BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT - Paint The Sky With Blood (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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    Pre-order "Paint The Sky With Blood":
    out April 23rd
    Bodom After Midnight is:
    Alexi Laiho - vocals and guitars
    Daniel Freyberg - guitars
    Mitja Toivonen - bass
    Waltteri Väyrynen - drums
    Session keyboards by Vili Itäpelto
    Produced by Joonas Parkkonen and Bodom After Midnight
    Recorded by Joonas Parkkonen at Finnvox Studios and iStudio, Helsinki
    Mixed by Mikko Karmila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
    Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki
    Director, Editor, Producer Ykä Järvinen
    DOP Juge Heikkilä F.S.C.
    1st AC Jarkko Liikanen
    Gaffer Sami Mäntymaa
    Lighting Technician Tatu Tuominen
    Band hair & make-up Kaisa Pätilä
    Colorist Timo Luomanen/Post Control
    Master Of The Universe Susanna Laamanen
    Band Management: Jouni Markkanen/Grey Beard Concerts & Management
    Thanks to Ville Väänänen/Valofirma, Kamerafirma, Manu Haapala/Krotkin Mirrors, Tomi Riionheimo/Indie Films, Terhi Ylimäinen, Sanna Mäkynen, Elmu

    Julkaistu 13 päivää sitten


    1. Tyler Ryoppy

      Even though he looked in horrible pain during his last days he still put on the best performances he could he poured his heart out and refused to stop shredding what an absolute legend R.I.P wherever you are Wildchild

    2. TheCow467

      This is the most metal music video ever. It was made by a dying man.

    3. JDBarraza

      When I saw Bodom in concert 3 times in one weekend in 2019, I was front row and experiencing a happiness I hadn't felt in a long time. I cry every time I think about how I'll never get to experience that again. It was truly some of the happiest times I've ever had in my life.

    4. Floyd Flops

      forever in our hearts \m/

    5. Charlie A. Franco

      I listen to this everyday!!!!

    6. Maddie

      Those drums are MASSIVE!

    7. Javier Arrieta

      This is what being immortal means

    8. Kajal Varma

      We love you Alexi ❤️

      1. Cassie

        классная группа

    9. Elric of Melniboné

      RIP Alexi

      1. Cassie

        Hatecrew till the day I die... And beyond!

    10. Владимир Граждан

      Светлая память Алекси!

    11. Lizard beast

      Has anyone started a conversation yet about, whom did Alexi mean by the "my three furies"? Could it be seen as a metaphore to people in his life, or just a metaphore to some feelings that got him going on? 🤔 It really guts me knowing he died alone, with probable discomfort and weakness. May he rest in peace. Thinking about him almost everyday, as I did at the time when he lived his guitar hero life.

    12. Leonardo Picado

      RIP ALEXI still miss you to this day forever in all our hearts

    13. sylvmili

      More alive than ever 💪

    14. Heeri Konba

      Better later than never. RIP metal Prince.

    15. Matt Roberts

      Man what the hell? Where has this been the last 15 years? If Alexi were still alive I'd invite him to come live with me and my mom (we have lots of junk food and no filter on the internet)

    16. lowend365

      So sad! Alexi looks terrible in this. Definitely not the way I'd like to remember him. The song is a banger, tho. Crying shame more wasn't done with this band before he passed.

    17. Shred

      Killer guitar tones....RIP Alexi

    18. Cassie

      Покойся с миром Алекси, Ты всегда будешь в наших сердцах!

    19. Jesse Franks

      Someone help me out, is that Rupee Latvala or someone else doing the second solo?

      1. Hairul Aidil

        Daniel Freyberg. But if you want some Roope and Alexi guitar solo battles do check out Sinergy's To Hell And Back and Suicide By My Side albums

      2. Geir Oddbjørn Kråkholm

        It's a guy named Daniel Freyberg 🤘

    20. ekyxor

      2:42 sounds like Alexi took this part from All Twisted and twisted it around a bit, and the guitar goes on a wild twister around his neck on this part at 2:50, here is the part on All Twisted

      1. Hairul Aidil

        Even the chorus sounds a bit of Mask of Sanity.

    21. Fabiano Barros


      1. Fabiano Barros

        @Cassie thanks🖤🔥

      2. Cassie

        Alexi was my childhood, can't believe he is gone. Words are at a loss. Rest in peace!

    22. HectorLoomis

      Hatecrew till the day I die... And beyond!

    23. natali dvoreckaja

      классная группа

    24. The AmericanFook

      I regret never seeing CoB in concert so much now

    25. Андрей Рогозинский

      Финский Лёха земля тебе пухом!!!!....Очень жаль....ООООоооооочень... Озеро Бодом будет тебе покоем для меня и для любителей в мелоди-дэт ,как симфония, облагораживая и созирцая в мире MELODI -DEATH Metal

    26. Micah Blomgren


    27. Yani Stancheva

      Почивай в мир, идоле 💔😔

    28. Nikke Hannula

      This is the best!!🤘🎸🎸 kevyet mullat Alexi Laiho🎸🙏🤘

    29. Seven oCRAM

      Ride on crazy fuckers 🤘😷🤟

    30. Emrah Otlu

      Legend Alexi... I miss you very much.

    31. William S

      Like Bowie, he let his music do the talking until the very end no matter how unwell. Both passed away within weeks of their latest clips without having all of us worry about them and just let us enjoy their music instead. RIP Alexi.

    32. Dominik Baudner

      It makes me sad knowing that he has passed away, he was only three years older than men. I started listening to his music since "Something Wild" and when I was about 17-18 years old I really got hooked on Children Of Bodom. Great music, great guys. RIP Alexi

    33. TheIzaam

      Superb. Oh, man, we will fucking miss all the LP's he could release.

    34. zijuiy wttuy

      This is Children Of Bodom on steroids, this was the path COB had to go. What a swansong, Alexi, and this is just a single, not the full album. RIP Alexi Laiho.

    35. KVLT OV HELL

      What a track! Dude quits like a champ! Rest in POWER!!! ⛏🇫🇮 💪🏼

    36. Shitstain Barbie

      Alexi was my childhood, can't believe he is gone. Words are at a loss. Rest in peace!

    37. tedats

      Don't Cry For Me Argentina..

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        R.I.P. Wild Child

    38. tommi karsikas

      Alexi, whatta hell... this song is just genius.

    39. Space Chief

      You could see it in his face a bunch of times throughout the video... man's in absolute discomfort and was very very frail. Of course, the metal monster he was, he still stood up and put on one last show for us, and one we could watch over and over. Rest easy big guy, the pain's gone now. We'll keep fighting like you told us to.

    40. Paweł Geryk

      i stopped watching video in half he looks really tired in this video :(, but kept listening, much better than latest CoB albums i have strange feel that he planned all this things pretty well Cob end Bodom After Midnight(the name also have some call) video just before death He felt it

    41. smallfaucet

      More views than Moon shot LOL

    42. smallfaucet

      Anyone keep dreaming they're hanging out with Alexi?? Jaska too......WTH? It's cool to hang with them but sux too.

    43. marko suutari

      Suomalainen mies

    44. Sinis Me

      This is all about Alexi But wtf is wrong with that bassist?

    45. lance stufflebeam

      I legit can't watch this without crying

    46. Michal Novak


    47. Josh Wood

      Rest in piece to my and many others guitar hero. Thanks for all the incredible music over these chaos ridden years. COBHC for fucking life

    48. RogerThat

      3:45 This part will ring in my head forever.

    49. Aurinkohelmi

      Really happy to hear how this is closer to old Bodom. #RIP

    50. Eetu Sironen

      This song has everything. It is mindblowing how good this is!

    51. phazonprincess

      RIP legend, amazing legacy that is immortal

    52. AW Guitar Room

      R.I.P. Wild Child

    53. Kev EX

      I'm not even sure what to say. It still doesn't feel real that you're gone Alexi...

    54. Lestor

      I miss you, Alexi! You were my main guitar inspiration and guitar god!

    55. ZybeZ

      Should've called the band "Men of Bodom" would be hilarious.

    56. Вася Пупкин

      Кайф✊ леха в моем сердце навсегда!

    57. Ask to seduce Miss

      From Loudwire's interview with Daniel i learned that this video was shot 9-10 days before Alexi passed away... Hard to believe

    58. Geo Strife

      Man....what an exit! Alexi's mark will live on forever! We existed alongside with this legend!

    59. Michael Batts

      My favorite guitarist! RIP Wildchild!

    60. Bradley Gavel

      This is peak alexi, this could easily be hate crew part 2. Rest in peace, there will never be another

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        RIP Alexi, see you on the other side

    61. pete M3rlin

      Loved the new COB BAM ! Better then the settled down guys that didnt gave a fuck for him. But...Then I just started spilling tears..................

    62. Brad Veneklase


    63. Karla Guzman

      Rolon, me gusto! Definitivamente su talento iba seguir teniendo éxito. Descansa en paz Alexi, mal por nosotros que te vamos a extrañar.

    64. Friedrich Van Egas

      I will follow The Reaper. Forever. Rest in Peace Alexi Laiho!

    65. Dave Renz


    66. Fin Kele

      Last guitar much potential in this band but reality checked in. I will be listening Alexi until the reaper calls me.

    67. Marionettetc

      From hyper Neo classical metal with screamed vocals in the beginning, to his power metal work with Sinergy onto pioneering melodic blackened death metal, I'm glad I was a metal fan during his entire career. Rip Alexi and Children of Bodom. You've meant a lot to myself and many others.

      1. Marionettetc

        @Yeah I'm a Troll And I Luv' It! who was doing what he was doing before?

      2. Yeah I'm a Troll And I Luv' It!

        Alexi never pioneered melodic blackened death.

    68. Neem Noa

      I think 10-20 years from now, people will look back and realize he was one of the greatests of all time. We were blessed to have him here with us.

      1. Trippin Nightowl

        why in 10-20years? we already do all know that


      Alexi was a legend. This broke my heart a little, but I'm glad to hear it.

    70. barbar bar


    71. Vilpitön Kuolema

      R. I. P Alexi Wild Child Laiho

    72. Randy Meullier

      I don't believe in all that god shit or after life but it'd be cool if we could trade trump and get Alexi back.

    73. александр чайка

      Прощальная песня... Даже в таком состоянии выкладывается на все 200процентов

    74. Giovanni Di Pinto

      Happy b-day Alexi ♥

    75. mAnuS' Tube

      RIP Alexi, see you on the other side

    76. Alcobolic youcobit youlivedying forit

      Big hug! HB! Forever a friend! Thank you for giving us so much! Always my Savior! Alexi!

    77. lldma

      Прекрасно исполнено!Но мы больше никогда его не услышим......это печально

    78. Radek Giżyński

      The track is reminiscent of previous COB songs. Just what I liked the most. My heart is bursting with Alexi playing somewhere else. Thanks to Alexi, your music gave me a kick and made me go back to playing with the band. For me you will live forever !!!

    79. MrShadowflasher

      Damn! This sounds like something from the Follow the Reaper album but with a little tint of Black Metal. This genius still had a lot to offer to the world....

    80. Jonathan Batista


    81. Jochem

      this is a bittersweet moment for me, but its really special his voice can be heard after death. Rest in power my ass, resonate in power! or live on in power or something. You get the point

    82. Małgorzata Woroch

      swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy zespol bodom after midnight

    83. soinu foig

      will be so, so missed.

    84. Алексей Бурцев

      Cool band! R.I.P. Alexi! Today I drink to you!!!

    85. Sergey Zavarsky

      Огонь👍🤘 R.I.P. Alexi😔

    86. HectorLoomis

      He looks sick like he can barely move and the look in his eyes it's like he already knew and was just waiting...

      1. Vinay Mulukutla

        @Devotheus The song The River by Finnish heavy metal group Sentenced is about the struggles of alcoholism. It's a great song as is this one but is hard to listen to sometimes.

      2. Devotheus

        Well, as his countryman... if you drink so much you shit and vomit blood and get hospitalized for weeks because of it and still continue to drink and go through this multiple times and still continue drinking, it's just a matter of time when your liver and pancreas will fail, and they WILL. Ville Valo was on the same road years ago. And they are not the only finnish musicians struggling with the king alcohol.

      3. HectorLoomis

        @izzy55556 I found out he passed away on my birthday happy birthday to me it was horrible I couldn't believe it he was one of my idols he got me through high School RIP Alexi u will be missed

      4. izzy55556

        And still managed to play and sing his fucking heart out, what a legend

    87. Darryl Woodbury

      This song is bittersweet. It's an incredible song, but it's one of the last few new songs we'll ever hear from Alexi. His death tore me apart. He was the one who motivated me to pick up a guitar and learn how to play. RIP Alexi. You're going to be missed by many.

      1. smallfaucet

        That shit fawked me up too man......I have dreams I'm hanging out with him even though I never met him or had even seen them live......fawking regret that hell too!

      2. soinu foig

        Happy 42nd Birthday Alexi!!! \m/ RIP

    88. GamingNorth

      Thank you for your awesome music Alexi! A fan for 20 years! Seen you live 8 times! Loved every second!

    89. matt quev

      42 years ago today a music genius was born. happy bday alexi!!! good news you can party and drink as much as you want up there R.I.P

    90. Tanja Starken

      Happy Birthday, Alexi - thanks for making the world better!

    91. alexander de wit

      aperantly this video was recorded 9-10 days before his passing :'( Rest In Peace alexi :(

    92. dzordz

      Today would have been 42, Happy Birthday Wildchild

    93. Juan Guerrero

      Similar -all twisted ALEXI THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!! 🤘

    94. Pounder Polizzo

      I think the reaper said "nope" when he saw Alexi and gave him back to us!


      This is children of bodom Alexi 😭 powerfull , amazing , no words

    96. Romi Hel

      I can't help but feel the same sadness I felt when i watched Queen's "These Are the Days of our Lives"... Both were about to leave this earth, they knew it deep inside their hearts, and still they gave it all one last time... 😭🤘🏻🔥 I hope you soul can rest now dear Allu, you will be my guitar god forever...🙏🏻✨🎸

    97. eduardo0796

      I can only sit and think "what could have been?". RIP Alexi and thank you for this last one. It was amazing.

    98. Martijn Pels

      This was 10 days before he passed away 😢 he really died at the top of his game. 🤘

      1. Nathanelsematters

        Only 10 days, really? Damn..

      2. RogerThat

        Yeah. He really was at his peak in the end.

    99. Данил Беркут

      Я не знаю, как вы тут, но я по русски скажу, я охуел от этой печальной новости. Это великая потеря. Пока, брат. И с Днем Рождения

    100. Dwa

      This is way better than the last COB's albums ...