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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)

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    1. 이준혁

      3:01 이부분이 가장 핵심적인 장면이에요, 기대하겠습니다!!

    2. Pal Jacobsen

      Is de game on ps4?

    3. Islantay

      I feel like this is literally a bf4 DLC...

    4. - m7k0z7 -

      Why not the F22 instead of the F-35? It has a smaller body compared to the T-50 JET.

      1. SunSet Sun

        it make sense

    5. - m7k0z7 -

      Anhedonia. This trailer seemed (meh) for me, didn't move my emotions, and I didn't get exited about it, although I was a big BF3 and BF4 fan, and now a warzone fan.

    6. For something ONLY

      3:17 Trick shot

    7. KoTe2014

      Мне кажется или США через игру компании DICE опять бахвалится: "мы крутые, мы лучше всех, все остальные - говно" и т.д.? Я о показанном в трейлере.

    8. Yami_413

      Love the little Kickstart remix they did got goosebumps 🤘🏼

    9. Moist Pelican

      I’m definitely getting this

    10. KING ALEX


    11. Ghost gamerz

      I saw a guy who reacted to this video but I don't know his name but he thought this is battlefield 6 but when he saw 2042 he was like, What the f**k this game is coming on 2042😂

    12. John


    13. Mjass Hertz

      3:15 now that's a classic

    14. alejandro foschiatti

      argentine servers please !!!!!!

    15. J Fin

      would be pushing triple digits for the amount of times i've rewatched the rendezook :')

    16. T3naci0us

      If Battlefield doesn't physically transport me to the year 2042, I'm giving it a one star review

    17. hellz10

      1:45 penguins are just chilling in the middle of a warzone

    18. Pickled Sausages

      I really hope they replace the F-35 model. That monstrosity definitely won't be in service that long.

    19. Bakusaiga

      This beautiful game has no place for money-grabbing, EA. Don't even bother with that unless you want this game to die off quick. You do not have the same pull that Activision does so stay in your lane.

    20. Cutly Design

      Will it go above 30fps

    21. Mabness animations

      Interesting to see this trailer in 2042

    22. Hussein Alhaidari

      Admit it guys we know what's going to happen when it releases

    23. tyreik jackson

      wait when did this dropped lmao, how come there is no buzz abt it 💀

    24. SpitFyrr

      I have never played any Battlefield game (or really any FPS game for that matter), but I couldn't help having a huge smile on my face for this whole trailer.

    25. Linus Nittsten

      Petition to add Rendezook and loopzook as an Achievement

    26. kristijn haren

      I hope this game gives us ptsd like bf1 and bf5 did

      1. SunSet Sun

        no it bf3 and bf4

    27. I Like Turtles

      4:20 Climate change is a confirmed feature in BF2042

    28. Mikâil -ʏᴇʀᴅᴇ ᴋöᴋʙöʀü ᴏʟ-

      Omg... Very reiastic, maybe real ksksks

    29. Rudez



      This game looks amazing, I can't wait for a full release.

    31. Rishabh Dixit

      I'm not a professional gamer but if they release a Mobile version of the game with story mode, I am surely gonna play this. I can wait till the day they announce.

    32. Don King

      Bro when he jumped out of the jet and jumped back in

    33. Gibran Rakhe Syailendra

      Let me guess... This game is gonna be absolutely free at 2042

    34. Bogdan-Ionut Man

      Whow and why tf would someone, in his/her right mind, dislike this?!

    35. koloziomolo kebson

      i to jest kurwa gra a nie jakieś apexy czy inne

    36. DeathXV808

      still waiting for the successor of 2142 sadly this isn't it either guess i will keep waiting

    37. fabio moose

      What ever happened to single player games?????????

    38. fabio moose

      So unrealistic

    39. Gilverto Pinheiro

      Bicho tá brabo

    40. Nicko Eka

      I feel like something was not good about this trailer but its not the graphics

    41. Captain Kirk

      That jet pilot definitely genetically modified.

    42. niduoe stre

      This trailer featured a suprising amount of soldiers running for their life..

    43. PYr0SanS

      Unlike the bf5 trailer this doesn't make me suicidal

    44. XXgood Boy

      Kickstart my heart....nice.

      1. niduoe stre

        When will release the game?

    45. гогоша 1.16.0

      Русские кто видел правильный трейлер батлы

    46. rusty banana

      please do not be disappointing!

    47. A L - H A M I M


    48. Mister K

      See you all in 2042 guys

    49. diamond playbutton


    50. BYMAFİA

      Bi trailer bu kadarmı iyi olur

    51. Артём Истомин

      Is this a JoJo reference?

    52. Caffi

      He pulled that victory is ours on him

    53. Straight Vibin'


    54. Lanz35

      No crossplay, please!

    55. Ff hengker wibu pro

      Saya harap gamenya...

    56. Mau365PP

      I want it to have free battle royale 🥺

      1. SunSet Sun

        no battle royal

    57. Razer

      That was insanely cool!

    58. Battlefield GamePlay

      Just ordered at first impression and it's $100 and no second thought :) where I live we can settle whole month from $100 :)

    59. Battlefield GamePlay

      Already lost the count of times I've watched this trailer. already per ordered and can't wait for that

    60. AZ Abir 999

      When will release the game?

    61. big dog joey

      First time I’m actually excited about a game drop in a long time

    62. Intrigue Gaming

      Rendezook 03:14 rockets 01:53 heli attack 02:35 Tornado 03:51 also check out battlefield Music Mashup on our channel. 🔥🔥💯

    63. Edward C!

      Take my Money 🤑

    64. Marcus B

      2:45 WITNESS ME!

    65. Juan Sebastian Bernal

      Esta muy largo :(

    66. BisDakBrad

      even non battlefield fans (including me) knows firing an rpg from a jet is a battlefield thing. so It's pretty cool they showed it

    67. Achmad rafi

      i watch this over and over, never bore of it 1:46 that penguins still chill in the mids of war LOL

    68. Mut Ulfvаrtijа

      Looks great, bit I still have the hope that they will remake Battlefiel 2142! ))

    69. kevin john james

      Guys you just give me a heart attack. Never ever seen something like this suberp

    70. Dorian Alain

      Al fin!!!! Un soldado Mexicano 🇲🇽🥳 1:32

    71. Ppshark

      This is like if Christopher Nolan directed video game trailers.

    72. Brandon Patterson

      Fun little thing I noticed, look at the little sign thing ontop of the car when you freeze at exactly 4:24

    73. AxelATK Romero

      Asu mare!! Min 3:50

    74. Jonathan Tagle

      What's disappointing. Is that it's still owned by EA

    75. xander 23

      Simplemente hermoso kickstartmyheart

    76. Christophe Official

      Sooo how many ppl that have battlefield 4 will get this new one??? Seems worth it I need to know

    77. SilentKnight1000


    78. Ereh Iyegah


    79. Josh Laber

      Can you drag your teammates yet if they're down? You promised we could do that in BF5 but we never got it. :(

    80. Café noir 47

      3:07 Pilot:”gonna show him a little trick I learned “

    81. prasenjit singha


    82. OmaRoma

      1:47 when u buy a LED strip light for the Brake light in your 1990 car

    83. Abo Swe7l


    84. シースパロー

      This is transformers World

    85. lonely bag

      some guy in chat was saying where was the gameplay when rendezook part came in. bruh, that is gameplay.

    86. Isaac Vasquez

      Now this is how a battlefield trailer should go

    87. lil Organism

      Came here for the trick shot

    88. Evilware

      0:47 Generation 0?

    89. Rodgie Christian Cruz

      The most wholesomest chaotic trailer ever.

    90. Devon G

      I can’t wait for my PC to not be able to run this

    91. Marlin ouwung jorim

      Finally battlefield is back im so excited!!!!!!

    92. Cajal Ignacio

      :0 . . .

    93. Boba O'Riley

      Now this is motley cool

    94. Thái Bình Trần

      1:24 the main guy had cover, he could have shot the enemies. But he ran away :)) 2:32 why didnt that Ka 52 tell his teamates who were chasing the enemy that he was going around the building? 3:45 didnt anyone tell them that a tornado was coming?

    95. Qian谦

      I love how they added plane jump shot thingy in the trailer

    96. Adam Romero

      0:28 Soldier: How are you doing mate? Soldier: Good. *Thumbs up* Plane: Are you sure?

    97. Shiv Shankar Purty

      Hope this will not look like a game pre released 56 years earlier.

    98. Autorack97

      This is absolutely going to be one of DICE's best games, but however its getting really annoying seeing women in almost every new game that comes out. Just keep it simple with just men because I really dont want to play as a woman, I want to play as a character who I can like and relate to.

    99. Cesar EP

      Hype is back baby