Carey Mulligan Monologue - SNL

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    First-time host Carey Mulligan’s monologue gets interrupted by her enthusiastic husband, Marcus Mumford.
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    1. Ryder

    2. imon4mRUET

      Your husband is amazing.

    3. winterlover89

      I don't know why but I didn't expect her to be so posh!

    4. Catherine Inghram

      That is the most distracting shirt (?) I've ever seen.

    5. Autumn L'Chaleureux

      Its Church Rotten Fiona Windows oiut here. Across the street in.the middle of Central a man who looks recently homeless is screaming. for INDRA., in between what looks like he is casting spells or marshal arts light. Everywhere I go I am sked at least once if i have any clear. (Heroin and Meth). Hows things with " Mrs Pendrake?"

    6. doge doge

      She's only 35?!

    7. AG

      Adorable couple!!

    8. TheWPhilosopher

      How can you not smile at the cuteness

    9. T4M Sim Racer 81

      Horrible opening.

    10. Steve Christensen

      Fuck SNL! You all are a bunch of woke fucktards who havent been even remotely entertaining for decades!

      1. BScoop

        Okay and

    11. The Art Surgeon

      1:04 fart!

    12. Mark Williams

      Don't blink.

    13. Faith restored

      What the hell is she wearing?

    14. Jason Nadle

      While I'm still a fan of the house band, I think they need to make a few changes to the lineup. Lenny's sax playing has begun to get a little weaker as the years had passed. Also, the theme is just too slow. I'd bring it up to the pace used from 1998-2000, but hire a new faster speed drummer like, maybe Anton Fig (or someone along the lines of what Yogi Horton did on a 1985 episode). Also, when New York gives the all-clear, the theme needs to be more big-bandish.

    15. John Sohn

      So like... who is this ?

    16. u y

      She is a Britt ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew

    17. vapalaca

      She sounds a little bit like Kate Middleton

    18. plunaiii3

      0:04 I freaking love the old school San Antonio Spurs jacket!!! GO SPURS GO!!!!!

    19. Sophie Smith

      Well done Carey did well and looking good too... proud of you, xx

    20. Lara Currie

      The Laugh track is painful, she is awesome

    21. Deirdre Ryan

      Carey is so darn cute! She brings the girl crush out in me.

    22. Teresa Han

      Marcus lost so much weight and looks adorable!! Carey is as charming as elegant as always!!

    23. Dog Town

      Yet daniel kaluuya hosted the week before

    24. C. 7

      I am in absolute awe of this woman's talents

    25. The Irish Youtuber

      Didn't know she was British. The fake American accent in the snl sketches may be believe she was American

    26. K.K.

      she’s so charming I love her 🥺

    27. Jory Harris


    28. puzzlepiece

      OMG, her adorkable husband totally stole the show. I love him! He did a better job than 9 out of 10 of the professional actors they have on. Just watched Carey on a very British archeology movie called, The Dig. Most people would probably think it's boring but I loved it and Carey was wonderful, as usual!

    29. saana salonen

      i loved her in a promising young woman. i never really liked her so i made a 180 with that one

    30. Blue Phoenix

      Who is she? Never heard of her someone point me in the right direction

      1. puzzlepiece

        Did you ever see the movie, Drive?

    31. romxxii

      Still remember her from the Doctor Who episode Blink.

    32. Christina Armani

      “I’m alarmed that you think we have that” 🤣

    33. Mrs. Lib

      How did they not book Mumford and the sons for her appearance!?

    34. Jelly Whit

      The style of her shirt should have qualified it for the clearance rack. What is going on with it? Those straps looping down to her elbows, those severe squared off shoulders. I like the color and the material is good. I had a hard time concentrating on her because of the style of her top.

      1. puzzlepiece

        It's awful in every possible way.

    35. Genaro Cuellar

      A band that suck is as such....

    36. Dince91

      love how needy he is haha

    37. Billy Sullivan

      Idiot in front of Mumford wearing his mask incorrectly

    38. Chandra

      this has made me switch from impartial about Mumford & Sons to a fan lol

    39. Dan B

      I dont remember the first movie I saw her in but it was like 20 years ago, I just remember saying how can someone be so pretty.

    40. Colors 66

      Couldn't believe she is only 35...acting has taken it's toll on her!

    41. joel wellnitz

      I feel in love with Carey in Far From the Madding Crowd. She is adorable!

    42. Alberto Suarez

      I didn't know she was british

    43. Meredith Hagan

      I found out a few months ago that Carey and Marcus met when they were like 12 at summer camp and were penpals as tweens before losing touch and reunited and fell in love as adults.

    44. Jack Lewis

      Loved her in Doctor Who that one time in 2008

    45. Leah Young

      They were hilarious together!

    46. Stella O.

      I'm kind of in love with Marcus Mumford now

    47. FlapJack0512

      This is my favourite monologue they have done in a while

    48. tcorourke2007

      Good lord is this bad.

    49. Doe at Sea

      Extremely yes

    50. Michael Douglas

      I wonder what Carey's life would be like if she hadn't broken up with Shia.

    51. Adagio Breeze

      I’m so torn , I really want Viola Davis to win cuz I loved her in Ma Rainey but Cary Blew me away in PYW

    52. Reba Lynn

      I'm sorry but what the heck was going on with that suit she was wearing? The color was great but the suit itself looked like the project that would get someone kicked off of Project Runway! Loved Mr Milford though! Cute, funny and an accent... Score for Carry Mulligan!

    53. Laura Martin

      I want to pull off those dangling pink flappy loops on her jacket.

    54. Elysian

      Mumford looked absolutely bubbly when he took out his guitar! :D

    55. Chris Su


    56. Chris Su

      next time carey mulligan should host with musical guest mumford and sons

    57. Gabe Lazar

      this was just so cute

    58. Michael Weston

      boring host. i like her, but have no idea how she got selected as host. haven't heard of anything she's done in a decade.

    59. Maximilian

      Yet another actor/actress i did not know was British 😐

    60. Islander255

      TIL Carey Mulligan is married to Mumford from Mumford & Sons... since 2012? Where have I been all these years?

    61. Debra

      I adore Carey Mulligan-saw her in London in Skylight and see everything I can with her. One of my favorite actresses, very intelligent.

    62. PaGus Music

      They are super cuteeee together, hope ‘the sons’ are reliable and ‘the kids’ are alight lol

    63. Natalie


    64. Natalie


    65. cinemarose

      Her outfit is so gorgeous!

    66. chadnisha

      4:00 her keeping her eyes on the backrow while her husband snuck up front was a great move

    67. Oscar Gomez

      That guy is so charming

    68. 7 Days at Sea

      Hope she wins the Oscar!

    69. Flash007

      I'm fully onboard for a Mumford hosted episode now.

    70. MrCatous

      Now I remember where I saw her - it's Sally Sparrow from only episode of dr Who that I watched.

    71. Sandbox 78

      I would lose my shit with I was near him I would want a autograph so bad

    72. john b89

      To me she will always be Sally Sparrow and I know she is an accomplished actress of film stage and tv

    73. Rafik Hg

      She rocked!

    74. James Goines

      Didn't know who Ms Mulligan is but she was quite entertaining and funny, as well as her husband (less the sons)!

    75. Christian S


    76. Alison J

      Oh, my. I'm so out of pop culture these days. I have no idea who she is. Gotta go Google her.

    77. jeff wei

      Couple goals!

    78. Morgan Stringz

      Marcus Mumford is so talented 🙌🙌

    79. Natalia

      Great suit & great couple dynamic

    80. su maya

      I wonder how much sketches she has in last 2 days

    81. Elizabeth Dashiell

      "I left them with the Sons" "I'm alarmed that you think that we have that" CAN I JUST WATCH A SHOW WITH THESE TWO???!!!!

      1. TheWPhilosopher

        Yaaaas. I'd watch. At home with the Mumford Mulligan's or something.

    82. erin h

      Why did I think they were both American

    83. Alias Alias

      I thought a monologue wasnt a dialogue?

    84. itowmyhome


    85. Jameson

      He's got a smothers brothers kind of energy.

    86. melissa mastrototaro

      Don’t blink

    87. Moni Lein

      She has an old voice.

    88. Isaymikey Isaymikey

      He is funnier.

    89. Chris Spiers

      Hilarious monologue! 😂😂😂

    90. Nathan Longacre

      They are even more oppressed in the UK than they are here. Me? I tried to warn people against compliance with the so-called "pandemic" from Day One. But no one listened. Well... I never locked down. But other chumps did.

    91. My blue cat loves blue flowers

      💖 Love Carey! 💖 So talented, audiobooks as well!

    92. Nolan Powe

      Dang more actors and actresses need to do stand up as monologues more often lol

    93. Michael Cain

      She’s funny and he’s so cheeky.

    94. Tara Atkinson

      anyone else annoyed by carey getting constantly interrupted?

    95. tickety boo

      His accent has taken on a strong American twang....

    96. Adam

      She can do no wrong.

    97. Melizma Tea

      This was a great show - there have been a few clunkers lately. She did a great job.

    98. TheAyeAye1

      I loved Marcus and the band, but they are dead to me now. If they can't find a spine and stand up for free speech. Their cowardice in the face of left wing extremeists going after Winston for reading a book they didn't like has made some truely awful people bolder.

    99. Rachel's Ravels

      That outfit is on fire. Gorgeous.

    100. Raj

      Carey Mulligan is english?