Building & Testing Homer Simpson's Chair

The Q

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    Testing Homer Simpson's Chair
    In today's video I show how to build Homer Simpson's invention - chair you can't fall from. All you need for building are wood and some tools.
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    1. The Q

      Who else loves The Simpsons?

      1. Nathaniel Shrock

        100% I cam here expecting a 5 minute hack. I was a little confused about the 4×4s then I seen the table saw and was instantly impressed

      2. Konner Orebaugh

        Me too

      3. Rhona Tumala


      4. Pedro

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      5. Pedro

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    2. Vandalxl

      That's scarry

    3. Kyle Knievel

      i came here MOSTLY to see homer use the chair and didnt even get that. 😢

    4. Matheus Oliveira

      If those two back wood thing were placed a little higher it would work even better.

    5. Joshy Woshy

      I'd still fall somehow

    6. Block

      I feel like the safety legs should be positioned so that you can lean back a little further as the one you designed don't look very stable lol Amazing job though, still better than anything I can make lol

    7. Katherine H

      the first recliner.

    8. Илья Баев


    9. Hunter McNew

      AYO @ 0:45 Dude uses the cutting part of the plyers to pull that shit off 🤦‍♂️

    10. Brainwashing Detergent

      Hinges need to be higher.

    11. Birch K.

      Did you for real just use the cutter on line man's pliers for removing a nail? 😂😂 I'm gonna start doing that with my pair that don't cut anymore, that's a good idea.

    12. Thunderhawk51

      Is it just me or can anyone else *smell* the building process? Or maybe that's because I studied to be a carpenter for a couple years... This is oddly satisfying.

    13. Ryan Conlow

      There's only one thing left to build. Spider piggy bank

    14. Tomedy

      You need to make the extra legs shorter

    15. Muro


    16. Snickers

      This is my first video I've watched of yours and I loved it!

    17. Jamiethor101

      4:11 to save you time

    18. Not comic book accurate YT

      Idk my fix to falling out my chair is pretty good too Its "don't dick off in the sitting area"

    19. Mychal Evenson


    20. Fasla Iqbal

      I will buy your entire stock!



    22. MashO356

      For the next video can you do Homer’s makeup gun?

    23. 从丫 长口长口尺口 工丂 乃尺口长口尺口

      Task failed successfully

    24. ClawHeHeNum


    25. demarcus clark

      this mans prolly even built his own house

    26. ml0dyp3p3


      1. Dictor Clef


    27. Solitude4me

      You do realise Homer now sue you for this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?

    28. daniel cuartas

      Y la escopeta maquilladora para suripantas...

    29. Eternal Lolicon

      would inclining the bottom of the spare legs help with the balance

    30. david94549

      Did anybody else notice that he made a chair in this video?

    31. juan manuel panchomon

      More small

    32. Pedro

      Jesus loves you obey the Lord, you can be saved Jesus loves you. We need Jesus we sinned Jesus died for us in the cross

    33. Bennyboi35

      AMONG US

      1. wilder

        Is a dead game

    34. martin algañaraz

      Eres un puto genio 👍

    35. Tim Lewis

      I thought it would go all the way back and wrench the hinges out due to the leverage.

    36. redfear77

      I would only let the hinge go a certain length, because it could easily lose grip and make you fall and could break the chair

    37. Rafael Andriotti Sevaio

      You were wrong. The inventor of this chair was Thomas Edison.

    38. Esteban Moreno

      Anyone else hear the eating then dislike and stopped watching?

    39. Bre 00%

      04:13 You are welcome

    40. Graziele Batista Primo


    41. Michael Rabon

      Dude, the filming/editing. Well done 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    42. Bakugou

      Do nada ;-; ele tipo... Tô sem nada pra fazer vou fazer uma cadeira de madeira e colocar tábua atrás q nem o Homer fez. Minha mãe disse q não era pra ficar assim q essas cadeira não é de balanço 🤡

    43. F D L

      The chair... Amogus

    44. OpRidder 4920

      If you made an adjustment that when you leaned back the wood in the back would slide a little more it would look more reliable than what you made it seem you didn’t put all you weight into falling back like homer but I liked the vid and keep doin you

    45. Zachzedzach

      no one: Howtobasic videos with the eggs : 3:40

    46. LazyDJ

      My elementary school teachers always told me that I had to put four legs on the ground *Look who's laughing now*

    47. Fabio


    48. francisdapro

      Hmmm, swing back a little faster

    49. Gerardo Menchaca

      If mounted a little higher; he probably woulda had a better spread and landing

    50. Tatsumi Bruh

      I need this lol

    51. Сенди Чикс

      Симпсоны ещё тот стул не подашку предзкозали

    52. Chandra Gunnawan

      I like your finger "ting" ✨✨

    53. Abdan .S


    54. Sean Altandush


    55. YZz DADDY ff

      the intro was awesome

    56. Hana1LuLu

      Well I'll be. This is one of my best random finds

    57. Ryujin

      Thats a lor of wood joints used

    58. lates zuann

      cool design but im also impressed with your video editing skills.

    59. Nate charles

      What wood glue are you using

    60. adan75

      0:22 did i see that face for the first time-

    61. Joshua The Artist

      Merry simpin everybody

    62. lubaina rehan


    63. japzone

      I'd probably brace the two legs together to make sure they stay aligned.

    64. Make it easy

      0:58 sound of a crossbow in pubg

    65. Red_Panda

      Wow amazing🤯🥰

    66. Demas Demas

      0:20 F

    67. Basharath Khan

      He ate the doughnut with his left hand 😡 and cleans poop with the same hand

    68. Mᴀʀ1

      The Q

    69. Akis Kark

      Your neighbors must really hate you

    70. Ignacio Rabadan

      Oh no, please no, nonono. It's.... AMONGUS

    71. Aristle-Bram Sha is following the God path

      Subtitles: [Music], [Applause], [Music], [Applause]...

    72. PocGaming

      next we do the makeup shotgun

    73. RepleteJester23

      Chair sus

    74. Kevin Fernandez Solis

      Who else skipp the video to the very end and leave a like becuase it actually works?

    75. Justin Zheng

      Starts at 4:15

    76. Stop Yp


    77. That_One _Hamster


    78. Romaio Brown-Senior

      4:07 - the bit you came for

    79. Jmashley Reveral

      muntanga pota😂😂

    80. Ptit Ben

      La largeur d'un pavé capable ne doit pas dépasser le tiers de la longueur. La base, en fait...

    81. RC6 YouTube

      That is the loader donut ever eaten

    82. Matty B

      Shorten the folding legs or lengthen the fixed legs.

    83. Moya The Rapper

      Can we talk about the saran wrap transition?!

    84. Fritzandy Sharon

      Orang mana bang?

    85. T4M


    86. Chaonic

      I would make the legs slightly shorter and connect them with a beam at the bottom, both to prevent you from falling to one side and also to make them a little heavier and swing less. I know, it would make the chair less than in the Simpsons, but it would probably work a bit better.

    87. zllos

      Orang macam ni xyah susah" pergi beli perabot. Bnde boleh buat

    88. •

      If you put the back up legs farther up the chair they will hold you more stable

    89. MC Yomi


    90. DemonXXGamerPro

      me: Lol i have homer simpson poster on my wall The Q: ik u have a poster Me... 2 sec later Me: What **** how u know i have a poster The Q: Hehe ik everything Me: ok man ur Jesus? XD

    91. FeherTigris Gamer

      Yea good! Put your woods right next to the donute.

    92. Sushma Sharma

      Finally you got the face reaveal 0:43

    93. lavić

      This chair MUST be in school😅

    94. Srdemon sensei

      Doente,,, ptBR da like hehehe

    95. Ved

      hmm interesting

    96. Ayiee Bukhari

      " I'm free " - some teenage boy

    97. X_THEBOMB_369

      Half of this is just stock images lol

    98. Peter S

      Maybe weight on the inner side would help offset them and provide more stability.

    99. Dagoth Ur

      4:12 you're welcome