Beat the Brain (UK game show) (2015)

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    1. Layla Morris

      The answered question sounds like the ending theme of The Backyardigans.

    2. Mattia D'ercole

      11:54 “With your host, Phillip Scoufield!” 22:39 Now we are helping an homicidal to make his messages!

    3. Royet Casue

      Nice show 💚💚💚

    4. Sven Boden

      Ok concept i guess but very very stupid execution talking to a screen and very condescending Host....ugly Brain Voice as well....i m sure it flopped.....

    5. carlo gilbert zamora


    6. JJ

      No female contestants? SEXIST GAME SHOW!

    7. Caiden Paul Channel

      I use to watch this all the time I was a pro at this orientation was my strong point

    8. jenifer allan

      Thank god for fast forward

    9. Prez-R

      Used to enjoy this show

    10. David Fearis

      If the Jackpot was £3000 to each player then it would be more reasonable, £3000 between them just isn't worth it

    11. Lucas Zabrocky

      How come I need to know who you are yemi ostomo and I don’t need to know if you are a medical student

    12. Richard Mann

      This has great potential but it's quite slow and too easy. They would speed it up and come up with harder tasks it would be a great game show

    13. A Q

      it was entertaining but the amount of money in the competition isn't big at all , they are doctors they could make that amount of money very easily.

      1. David Haney

        they are students .....

    14. Yemi Omotoso

      I'm Yemi, and I'm not a medical student

    15. CJ Cribb

      Nabeel is soooooooo cute!!!!

      1. Joe Shaw


    16. MarinGrković

      Jees this is actually realy easy

      1. MarinGrković

        @Sheldon Cooper yeah true

    17. Marisa S

      Ohhh this game show is really nice

    18. Philip Cannon

      I liked this, like the variety of games, trivia to memory and so on. Prize amount is underwhelming. With a little tweaking of show format, an American version could succeed

      1. Charles Mark

        They would need to make it alot easier for the american version though.

    19. Shanelle Carter

      Is the host Michael keen?

      1. Diamond Ender Pearl 0135

        Shanelle Carter It’s John Craven

    20. Jack Doff

      Very easy

    21. Sarah h

      I love this show.

    22. Adrielle Joseph

      Anthony is so handsome.

      1. Grace H


    23. Nelson Ricardo

      Nabeel is quite fit.

    24. TinyDrew5

      One game of this show has a piece of Catchphrase.

    25. Sinlo Kemp

      Game starts at 4:47

    26. Kysonftw

      Who else got triggered when they said "naugts and crosses"

      1. Transmaniacon MC

        @Charles Mark Exy-ozies.

      2. Charles Mark

        but it is naughts and crosses

    27. darcyann66

      I really like the show. Thanks for the upload.I love watching game shows from other countries

    28. Ruth Barron

      I really liked this 1.

    29. margaret hawkins

      Rockstar pikachu Popstar pikachu Belle pikachu Phd pikachu

      1. Jetski00

        were u on droogies?

    30. daniel squire

      who else is watching this for GCSE media

    31. Dtretrb

      I like the show, but the beeping noise for the countdown annoys me so much!

    32. David Rivera

      interesting. kimd of a cross between Crystal Maze and Tipping point.

      1. Youtuberman

        Except in Crystal Maze, you do physical tasks.

    33. Saza H

      The brain's voice makes me melt! 💜💜

      1. LeArtiste D

        It's the actress Josie Lawrence.

      2. P B

        It has..on BBC 2

      3. エイヤマ

        +Gotitwrong! me too ..:(

    34. Hola Life

      Nick is not that smart and i can read through him being ignorant

      1. nurlyana najla

        raymond alex he is tho

      2. raymond alex

        Hola Life he's cute af tho

    35. Hola Life

      i like Sohail, hes handsome and smart

      1. meggh517

        Hola Life Sohail says thanks, he's really flattered

    36. Diamond Ender Pearl 0135

      Why hasn't this awesome game show been on for over a year

      1. Hi Jamess

        Cuz most longest game show have thrill

    37. Mark Castro

      pretty cool game

    38. MrMuziklover22

      I like this..and playing along with it....just wish there were more episodes on here...!!

      1. Angela Henderson

        Ik me too

    39. MrJon92as

      Was the show similar to The Chase and Tipping Point where there was no audience and the applause sound was recorded, or did this show have a studio audience? If there was a studio audience, did it consist of mostly old people. "Old" as in the fact that most of the audience members had grey hair and were aged roughly 65+

    40. Ánh Châu Dương Thị

      Anthony looks so cute >o

      1. DarkyTheYoshi


    41. Don Paschal

      Remember, the BBC is owned by the British Government. in other words your tax pounds at work. Or is it euros. .?

    42. RogersRoyal

      Good show. Prize money though is ridiculous. That is not worth 3000 pound to do all that and not even get that much due to time running down as you go for it. Divide that by four and its not even 1000 each. Prize money should be higher to make this even worthwhile. Besides that good show. But give more money. Sheesh.

      1. Brandon Martin-Moore

        @JDGFifa 10,000 isn't average at all. For example, Tipping Point doesn't give the top prize away every single day.

      2. Corey Evan

        Hopefully British audiences don’t mind their television license fund going into a game show prize that high

      3. JDGFifa

        I agree. For a daytime show, 3000 is so low. 10000 is average and thats what it should be

      4. Scarlet Witch

        Their prize money was like an early taste of their future hourly rate.

      5. Seraj Gharbawi


    43. bertjesklotepino

      3000 pond? Comon man. Thats 750 pond each if they would win. What kinda fucked up price is that for a huge network like the BBC? Even Golden Balls gave more pricemoney away than this shit...... what a nonsense.