Cat Hilarious Reaction to Her First Time Trying Cola

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    Julkaistu 13 päivää sitten


    1. B

      Cats use their paws to scoop their poop.

    2. randomswedishdude

      "You are a bit heavy on the Jack Daniels"

    3. Manjunath N

      I am worried about the phone, if cola glass falls on phone😀

    4. Missy the White Kitty


    5. I Don't Know What I'm Doing

      So nobody gonna talk about the fact that there was a mouse on the table but the cat choose Cola instead.

    6. Lake North

      Silly, funny kitty 😼

    7. Josh V

      Pranks on the owner. The cats paws were just in the litter box

    8. Den livie_

      I see, she too drinks cola from a wine glass. I have found my long lost sister

    9. Possessed Gaming

      And just like that.. it became Armor King

    10. Jedi master titanium dickmanagus

      Yeah that’s how i am with Pepsi max i don’t know how people can drink it i don’t care about sugar I’m healthy I love a good classic coke

    11. 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖘𝖙

      Pepsi ?

    12. Proud DDS: Diehard Dreamcatcher Simp

      Why is the glass near the phone?

    13. tai gordon

      What is that velvet??😭

    14. Rashan

      "Yall drink this shit?"

    15. Keith Krick

      Obviously Diet Coke.

    16. X-Gamer

      That cat is like:"What in the heck I just drank??"

    17. steven ford

      Cat.. wow man this is some heavy sh#t

    18. Stupid Human's • 13 years ago

      And they said it good

      1. dcoog anml

        He's confused less about the cola taste and more confused of the sparkles

    19. magicisnow

      "Who peed in the drink?"

    20. Jit So Rayz

      So cute

      1. dcoog anml

        No one: Cat: this shit wack af 🥴 yall humans are naaasty! 🤧

    21. Gabriel Torres

      It's wild that Cats can't taste sweet things. Seems like even puuurfect creatures has to have at least 1 flaw.

    22. TK

      Cat: What the hell did I just tasted !

    23. Haider Playz

      cat: DISCUSTING!!!!

    24. FluffyMarshmelloGirl

      Hope you like your Coca Cola with a hint of cat hair and kitty litter.

    25. Natashahoneypot

      Are you sure that's cola?

    26. Jessllynne Mighaelle Politano

      cat: why is it spicy?

    27. Joms Philip

      Gonna get recommended some dayy!!!

    28. Kastro Jenkin

      was that a cat burp?

    29. soiung toiue

      “Hello everyone, this is yooouur Daily Dose of Internet. This cat tried cola for the first time and had a funny reaction...”

    30. Arsh Upadhyaya

      When you realise you have corona cause you loose your sense of taste 👅

    31. Kitty Playground

      ummmmmmmmm thats bad for them

      1. Zoli

        Lol ok

    32. Lensah Leo

      No one: Cat: this shit wack af 🥴 yall humans are naaasty! 🤧

    33. Seth Harper

      He's confused less about the cola taste and more confused of the sparkles

    34. WillyM79

      "What did you put in this stuff?"

    35. ΠΟΠ ΔΨΤΘΓ

      Multiverse: Humans trying rats....well actually 🙄 just forget it

    36. Zeca Lima

      Cat: The hooman dronks dat too often lemme tri... Taste test results: DISGUSTANG 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢😰😱😰🤮🤢😠🤧🤒😷🍕🍍🤮🤢🤮🤕😳👁👄👁

    37. Nils

      Antartic Guarana >>>>>>>>>>

    38. lethalsub

      she no like coca cola

    39. Pinar Oz


    40. ShiningPeko

      Cat: ''Oh dis is new....mlem mlem mlem mlem mle-......Dafuck is this?!?''


      He look like Gibson from talking kitty cat

    42. Zaki Khan

      That good ol phosphoric acid

    43. SovietTricycle

      Do McDonald’s sprite next

    44. Dan 0.3.5

      Your camera make the room look like and 2005 super bowl

    45. 14725800369

      It's like when we taste cat food

    46. SalaXannder

      My cat Pandora, looks just like this cat. The similarities are eerie

    47. Villain Ryuji

      well... learn the behaviour of animals... this video explains the hilarious behaivours of many kinds of pets the cat doesn't hate the taste and its not even shocked ... just taking a better sense of the smell with the olfactory receptors in their mouth :D

    48. Rafael Kaito

      Até um gato sabe que Coca-Cola é uma porcaria. XD

    49. CreativeUsername

      Why is everything covered in glitter

    50. 1 Ztype

      It's spicy water

    51. Diva

      And me getting worried abt that mobile phone 😅

    52. Clayrock

      The cat probably had him killed because of the inconvenience

    53. Sangwoo

      The *C L A S S Y* only drink coke out of a wine glass

    54. ESC Stroopwafel

      Okay, but who the hell drinks cola out of a wine glass? xD

    55. Kenma Kozume

      it's actually trying to smell it better? what's funny

    56. Kayne Savage

      Cat's can't metabolise caffeine, it can kill them.

    57. vam pire

      cat use his hand

    58. Therra LéPissed


    59. Oil

      The cat is like "What the-? You humans actually like this shit?"

    60. Planet funny animals


    61. Ray Moonstar

      It must've been Bepis

    62. Emre Tanaci

      Sh*’s not wine.....

    63. Lenn son

      Cola-whiskey 😂

    64. Algrowpet

    65. Alex F

      She probably drank the original Cola

    66. Cucker Tarlson

      Real funny until you realize that's actually a seizure. Sick

    67. Munchkin

      This is why I drink kool aid.

    68. Christian Wind

      What amazes me is that the Cola is inside of that glass.

    69. Dini Ali

      “What is this”

    70. Texan White Panther

      Me after I take a bump

    71. the guy who comments THICC on random shit

      "ew, y'all have this shi?"

    72. brad22474

      Hoomans drink this stuff on purpose?! WTF?!

    73. Skanque

      Him not like the cola

    74. seeni gzty

      “Why is it attacking my tongue human”

    75. Epic gamer

      The cat be like "how do people like this stuff?"

    76. Weeb 101

      6 yr old me trying cola for the first time by mistake be like:

    77. Jesusito Beley

      "That's the shit"

    78. Delsin

      Reminds of my first cola experience which was "нахуя блять столько сахара? ну нахуй" and I still don't drink it. Good but way too sweet

      1. seeni gzty

        asi no se toma

    79. Juliana Creao

      Cat: Do you humans pay to drink THIS?

    80. Brody N.

      If you didn’t know cats have a special olfactory smelling sense located at the top of their mouth. Whenever they really want to get a good smell of something they crack their mouth and make a silly face like that.

    81. Coco Lime

      my cat was too freaked out by the bubbles to even get that far

    82. Celia Tyree

      I mean the stuff is disgusting.



    84. Bixen 22

      I guess if you cant taste the sweetness of cola it really is just nasty isnt it? 🤣

    85. Bernard M.

      1. What is the cat doing on the table? 2. And more importantly how would your guess feel who drink from your glasses see a cat putting it's paws in the glass hello cat litter box UGH!

      1. Just Korbii

        1. Because it can be? 2. Its not your cat, don't fuss over it

    86. Bob Chipman


    87. Benjamin Robles

      Wtf is thissss?!!! 😾

    88. LsacredLotusL

      Imagine it was McDonalds sprite

    89. Max Raschi

      Me first time trying Coffee

    90. Jamie Lindenzweig

      "so this is what yall drinking?" 😳

    91. Penguin Plays

      Bepis better then conk

    92. remigio Брух

      asi no se toma

    93. Who's The Pro

      Cat After 1 lick: I am dead drunk..

    94. Kuhli Loach

      the look on that cat's face is probably the reason doctors call soda Liquid Cancer

    95. mdnasrulloh

      He want pepsi

    96. Abc Abc

      Plot twist: not actually cola. It's wine!

    97. Izio Shaba

      *It reacted to the bubbles, correct?*

    98. The Professor

      I will see you all in 5 years!!

    99. Skeboop Bawp

      Don’t give your cat cola, it can knock off a few years of the cats lifetime and cause irreversible damage.

    100. Alpha Knowledgeum

      Cat: it tastes like toilet cleaner