Build a Motorized Bike using 25kW Motor at Home

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    Build a Motorized Bike using 25kW Motor at Home
    In today's video I decided to install 25kw brushless motor on a fatbike. This bike became so powerful, it can do burnout easily. 60km/h on biggest rear gear, so, technically it can go up to 100km/h. Enjoy :)
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    1. The Q

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      1. В гостях у автора


      2. Mark Gel G.Pulopot

        Can you make it like tutorial because I want to make that with commentary

    2. vote the bullies out

      You welded a great big subframe for the motor witch is fine but then you mount it to the bikeframe with two (three?) tiny little allen bolts on brackets that are not shaped to the frame. To me that is a classical example of over and under construction. But if it works it works and I still like how you made the whole thing work. Does that powerpack give good mileage?

    3. Phanindra Gandepalli


    4. dajam9035

      Editing 🔥.

    5. Theran Faulkner

      What month

    6. Илья Баев


    7. hsa me

      waaaooooo amaging

    8. NOVA _

      Me at the starting of the video: I WILL MAKE THIS IT LOOKS VERY EASY MUAHHAHAH Him brings metal a sheet and a grinder Me: *-* what did i do to deserve this ಥ_ಥ

    9. Dimented Illusionz

      I’d like to know where he obtained all the components...

    10. The Metal & Magnet Channel

      Mamma mia 🙀🤩

    11. nvgura

      What is the engine? I strongly doubt that it has 25 kW



    13. Joga Singh

      If i were you 😣

    14. Harsha Solanki

      Videography is like a pro

    15. Kelas Bang Parlin

      how to count torque produce out by motor?

    16. Eric Walker

      Amazing videography


      VERY VERY VERY SUPER !!!!!!!)))) COOL )))) WELL DONE!!!!!

    18. Manny Echaluce

      I need the formula on how to make the paper thin battery, that is a game changer !!!! :D

    19. abdulfettah değirmenci

      Olmamis dostum reduksiyonu yetersiz video olsun diye yapmissin akillica yola cikmissin ama eksik

    20. John Downey

      Great video.

    21. Lili

      25,000 Watts? I don't think so, it must be 2500 Watts, no information here about battery size or where to obtain such a motor, the video could have been so much more informative.

    22. Fernando Oliveira

      Até parece Brasileiro 👍

    23. Bart manapat

      Awesome bro!!!!

    24. Estevao Junior Estevinho

      Gostei muito 👏👏👏👏👏

    25. Fouzan Hussain


    26. khanj khan


    27. Daniel

      Wow - nice production, great video.


      What if you use gears instead of chain

    29. Who Am I

      Why you looking at your phone in 60 miles per hour

    30. Tony Dickerson

      Don't look like a 25KW motor looks more like 5KW, what make and model is it

    31. Liam Moreau

      How many kilometers can you do with Hulkman?

    32. Daniel Aragão

      you forgot you write in the video title "With the most expensive tools that no one has!"

    33. Tom Smith

      No explanation on where to get motor.

    34. Star Guardian

      Max speed?

    35. Edricofifrit

      Have a buddy who built something similar, it was awesome and super fast, but... Make sure you watch your chain for wear and stretching. Seriously. My buddy was going something like 45mph when the chain snapped, slapped his leg/thigh, cutting him and leaving a long chain print on his right leg, but he also went down because the chain got sucked into the back wheel. He got some pretty nasty road rash, but something made him wear gloves that day (which he never did before), so he got to keep the skin on his hands, fortunately. Seriously, with that much torque, use a good chain and check for stretch often!

    36. Green River Jones

      That has to be the most bad azz DIY video every made. What’s the top speed on the bike and approximately how long does the battery charge last? Well done !!

    37. Вячеслав Матвеев

      This is not 25kWt motor. Too small for such power. I believe it is 10 - 15 times less.


      The burnout was 😹😹😹😹🤣🤣

    39. Harsh Raj

      Your video editing is on next level

    40. Lieffian

      Good idea, though I would have added a solar panel where the battery box is and an external plug with a “gas tank” that held the battery. That way the battery lasts longer as it charges if your stopped someplace or over all just riding around plus if you need to, you can charge it at home or wherever. I would have also made the ignition switch hidden in the handle and needed a key as well as a metal ring or something so it’s a sort of a two stage start up in case the ignition switch was picked and turned over or hot wired.

    41. Joseph Buzzard

      Love the video👍👍 What was the stuff used

    42. Em Je

      Can you please sell it to me? I can't afford gas price in India.

    43. Honest Mike

      Only way this could have been cooler, is if you would have made me one 😁😂😂😜 Nice Job Bro!

    44. Anthony Forsythe

      Still wondering how the motor spun without an actual battery 😂

    45. Roshen Bhanuka


    46. Lalith Adithya

      Like the video making.

    47. Anirban Adak

      25 KW motor!? 🙄

    48. Sebaque Suleyman

      Appreciate your editing 👍

    49. Shift_Like_Alex

      Such an inspiring vid! Thanks for sharing!

    50. NEY GOMES

      Ficou muito bom !! Ótima a sua ideia, parabéns

    51. Jerwel Gorgonio

      I'm a simple man. I see fatbike. I read build a motorized bike. I click. I calculate the needed money. I save. I will build.

    52. Tracy McDougal

      Groovy man

    53. Hassan Moghul

      Love the effects

    54. chris cristini

      you learned the secret of free energy videos lol

    55. Jose Alvaro Hernandez Meneses

      Muy buen arreglo, excelente buen trabajo y limpio me impresionaste.

    56. nick ch


    57. Rob

      Start selling kits for that xD

    58. 1K subscribers without any video

      This man's genius

    59. Zcheantyl Dayne Castillano

      I think you did something else 6:37

    60. TOYS WORLD



      Do that to race sonic XD

    62. MANU

      You are insane bro

    63. Cosmic Shark

      Can I buy this


      can you send the plan of construction please ?

    65. Hyper Runner

      What is the max speed achieved?

    66. Damian Chmielewski

      Jak się nazywają i gdzie można kupić manetkę baterie silnik ?

    67. Dinārs Mednis

      nice bike Bro

    68. Haolan Hu

      man really said take a bad bike and make it dangerous

    69. Simone Gualuppa

      Yes 48v 25kw Is...520A...Ye...... WAIT 520 AMPS????????

    70. Weekend Warrior

      That can't possibly be a 25 kW motor. That translates to 34 HP! It's too small for that kind of power.

    71. DemsRDims

      No Battery Left After 15 Minutes WHO WANTS THAT?

    72. Imran Haqiqat TV

      @ Boya BY_M1

    73. Shafayet Tasin

      How much did it cost in total

    74. TLS creative ////////////Teman

      Ur Video making style, it's just awesome 🔥❤️😀

    75. ADiT _D21

      "how to cheat in bike race" lol just kidding

    76. gocool divi

      great idea & awesome screenplay

    77. HD Liên Minh Tốc Chiến


    78. Mohd Nazrin

      11M subs?? wow.. u're such a YT millionare bro

    79. Ahmad Ghozali

      sangarrr lur

    80. venus enos

      now its a motorcycle

    81. Kochurani Sunny

      Iam a big of you I like it iam a Malayale

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    83. Leo Andrew Sasotona

      Quality work

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    85. Jedric Madum

      Nice videos bro good edit

    86. Женя Козленко

      Що фахівець - то фахівець! Бомба зйомка!

    87. Paul A Westcott

      Wow Did you buy all those tools and. Power tools to make the e bike? They all look BRAND NEW!!!!

    88. Ayush Pradhan

      What if u paddle at the same time ?

    89. karaoke singers

      Video creativity is very nice and good

    90. rockelec

      25Kw at 12volts equals 2083 need bigger wires. Lol Hmmm

    91. Foreverfront

      slow down on your weld speed so much cold lap welds there :S (failure on welds)

    92. ZAPIX

      autonomy : 5 minutes

    93. Senthil Kumar N

      Dude how did you retro for the motor? Can you help show it separately..

    94. Adrian Leo

      I preffer using an aston rider kit. But great conversion!

    95. Ali Muhmmed

      ولا عربي معلق 😅😅

    96. I’m not here

      Yea let’s make this at home with our welder and drill press

    97. Steban Toro V.

      And.. in a raining day? A short circuit :v

    98. Flor greis mayta trujillo

      Bendeme la bicicleta

    99. rohit tiwari

      Trust me brother, Your editing is as legendary as your work

    100. ooo adhd