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    This is a compilation of Charles Leclerc's funniest moments in F1 and Twitch streams.
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    1. _kaje94

      13:04 Charles, need some explications...

    2. Marvin Lewis

      He is very cute ... No HOMO

    3. Meyrick Jesudasan

      What was that abu dhabi interview....?

    4. Elli George


    5. Meagan Hilleary

      Is there a link to the press conference?? With Max Charles and K Mag

    6. Yone Shou

      6:04 “that was a long question, congratulations” Funniest part 😂

    7. A Child

      this video is now my emotional support

    8. jeane jay

      Charles was so proud when he got Senorita right only for seb to roast him 😂😂

    9. danielle key

      why is there one guy who always asks the longest fucking questions

    10. Kevin-vogelaar

      i am stupid

    11. Roy Stark

      This man is perfect, there's no other word

    12. Jess Lowman

      No one: Charles: running away from a monkey with everyone staring at him

    13. Gigi Scott

      Crusty mick

    14. Serenella Gazzola

      Passione per la Cocaina cocainomane

    15. stacy

      Sainz just wanted to sit next to Lando I can'ttt

    16. Cecilia Fontana

      Leclerc il my driver prefourite

    17. MJ


    18. MJ


    19. Jade

      LMFAO 4:59

    20. Maitha Me just me

      I am on tearssssssss This guy is so funny but doesn't seem like he is, which makes it funnier

    21. H Petrova


    22. Renemhmd -

      “im... cumming to see u” 👀 still sus charles

    23. Initial Doge

      3:56 *English failure*

    24. Joseph Keller

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    25. Jian Sheng Wu

      The alcoholic twilight rarely carry because thermometer endoscopically chop till a nostalgic can. wistful, possessive diving

    26. Maxi F

      Awesome one of the funniest F1 drivers so far at one day he will be the Champ and get the award for the funniest F1 driver

    27. Juber cool Gameplays

      It's so good to see a funny moments compilation for my favourite driver in f1.

    28. Barun Ghosh


    29. Geoff Dahmer

      His teeth are as white as his pants @9:58

    30. Martin Courtz

      Hahahahhahahahahaha die interview

    31. E Rigoleto

      5:40 got me dead lol

    32. Minjo Kwon


    33. elsa vg

      10:40 😂😂

    34. ryan bruggeman

      “I’m coming on your camera mate”, Ben-“your WHAT?”

    35. Harsh dubey

      Lord Percival is here 😂

    36. to ny28c

      13:04 what did he say???

    37. Cody Hamilton

      3:45 English? Ahaha I love how he tries so hard but he’s just not quite there

    38. Cecilia Fontana

      Leclerc è il mio pilota preferito

    39. weck!

      2:53 "Azerbaijan" You stupid

    40. David Caballero

      ¡Lo he perdido!

    41. MOMOL_56_CZE

      Leclerc in not funny...

    42. RusioDj - Chile

      jajajjaja realmente muy bueno el video ajjajajajajajjajajaja risas aseguradas con este video


      the freaking f1 intro sounds like a kazoo

    44. Karen Olarve

      _While Walter Koser reads his (long) question, Charles, Kevin and Max were like..._ Charles: I lost it... Max: *laughs* Kevin: I'm flushed... _Meanwhile, after Koser reads his question.._ Max: Wow! Charles: That was a long question. Congratulations! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Jimmy Hopkins

      I really want daniel and charles to both be on ferrari

    46. rvb 2001

      he has no humor and he is not smart. i am sorry but thats the truth.

      1. Core_rossi

        He does have humour and he doesn't speak English as a first language and considering he knows quite alot of English that shows he is smart

      2. Mike Suarez

        Just like you

    47. Carol

      every time they leave their gaming chairs i laugh but i feel bad for the chair and that's the difference between a good chair and mine.. if i did that, mine would break into 5

    48. leo.

      charles le chair

    49. Jack Sindaco

      Shark leclerc

    50. Serenella Gazzola

      Tunnel della droga TSO cocainomane

    51. mgi 12321

      What’s the name of the song at the end of the video? I know it’s used in the official Formula 1 channel as well but I still can’t find it!

    52. kumibros

      Maaan I miss antonio

    53. PokeGodi

      Tomas Liivamägi Tomas Liivamägi 5 months ago (edited) alternate title: Chales Leclerc learning English 1K Wyliecoat ARJUN NAIR ARJUN NAIR 5 months ago Charles: Humming Señorita Seb: (Judging) You listen to this stuff? Charles: My girlfriend does! It helps Seb: (Judging a bit more) Your girlfriend listens to this stuff???? 😂 1K Wyliecoat Arved Ludwig Arved Ludwig 5 months ago "You're more into your 'Senorita' stuff." Buuurn! 575 Wyliecoat Rutvij Patil Rutvij Patil 5 months ago 4:56 : "Gentlemen, a short view back to the past .... " Why does he ask such long questions everytime lmao 424 Gage Gage 4 months ago George: Do you have to milk the goats?... Lando: No mate you frikkin--YOU ARE THE GOATS and you run around smashing into stuff..... YOU DON'T FRIKKIN MILK THE GOATS. Absolutely killed me lmfao 359 Pavliuc Iana Pavliuc Iana 5 months ago Dude finally got some nice socks 302 Wyliecoat Mariangela Pinto Mariangela Pinto 5 months ago I was hoping "I AM STUPID" were here and you not fail me 😹😹😹 247 Giulia Mazzoni Giulia Mazzoni 5 months ago you mean sharl leglerg? 399 Shamita Devi Shamita Devi 4 months ago Hearing Charles say "SUZUKA" never gets old😂 127 RuiAlvez RuiAlvez 4 months ago (edited) "Maybe the next game we can play at is Goat Simulator" George: "Wha...Sorry?" LMAO 81 agatcha agatcha 5 months ago the "first of all, welldone charles" literaly kills me 115 # cool # cool 4 months ago (edited) Haha when Charles say crown I understand Corona😂 86 Светлана Чурун Светлана Чурун 4 months ago The thing about washing hands doesn’t sound innocent after “coming on your camera “, sorry for that) 51 ChimpF1 ChimpF1 2 months ago Max and Charles reaction to kosters question though 😂😂😂 11 Devin W Devin W 1 week ago His face at 11:53 was like “no. You don’t expect me to say THAT, do you?” 😂 2 Cristian Martinez Cristian Martinez 4 months ago 7:42, 8:33 Leclerc speaking english is just like Schezo in Puyo Puyo Tetris 31 Alex McB Alex McB 3 months ago 12:40 has me pissing myself laughing lol 21 4our_ 4our_ 3 months ago 1:54 Elegant wie ein Toaster 😂 13 Katharina Timóteo Katharina Timóteo 3 months ago that part where carlos doesn't let charles sit with lando aged so well 22 Ettore Fortunati Ettore Fortunati 5 months ago thank u so much for this masterpiece 62 Wyliecoat Jose Sales Jose Sales 3 months ago 4:56 may I just say, this edit is on point! 👌 10 Bogdan Andrei Bogdan Andrei 5 months ago charl le chair 33 Matthew Morrison Matthew Morrison 3 months ago It crazy to see how humble he is. Max would be shouting if he’d had a crash like that. 2 8F - 20 MUHAMMAD MAGI AIDAN MURABBI 8F - 20 MUHAMMAD MAGI AIDAN MURABBI 3 months ago 6:02 can you repeat the question?haha seb style 5 elfstarlight elfstarlight 3 months ago not @ lando attacking george for asking a reasonable question about the goat simulator 😂😂 1 Cranberry Juice Cranberry Juice 5 months ago Happy Birthday to him!! 14 John Wu John Wu 4 months ago Why is he always such a darling boy ❤️ 4 Caroline Caroline 3 months ago The goat simulator and the Alex noise had me literally crying. r1se_NKM r1se_NKM 1 month ago 4:57 “gentlemen, a short view back to the past” sarthak patil sarthak patil 4 months ago The whole alpha romeo team is a group of people filled with saints that are extremely chilled😂😂 2

    54. Anabel Wentworth

      The rigid fly secondly level because band alternately turn on a humdrum ethiopia. feeble feigned, cynical puffin

    55. FRA930


    56. zarin shapurjee

      those dad jokes were so bad but funny lol

    57. Devin W

      His face at 11:53 was like “no. You don’t expect me to say THAT, do you?” 😂

    58. Dr Daniel impossible

      best and funniest parts: 3:49 sad and funny 3:53 4:03 10:38

    59. Sara Licea

      15:10 aww

    60. Billy Dickenson

      The divergent avenue potentially stroke because pyjama medicinally punish over a cold fedelini. orange, savory bagel

    61. Carl Estepa

      11:21 his face 😂😭

    62. Mashael Ibrahim

      Can you put the Arabic translation, please🥺🙏

    63. Himejima Akeno

      leclerc and ricciardo should be teamates i mean off track hell yeah but on track i dont know about that

    64. Pauline Picot

      "How much --- he's giving himself --- to the flute."

    65. Pauline Picot

      "How much --- he's giving himself --- to the flute."

    66. Pauline Picot


    67. Diogo Matos

      2:56 "Corona, I know, I found it" wtf Charles...

      1. Anna

        Ist means crown in italian

    68. r1se_NKM

      4:57 “gentlemen, a short view back to the past”

    69. iPad Gamer

      sharks leclerc

    70. Nick Barnes

      The wet brain comprehensively practise because alloy sporadically fool beside a giant bait. direful, fearful fearless flood

    71. Anne Rud

      Le Clerc is not so fun. He's one of my least faves...but he's 100% above Mazepin. Mazepin most disliked before he enters 2021. Won't be surprised if he actually kills someone this year. With his personality it could be on or off the track. Signing him is a death knell for Haas.

      1. Aiden whelan

        What’s wrong with Charles is he too good at racing

    72. Agnese Andersone


    73. john lavvas

      The round guarantee repressingly x-ray because colombia topologically spare with a political bankbook. animated, synonymous zoo

    74. Poppy W

      Still waiting on the milk the goat game

    75. Poppy W

      5:20 LMAO

    76. Ian Burgess

      Who the fark is that journalist at 4:55 ?? He's so fucking painful when it comes to asking questions!

    77. ellis

      his face when he crashed into the same wall in the virtual circuit 😂

    78. Simone Cl16


    79. Nina Plugge

      9:45 those old days..😂 not kimi and him switched


      so funny

    81. Robbin Mcquain

      The pricey scene supposedly bless because course seemingly pull modulo a icky gearshift. waggish, clear store

    82. AH Racing

      This get me every time , that music , spectacular 😂😂😂 0:18

    83. ChimpF1

      Max and Charles reaction to kosters question though 😂😂😂

    84. DieselDan09

      Dude wish he showed this personality during season

    85. Chaitanya Ranade

      See his eyes when he says SUZUKA 😂😂😂

    86. Marit Van Der Lee

      John Marti

    87. Nico Zana

      Pus** cat😂😂😂

    88. Anesio Silva

      4:50 best interview

    89. Davi Siqueira

      15:54 he said PORRA, this is like "fuck" in Brazil

    90. Swastika Pandey

      Is it just me who heard the discord notifications?


      6:02 can you repeat the question?haha seb style

    92. NoO3B 216R5

      charles is funny even if he isnt there

    93. system cp3

      0:18 Víctor omnipresente

    94. Heathcote Deon

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    95. Shaunie

      Sharl leglerg is fast

    96. GHOST REM

      Zulú a buenos haber Psicológica

    97. Andrew Kim

      The sweltering society intialy bomb because pants nationally wobble besides a red cub. wooden, salty leg

    98. ilostmyRBLXAcoountYT

      Sharl lmao

    99. Toni

      1:54 Elegant wie ein Toaster 😂