Building an Electric Magic Wand to Celebrate 4 MILLION SUBS

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    By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
    0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
    1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
    3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
    8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
    11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
    15:59 THE WAND and testing it!
    18:59 GIVEAWAY TIME!

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    1. ElectroBOOM

      Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN everyone for the views and likes and all that has kept me going all these years!!! NOW OFF TO 10 MILLION!

      1. All in one narasinga rao

        Your wish shall become true.😆😆 Can't imagine you not giving away atleast 50 oscilloscopes.

      2. Br1cht

        You look like Gargamel.

      3. R Carmisin

        Yo BOOM , try that wand on RAM.

      4. M Caraballo

        I love your energy ❤️ I wish I had amazing tools and equipment 😢

      5. richtankone

        Something that speaks volumes to your channel and teaching style, is how other youtubers will show clips of you getting shocked and think you don't know what you're doing. Then everyone that knows you, alerts that youtuber in their comments that you do that on purpose to teach safety. Shows your methods are very effective at teaching and being engaging.

    2. Tyler & Jamie Turpin

      The biggest dil.....

    3. bouytt guyt

      Im literally having a hard time expecting everything he touches goes KABOOM!!

    4. ggman gg

      Are you lranian🤔🤔🤔

    5. JimmyTrpcev Productions

      Elecroboom you are sooooo funny in every single video

      1. bouytt guyt

        Can we kill mosquitoes with this wand..

    6. Lucas

      Hello Gargamel

    7. The Krunky Monkey

      I want prizes. Where are the prizes? Where are MY prizes????

    8. Yash Rajput

      I hope miss Wanda doesn’t trap mehdi in the hex, this world needs him more 😹

    9. Christoper Antonio Johan

      He created emp wand instead of magic wand

    10. Mr Smith

    11. علی آخوندی

      تو ایرانی هستی؟

    12. Канат Калыков

      клянус, когда нибудь этот парень доиграется)

    13. He11cth3r3

      You should make a really small led light that runs of a magnet

    14. El Pepe


    15. Ming Zhing

      i like win he spark him self hahahahahahah

    16. CrossBrine1375

      It has been a week since this video and already he is almost halfway to 5 million subscribers

    17. ?REEEZOR ?

      ouch that hurts, continues to touch big zappy stick

    18. Manga Mash'up

      Isn't that like cancer causing or anything? Imagine the EMF field that gives off. Literally spraying a beam of electrons around the room 😂

    19. Yash Arya

      14:00 It was a real sorcery...

    20. Prahllada A M

      Can we kill mosquitoes with this wand..

    21. Ehsan Akbary

      irani inja , anja va hame ja xDDD

    22. moherowy beret

      8 years and yet he didn't kill himself

    23. Puppyzilla

      how do you not go to hospital when you get shocked

    24. Seaweed Banana

      he probably already has 20% electric resistance with all those year trying to kill himself

    25. Sophisticated Vloggers

      At the grave Reason of death: super high voltage rectifier bridge electrocution.

    26. Joseph Ates

      Hi I am one of your subscribers and thank you

    27. Sophisticated Vloggers

      Wonder what his kids going to think about him after watching his videos after his electrical high voltage death :D Some funny man he was 😛

    28. Dragon Khy

      “It just burns. See?” Transformer: *RRREEEEEEEE*

    29. Biglob

      13:28, complete madness rises

    30. PuRe Thiccc

      The music is so happy for him making a dildo

    31. Mahdi Irani

      Is he Iranian?

    32. NonsensicalDexm

      13:23 it's like watching the mad scientist in a movie before he accidentally opens a portal to hell

    33. The Blue Plumbob

      Hey you don't need the wand to kill your Electronics accidentally you can already do that by yourself.......(get it?)

    34. NoBito

      hahahhaha man you are the best!


      damn this guy got hit from puberty of how much pain his braincells had to endure

    36. NatGazer

      Sorry for my ignorance, but, can't you just make a "Reverse polarity protection" with just one diode?

    37. Jjwest2012 [Roblox username] !

      I thought he was dead I haven’t watch this guy in a long time

    38. LovSven2011

      Love the victory song. :-D ;-) (at 16:00)

    39. programista_html

      gimme da scope! meetah would be great too

    40. Techy Adarsh Pro


    41. Sina Bayat

      So you made a nice electric dil..., oh I mean wand.

    42. Gabriel Mandel

      T H E B I G G E S T D I L... W A N D

    43. 31 Villanda, Dun Hill

      homemade taser wand

    44. chanel 14

      Mantap om. Hati hati. Keselamatan nomor satu

    45. Krishnakumar Subramanian

      3.6 Roentgen. Not great, not terrible.

    46. Barbara Harrison

      The pretty jump respectively relax because carol consequently move save a optimal withdrawal. horrible, callous machine

    47. Morgan Lirette

      That’s crazy how all this stuff translates over to every electrical circuit. I’m at UTI right now. Trade school for technicians. And it’s crazy seeing all of this stuff on car applications, then coming over here and seeing the same resistors, fuses, semi conductors,

    48. KobaltEntity

      I was wondering, this you're literally SHOOTING electrons at a high speed, isn't this "wand" considered a radioactive weapon that shoots beta particles toward literally any target you want?

    49. Toshit Pathak

      That's awesome. Also From now, I'll call those small zip lock bags "the cocaine bags"😂

    50. Ay Ay

      16:01 penis music

    51. Weston Bourgeois

      I’ll pay you to tutor me for my mechatronics class

    52. Vouvette

      That magic wand can make an arc between the legs! 🤣

    53. Ka Ko


    54. Ka Ko

      Doesit work to build an metal circle and but electrizity in and later like use the eletricity im not a pro at elektro stuff put your reLy helping me to learn it

    55. Miłosz Kocik

      Make a nerf electric dart.

    56. Alex C

      would this work with smd ceramic capacitors (for making it more compact ) ?

    57. Jannatul Maria

      Please give me a multimetre I need one☺️☺️ Please sir give one multi metre

    58. Danang Kusnadi


    59. Jet Jesse

      At 5 million please try to make a light saber

    60. Prof. Joe Provenzano

      yes please.....thanks very much for your laughs!

    61. Amna Abdul Saleem

      Bro can I get one of the give aways

    62. Dominic corkett

      Those high frequency arcs almost sound like a chidori from naruto

    63. Dian martin

      Please subtitle Indonesia for fans

    64. Dian martin

      Please subtitle Indonesia

    65. Panda Juice

      Everyone: Wow Me: **waiting for something to explode**

    66. Jae Gam

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    67. Worthrhetime

      That was awesome 🤩

    68. Max Mccann

      Ok so, if anyone is good at electrics or anything that would be great, I went to heat up my tea in the microwave earlier, so I stuck it in, shut the door and everything was ok until I went to turn on the microwave at the plug (I'm in the UK), my right hand was on the microwave not sure if it was the metal side panel or the buttons, and I turned on the plug with my left, and I got a pretty bitching shock on both my fingers, anyone have any idea what the hell just happened? The microwave was ok to use after that, and heated my tea up alright with a couple plastic gloves, but still kinda worried about using it from now on. It was pretty shocking I guess you could say

    69. avatar098

      ..... yeaaaahhh I’ll just stick to software :)

    70. Potato Gaming

      The ones who disliked tried this at home...

    71. the_duke

      I've a question. I know many electricians, electronic technicians, mechatronics engineers, etc. But no one is able to explain the whole electric-topic. Is there someone out who understands electric-topic to 100%? Or isnt it possible?

      1. the_duke

        and @ElectroBOOM: sorry, i think your hair-loss is from too much electric shocks, maybe its your ground :)

    72. Rindoriarikito


    73. Chris W

      Are you giving away the one's you touched with the wand? :-)

    74. RayyaN

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    75. Adam Dais

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    76. AnalogComputing

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    78. Siid

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    92. The EpicSlayer7 SSS

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    93. Fráñklyé Dídó

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    94. Vit

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    95. محمد إسماعيل بن أياز

      2:14 Sponsored by PBS

    96. محمد إسماعيل بن أياز

      0:36 This guy has been sponsored by Keysight for the last 14 years xD

    97. Mika Hakinnen

      We are few steps away to anti-gravity technology. I'm serious 😂.

    98. Next step Gaming

      13:34 touches it it shocks him, touches it again shocks him, touches again shocks him 🤦‍♂️some people never learn

    99. Takagi

      ElectroBoom: 11:31 It's probably the most beautiful dild-- Me: _That doesn't sound appropriate._ ElectroBoom: I mean uhh...magic wand Me: _...still not appropriate_

    100. Punjabi Boy

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