Blackhawks @ Blue Jackets 4/10/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Chicago Blackhawks at the Columbus Blue Jackets

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    1. david delatorre


    2. cynthia binder


    3. Joseph Lowry

      Great try Blue Jackets great try, you tried your best on the ice.

    4. Samtheman

      Who is this guy which scores cbj third goal?

    5. Pat Ward

      Once again, Lankinen saved the Hawks bacon. He deserves to play on a better team. Those turnovers are unacceptable.

    6. GomoOutdoors

      These announcers are horrible. No excitement whatsoever,

    7. Thomas Latimer

      I’m not a Chicago fan but Lakenen or however you say it is so much better than Subban!

    8. Vesa Robertsson

      Finally someone passes the puck to Laine

    9. Logan Roca

      Columbus.. where talent goes to Die... Torts needs to be fired

    10. Drew Stutz

      This has to be the most apathetic play by play announcer. Blue Jackets fan is it like this every game?

      1. Ben Jones

        I was gonna say the same thing. A dead fish has more energy than that guy.

    11. gimp tomax

      A. Bjorkstrand should not play with Laine. B. I can't believe Domi passed to Laine. I am shocked. It is just so incredibly hard to believe there is a Jacket who actually passed to Laine.

      1. Jamie H

        That's against Tort's plan to just pile into the boards with the puck and hold it there for 60 minutes haha.

    12. jim von feldt

      Neither team will make playoffs so this game did not matter.

    13. Johnny Thomas

      Cbj announcers suck

    14. Ilkka K

      Good goal on the ice, but for me it Look like hole puck wasn't over goal line...🤷

      1. Pat Ward

        They showed the replay a few times. The puck definitely was over the line, just barely

    15. skrewy

      Go blackhawks! 💨

    16. Geovanni Campos

      Go hawks

    17. Duck

      Jackets accidentally gave a good pass to Laine, making him not useless. Tortorella must be furious.

      1. Daniel Salvador

        @Moises Badgley Damn! Took like 10 mins but it reallyworked!!

      2. Moises Badgley

        dunno if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instapwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack :D

      3. Logan Roca

        Fire Torts

    18. Krisjanis Miezis

      As a Jackets fan gotta say Hawks played super well to come back. I think we got a bit too comfortable with those few early goals.

      1. Alex’s Trips

        I was there and the hawks started to play with about 10:00 minutes on the clock in the first period.

    19. Shark o Shak

      Can’t believe laine scored, that is weird to say I never said that a few years ago lol

    20. Lachlan McLean

      Blue Jackets should feed Laine like that more often

      1. valhellion

        Yawn. Game is over, time to home. Good night all, drive safe. See you next time and keep your stick on the ice. No donnybrook on the ice tonight.

      2. john rabe

        @valhellion Yes, CBJ misses the playoffs for a year, congrats? The irony is that I said from the beginning that I agree Torts should go, but I guess you were too caught up in yourself to see that.

      3. valhellion

        Jr; Btw, CBJ is done. Jets are awesome! And so is Canada! And Torts will be packing in no time. Can’t hide behind his 2 jack adams trophy’s forever.

      4. john rabe

        @valhellion Did you just say the team that scored 128 points is hot or cold? You can say that everything is a matter of opinion but the things you said simply are contradictory to statistics. How could Dubois have underachieved if he became one if the top young centers in the league? Yeah slumps do occur when players are unhappy, but if you watched all of the games you would have seen that Laine had plenty of chances to score goals and he would miss the net or shoot it back into the goalie despite having an open net, that's playing poorly. Panarin left because he had always dreamed of living in New York growing up poor in Russia. Bob left because we have a ton of goalie prospects and weren't willing to pay what other teams were. You can act like being Canadian makes you inherently more knowledgeable about everything hockey, but your ignorance is clear.

      5. valhellion

        JR; Everything on these threads is a matter of opinion (and respectful @ that). Imo, Dubois underachieved with Torts and wasn’t happy. When players aren’t happy things like 15 game slumps occur, benching occurs, bad attitudes, etc. Why did Panarin and Dubrovsky bail from CBJ? And comparing playoff hockey to the regular season grind, is comparing different universes. How many times have we seen teams that snuck in to the playoffs go deep or win the Cup; too many to count. And your quote on “ of the greatest teams in history...” or whatever you said; sounds so uninformed that I have to call it out. You need more hockey knowledge! Perhaps coming up to Canada when COVID-19 is over, lacing up and having a game of shinny while talking about the great dynasty teams like: the habs , isles, oilers, red wings, blackhawks, flyers, the leafs (during the dinosaur era). You get the point. The big bad B’s are far from one of the greatest, cuz they’re hot or cold. Ask don cherry. Keep your head up and your stick on the ice. Eh!?

    21. James Harden

      Can the Blue Jackets announcer sound less excited on a goal call.

    22. Patrick McDonnell

      The Hawks timeout happened because they forgot to plug the controller in.

      1. deepak shukla


    23. southsidesky

      Hockey deserves much better announcers.

      1. Samuel Leško

        Watch with chicago announcers ;)

    24. 2buxaslice

      Wow Jackets suck. I just don't see how they will be able to improve. Nobody wants to play for them. They should trade Cam to the Bruins. He went to Boston College so he'd fit in well. Boston can trade a 6th and a 7th for him. The Jackets GM is terrible so he'll take it.

    25. Everr Deadly

      Let subban go in net next game Chicago Blackhawks

      1. James Harden

        That’s a good strategy to fall back further in the standings 😃

    26. Andrew Szutka

      Roslovic has absolutely stolen the show in the “Laine/Dubois” trade. He is in almost every highlight I see of the CBJ’s

      1. valhellion

        Great trade for the Jets! No Torts, No stress for Dubois. He’ll mature well. I feel for Laine.

    27. Izzrr Hawkie

      rocky start for the hawks. great call by coach to use the timeout. turning point of the game. nice to see that the special teams have worked out for us this game. after that timeout, lankinen played well (let’s just forget those 2 early goals) debrincat just out of his mind, and great to see kane of the board again. with nashville losing their game, this game gets us within 2 of a playoff spot. great job kal on ur first goal. next game we gotta work on our start against CBJ. nashville is playing dallas next and we gotta beat CBJ to close out the season series tomorrow. LETS GO HAWKS

      1. Izzrr Hawkie

        @Mark IV yeah we started extremely rough but after those 2 we turned things around. I liked lanks performance overall.

      2. Mark IV

        " (let’s just forget those 2 early goals) " There's nothing to forget: 1. Redirected from the blueline while there's traffic, some of those you catch, others end up into net 2. Lost by Chicago's defence behind the net, unable to regain control of the puck, quick throw to front of goal where player comes all alone from behind Lankinen to bounce it luckily inside the goal Both goals aren't Lankinen's fault really and second one is definately Chicago's defence's error.

      3. david delatorre


    28. jef

      go Hawks!

    29. Diane Stewart

      “Walking in!!!!! Denied!!!” Lol.

    30. TheCat12

      Let’s go!

    31. Ernest Kotsos

      Um.... HUGE win... Great pass by Bovquist... Thank God we have DeBrincat... and now I can relax for 24 hours

      1. Arvin Tabula

        Literally this. Being able to relax for 24 hrs is a blessing with this team!

      2. James Harden

        The Cat has been unstoppable with Kaner...

    32. brander2012

      Wow this is a joke, if you bet in this game, that 3rd goal from chi wasn't a goal, you've been cheated. The score should've been 3 - 3. Ref take over the games

      1. brander2012

        @James Harden you're a joke. Who names their self after nba player, you little simp

      2. brander2012

        @James Harden I'm over it, it's not my teams anyways, parlay issues. Chi was my pick since last game wth dallas. Couldn't make it back on time before the game started, I pick cbj bc they were ahead by two

      3. James Harden

        Wow this comment is a joke notice how it has no likes and 6 replies. The puck clearly crossed the line, don’t be so butthurt. Get over it.

      4. Nick Morrone

        cbj got dominated

      5. Scott Becker

        Even if it was a bad call, the Hawks and every other team have been screwed by bad calls at some point this season. It sucks.

    33. Nate Scranton

      I was at the game

    34. Grant the Umpire

      Go Hawks! Big Win

    35. box back knitties

      Dock serving up a taste of dat der apple sauce

    36. Hock-eye

      Jackets announcer is so unenthusiastic 🙄

      1. Karl Tanner

        @Grant the Umpire Yea. You're absolutely right. Like half of your job as an announcer is to bring the energy and "sell" the game. Any idiot can read names out loud but good announcers make the viewers hyped up for the game. If you're going to sound sleepy and unenthusiastic when your team isn't winning, you're not doing great.

      2. Grant the Umpire

        I hate unenthusiastic announcers. You need to bring the energy as a broadcaster in my opinion

    37. Adrian Bobrowski

      I was first

      1. Diane Stewart

        Good for you! Hawks won!!!

      2. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody asked if you are. It doesn't really matter one bit .

    38. Adrian Bobrowski

      Less go

    39. Adrian Bobrowski

      Hawks winnn!

    40. Adrian Bobrowski


    41. tom kapa

      Nice team win all around

    42. Adrian Bobrowski


      1. devil

        @Adrian Bobrowski make him kid. He is the saying the truth about your pointless comment.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        @Adrian Bobrowski make me shut up. I can reply all I want since your comment is public.

      3. Adrian Bobrowski

        @Reaperguy 67 shut up hater

      4. Reaperguy 67

        Nobody cares about how early you are. You should grow up and quit making a pointless comment.