British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why

Tom Scott

6 milj. näkymät74 000 - tomscott - ALL THE ELECTRICS I USED WERE UNPLUGGED. DO NOT DO THIS.

    Yep, I'm going all patriotic again. And while I'm willing to bet that a good number of British folks know the first half of this video, there's one thing about slack in here that I only just learned myself.

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    1. Lynn Baker

      Since you're in the UK, drive on the opposite side of the road, on the metric system. Does your electricity "AC" (Altercating Current) flow on the opposite side of the wire / in opposite direction?

    2. Robert Ray

      We also split the voltage across the transformer, its a 220v transformer but the "neutral" comes off the midpoint of the secondary winding and goes to all rooms/outlet, with both endpoints of the secondary winding serving as the "110v" live leads to get split between areas of the floorplan. Weird I know, but if you know which rooms are wired from opposite ends of the secondary you *can*(ill-advised) run the live lines from the 2 circuits to an outlet and get proper 220v. This is also done intentionally in many installations to power common 220v appliances such as clothes dryers and some electric ovens/ranges.

    3. Aiden Bauman

      “Do not try this at home” Me, In Canada:

    4. sex_man_37

      During my time in year 11 in 2019 (before the world went mad) I was taught how to wire a plug in my Science class

    5. Kai Tsurugi

      The electric design is awesome! The aesthetic on the other hand... oof And before anyone says that design follows function, I'm quite sure you can design a plug with the same function and much more pleasing design. At the very least it could be a bit smaller. I can only imagine what a multiplug of those things must look like. 😅 Point to Britain for implementing safety into its design 👍🏻

    6. Arasin Staubly

      American here, but I spent 7 years in England, 4 years in Germany, and 3 years in Japan. Despite the fact that it's a lot bulkier, I do very much like the functionality/safety built into a UK plug.

    7. the stupid guy

      Literally Aussie plugs are better

    8. SeeinCN


    9. lity fity


    10. DSJJ 1804

      Some kid watching this: Ah that's a bright idea **Electricuted**


      thanks for sharing

    12. Obi-Wan Kenobi / Master Jedi and high grounder

      **posh look of superiority**

    13. jarry Dee

      we have the same thing, they are called tamper proof receptacles

    14. T. Z.

      The swiss Plugs are closed to similar But smaller and from my perspective better But the things we know are always more likely to like

    15. Travers Hemr

      The swanky cycle realistically flower because crack peripherally pass astride a glamorous kitten. lying, quaint throat

    16. thejking

      European sockets are basicly holes themselves that the plug fills up. How are you ever going to touch the pins on those?

    17. PJL1973

      This video and your channel have just been given a mention on RadMac's (Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie) weekend breakfast on 6Music. Stuart Maconie seems to be a regular watcher of your videos.

    18. The_Effect_DE

      European plugs have this safety features too

    19. Kep Of Shangri-La

      Is spite of how well designed these plugs are, they're unreasonably bulky if I do say.

    20. Giovanni Lunardi

      It is indeed s functional and safe design. But is soo ugly. 😅

    21. JeuϟPater

      British plugs suck. They're clunk monsters You want to protect kids, it's called a safety cap.

    22. Spiritboxgamer

      The way you described the different wires in the plug genuinely helped me through one of the questions on my GCSE paper

    23. FlameGuy

      7 thousand dislikes

    24. Daniel Stewart

      It is a shame in Canada we went with the American style plugs.

    25. Onelittle Nothing

      We got round ones.

    26. Average Kosuzu Enjoyer

      as for me, it is Kuningan in my country.

    27. Luky VA

      As far I as an European know it's impossible to touch a half plugged in plug on the contacts

      1. The FBI

        I think this vid is aimed at American plugs

    28. Iraqiboi999

      Would you be dumb to get electrocuted in England or would you be smart if you were like a baby?

    29. Tari Ogounga

      B(right) rown, B(left)ue ... Cool mnemonic

    30. TheViperZed

      How the hell do you manage to touch a live wire on a standard earthed european plug before the metal of the live pins actually connects the plug is already enclosed in the socket, that is so the earth connection can engage before the live pins by the way, so no advantage there either for the english plug. And if you have kids there are these marvelous shutters that you have to turn in order to insert the plug. The force required to do so is high enough that a baby can't actually do it, so no possibility of badly designed extension cords. The British plug is decent compared to the american one, but at most equivalent to the European one.

    31. Dylan Bonnet

      They're ugly, you should take a look at swiss plugs

    32. Jenny Cheng

      Here where I live we just don’t give baby screwdrivers🤷‍♂️

    33. Snidely Whiplash

      You've reversed engineered your opinion. Having decided what you want to say, you've tried to come up with a reason to support it. The truth is, the UK developed what's called ring circuit wiring because it's cheaper. It may have changed but because more power is carried in the wiring, individual items plugged into the circuit must be fused - that's why there are fused plugs. If thought to be a superior approach, its use would have spread far and wide. Aside from areas formerly under British governing or administration, ring circuits and fused plugs are not used anywhere else in the world. Shuttered socket slots have been code required in the US for over 15 years. To open the shutters, both prongs of a plug must be inserted into the socked at the same time.

    34. The Grinning Viking

      America does use two phase power so we can pull just as much voltage, actually slightly more, while being markedly less deadly. It's made us lazy about safety features tbh. We really need to mandate better plugs, extension cords that can handle the voltage outlets put out without overheating, and current flow interrupt (cfi) fuses (like the ones that stop you from electrocuting yourself with a toaster in the tub) instead of all standard fuses in fuse boxes - and we really really need to nationalize our grid and bury the damn cables already. Two phase voltage is just better though, even if it has made us lazy.

    35. 99thGamer

      The European Plugs have like a hole where the plug goes in and then the smaller holes, so you can't touch the pins because the plug blocks the whole big hole

    36. Lachie Phillips

      The Aus plug is better

    37. Segel

      I read plugs as pugs and was very confused when there video started.

    38. tigerseye

      Me, in the US, at age 4; using moms bobbie pins in a wall outlet to shock my fingers. It was great play and didn't hurt. I kept trying to understand why something I could not see would be able to make my hand vibrate rapidly back and forth. Eventually, in my 20's, I became a certified industrial electrician with a great deal of respect for the Genie in the wire. There is no such thing as being too safe with electric power, industrial or residential.

    39. Kevin Luv sleep

      Welp we also use this plug in HK and i can relate to this, this type of plug is the best.

    40. greenaum

      Tom, why are you removing the strain relief screws? It's just one big screw in the middle to open a plug.

    41. TiMonsor

      why BROWN isnt earth? soil is brown, not green and yellow.

    42. Riedler Musics

      I always have to remind myself that "you ok there?" is a normal phrase in great britain, and not rude.

      1. Riedler Musics

        @Ramshackle Alex okay then

      2. Ramshackle Alex

        @Riedler Musics It isn't in Canada

      3. Riedler Musics

        @Ramshackle Alex everywhere else as far as I know

      4. Ramshackle Alex

        I'm confused; where would that be considered rude?

    43. Nikhil krishna

      Indian plugs are kinda similar too

    44. Studio23 Media

      The British plugs have more safety features built in than the entire US electrical system. 😂

    45. The Bong Pianist

      Quick question - if we touch metal electrocuted object, what is the factor that makes me a bad conductor than the earthing pin circuit. We are made of water...

      1. Joe Momma

        Your internal resistance to is much higher than the ground wire. Electricity takes all paths to ground in inverse proportion to it's resistance. Most of the electricity will go through the ground line and not you. This is a bit of an oversimplification but is accurate enough for this.

    46. R3DTUN3

      *laughs in German SchuKo-Plug

    47. Raine Wilder

      I know parents are going to hate me, but we've made most things too safe and that's why natural selection can't take care of stupid people. Which means the future will, indeed, look like "Idiocracy"

    48. Uitzending Gemist

      Our plugs (The Netherlands) are round and not sharp, that will help getting your feets from hurting

    49. seneca983

      Most of those features don't seem unique except for the fuse inside the plug.

    50. Pablo Padilla

      A really inventive baby, my brain goes: "Einstein's baby would!"

    51. PoohsSmartBrother

      As an American, I agree the UK plug design is top tier, but it sure is a chunky boy.

    52. Bud The Cyborg

      Ok that's it, if I ever build a house I am using U.K. wiring.

    53. Edward Huff

      The safety ground wire is not just for unusual circumstances. A high power device draws enough current to bring Ohm's law into play: the neutral wire will be at voltage equal to current times resistance of the wire. Longer extension cord, or corroded contacts, will give a higher voltage. If the external metal surfaces were connected to the neutral wire (not recommended), touching the device would give a shock during normal operation.

    54. FiXato

      (CW: misinformation) So, the brown wire is ground, because earth is brown, right? ;)

    55. googleyoutubechannel

      You can also bludgeon someone to death with them in a pinch. Too much room in your bag? Luggage is too lightweight? British plugs will fix that for you.

    56. I'mshow red

      God that's clever

    57. Timotheos Moulaidis

      Bri ish

    58. ZaitzDucu

      Sorry buddy. But the UK plugs are the ugliest in the entire world. Who needs a fuse inside the plug when you have automatic switches on the breaker box. Also the design sucks, you cannot rotate the plug, they have only one position. This is the only of your videos that i not agreed. Cheers 🤝

      1. mar killeen

        why would you want to rotate a plug

    59. Dylan Lane


    60. Carlos Sarn

      I prefer my buttplug

    61. Jeff M

      How many American's which is not the correct term. People from US and Canada have accidentally shocked themselves on the plug? Personally I know Nobody who has. If they did they would not do it twice. In the US we use 120 volts which is a bit safer for stuff we Do unplug and 240 volts for stuff that we rarely if Ever Do unplug. Hmmm....

    62. t!ger io

      The only good thing that Iraq gained from British occupation is this masterpiece that we still use today safely 💯

    63. Nerdy-Playz

      Oh the trousers thing. Brown like charred and brown like... You get it.

    64. jjblock

      European plugs are also designed so you cant touch the pins when its halfway in, and most extension cables always have little doors at the ends, that you ont need ground for, but theyre not easy to open.

    65. Sean Tan

      All you need to do is poke one end of a scissor or chopstick into the ground. Since I lived in a country where we used the two pin and three pin sometimes, as a kid you just figure it out.

      1. anonymous horsey

        or a pencil lmao that's what i did

    66. Soharp

      also there are on/off switches on the wall

    67. Vedant Ganesh

      Singapore and Australia use that plug as well.

    68. carbon wolf

      Its such a simple solution to a complex issue, why cant this be an option in the US, the US has roughly 400 deaths by electrocution yearly. So this could really decrease that number

    69. Chris Markwell

      and you can easily open a bottle.... just dont plug it back in if its wet.....

    70. Marcus

      Today I learned.

    71. WolfieBlitz

      see: Australian power plugs

    72. Manuel Delso

      The British socket might be one of the best in the world and in the past it was ahead the non grounded mainland european plugs, however nowadays I dont think there is a big difference between the British plug and the German schuko , which the most modern versions can have shutters and it's grounded as well.I personally think both the German and the British are great models.

      1. Marc Intosh

        @Manuel Delso The fuses (or breakers) in the fuse box only protect the wiring inside the walls. The fuse in the plug protects the cable and there should be another fuse inside of the appliance. Lets say the fuse in the fuse box can handle 16A. Some devices (especially low-power devices) have cables that can't handle that much current. There could be a fault where the current is higher than the cable can handle, causing it to overheat and possibly start a fire. But when the current doesn't exceed 16A the fuse will not blow.

      2. Manuel Delso

        @Marc Intosh yes because we have fuses at the home electric system I'm sorry not an electrician but I'll try to explain. If something goes wrong with too much power the fuse turns off all the electric system. UK plugs need fuses because they are individual, it's just a different system, I personally think as long as they're grounded and they have shutters everything should be okay.

      3. Marc Intosh

        The German one is missing the fuse.

    73. Daniel Mann

      They should teach electrics in school

    74. Anthony Flack

      British plugs are better than all other plugs at being huge.

    75. Anthony Flack

      WARNING do not try this at home, seriously you will risk being exposed to European-level safety standards.

    76. b4ssripper

      And someone still living in houses with no additional ground line

    77. Peika沛佧

      Laugh in command wealth pack countries

    78. Bum Bagz

      They look ugly when you compare them to the Australia plugs

    79. Ephraim Luck

      1:09 well I don't know were you in Europe ever were but have plugs who are also half isolated

    80. ign1ted f0xy

      And instead of the plug going straight out it goes down/to the side and out of the way

      1. Kiwi_Dude

        Euro plugs can do both

    81. ZenMaster

      I'm American. I'm sold. I'm jealous.

    82. aaronl19

      North American plugs are kinda weird, you’ll have most things only use Type A (North American with just 2 prongs) but almost all outlets are Type B (Type A but with ground). Kinda weird that every plug isn’t type B, only important stuff is.

      1. RumbleZero

        It makes life a lot easier since things like phone chargers and such, can be flipped upside down

    83. Alan Robbie

      PMSL! Er, while being safe with electricity...

    84. Yousonofadingus

      I would take my American/Canadian plugs over British plugs just for the one reason that I don’t want that pointing straight into my foot when I step on it, honestly a lot of people here put sharing wrap around the bottom of their plugs

    85. Mobius Trip

      Damn, finally a good reason for Brexit!

    86. Mr Smith

      You are making way to big of a deal over an electrical plug. 🤣

    87. Patrick Batemen

      Nothing worse then standing on those plugs makes standing of lego feel like a foot massage

    88. apricot

      So stepping on a plug in Britain only hurts at night?

    89. Harry Hirsch

      About the brown pants: What do you do when there is no brown wire? In germany we say that the darkest color is for the live wire, blue is neutral and yellow/green is ground.

    90. luluamu

      But... I've managed to use regular eu-plugs in the UK, though

    91. Tevvy Tevvy

      I haven't watched the video yet please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit please let it be the earthing conduit Edit: AAAAAAAAAA ONE OF THEM WAS THE EARTHING CONDUIT!!!!

    92. Llaveroja27

      If you solve the puzzle, you can free yourself from this life!

    93. cekape cekape

      I remembered when mehdi in electroboom tried to short the Britain plugs

    94. Henry Morgan

      Ehhh Australia kinda has this too

    95. Hamdan Hussain Siddiqui

      That one baby: THANKS!

    96. Tomás Gutiérrez

      The eu plug is the best actually, no one is talking about the British being giant in comparison to the others

    97. DutchM

      1:09 I think you are underestimating the inventiveness of babies. If anything those shutters will just fascinate them and make them play with it more.

      1. Doctor Doom

        It definitely wont as you don’t notice them at all

    98. rekaSHADE

      So all I need is 2 screwdrivers? Noted

    99. Falk Schakolat

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think our "continental" plugs do have the same features... I used to hate the fact that you guys have different outlets, but that changed as I learned how to use them with my devices, without a pricy adapter. An SGI chief-engineer told me.^^

    100. Mr Purple PancakeOs

      Honestly no idea why but this was interesting.