.

    53. Ninety Two

      Nothing sweeter than blood coming out of a Boston Booin.

    54. Ninety Two

      “4 goals for Forsberg and it’s 1-1.” Ummm what?

      1. Rachel Dixon

        I was wondering that too

    55. Jaeden Sports

      Scoresberg is back! Go Predators Oof and it looks like a tough, woeful return for the Blues

    56. G20

      Okay we don’t need to see every single mistake and bad play on Weird NHL

    57. Josh Ryan

      The beginning of this video represents why Fleury is the best!

    58. Stan EXO For clear skin

      9:46 I was at that game and let me tell you... it was crazy. Flyers murdered The Devils and it was beautiful. Carter Hart is an amazing goaltender and I’m super excited for this season🧡🖤

    59. Rodent Fire

      Go habs go

    60. Rodent Fire

      Habs all the way!

    61. jesse räsänen

      6:10 its the wrong goal pal.

    62. Singular meme Vids bruh

      Rip Tyler seguns house

    63. Nova

      Best birthday present. 😂

    64. lAmCanad1an

      I guess New Jersey really is the NEW Edmonton...

    65. Do Bap

      Give the commentator at 11:27 a raise.

    66. Josef Žižka

      Season 6? :D

    67. Matthew Lynch

      NHL WEIRD: Goalies Trying to Do Too Much Edition

    68. Sharks17

      Jesus Christ Mike Smith... it's time to retire.

    69. Michael Cardone

      Leave it to Konecny to celly so hard over a goal scored from a turnover and already leading 3-0 with 8 mins left

    70. Penguin

      I miss fleury when he was on the pens

    71. Rotten 5

      Mike Smith is hilarious.

    72. woodchuck 1

      Sabourin should have shoved his fist into that fathead hotshot Mathew's wimpy mustache!

    73. aronlakehill

      Looks like New Jersey is gonna win Weirdest Team Award this season too.

    74. Tomeka Ligon

      MAF definitely earns a spot for Weird NHL

    75. cpt. Fluffy Bug

      5:11 ебалом щелнул

    76. ULRA4BLU 3

      14:49 hey it’s Patrick

    77. 2000mfile

      These make me fell better about myself g J

    78. Andrea Davis

      Net minders not minding the net; opposing players don't mind netting goals

    79. ChyloeReece

      @13:25 - why are Boston players always such rotters? Look at them, every one of em pushing and jabbing and pulling at the devil player, what a chippy, dirty bunch.

    80. Alexander Todd

      Marc-André Fleury is hilarious

    81. Mengki Norman

      Matthews seems like caricature of a douchey hockey bro.

    82. racingfanz

      At what time was the devils own goal?

    83. racingfanz

      Looks like the refs are not going to be calling any penalties against the oilers. How was the goalie allowed to throw the stick and not receive a penalty. Teams are going to have a hard time playing against them and the refs since they are clearly on the oilers payroll.

    84. Reesis Pices

      7:24 I did that in a game held by my school

    85. Logan Mesta

      Why was the devils win not in here it’s weird that the devils won a game

    86. Fire Ethence

      11:55 is this from the 1990's the quality is terible

    87. Olivia Lee

      I’ve literally been waiting for this since last season

    88. Dkyguy1995

      7:39 was just so bad

    89. MrChipauketchup

      I really love the that person that is doing this edit seem to ne able to do anything they want without censorship

    90. ROO

      Can y’all stop copying Pavs with the face goals?

    91. Eric Flandermeyer

      The 5:04 face goal is from last season whoops!

    92. Shayne Gaumond

      Y’all missed Chiarot’s helmet issue

    93. drsch

      Hockey sounds so...pitiful in French, wow.

    94. Inspector Homes


    95. Dennis Green


    96. Dominic Veroni

      Sound :(

    97. wooooooooooodsy

      Im just waiting for a guy to get the puck stuck in the visor to sprint towards the goal and dive head first to try and score.

    98. MattyIceyyy

      that lighting-hurricanes clip was recorded on an android

    99. MomoCoolify

      imo goalies not handling the puck well shouldn’t be in weird NHL... I just skipped half of the video because of those clips

    100. BuddyBonButt

      This was a very heavy devils video.. and it was 90% of them sucking... proud to be a fan -_-