Big Companies make the Worst Junk.


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    1. whostolemunchkin

      That Hyundai bootleg shuffle actually matches the paint job on my '03 Hyundai Getz

    2. Windows Samsung 2021 Edition


    3. Jan Wekulu P

      i once had two of the mass produced mp3 nuggs when i was little. my dad was an IT guy for comcast and aol (remember when they still had workers?) and they both gave him branded music players. the aol one had the little running guy on it, and the comcast one was just red with no logos anywhere. they served me fairly well for a long while, actually, but i was just really good about taking care of them.


      Even samsung made one of those crappy generic bootleg shuffle thingys and branded it as a yepp!!!

    5. xbrun

      Avon had deal with apple to make gold shuffle.

    6. surazal 93

      Kellogg's MarketAmerica

    7. AnikaiRADIO

      14:25 This is the most dankpod part of this video

    8. Christian O. Holz

      I had two of those way back in the mid 2000s. Good memories. Seemed so advanced at the time compared to my old cassette Walkman :) seemed there was a one huge factory in China that made these things for the entire world

    9. 33 screaming frogs


    10. Sol In

      everyone gangsta until USA Army made mp3 player

    11. WitherBlitz Playz

      5:03 the cable he was plugging it into was unplugged lol no wonder it wasnt working

      1. u cla

        That's a different cable dumbass

    12. Maru Lavrynovych

      Your voice is different :/

    13. Stoic Lizard

      Thank you for these videos. You always brighten my day. I appreciate the enthusiasm.

    14. coqueabeto1

      12:41 He's letting his soul escape.

    15. Tyler Bryant

      I had one of these as my first mp3 player and I cried when it broke

    16. Francisco Cruz

      Your videos are so damn entertaining Lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣

    17. AlexifeuLP

      At least it's E-Waste. Every Apple product is complete waste and garbage and should be destroyed immediately

    18. Link Hidalgogato

      corporate swag should straight up be illegal its worthless no one uses this trash no one wants this trash

    19. Resolvelution Tension

      "Oh, my pkcell" -Aussie, 2021

    20. Darcy Greenwood

      2:43 evil laugh initiated 😂

    21. aBronyPlays

      The Craig. Gotta catch em all

    22. Edcola

      tbh I think dank would declare war on the us for the making one of those flash drive MP3 players.

    23. Szymon Gadżety TV

      Go back to the Chord Mojo.

    24. Hampstey boi

      my dad used to work at Avon

    25. A chihuahua with Internet access

      11:33 The us army really bad

    26. Hey That Brother

      good job Daiblo!

    27. Silver Strings

      I saw the US army one and I was like "Oh no...Disappointment in three, two- Oh dear... My standards were low, but that still didn't meet them."

    28. Terabyte

      I thought Kellogg's made cereal not Nuggets =)

    29. Booker Beara

      An apology for the Avon MP3 player, as a Canadian we are ashamed a Canadian company would produce such crap.

    30. Aim 21

      “Apr 1 2021”

    31. Bob the Cat

      my mum had a bright green one of those power up usb ones plugged into her car stereo and someone smashed her window and stole it

    32. Michael Mouton

      FIblockr: can you believe no one wanted this? Same youtuber: buys it

    33. Christina Facts

      That Avon mp3 player is the first mp3 player I ever had from 2003!! Omg nostalgia feels

    34. Jackson Carter

      Craig no!!!!!

    35. Lj's Chill Den

      Electronic Waste Or E.W.

    36. wamiam

      Pepsi owns Gatorade. The fact there's no splash screen on the gatorade nugget means a lot to me. They are the exact same thing from the exact same company, how do you screw this up?

    37. Ron 133

      "Touch Me FM37" *HOLUP*

    38. Death Rex619

      10:42 lotta damage

    39. Richard Abbott

      to make that Avon nugget disaster even better, they're an MLM, so they are ripping off their employees in more ways than that.

    40. 63SONIC1991

      it's the diaBLOW

    41. Ros Socheata


    42. FireEagle7RED

      Hey love your videos can you review Tribit’s Fly buds 3 please

    43. aspo pulvera

      Do you have any recommended brand for mp3s? 🤔

    44. MatasPlayZ

      Pkcell lives matter

    45. You're a sneaky little impostor!

      he has 7 craigs

    46. You're a sneaky little impostor!

      Hi bois the Diablo got its first confirmed kill

    47. You're a sneaky little impostor!

      the Kellogg nugget looked like the 3rd gen Craig nano's UI

    48. Virginia Harp

      I had one of those generic mp3 players growing up. My mom got it for me for Christmas as my first mp3 player and she preloaded it with a bunch of music we would listen to together. It was red and I still have fond memories of it.


      Sciencetist still can understand why garbage like this is exist

    50. Acumenium

      1:30 or so HOLY SHIT I HAD A CLONE OF ONE OF THOSE!!! It was surprisingly good at its time lol. Easy to work with and everything worked well.

    51. DarkLordOutre

      Military grade MP3 player is equivalent to Pepsi and Gatorade grade MP3 player

    52. IntercityLisko

      At 1:51 and daaaamn I had that mp3 player. Can't remember the "brand" or name of it but it had like 256 or whatever mb and it was my first mp3 player ever. Couldn't fit too many songs in to it but it was something compared to nothing. Even the font is just like it was in my player 15 or something years ago. 😆 (Sure these must be older players so no suprise there but you know. Feeling nostalgic.)

    53. Blair House

      That laugh sounds exactly like leto's joker

    54. Tinkles the destroyer

      Oh I had the power up one as a kid!!! Actually I think I had, like, three of them...


      *pronounced (hunday) not (heeyunday)

    56. Sam Dabboi

      Gatorade nugg

    57. Echo Delta

      I love the fact that you make a point of recording each audio player's "confirmed kills"

    58. spooky

      15:25 Well obviously they’re ok AND they want a sausage roll

    59. SplitTheUnicorn

      I recently started listening to scarlet fire unironically... IT SLAPS ^^

    60. Mike Dreemurr

      What happened to the chord mojo?

    61. Skorpeon RyDer

      Hey, I had that first one in black. Used it at school, friend threw away the cap on me, even though they knew it was mine.

    62. david ludwig

      You're boring

    63. Bastian Basner

      These silver things were so generic, that even i had atleast one of them - btw I'm from germany.

    64. Noah Stolar

      "kiss the sky goodbye" is my new fight line

    65. Raygamericed

      We can rest easy knowing Craig would nev- NOOOOOOOOO CRAIG WHYYYY


      bet Frank was ok AND wanted a sausage.

    67. steven jones

      I'm so glad I found your channel! You are amazing!

    68. Рип Бернадотте

      bepis mp3 playder for analog mp3 onely

    69. Zerossen

      "AAA" gets me everytime

    70. Taco budyn

      I need to know the song

    71. Hattless Foe

      Hey could you do a review on some Skullcandy products

    72. Big Chungusus

      They probably dropped the usb and the screen in order to have that whole lot of space left on that disk

    73. Big Chungusus

      If they don’t have left or right, the cables must be detachable

    74. Big Chungusus

      I think this is a rebranded Craig

    75. Big Chungusus

      The only good thing about the Kellogg MP3 player is the box.

    76. Choi Choi

      this was my 1st mp3 player. one day I found it on the ground and the rest is history.

    77. Hidden City Pictures

      Your maniacal laughter when you blow up the earbuds is hilarious.

    78. Reverend Ryu

      Tesco in the UK sold a red equivalent of that super generic one, the extra feature being you could change the colour of the led behind the screen, and there where weird little animations it would play when you turned it off.

    79. Hidden City Pictures

      When you opened the Avon one I literally thought it was an electric razor at first glance.

    80. Speed Junkie

      I actually still have one of these from 20 years ago, and still works lol


      There better be the Pepsi Man theme on that Pepsi Max

    82. Chaz

      who else saw the one nugget say bye-bye and then showed the unicorn? really a good analogy for these nuggets tbh lmao (13:19)

    83. Ene-Chan

      God I love this guy im so happy I found him from the raycon vid he makes headphone reviews so hysterical

    84. Steven Stevenson

      Yo I had one of those pepsi max mp3s, a generic one though, and loved it. Possibly my favorite nugget ever.

    85. Ecktor

      My first mp3 player came free with my dial-up internet, but it’s actually pretty ok and it still works.

    86. Auke Mulder

      my mom had one of these i found it a while ago again there was only brian adams and bon jovi music on it whahah

    87. Ecktor

      0:55 This thing. I have it... ☹️

    88. Joseph Scarpaci

      10:42 my ears cried im in the middle of class but had to watch dankpods one of my favorite australians

    89. BM1x

      0:07 My wife should read that

    90. NebulousTv

      Ok, I wanna say my favourite thing that you do Dank, and that is that at least this is what I think, and it's that you use the silence in the beginning and setting something on the table/speaking as a way to line up Audio/Video.

    91. Airbus A320-214

      Funny how the Diablo had 2 kills in its 2nd vid but the Mojo needed like 70 of them to have just 1...

    92. Pre-Mations

      There all the same They Work together

    93. Lil’ Red Crewmate

      Gatorjunk Kellojunk MPJunk Hyunjunk Pepsijunk Avonjunk Armyjunk Craigjunk

    94. Build Prone

      My grandmother got one of those for me and one for my brother and we both loves them and used them for literally years like almost 7 years.

    95. sir calvin

      ok but...... i sued to have one of the mp3 players, just in rubberized red

    96. retro productions

      i wanna get myself a ferrari nugget

    97. Matt Hunkee

      I feel like you could play copyrighted music when you test the earbuds because the music is so distorted, it may pass FIblock's copyright detector. (BUTDON'TQUOTEMEONTHAT.)

    98. Kristian Nowak

      2:36 Sorry this is upside down, it's an Austrailian thing.

    99. Pwotogen

      Sorry this is upside down it's a Australia thing. Thank.

    100. Ugnius Ugnius

      Craig noooooooo