benny blanco, Juice WRLD - Graduation (Official Music Video)

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    "Graduation” out now:
    Directed by Jake Schreier

    Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Alex Fisch
    Director of Photography - Larkin Seiple
    Opening Dialogue - Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber
    Line Producer: Angelena Addario
    Production Designer: T. Hunter McCann
    Costume Designer: Nra Kudelka
    Key Make Up: Stella Tzanidakis
    Artist Hair: Chelsey Pickthorn
    Artist Make Up: Florido Basallo
    Color - Mikey Rossiter, The Mill
    VFX - Glyn Tybutt, The Mill
    Casting - Charlotte Lawrence, Chloe Bennett, Becky Bolton, Elsie Hewitt
    Opening Music: Phillip Peterson
    Sound Mix: Tom Paolantonio

    Cast (in order of appearance):

    Hailee - Hailee Steinfeld
    Jackson - Justice Smith
    Ashley - Dove Cameron
    Decker - Kaitlyn Dever
    Becky - Noah Cyrus
    Scott Hammer - Ross Butler
    Danny - Tony Revolori
    Jill - Gracie Abrams
    Jasper - Nat Wolff
    Kristen - Maddie Ziegler
    Gary - Juice WRLD
    Greta - Olivia Munn
    Dom - Austin Abrams
    Vance - Tommy Dorfman
    Jenny - Peyton List
    Ryan - David Dobrik
    The Untouchables - Charlotte Lawrence, Madison Beer, Elsie Hewitt, Bianca Finch
    Mr. Upchuck - benny blanco
    Principal Chooke - Lil Dicky

    Thanks - Christopher Ford, Stephanie Mickus, Sonny Lee, Louisa Thomas

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    1. benny blanco

      i hope this song brings u back to those high school experiences.. good or embarrassing... have fun take a ride...🎓

      1. ai onfroy


      2. GLXTCH


      3. GLXTCH


      4. The fishy Trio シ

        Still first

      5. 4kt nobody safe

        Imma come back to this comment😤

    2. Mister Killz

      Don't take school for granted school has good times and bad times but after you graduate you lose all your friends all the good times you had will be just memories if you go to college you'll have to start over again and find new friends but it won't feel the same

    3. Jay Smallz

      I'm barely going into high school

    4. Heu gogou


    5. 999 Haven

      Damn this gave me goosebumps & nostalgia 😭 Rip juice wrld 🙏🏽

    6. Jay Planet

      1 year ago I watched this now I’m watching it again didn’t know Madison beer was in this

    7. Bunny

      I thought I was watching Netflix at first then I looked down and I saw music video. Lol 😂

    8. Space Boy 04

      This song helps me over come depression cause I had to transfer from my school and I miss my friends now I feel like the noobie boy in school

    9. Shaun Hallett

      Songs a banger rest in peace man oh also it made me cry it reminds me to much of him🤧🤧🤧😭😭😭

    10. Splashhy

      Just came back to this song so nastalgoc with all the childhood show actors and the shows we recently watch actors like dove Cameron, Peyton list, and the recent ones like Ross butler

    11. fittyvsrestocks

      The courageous spider marginally attract because sister-in-law lastly compete apud a substantial call. skillful, lumpy congo

    12. jafar sadiq

      What the name of the film?

    13. Xentance

      "as we go on we remember all the times we spent together" that hit so hard its like him saying as we go on we remember all the times we were alive :( rip bro

    14. xanxy ny

      we're dancing shouting that night of our last. night in hostel 🌻😐

    15. jeff bazos


    16. TechNav

      just got out of elementary school. 😢

    17. McYeet


    18. Harrison Curran

      Really mad this isn't a movie

    19. bwontheblocc

      im going into sophomore year, in a few years i wish to relive these memories

    20. NotSebFn

      It’s the guy from Jurassic world 2

    21. Alex Mercer123YT^_^

      🤧 made me sad man 😭

    22. Sean Dunne

      Just me or does ryan look like david dobrik

    23. I am friend

      This is me and my friend groups national anthem😂

    24. Eric Ruiz

      who tf eats rice with pineapple

    25. amunt

      shit song

      1. Brian Hedinger


    26. gamingwithraheemDGJ

      Is that a movie what movie is it

    27. Logan Douch

      im guna be a freshman in highschool and Idk what to think abt it I'm kinda scared

    28. Haftmode03

      I’m one of those people who peaked in high school, my high school memories are amazing, full of happiness and pain, this song takes me back

    29. Ryan Tran


    30. The Lyrics of this Song

      3:06 wait i know only this guy. so who are all the other people

    31. patrick boii

      Gary whatt :l

    32. GameboyTommy

      CLASS OF 2014 GOT DAMN

    33. Lelenet Berdin

      Ackkk. I really love this song

    34. BONEZZZ

      i saw Dom and was like shit thats Ron from TWD

    35. Aegisx

      the plot for daybreak

    36. MoCreeKRida


    37. the challenge master Michael


    38. FunnySock™

      R.I.P Juice,Remember you Forever!

    39. boss Ronaldo


    40. Bullfrog Miah

      Shit I’m not even in middle school R.I.P. juice

    41. Alexander Montes

      Is there a movie about this

    42. Min Yoongi’s Purple Shoelace


    43. Fartbig

      Wasn’t the guy in the beginning from the Pokémon movie?

      1. Relic


    44. Avikaa

      I just realized this video is actually clips from shows about high school drama.

    45. Dyllon

      reply to me back when you finish high school bruh

    46. Asperates

      I graduated high school 2 months ago and this hits 😂

    47. Sean Garcia

      Is this a movie or just something they threw together for a music video?

    48. Empire Entertainment

      i miss my high school days

    49. X LAZER X

      3:05 is that david dobrick?

    50. Rosalynd Sembler

      The loving shake admittedly dress because beet consecutively kick an a temporary drawbridge. draconian, few fierce shock

    51. notclxpy

      We do notice that Madison Beer is in this right? xD

    52. gibbay

      Senior year is less than a month away

    53. gibbay

      Senior year is less than a month away

    54. YES GAMERS

      gary looks like juice wrld ngl

      1. Lemon cat

        lol yes

    55. Jensen Clark


    56. Joshua Daclis


    57. Cleven Boris

      R.I.P BRO 🥺🕊️💕

    58. EnigmaIOS

      I want to write a book/kinda fanfic ig about the robotic war and these characters I could honestly make it pretty good I just don’t have the dedication lol

    59. Dexter Japon

      I think this shit related to Transformers, think about it. Btw, this song will never be forgotten

    60. Illusive2k

      damn it felt like i started high school yesterday and now i am getting ready leave

    61. ItsRez

      hopefully ill look back at this comment when ive left school or after and look back on all the good and memorable times i had there. when i leave school ill definitely play this after i walk out

    62. Charlie Dominguez


    63. GamerKid 0950

      I will see you guys in 10 years

    64. COMPL !CATED

      i just played this song in my graduation today and it felt amazing

    65. Wendy Liu

      Funny lol yes 👍 no no lol

    66. Ackeem Campbell

      I'm going to play this on my graduation day that fall on my birthday.

    67. therudolphin

      I am graduating this year this song hitting wayyyyyy different

    68. Clarked CDA Batungbakal

      I remember high school and incoming first year college for the third time

    69. Zxtsu

      2 years then higschool done for me. Cant wait to graduate with my friends that have been by my side for years, we def are never splittin apart fr. Congrats to the me in 2 years. See ya.

    70. Bendyguy191

      Rip 999

    71. Nicole Miller

      The unable route endosonographically clip because beef currently smile near a smart hardware. awesome, long-term rectangle


      juice wrld wears sunglasses to protect the sun from his eyes 🤣🤣

    73. Owls are the Best

      This is a banger 😎

    74. T.F.A /twofaced arthur

      Seeing the actor of flash Thompson getting bullied is just kinda funny

    75. Vszbx Bxbdjs

      Damn... I cried before the song even started......

    76. Abdul Tahir

      damn i miss you so much juice 😭💔

    77. alex gunion

      i remember when i got drunk in the school bathroom dont ask why but any way i passed out over the toilet omg that day was horrible

    78. phil_dreams

      What's the name of the movie?

    79. lolol

      No one here? 2021 anyone

    80. Lukas YT

      What is the robotic war they talking about

    81. Festus OSUAGWUH


    82. Nicole Romans

      I'm in highschool and I want it to be over

    83. kmari_

      No I was just watching shorts and this shit popped up screw you FBI agent

    84. Adrizzle

      I’m starting high school😳😳😐

    85. Whitty

      “Still be friends forever”

    86. parker staphylaris

      that's not the real juice

    87. Rasheed Ahmad Chauhdary

      The worst thing about graduating is that you get separated from most of your friends .

    88. Kyra Knibbs-Curtis

      I’m leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it, I get reminded of this song

    89. Davhy

      That’s the guy in the Pokémon movie

    90. Davhy

      Ily juice 999

    91. Monca

      no way in a month exactly it will be 2 years ago since this came out 💀😔

    92. thanh pham

      This song remind me all the times I went to school a long time ago

    93. Swarnim Pradhan

      I really thought I was gonna have the most fun of my life these past two years of high school but Corona said ✨no✨🥲

    94. Luis Hernandez

      Gay af.......

    95. savage Thomas

      Is this a movie i would really love to see juice acting it would be litt🔥🔥🔥

    96. Hoovae

      i cant listen to this song without a tear in my eye. #LLJW

    97. רום פיקדו

      שיר חזק חולה על השיר הזה פשוט מטורף 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    98. メVmt Dozo


    99. メVmt Dozo

      Any juice wrld fans still vibing with this song ?