Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!

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    We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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    1. 해바라기

      I don’t want them anywhere near my ears. Get the hell away from me lmao

    2. Destiny Gutierrez

      I just realized we’ve had this clone conversation before...

    3. Mariana Nolasco

      im just vibing

    4. _KosplayerKyle _

      Yes Dan this is what we all need. This is what we all want. More.

    5. Megan Parrie

      Feeling left out since I cant use stereo:( I so want to be a part of everything

    6. Jamie Tam

      omg please pay omori together!!!

    7. paigetheplant

      wow i missed you

    8. Hope


    9. DJOODI

      Is this the video where they admit how desperately they need each other? (Edit: No. it's not. Still got to wait a lil longer.)

    10. Anna Henley

      It’s time for Netflix and dill am I the only one who remembers that

    11. Anna Henley

      Bring back Dan and Phil games please remember sims ??????

    12. DammitOliver

      i had a horrible biochemistry assingment today that i spent literally 9 hours on and this saved my day

    13. Charlotte Stevens

      The nostalgia tho

    14. 538isAlive

      "hamster in a hat" Phil. How could you not remember it. It's burned into our collective memory. What the fuck.

    15. Mari Manzoni

      this is what I needed to start 2021 right

    16. mags

      we appreciate the content :-)

    17. Willowstream646 Skye

      We love you Dan

    18. Vintage Orchid


    19. Carolynn Strickland


    20. headass steph

      13:52 THIS IS SO FUNNY

    21. Marvel Man

      I want to see Dan and Phil play subnautica

    22. Ellemieke25

      Oi, I missed you guys.

    23. Rebecca Mifsud

      “Leave me alone; I’m vibing 😑” is a whole ass mood ty How my heart has missed this 😌

    24. Gracie Cutler

      so happy to see them on screen together again 🥺

    25. Aly J

      This definitely made my lunch break a surprisingly good time.

    26. Benjamin Haines

      Did I just *feel* global warming stop?

    27. M. Buchholz

      I feel like since Dan came out all of his cynicism and sarcasm just grew exponentially and I'm here for it

    28. Eloise Cartwright

      Am I in a happy fever dream , Dan and Phil coming to save 2021

    29. Lou Divine

      we love your silly lil shit too danny don’t worry, you’re still a professional man, does not undermine your big dreams and goals ! :)

    30. Jean Castro

      when phil said "we're here, we're queer" I automatically thought "we're ready to die" lmaoooo

    31. Lou Divine

      this is soo entertaining phil luv u bb

    32. Lou Divine

      it’s so wild to watch you now i feel like we’ve all grown up so much

    33. The Joxter

      8:45 "i just know exactly what fanfiction people are talking about there" NOT THE HAMSTER-

    34. Gray Lucy

      there are two types of people dans and phils. I am a phil

    35. Gabriela P.

      That is a weed bonsai

    36. Tamsen Bond

      "cheesy sparkling water!" *deceased*

    37. XxNathxX


    38. qu3enblu

      i'm so glad i'ts actually 2013 i was worried for a minute there

    39. Elementary School Dropout

      this made my month. i love you guys so much

    40. honeyyy

      7:59 - 12:22 - 16:50 GOOOODDDDD THE LAUGH IS B A C K

    41. M Tariq

      Now 18 gang?? Yeah. I'm crying too. Damn the nostalgia. ;-;

    42. Benea Hutabarat

      I feel like i'm 12 again omg

    43. Ane

      This was exactly the kind of chaos i needed today.

    44. Caitlin Reddy

      what a fucking blast to the past, I went from 20 to 14 while watching this

    45. Joy Holz

      I would like some Phil Phlesh pajamas please

    46. Carolina

      if i had watched this 6 years ago i wouldve cried for a week

    47. Olliver Spibbs

      I'm going to cry real tears. I missed the giveaway by a few hours. 😭

    48. ron nizabi

      They didnt change at all its so emberassing

    49. sage f


    50. yellow starburst

      🤞🏽 wishing on a dan and phil games but this is more than enough !Weeeeee!

    51. Sully 8

      I haven’t watched a fan or Phil vid in 7 years and now this is in my recommendations. Are they married yet?

      1. Gundham Tanaka

        Sadly, no😔✨

    52. JuMixBoox

      If whoever made you this is still committed, you've probably made their decade.

    53. Mrs. Procrastinaton

      I would love to see you both back in DanAndPhilGames, playing "Little Nightmares II" 😁

    54. yuitr loing

      I never thought we would get joint content again, maybe life is worth it

    55. Domakado

      I'm so happy about this!!

    56. Amina-arwa Abdi

      Dan is writing a book i am broke but i will become unbroke for that book

    57. Emily Thomas

      I love everything about this

      1. yuitr loing

        call it kool kardboard kids so it's kkk-

    58. DJPJ 5512

      I'm just happy for this chaos

    59. Vik Rose

      god this was so good. i wonder if the people who made this version of the game have seen this video yet

    60. Aleja

      They give me Bert and Ernie vibes

    61. KaraLeigh Eva

      Ngl watching Dan and Phil w my friends is probably one of the only good experiences from high school

    62. Sawyer Aidan

      I don’t read but I want Dan’s book

    63. diksha

      me and phil are getting married

      1. diksha

        right now. i’m at the altar

    64. The Reeder

      I’m crying. That cube is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Yes I want it.

    65. Padfoot8701

      Dan, to answer (one) of your questions: yes, this content was needed. 2020 sucked and 2021 is gonna take a while before things suck less, and this was an extremely welcome distraction, that had me crying laughing. Just seeing you guys chat and play games and be yourselves is always entertaining, so thank you. :D I'm sure I'm not the only one who needed this today.

    66. Neko Neri

      After months and months of TikTok I’m back on FIblock just to see this

    67. Katie Kersis

      Met them at their show when I was about 15 I think, I'm about to be 20 now, kinda crazy how time passes, it's comforting to watch them again

    68. Andrea Flores

      Things I did not expect to hear today (or ever lmao): Phill saying he watched a stripper, Phil thinks he would be good at giving lap dances, Dan wants a lap dance from Phil, and Dan saying he would copulate with Phil's hand which is just know

    69. Melanie Martinez


    70. Isha Rajwade

      0:01 Star Wars nerds : General Kenobi.

    71. Morgan'sBookShelves

      hi whom ever made this game and made me think about the Hamster fic in 2021... kindly come finish the job and take me out 😹😹😹

    72. originial name

      call it kool kardboard kids so it's kkk-

    73. brynn halpern

      i love you both so much😭

    74. Mira CAM

      this is def the content that the world needs

    75. Abigail Hutchinson

      i miss dan so much

    76. Stardust Babyboy

      Hell yeah!

    77. talia higgins

      the hamster fic is the sole reason that i'm unhappy

    78. Abigail Hutchinson


    79. Dakota Castro

      i missed them, i’m happy to see them

    80. Ezra Garcia

      does anyone know when the giveaway is over??

    81. natasha cole

      If you kill your clone is it su!cide or murder

    82. catherine isabella

      clicked ready for this serontinin boost

    83. trick

      I've missed this.

    84. Jewell Francisco

      "Is this the context people want???" I'm here aren't I?

    85. Awesome, wow!

      Dan asking if this is really what people want to see: Me watching this video after being gone for 5 years:

    86. Name Named

      I saw this come on my reccomended and I am not complaining

    87. I'm StillsadboutMCR

      Nooo ive been age restricted in stereo but the thing said 17+ damnit I may not be 18 yet but I’m damn close-

    88. HeyitsLauren

      This is precious

    89. I'm StillsadboutMCR

      I’m crying I’m emotion

    90. Hayden Hell Yeah

      Please don't tell me I'm the only one who noticed that Phil was wearing merch of The 1975

    91. Yuliatrbl

      i just realised how many personality traits i stole from dan...where it all began...

    92. Hima Sekiwari


    93. Daniel Lacey

      I'm unspeakably happy to see them again, TBH I also have a crush on Dan in a weird way(I'm also Daniel and also a child of 1991)

    94. icecream_jaem

      phil talking abt his thicc hips and lap dancing in one video-

    95. s e m p i t e r n æ


    96. Charlotte Webster

      Hello anazing Phil

    97. DrawingKupfer

      I'd take the hulk and Ironman tbh And some of the booth photos

    98. Brianna McCoy

      i haven’t watched dan or phil in like 2 years and when they mentioned the house i smiled so big i’m so proud of them for coming so far

    99. Banana Man

      I really *did* miss Dan. It’s nice to have him back, and hopefully happy.

    100. Poppy

      Just lovely to see you back Dan! And always lovely to see you Phil