Bicycle of Hydraulics

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    Bicycle of Springs
    Jet Bike
    Ice Bike
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    00:00 Intro
    00:53 Build
    03:13 Hmm Stuffing
    03:46 Sponsor
    05:02 Frame Complete
    06:07 Hydraulics
    06:58 Complete Bike
    07:36 Riding

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    1. colinfurze

      This bike weighs a ton, is weird to ride and the brakes are terrible but I love it..........what should add or do to it or another bike next.

      1. AlphaDiesel Pump

        How can I buy it ?

      2. Atom Is Back

        Next time make foldable paddles and handle bar🔥🔥

      3. Public Domain

        Make a bike with bunny hop assist🙏

      4. Birdman1206

        Make a self-driving bike

      5. Andrew Viel

        Definitely some hydraulic disc brakes

    2. Elsie Scott

      I watched colin furze YR3-YR4 and I come back he has changed so much and it’s great

    3. bang thoyib

      Colin, could you make hydraulic jumping bike?


      make an amphibious bike

    5. Sudeepto Das

      Let's make bicycle, great again. - Colin Furze

    6. Максим Фадеев

      Бесит!!!! Столько инструмента, столько станков....

    7. crysis4real

      As a Brit I just love this guy, engineering has no limits with him.. Fantastic work Collin, thank you for this 🙂

    8. Victo Aguiar

      Essa e a bicicleta do Batman

      1. minij hooi

        That's fuckin awesome !!

    9. Kuldeep Hire

      Good morning brother , I am Indian , Name kuldeep , you have talented man , I love all cycle making Aida formula , you have good coment sending by me

      1. minij hooi

        In a couple of years, a kid named Marty McFly is going to move into that neighborhood.

    10. Fgfc Dfdg

      Просто безумный инженер

    11. elorz007

      Can you imagine the bike being all hydraulics and using cable rim brakes?

    12. StartheAIwolf

      this man is making things no one has ever though of

    13. Rockloft Tools

      With all this hydro stuff going on one would think the bike would have hydraulic brakes. But brakes really isn't what this channel is about.

    14. FormerNine 11079

      Bicycle out of suspension shocks how about that?

    15. Andi Ruslan

      Mantap..good idea..😊

    16. Bikash Boruah

      𝓗𝓸𝔀 𝓶𝓪𝓷𝔂 𝓡𝓼

    17. MrJewsbury

      Idea : Bicycle using two penny farthing wheels. would be like the monster truck of bikes.

    18. FMIM தமிழ்

      How Man Are You Human??? Crazy No 1 😂😂 Love From India❤️❤️❤️

    19. Doni Sadikin

      why not make an electric bike?

    20. Мистер Трололо

      I was here

    21. Siba Patra

      Soda Patra

    22. Daniel Richter

      @colinfurze please, please build a Bike or a Car that only drive elektriks and put all elements (Windturbine, Solar, what ever or all) on it, so that it mustn't charge any time. How many Elements must be need to drive with it, without external charging =)

    23. Ole Spiegelenberg

      he needs to be the new doctor who

    24. Joanna

      In a couple of years, a kid named Marty McFly is going to move into that neighborhood.

    25. Shubham Auti

      That's fuckin awesome !!

    26. അറക്കൽ അബു

      ഇങ്ങനത്തെ ഐഡിയ എവിടുന്ന് കിട്ടുന്നട 👌👌👌

      1. Joanna

        Best Channel on FIblock

    27. ഞാൻ മലയാളി

      ഇത്തിരി over ആയി പോയി

    28. rakesh thottathil

      this is the EBR alternative in the bicycle world.😂

    29. Brute4rce

      Never change that outro Colin 😎👍

    30. DMC Falcon

      Nice song........

    31. Jose Rodriguez

      How could you not like this crazy fuck! Keep up the great work mate...all the way from NY.

    32. Lauj Vam Tsheej

      อยากให้ส่งมาไทยจังเลยครับ ชอบมากๆครับ

    33. S Sanjeet Divana

      Amazing 🔥🔥

    34. Shmuli Adelman

      I wish there was more time spent on the actual build, but still an epic video

    35. Lin the Feline

      Im glad to live in an era where things like this can be made by a British guy.

    36. Vernon PGros Morne

      Hydraulic Powered Sprocket!

    37. windind machine master diy

      Great Machenical

    38. mechniack

      Colin you got your very own style, and it's wonderful, besides your a very good craftsman ❤️👍

    39. Luke Motor Vlogs

      An absolute Frankenstein of a

    40. Toha Prasetya

      Keren gan 👍

    41. Malay Jaiswal

      Best Channel on FIblock

    42. Workout Fitness

      What can you give me this bicycle free, plz

    43. Iuri Rodrigues

      Rio grande do sul Gravataí

    44. Ruan Henrique

      TV passed a while ago that he had died 🤔

    45. Iraqi sonic

      أنا مشترك جديد من العراق واحب اعمالك الرائعة


      Not practical

    47. RoboCat

      Next idea bike made out of you

    48. minij hooi

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lovely build montage. Wonderful music selection.

    49. Kaif Sayyed

      I want to meet him

    50. Макс Вольный

      Заморочился капитально🤣

      1. Макс Вольный

        @minij hooi что то случилось?)

      2. minij hooi

        Oh my good

    51. Andrew Miller

      Красавец. За актёрское мастерство лайк. )))

    52. bumboclat

      I guess your trombone somehow identifies as a saxophone?

    53. Hai Lam

      in vietnames


      Well done great idea

    55. Макс Казаков

      Trump, stop

    56. Like it, Do it

      "Đỉnh quá chú ơi" 😀 From Vietnamese with love

    57. Ethan么 Hunt

      Bathroom top vehicle 😘😘😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    58. Bait28

      imagine some accelerometers, a micrcontroller and extra solenoid valves

    59. Djauhari Pangestu

      Aku suka banget dengan chanel ini .. aku harap translate nya ada biar orang yang gak paham jadi mengerti

    60. jack atlas

      Menukik bawah seberkas pelangi

    61. True Aussie Ray

      Well done mate another perfectly working useless invention

    62. Imran Mustafa

      Dude my like is for your hard work but not for bike... Anyways keep doing..

    63. Man Deep



      Oh my good

    65. pranil basumatary

      'grow and change shapes'

    66. Eldor R

      Ok go job 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

    67. Experiment Home TV

      It's crezy mind blowing wow 😎😍🇮🇳🙏

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      Чтоб у меня в дурдоме столько времени было...

    69. CraZy boy with Gaming


    70. Megh Malani

      Can you make one for me

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    72. David Winn

      Did it annoy anyone else that he played a trombone while a saxaphone was playing?

    73. علاء الاحمد

    74. KEVINHO kevin


    75. KEVINHO kevin


    76. Autotec20

      I'm surprised this man hasn't done the Drifter Bike from Days Gone

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    78. Kendry Sanchez


    79. sticksandstoners - topic

      Human powered bird suit that can takeoff via running and flapping wings

    80. Noah Nicholas

      The music in this video is pretty awesome I gotta say and I don’t usually leave comments on videos

    81. F.P.S


    82. brico partage


    83. ttv Twitcher1

      I came up with a quote while watching this: "The only difference between a genius, and a lunatic, is a degree in something" -me

    84. mikin lirou

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a lovely build montage. Wonderful music selection.

    85. Joost Zuidam

      Only one song comes to mind Collin: All y frineds drive a lowrider!

    86. Daily Neighborhood Ride

      This was mind bending. Very entertaining. Cheers.

      1. mikin lirou


    87. Rustam Rehan

      Please gift me this bicycle

    88. tidoppelm MTB


    89. Aashish Pateshwari

      You are really very funny

    90. Tom Lis

      Finally a one-size-fits-all bicycle.

    91. Mamun Sahu

      What a price in bike

    92. Dustin Baker

      Make a knife that has a vacuum pump so that when you cut it sucks up what you cut

    93. Hugo Gaete

      Amigios son muy ingeniosos, pero mejor ocupen su ingenio en hacer cosas mas utiles que se puedan usar para la vida cotidiana, se nota que tienen vastantes condiciones para hacer cosas sorprendentes

    94. Tom Southworth

      More bike ideas (couldn't reply to your post @colinfurze for some reason). 1. Reverse tandem bike, two people ride on a bike but it goes backwards; or just one person if you want an easy job! 2. Bike of lights, just shove loads of different lights on a bike, see where you get to. 3. Firework propelled bike, since you love fireworks so much! Tie in with 9/10/11 million subscriber event maybe? 4. Recycled bike; make a bike only out of recycled materials, no recycled bike parts allowed (some good/relevant sponsors for that probably).

    95. Dennis Jaranilla

      Can you gave me a country titanium bike ? You are so awesome scientist.😆

    96. 5 phút sáng tạo

      you are quite intelligent and scientific

    97. yt_celep Celep

      Im türkiş

    98. Bakso Bundar

      Subtitle Indonesia please

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      Too talk ative