BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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    BTS with the PPS, the puppies.
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    These adorable puppies were provided by:
    The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation
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    The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation

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    1. michael angaine

      😳 wow

    2. Laura

      I come back to this interview way too often because a) I love BTS and b) PUPPIES

    3. coffee evils

      All i need is BTS and puppies.

    4. Crafterina

      ❤️❤️so cute !!💜💜

    5. R

      Jimin I so cute ♥️ love you bts.

    6. lex ey

      ICONIC INTERVIEW ༼☯﹏☯༽ !!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Ghetto Sasuke

      Still to this day Jimin did not let go of one of the puppt

    8. Harshitha Rameshkumar

      Namjoon is faster than google translate! *WOW!*


      Bts taehyung cutiee from ZEENATKHAN Islam muslim BTS ARMYS INDIA FAN

    10. Mridul Bhargav

      Namjoom is a real life human calculator 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. MoMo_ 88

      Puppy : *pees* Tae : *hOw AdOrAbLe!* I-

    12. Setul Desai

      when a puppy is luckier than you

    13. Gaurav singh

      Do you know English

    14. Deewan Singh

      Cuteness overload cute puppies with bts 💜💜💜

    15. mochi got no jams

      I just wanna become the puppy that jimin is holding 😭😭😭💜💜

    16. Habib Ratnani

      I love video BTS and puppy

    17. P K


    18. Mahsa Ardalan

      Dogs fall in love with you too🤚🏻🥺💞

    19. Mahsa Ardalan

      God, how funny, I love you BTS

    20. andriyea Raj

      Jimin -excuseee meeeee....

    21. Praveen Chandra

      Hibi: don't fight don't fight aww so cute😂😌💕💕

    22. Praveen Chandra

      Jin I like my handsome face😂😂🔥🔥

    23. maripas miranda


    24. Hey Jimin, you nice keep going.

      hey Jimin, you nice, keep going

    25. Ivy Winnie Wariara

      Right now I wish I was a dog😂😂

    26. Appy D


    27. Arissa Li

      Taehyung trying to eat the puppy at 3:31

    28. Ric Kurian

      BTS: *Plays with puppies* Yeontan: "I feel betrayed"

    29. Fatima Khurram

      Everyone being crackhead Meanwhile joonie 😌😌let me go home I don't want to be Google translatet

    30. Cute Sylveon!

      Everyone who commented is a puppy 🐶 lol 😂

    31. Nada Hossamelden

      ilvuo 💖 BTS

    32. Jaime Alday


    33. Aysima DİNDAR


    34. Lalit Shukla

      Aww cute

    35. Elba Beatriz Presentado


    36. lEe oUjO

      "I love my..... my life"

    37. melanie heredia

    38. Anita Kumari

      On 21st May my brother birthday

    39. That's so crafty

      V studied 5 to 6 months abt dogs before having yeontan

    40. Devanshi Das

      How lucky is this puppies 😭😭😭 Who agree 👇

    41. Namrata NR

      1:07 rm like😑😑

    42. 김채영

      박지민이랑 강아지 존나 그사세.... 강아지 개부럽다

    43. just really really bored

      1:01 Just because...

    44. quency althea and baby athaliah i love baby

      When i here j-hope hes like the hope of my life

    45. Loba Game


    46. MintKookie

      They ALL looked so good in the fake love era.

    47. Isabel Peterson

      Jesus is our lord and savior

    48. Saif Yoyo


    49. Sanjana 123

      Wanna be a puppy😴

    50. Tanisha Lunia

      No one. Suga: I like puppies

    51. BTS_Army_family

      No one talking about yoongi saying: I like puppy

    52. Idontwanna Beyouanymore

      Kim Namjoon is just so amazing 😔❤

    53. amitdavid Nayak

      Wow bts always gets a million likes

    54. Brownie And Friends

      Awwww so cuteeeeee💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    55. nazii a

      This enterview is funniest ever

    56. Sunju Sanjana

      Those puppies r the luckiest thing ever

    57. Karen mae Ramos


    58. Bhuvana Guruprasad

      So cute and adorable 😍

    59. Miss EVA

      Did you guys see how tae was exited when he saw the puppies

    60. yeon

      everyone else: *talks about how they like their face features/passion/etc* yoongi: i like puppy

    61. Gautam Bora

      "I like my handsome face"

    62. TINTIN

      0:20 in the morning

    63. ludmila almoa

      ayyy tae es una masita

    64. Ssandra P.

      Suddenly change of Dreams

    65. Nandana Shaji

      The way jimin care for that puppy is everything

    66. july

      I miss this version of taehyung:(

    67. Maria Perez

      1:25 PUPP-PEES

    68. Noruu Aya

      3:22 Hobi voice too loud scared the puppies. Jimin puppy run back to jimin the same with tae puppy lol 😂

    69. alyssa

      3:31 tae trying to eat the puppy

    70. Chie Morrison

      Jin's unconditional love and support for his own self is the type of confidence i strive for

    71. Ana Briseyda

      NamJoon is so smart

    72. Ana Briseyda

      BTS so cutee

    73. BTS Army

      2:57Jimin is, in his mood😂💜💜💜 That puppy and Jimin🥰🥰💜💜💜

    74. BTS Army

      2:43 that smile of V😁😁💜💜💜🥰

    75. BTS Army

      3:30 V😂😂....that dog was scared by V🤣🤣💜💜💜 V-😎😂 Dog-🙁😱

    76. Darling In the franx

      It’s so pretty seeing them trying to speak English .

    77. Lady Bug

      Quem e mais fofu o BTS ou os cãezinhos

    78. BTS_ ARMY

      When puppies are lucky than you🤨🤨 Google:how to become a puppy. 😅😅

    79. Bhakti Khunt

      The way Hobi said “don’t fight,don’t fight” was so cute !! 💞

    80. Aamna Siddiqui

      3:32 tae really tried eating the puppy istg 😂😂

    81. Issac Issac

      Did you notices jimin like that black puppy

    82. longleggednessa

      they are hilarious

    83. Anthony Bermudez

      benditos cachorritos afortunados

    84. Robyn Thorneycroft

      What is where foreve fruit my is 🍉

    85. Ireumeun Disappointment

      3:13 at 0.25 speed watch everyone but Hobi. T_T

    86. Nasia A

      The cut off from jimin: 1:05 my E Y E S,then comes jin 1:06 my handsome face, the silence has me crying😂😂😂😂😭😭

    87. Barbara Sebi

      "I like puppy" i can' this is so cute

    88. Regina Lewis

      A love,bts❤❤

    89. Neelima Anugu

      so cute

    90. Sapna Rawat

      2:42 V's face🤯🥰

    91. Zumodote

      Question: what's one thing you love about your self? Jin: my handsome face the members: nobody cares about your face...

    92. Emily Luo

      The part where V tried to eat the puppy me be like: Rewacthing it

    93. Labores Ramos Angelene

      I wish I'm the puppy 💓

    94. Kamar Mustapha

      Kim Namjoon 1, Google translate 0

    95. ayça s

      i love how jimin doesnt give a f about the interview and he is just *vibing with his puppies*

    96. Duru İMREN


    97. ELYSIAN

      RM was literally rapping😂

    98. MM

      3:31 That puppy be like: Monsta Monsta

    99. suga's babie


    100. Sarmila Magar

      Lucky dogs