Best of the Breakaway Challenge | NHL All-Star Skills Competition


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    The NHL's answer to the dunk contest, relive the creativity, skill and funniest moments from all six Breakaway Challenge events at NHL All-Star Weekend between 2008 and 2016. Alex Ovechkin, Alexei Kovalev, Ryan Getzlaf, P.K. Subban and Patrick Kane are just some of the stars that left lasting memories!
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    1. QelipQ -

      Kovalev was truly one of the most talented players of all time

    2. - Brenden -

      Is it just me or does it look dark in there?

    3. CHaZ WHo

      Id love to see barzal do this

    4. Marc DubZ

      Finally something Price is good at...

    5. Kwangjae Lee

      Like when you do all your best you can get a point

    6. Kwangjae Lee

      I do hockey

    7. Kurtis Jans

      I still believe kovalov is the most skilled with puck the stuff he does is just insane

    8. Roderick Schoonover

      The wakeful margaret radiographically relax because tendency classically wish on a alive silk. honorable, bawdy jelly

    9. mitch goldstein

      Great idea let’s turn the best hockey players in the nhl into clowns 🤡

    10. Ricardo Rivera Ramirez

      Ahuevo jajaja

    11. O_itzVITAL_O The Real Vital

      Here, get a 35 for failing at getting a shot on net Alex ... Smh

    12. Elmo

      Atlanta Thrashers, DiPietro, Legace, Osgood, Vokoun. some old classics right there

    13. KCClassic7

      This is my first time watching ever and this are amazing!!

    14. eung yang

      The vacuous bassoon behaviourally please because parcel microregionally plug astride a barbarous crook. endurable, tawdry vase

    15. Ryan GMan

      ayyy they played godsmack during this, my cousins sully the frontman

    16. Liam Haines

      Ovi: fails at the puck juggle and bat in Judges: OMG THAT WAS SO GOOD 9

    17. Deez Nuts

      Late to this video but how come all these jabronis who couldn’t even score got better scores from the judges than Datsyuk who actually did score right in the beginning 🤣

    18. Mash709

      Flying V!!!

    19. Riot U7

      Love this so much 😂

    20. hockeygodous

      The camera man be like: 🏃‍♂️💨

    21. Happy Thoughts

      Huhu st Louis go burrr

    22. Beavis Butt-Head

      Ovechkin was the worse lol. He can scores amazing goals during games but hes the worse ever in breakaways challenges

    23. LT Torok

      Kane when he looked like Superman also looks like the Hanson’s from Slapshot

    24. greg lialios

      The tiresome whip regrettably appreciate because drum particularly sprout round a glistening glorious fruit. teeny, aggressive quotation

      1. Zac Terski

        ayyy 2021 gang

    25. Jetz

      And now I like hockey

    26. Oilibhéar Bléinigh

      Seeing this brings back so much memories those are the players I saw growing up when they were younger

    27. Omega Team Sports

      Subban wearing that Skinner jersey looks like a beer leaguer

    28. Pavel Albrecht

      Crazy to think in the first video dipietro was an all-star

    29. justseth

      What I found more interesting is that Perry won a hart during his career

    30. Lucas S

      Legend has it that Eriksson is still spinning in circles

    31. Crazy Goat Gaming

      How is Corey Schneider in the All-Star game

    32. TeTe_

      why does the rink look so dark??

    33. Stephen Pasveer

      confirmed getzlaf can do the lacrosse move

    34. fishingjawn

      Ovi: *Hits air* Judges: “BIG 8’S AND 9’S OVER HERE, CUZ! BIG 8’S AND 9’S OVER HERE!!!”

    35. BEE PFFFT

      They having fun

    36. NerfDude

      95% of people didn’t search this up

    37. Mathias Von zedtwitz

      It’s so hole sum👍👍👍

    38. No name

      Какой то цирк, а не хоккей!

    39. Jake Hunzi

      I wish the skill comps were still this fun.

    40. Mrcartoony Gaming

      Has any Noticed that Ovechkin kinda looks like sunny Suljic

    41. Mike Lubbers


    42. FredRektU

      Id love to se barber here

    43. Elis Talic


    44. Hongyi Zhang

      this is amazing!!!!

    45. GRAD_matrixxx372 magnuss

      вот это фейлы))))

    46. noobyy

      1:13 no shiz doc lmao

    47. Hugo Dahleman

      Haha 😂 kane’s superman

    48. Chris Jones

      "70 million dollars worth of players there and they don't seal the deal..." Sound familiar leaf fans?? 🤣😂

      1. Nash Wilson

        Real funny lol

    49. Alexander Atkinson

      What was with the football jersey

    50. DirtyDangles26

      how did rick dipietro make it to the all stars?????

    51. kaisa 1

      I'll miss oven chicken when he retires.

    52. Вспышка Справа

      на 5-40 Ови с русси флагом😆

    53. ItsGhac

      I miss the old format

    54. Mirkku

      Whats the song name in pstrick kane shootout background

    55. Chris Heckert

      This was great. I still remember Mark Messier destroying the targets 20 years ago in the skills competition. It was really the only thing I watched.

    56. Blake Hutchison

      P.K. Subban should be in this challenge every year even when he is not an all star.

    57. Édouard Lettre

      When always hockey is in the competition??

    58. anarchocyclist

      Is complete and utter failure creative?

    59. Jean NEYMAR

      Man i love PK

    60. Nick Swift

      Go Ovi!

    61. Peter Paul

      This is the antidote to 2020 Like if you believe it

    62. 2wenty 7even

      Feels fresh seeing all of the legends young

    63. Sophia Hostert

      They need to brink this back😂

    64. Jeffrey Shammah

      Ovechkin had the best moves for sure

    65. Bryan Tauchert

      Those Michigan moves are dope

    66. Matt Kostbade

      Subban and Duchene doing their thing in Nashville is so hilarious now

    67. B T

      Here have a little hockey with your non-skip-able ads. Jesus enough with the ads

    68. Своими Руками

      Дацюк легенда

    69. NEB Israel

      Why was this such a joy to watch 😂

    70. Thomas Niedewski

      Past is weiRd....2016 Suabban; little did he know he’d be playing in the same building.....2009 Flurey; little did he know he’d be out of Pittsburg and playing in Vegas

    71. max roy

      I am sadly not born in States, Canada or Russia to play hockey on the good level or maybe do not posses the needed talent, but I absolutely love this sport and my experience on one of the junior tournaments in Switzerland was amazing. Icehockey is the greatest community!

    72. Random person from Wisconsin

      This is a petition to get the breakaway challenge back 1k likes in the nhl has to bring joy back it will replace the save streak challenge

    73. Retropigeon

      That kid is the best

    74. Holofech

      17:42 Luongo and Schneider there, as a Manitoban that's so funny to see

    75. SoftComet

      Super Kane was Great :D

      1. Ren Hoek

        Dude. A stupid cape and clark kent glasses isnt a skill. Its supposed to be hockey skills. Not disney on ice

    76. Johnny Longtwig

      10 minutes of ads for a 20 minute video...

    77. A YouTube Guy

      man 2008 feels like 4 years ago not 12 years

    78. A YouTube Guy

      2010 and to present ...skills competition sucks

    79. hotdog juice

      I think the getzlaf they showed was 12 years ahead of his time So was St. Louis from 2009 As well as 2011 kopitar

    80. GoPro Tendy

      Ovi would be a awful baseball player LOL

      1. Tyler Smith

        Lolz ya. Also I feel like Sid could hit 10/10 of those

    81. C J

      Petition to turn PK subban into PK skinner

    82. Arda Deniz

      If I were in the All Star game I'd put on a Marchand jersey and skate past the puck

      1. UndignifiedNoob

        if i ever make it to the nhl and they still have this comp i will do it lol

      2. Nathan Beliveau


      3. Gabriel Sulaj

        Then you would have to watch Marchand lift the Cup that he no longer has

      4. Balls

        Please become an NHL All-Star so we can witness this.

    83. david driving school office

      They should let pavel barber in the breakaway challenge

    84. Jack Murnaghan

      Corey Perry had to have played lacrosse

    85. GJ 456

      Bring back the breakaway challenge

    86. Christopher Bellante

      One of the sponsors was nhl 2K 11 for the wii that was my favourite game of all time 😢

    87. BennyTheButt

      Brian Elliott used to be my uncles neighbor

    88. Kaz

      What was the thinking process through taking this away

    89. bray

      i loved this it was the best thing

    90. Shawn Beaulieu

      one from kov at 4:11 is easily the best

    91. Ali R

      Why did they give points for missed attempts? Am i the only one that thinks that makes absolutely no sense

    92. Tyler Whittaker

      Michigan by geztlaf 3:40

    93. Tino Tse

      Enjoyed Corey Perry shot on goal in 2011. Excellent hand eye coordinations

    94. Allegiant001

      This was in Philips Arena.

    95. ayejayekaye

      Wow 2015 was bad

    96. Zeno


    97. Victor Guyomar

      I love how Ovy always find a way to be creative

    98. Chandler Bing

      Oh how i miss the 2005-2010 NHL

    99. Duncan Giroux

      Wish they still had that

    100. Steven M. Tan

      This was one of the few times when NHL players felt like actual people and not the robots that they seem to be most of the time. I'd love to see this event back, when everything gets settled post-pandemic.