Blind Channel - Dark Side - LIVE - Finland 🇫🇮 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021

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    Blind Channel represented Finland in the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Dark Side
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    1. Eurovision Song Contest

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      1. Melina Panayi

        Σας λατρεύουμε

      2. Robertas Juodžiukynas

        You know i’m barely every single night thinking about exact thing in yours song (my daughter say)

      3. Malfoy

        Love it

      4. Anu Kauppala


      5. BADMON

        they are good but maneskin are on another level

    2. FBK_Eddie15 SHL


    3. YuuShimizu

      Just perfect

    4. Aleksander Pagels

      The guy on the keyboard headbanging is such a mood

    5. Ton Honsson

      Im glad that im finnish

    6. Flyingcolumn

      finland:PUT YOUR MIDDLE FINGERS UP germany: uno reverse card

    7. Melissa Can

      SUOMI OLI PARAS🤟🏻🤟🏻🔥🔥🔥

    8. Sandwich Master7

      the intro is the best part

    9. TuZu

      3:12 Hoo! :DDDD

    10. mikoy huio

      Sorry Italy, but this one is much better 😍😍😍 🇫🇮

      1. geometry player

        ja ketjut kävi yli taikka remmit yli tällai ja tuolla alipuolella ne oli solmuissa joita mä en missään nimessä oisi saanu auki. Ja se oli ihan kauheeta ensin alkuun, mä tämmöstäkö on hoito. Ja tällaiko hoidetaan että mä haluan täältä heti pois. Mutta sitten mä rupesin ajattelemaan vaan että olkoon, se ei ollu semmonen turvallisuutta lisäävä kokemus kyllä, että mä sanoin, että minkä takia minut sidotaan ja mä en pääse vessaan ja kukaan ei auta vaikka mä huutasin kuinka kovaa. Kukaan ei mua auta, että mun täytyy pissata tonne vaippoihin ja sitten oli jopa että täyty kakata. Ja se oli minusta ihan kauheeta. Sitä kesti pari päivää taisi kolmekin päivää, mutta kaks oli ainakin

    11. милка и пима

      Очень круто мне очень понравилось.Фины достойны первого места!

    12. Anastasija 4- ever

      Finland its great

      1. mikoy huio

        Italy No.1 Finland No.2.🥇🥈

    13. Anastasija 4- ever

      My favorit its san Marino end serbien end Cyperns Azerbajdzjan

    14. Finn War

      Absolutely degenerate song and a huge shame for all Finnish and Finnic people.

    15. Edvis Dom

      Tu pro

    16. Doom Henchman


    17. Helene Rosenblad


    18. Dejan Jokic

      butifal song

    19. Alex Lijzenga

      Perfect song

    20. xrrxy vvoi

      Это ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕ. Зашла написать, что это единственная песня, которую буду переслушивать, и натыкаюсь на такие же комменты

    21. Dajana Tomic

      Just YES

    22. Hitechic Иванищев


      1. Wild Panda

        @xrrxy vvoi nie, rosyjskie polne gówno

      2. xrrxy vvoi

        Wy mieliscie wygrać

    23. Tolkyn Khazhimukhan

      A powerful performance, and not only vocally!

    24. Анисимов Алексей

      From Russia - with love )

    25. Kim Tori

      Блин, почему эти ребята не победили? Песня шикарная!

    26. Екатерина Курлова

      Почему Финляндия не выиграла, они куда лучше спели англечане

    27. hel

      Italy No.1 Finland No.2.🥇🥈

    28. Anne-Lii Aus

      Love you!

    29. Seppo Aitta-Aho

      Finland!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    30. Jey Maas


    31. TheWassag

      This song was so much better than the shitty italian song

    32. Stefan


    33. Antonia Herrera

      La diferencia abismal entre los votos del jurado y de la audiencia. La gente quiere rock y pasárselo bien. 🤘🤘🤘

    34. Linus Feng

      who likes rock!

    35. Jasper Humpsman

      Эта песня настолько дерьмова, что не дотягивает даже до песен из 2007 года этого же жанра.Лучше б уже расмусов каких-то послали.

    36. Anna Kakkola

      Blind Channel♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    37. Ewa Sieniawska

      Wy mieliscie wygrać

    38. Angela ashley

      This is amazing 🤟🏻Love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿❤️🇫🇮

    39. minij hooi

      Психанула и теперь оно у меня на звонке стоит. Каждый раз, когда кто-то звонит, танцую секунд 15, а потом только отвечаю

      1. El Bel

        Я тоже пожалуй поставлю

    40. Hilla Viitanen

      This should have been won

      1. Törp Mörp

        Well, it was won by 5 countries

    41. Kassu 1000

      Finland is best

      1. minij hooi

        Pseudo Linkin Parkor P.O.D.... Nothing special. Dark look... but gay song.

    42. CLRKKK Ati

      In my opinion eurovision winner from TURKEY

    43. Sabina


    44. 0x777

      Finland didn't receive a single 12 point vote from the Jury and only 2 10 pointers. Finland got 3 times 12 points from public vote, with only one country giving no points. Could we finally get rid of the idiots in the ivory tower? Apparently they have no idea what the viewers actually want to see in the ESC.

    45. sophie alex

      if you were a linkin park fan , you definately can understand this vibe in this amazing song!!! LOVE IT !!!!!!! Greetings from Greece !!!

    46. Наталья Ребрык

      Лучше бы они выиграли, я за них болела ! Когда увидела что выиграла Италия была вне себя от злости и так материлась что думала, что мои соседи в час ночи вызовут карабинеров

    47. Kik Keli

      Lol this sounds so much like linkin parks that one song, what a copycats

    48. Don’t Know

      There’s 2 types of showing middle fingers to someone: Finland and Germany

      1. Ptao Tom

        As an Italian, I can say they're very cool

    49. Tinja Nylund

      Ootte ihan parhaita uskokaa tai älkää. Italia oli nuud ja te olitte Pro🥰🥰

    50. Zümrüt Cankurt

      I am a metalhead and also like rock but sorry I don't like the song.Finland generally understand good metal/rock music but nope it isn't good.

      1. Törp Mörp

        I think I might live with an idea you have an opinion of your own. Maybe. I’ll try, but it may not be easy. I can’t guarantee anything.

      2. Zümrüt Cankurt

        @Auvo Mesilampi just like you

      3. Auvo Mesilampi

        Maybe there’s too much metal in your head

      4. Justine Motionless

        @Zümrüt Cankurt Excuse me did I say something rude to you? I just left my opinion here just like you. And sorry but your comment wasn't respectfull at all. You said a sentence 'nope it isn't good' like its the only way to think about 'Dark Side'. You could just add 'imo' but no. And yes not every single person's gonna agree with you, be mature enough to understand that.

      5. Zümrüt Cankurt

        @Justine Motionless FIblock is free if your comment has a respect you can comment every video in there.There is no rule in there.I don't care you get it or not.If you are mature enough you can read comments forgivingly.Everyone don't have to agree with you just be mature and accept this

    51. Наталья Кузнецова

      Было бы возможно поставить миллион лайков- поставила бы !!!🤘💣🌋🚀🌠🔥

    52. good life

      Позеры какие-то

    53. 0x777

      What made that song even better is that it was right after the German song. Which also serves as an excuse for the 0 points Germany got. People simply forgot about their song after hearing this.

    54. Tina Frizz

      Как я за вас болела… эх((( Вы все равно лучшие!!!

    55. Edmund Tory

      horrible. highschool level

      1. Justine Motionless

        Get out of here hater, I saw your comments before it's just boring.

    56. Ramedzik

      Pseudo Linkin Parkor P.O.D.... Nothing special. Dark look... but gay song.

      1. Sara Brenna

        Gay is a sexual orientation not an insult. This is 2021, grow up.

      2. Justine Motionless

        @Ramedzik I don't know P.O.D. but I know Linkin Park and even Mike Shinoda himself said that Blind Channel sounds nothing like LP.

      3. Ramedzik

        @Justine Motionless that is true, this is copy of old P.O.D tracks, like Alive. Everyone say that.

      4. Justine Motionless

        But why you had to say it? Is your life better after this comment? Btw it's just your opinion and we don't have to agree with it.

    57. Mariam Grigoryan

      Greetings from Armenia,guys,you really killed it!!! Awesome performance and song!!!!

    58. Ekaterina Cobain

      лучшие, Лучшие, ЛУЧШИЕ!!!!! the BEEEEEST!!!!

    59. Attila Csikos

      Damn! They spitting flames!

    60. Леся Саренко

      Пісня клас, побільше б таких

    61. rosario muntoni

      MÅNESKIIIIN!!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🎉🎊🎉🎊

    62. Cassie

      This was so much better than the french song lmao - a french person

    63. Juliana #1

      My personal favourites: Italy Finland Ukraine From United kingdom

      1. Cassie

        Thanks For More Blind Channel fanis

    64. Jana Avtusko

      Порвали , хвала😍

    65. theEvilQueen

      The Real winners!!!!!😍😍😍😍

    66. JaLe - Bros

      I think Finnland place 1

    67. Best Gamers

      This is best song

    68. Alda Hoxha

      Tout I'univers,Last dance ,Loco Loco ,Dark Side,Adrenalina are the winners songs

    69. Eemeli Soikkeli

      Tunnen kaikki

    70. Eemeli Soikkeli

      Kiertää mailmalla

    71. Александр Стратан

      Музыка действительно классная, но, поют они немного фальшиво, наверное потому и не вошли в топ - 5

      1. Jade Rose

        Во первых, это выступление с полуфинала. И этот свой полуфинал ПО ЗРИТЕЛЯМ они ВЫИГРАЛИ. Во вторых, ПО ЗРИТЕЛЬСКОМУ ГОЛОСОВАНИЮ в финале они были ЧЕТВЁРТЫЕ.

    72. Maryla _fe

      Io ADORO il metal rock Finlandese 🖤🖤🖤

    73. zaklina bajic


    74. Мария Кузьмина

      Как напоминает Linking Park

    75. player  Άγγελος


      1. LuminarRL

        Σκάσε γαμάτο είναι απλά δεν έχεις γούστο και ακούς μόνο θαγκ σλαιμ

    76. bodoti qwiu

      Italy Finland Ukraine my personal top three :)

    77. Hallvard Sandnes

      F****ing great!

    78. Anette Ahvonen

      aaaaaaaaa Eurovision

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Cool performance, you won by all means!

    79. Anette Ahvonen

      Thanks For More Blind Channel fanis

    80. stary2k

      im finnish, and im happy of this song performing but i still enjoyed italys sing mire than this and lithuanias was also very good 🇫🇮🇮🇹🇱🇹

    81. kind bear

      Better in my life 💙🤍

    82. Uros Milosavljevic

      Start of the song didn't had auto tune 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


      Вот они победители !

    84. Senni Niskanen


    85. Ronaldas Ma�iulskas


    86. Exegate

      Best of the best

    87. Donald Trumpet

      Im just watching esc for finland every year

    88. Marion Blue

      strange that they didn't give Finland so much credit. As soon as you hear the song it never goes out of your head xD Love from Italy guys!

      1. geometry player

        kukaan ei mua auta, että mun täytyy pissata tonne vaippoihin ja sitten

      2. diidie 222

        Ciao marion

      3. marina andersson

        ♥️ from🇫🇮🤘

    89. Laima Čekanauskaite

      привет дяде мреку от ивана

    90. Eva Lumholme

      Yey 😍

    91. Ana Clara Galán Carrión

      No no no italy is ugly

    92. MerS_

      Cool performance, you won by all means!

    93. MerS_

      I watched Eurovision only now. You should have won first place 100%, because I'm sorry for the translation from Russia

    94. rudy pil

      Maneskin only Maneskin !

      1. Törp Mörp

        the gays’ choice. They had so nice glittering outfits too…

      2. rudy pil

        @Justine Motionless im sorry for my comment.

      3. Justine Motionless

        So go listen to Måneskin.

    95. Joanna

      I'm from Italy and I voted for these guys! These Finnish boys totally rock! Is such a pleasure to listen to real rock right now. Go on Finland!! 🖤

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Жалко Финляндия не победила, она достойна первого места

    96. rosee


    97. Camilla


      1. Joanna

        How that not win?

    98. LuminarRL

      If lordi and linkin park had a kid

    99. smiley

      that's how we say thank you in finland 3:12

      1. La La


    100. Scht Foxy & Kht Taynas Mystery

      Hyvä pojat!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥