Blind Channel - Dark Side - LIVE - Finland 🇫🇮 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

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    Blind Channel represented Finland at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Dark Side
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    1. Isabel Gomez

      Ami me ha. Gustado

    2. Alluskiw

      Blind channel is best

    3. Alluskiw

      Thats the best


      The best music for evrovision in 2021. How can you not be ashamed that you did not give it the first place

    5. liriettrod

      I'm from latin America but this is the only songs that matter in Eurovision lmao Finland always with the great music 👍🏻👌🏻

    6. lisek chrystusek

      Maneskin vibing at 1:16

    7. Jasmine


    8. Shamen De Silva

      Still i cant get this out of my head..totally addicted ❤❤boom👊

    9. Светлана Теплякова


    10. Mesgeve

      Love from Turkey ✨

    11. Вратарское искуство.

      Так нельзя.

    12. Соломія Гладиш


    13. andjusticeforall

      Extremely boring.. do your rap in your home. Stay away from rock and metal sound

      1. andjusticeforall

        @Cherryj it's fine.

      2. Cherryj

        @andjusticeforall maybe we are not interested of your opinion

      3. andjusticeforall

        @Atika Imran im not capable of making metal rock. I only have ears and qualify the good and bad for my listening experiences..

      4. Atika Imran

        So come and teach them yourself if it's boring. 🙄

    14. Kate Apostol

      Я думаю если рассматривать категорию рока, то эти ребята намного лучше выступили, чем итальянцы У итальянцев нет никакой особой изюминки в музыке, всем больше понравилась их внешность

      1. Kate Apostol

        А здесь в музыке есть огонёк, присущий истинному року

    15. Georgy2001

      I don't even like rock music, but I can't help listening this song everyday! Love from Greece!

    16. apokont 2011

      I just love that (hard) Rock-Metal music is again on spot after so many years... Release the Kraken🤘🤘🤘

    17. Iisakki Jefimoff

      Hyvä Suomi👏👏👏👏👏

    18. Μαρκέλλα Μπούση

      The Winner is 🇫🇮Finland ❤😍

    19. Olof Olofsson

      Finaly a rock song that you can heat the lyrics and sing along to.

    20. HECTORm CC

      So great song . 1000000000 times better than Italy. Big hugs from Amsterdam

    21. piero radicchio

      Limp Bizkit emulator!

    22. dandick

      blind channel>>>>>... måneskin

    23. Lance Wilson

      Amazing! 🇫🇮 from 🇳🇱

    24. Артемий Просвирнин

      sound like Hollywood undead

    25. Asia Chiecchi

      Secondo me, anche se sono italiana, i blind Channel🇫🇮 avrebbero potuto anche arrivare a contendersi la finale con i Maneskin🇮🇹

      1. jen.


    26. cherry1311

      Who watched Eurovision 2006 and come to here after ?

    27. The Chase is Better than the Catch

      They should've won Eurovision 2021. Fight me.

      1. The Chase is Better than the Catch

        @Brix Cer yes, any rocker who knows rock deeply and understands what are the basic parts of a rock song, how are the songs builded etc. can easily say that maneskin ain't rock.

      2. Brix Cer

        @The Chase is Better than the Catch and you somehow decide what is rock and what isn't?

      3. The Chase is Better than the Catch

        @Brix Cer but that's the thing. Italy had the non rock song. They represent them as rock and roll, but their imagery is rock and roll, not the music. No matter what they say but their music is alt pop/indie, their looks is something else. People today think that if they listen to maneskin, they are rockers, but they ain't. There's no shame in listening to them but if you do don't call yourself a rocker.

      4. Brix Cer

        I almost 100% think that Finland would have won if Italy had a non rock song. Which is sad but Italy was still deserving I think

      5. Misty Wolf

        @The Chase is Better than the Catch I definitely see where gojtd coming from and I agree to a certain extent

    28. Undertaker

      2:20 help my heart pls ;-;

    29. Yasmine Smith

      If Blind Chanel won, wouldn´t complain

    30. peliukko

      Mailman paras biisi!

    31. joutsen parvi

      I Love it i love it 😭😍

    32. Кирилл Хотелев

      I realised that Blind Channel made a lot of fire in their entry to make us also blind 😂

    33. Carla Gugino Topic

      I don't like metal but this song is awesome!!! I prefer this than the maneskin song....

    34. Anna Laulumaa

      We are

    35. Sam Millar

      My friend told me he hates this entry with a passion and when I heard that, I put my middle finger up

    36. Pogo niara

    37. Ar Seni

      Это потрясающе!!! Хоть я и не смотрю Евровидение, славься Яндекс. Музыка, что подкинула этот шедевр!

    38. 0x777

      A song like a pizza cutter...

    39. Marina Radchenko

      Это шикарно, можно слушать бесконечно 💓

    40. Åsa M Karlsson


    41. Sofia O

      Can we just take a moment and appreciate their vocals? I don't hear many people talking about it.

      1. Misty Wolf

        You can talk to me about their vocals all day long 😂🖤🖤

    42. Jamila Baba

      zo beatevol ik bedoel zo mooi ik kan alleen niet zo goed Engels maar ik hoop dat ik het leer

    43. Finn Leonard

      This is was Finland's second best result ever in Eurovision. I'm so happy for them :D

    44. 🖤blindchannel videot🖤

      Nään blindchannelin huomenna en malta oottaaa😫🖤🖤

    45. edg222

      this is just to good this part 2:24-2:40 gave me chills!

    46. Adskadi

      Aivan 1000000000/1000000000

    47. Javier Calderón

      Guitar guy stolen mid show :()

    48. pikafy

      воу, это чертовски круто

    49. Toscas


    50. Ekua Osei

      Blind Channel 🤝 Måneskin 🤝 Go_A Ultimate power trio

      1. KajanaLand


    51. Ekua Osei

      Fave of this year. I now listen to all of their songs.

      1. Cely Fraga

        Me too!

    52. Ahti Ulanen

      Honestly worst finnish eurovision song ever

      1. Ahti Ulanen

        @Sanna K. sanotaanko näin että suomen jokanen entry on ollu täyttä kurapaskaa mutta tää vie paskimman entryn kruunun ikinä.

      2. Sanna K.

        Ai ja Loirin huilubiisi aikoinaan ym. vastaavat on sitten olleet parhaita?? 🤣😂

      3. Ahti Ulanen

        @PensseliPoeka ihan täyttä electro paskaa se oli, olis ansainnu viimesen sijan

      4. PensseliPoeka

        oli se tarpeeks hyvä finaaliin

    53. finn Wiegmann

      After a Long time without Good Artists this guys and maneskin absolutely nailed it.

    54. Jolanta Michalovskaja

      Love this so much. Reminds me of Linkin Park best songs...

    55. Kara

      In my opinion, this was best song Finalnd has ever performed in eurovision. I didn’t like Hard rock hallelujah this much :D

      1. KajanaLand

        Exactly! The whole FinTeam did a great show, never ever seen this quality before.

    56. maNga Fan

      Benim bitti

      1. şevval ama N ile

        benim de

      2. yağfer dostluğuNdan isteyeN bir deli

        Benim de

    57. maNga Fan

      Sonra hangi şarkıya gidiyoruz

      1. zeyNep😛

        @maNga Fan sarı kurdelelere gidiyoruz gel

      2. maNga Fan

        @şevval ama N ile gitdiniz mi

      3. yağfer dostluğuNdan isteyeN bir deli

        @şevval ama N ile gidelimm

      4. maNga Fan

        @şevval ama N ile olur

      5. şevval ama N ile

        Kimse konuşamadı - eskitilmiş yaz'a gidelim mi

    58. zeyNep😛

      Rocka rap diyenler ne zaman bitecek

      1. şevval ama N ile

        Bence bitmeyecek LSBZHSKSBSGSKSP

    59. maNga Fan

      Ben geldim

      1. zeyNep😛

        Ben de

      2. şevval ama N ile

        Ben de

    60. Lucas Reid

      Not gonna lie, they're the one who lift up the mood.

    61. Gramofontaine

      Cheesy rock

    62. Aresu/AnimeMaster

      Trully winners

    63. Пелагея Дьяконова


    64. Wiki Szachsznajder

      Jak ja mogłam to uważać za glupie to jest k***a cudowne tak samo jak Italia

    65. The Anime Girl

      Eurovision ended 2 months ago but I'm still here jumping while singing Dark side, such fun

    66. yağmur özbey

      2021 1. rap şarkı 6. rap şarkı 2010 manga rap şarkı ama 2. mantıkner de ya

      1. şevval ama N ile

        Rap ve rock'ı ayırt etmek zor olmamalı

      2. b......c

        Rap değil ki rock.

    67. Chris Redfield

      This song is actually a crossover of James Bond with Resident Evil ☣️🇫🇮

    68. Mudkip4ever ?

      That junp on 2:30 is so clean

      1. Mudkip4ever ?


    69. Moribax

      To be honest, they remind me more of The Rasmus than of any hard-rock/metal band.

      1. Moribax

        @Sanna K. Nope, just my honest impression. At least from this song they seem more pop-rock than actual hard rock. The Rasmus and H.I.M. are the ones that I find closer to them

      2. Sanna K.

        Are u kidding me? lol

    70. 6LecraM9

      Uh uh uh join .🖕

    71. X López

      Best Eurovisión sont VERE

    72. Ahmethan Karsli

      This is number 1

    73. Mosheh The Chosen

      Look like: Korn Instruments sound like: Linkin Park Singers like: Limp bizkit which btw sucked. But overall as a metalhead not bad ...

    74. Ira_Mira

      Крутецкие финны!

    75. junji's blue eye contacts

      on a level, I'm writing join on the back of my bass guitar purely because of this song

    76. jxlia _rlm

      Just imagine hearing that live omg 😳😍

      1. jxlia _rlm

        @kïįā ꧁꧂ Respectfully, I am really jealous 🥺

      2. kïįā ꧁꧂

        i'm gonna hear it live in few weeks hahah

    77. Huseyn Kuliev

      Insane and cool!

    78. Sergei20051988 Смолин


    79. Трифон Трифонов

      Everybody: Nu metal is dead! Finland: Sends a Nu Metal song to Eurovision 2021 and gets 6th place!

    80. ~ Søne4ka~


    81. MrVempire666

      Refrain is been copied by band System of a down and the song TOXICITY

    82. Ридвин


    83. MajestyJ

      Finland and Italy this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    84. Chai Chan

      Finland was very generous with the pyrotechnics

    85. Надя


    86. Таня Чемериська


    87. Someone

      you can tell they were definitely inspired by linkin park :) i love it

    88. Pekka Melleri

      mun mielestä tää on paras biisi mitä Suomesta on ikinä lähetetty Euroviisuihin

    89. Кот Василий

      В моём плейлисте и сердечке❤️

    90. cem popit

      Good muziek

    91. Noay HD

      bestes lied was ich jeh gehört hab :)

    92. Pam Challinor

      Guys it should have been yours. Brilliant. X

    93. Bratu

      1:55 that guitar move hella clean

    94. Maksim Novikov

      They are actually as good as Manskin!

    95. Valentina Azzini

      Bellissima, carica e coinvolgente. A parere mio un po' una crasi tra i nostri Linea 77 e i Linking Park.

    96. Fullsun Fanboy

      nu metal is back hell yeah lol

    97. Nekuuu

      I love this


      perfect blend of pop and rock

    99. Vanessa Chelli

      Me: ... My metal parents: That's so cute oh my god 😍

    100. GTR R34

      I'm Italian, I voted for blind channel Sorry for my bad english