Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

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    Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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    1. Michael Ray

      Isn't this clip a few years old?

    2. mandataruu

      all electric cars shoul have an engine sound like 55 db, for safety some cheap one have a sound in trafic, not loud but like an engine sound also a tesla will never detect a incoming car for an INCOMING OUTside line, so in europe this is a bad thing, also uk, on yutube are many accident of teslas with sleping drivers INCOMING on tesla line from the oposite drive way sense

    3. Lee Campbell-Smith

      Funny how things change. Testa winning hearts and minds.

    4. Michael Jenkins

      When will we go back to test Huawei's autopilot?

    5. Sebastian Ch.

      OK Tesla is faster than an audi with a V10 engine, but I would still rather have this audi with a beautiful engine sound than this T invention.

    6. Edtweet

      and i remember back then when they absolutely trashed the tesla roadster lol

    7. runninginsept

      James May is o moror 😯

    8. DMT Donuts

      Remember when they first got a tesla and all they done was bag it out when they didnt even know how to charge the battery...Lets fast forward to 2021....YUP Jeremy you proved yourself to be stupid hahah farkkkk

    9. Fresh Redo

      1:04 did he just draw a d*ck?

    10. FlopOfShame

      From lying about Tesla battery life to reluctantly accepting reality.

    11. Lew Milly

      All those lawyers getting out with no problem bro, doors are gullwing for a reason.... Stop hating you old British kook

    12. Lew Milly

      Shook after lying about the first roadster... English posh prick

    13. Dylan Pickersgill

      Opens sketch pad automatically draws a penis

    14. Era S

      Its funny how he made fun of Tesla back in Top gear long time ago

    15. R P

      How old is this clip?

    16. Alex Naranjo

      Isn’t this the guy who faked that the first tesla ran out of battery?

    17. Fat guy on a little bike

      It’s like half that price in the us lol

    18. TheAbc45678

      I just read through 500 comments to see if anyone talked about one of the passengers in row 2 and nobody did. What's the Internet coming too?

    19. erepsekahs

      Since Jeremy Clarkson let the 'nice guy' mask slip a little after his brutish and despicable physical and racial attack on Oisin Tymon, a Top Gear producer I cannot bring myself to look at his face. Many, many years ago I was at a live broadcast in the Studios of ITV Television in London of 'Top Of The Pops' a TV show which featured David Jacobs as the host and a panel of, I believe, four Judges each week drawn from popular artists/personalities of the day. There was no taping in those days and it was all broadcast live with cuts for commercials. A song would be played or performed and then the 'panel' would state their opinions and give the performance a one to five rating and a brief critique. Nicely spoken, well mannered David Jacobs would always be the first to give his opinion. I do not remember the song but I remember the celebrity guest judge, a singer by the name of Sandy Shore (i know, but it was the 1960's), and Jacobs gave the song an excellent rating. When it came to Sandy Shore she told the truth and said it was not well sung etc. etc. They broke the live broadcast for a commercial and as soon as they did, right in front of the live audience (us) Jacobs stormed over to her and screamed loud enough for everyone in the audience to hear, "YOU EVER DISAGREE WITH ME AND I'LL MAKE SURE YOU ARE NEVER ON TV AGAIN." and then the floor girl counted down, "Five, four, three, two ...." and the show as on again and he resumed his sweet, endearing, nice self. So that is the way it is in real life. Based upon that experience it is easy to see what Jeremy Clarkson is.

    20. vox Lennart

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    21. Fat guy on a little bike

      And people say all American cars have grandma v8s

    22. bisha ali

      James May is a moron I’m dead 😂

    23. Benjamin Turner

      He's come a long way from the man who scripted a breakdown that didn't happen on his first tesla review...

    24. Nitsua Kehn

      I feel its a little dishonest to complain about the price of supper lux vehicle. If you want a good price look at the model 3. Its has ALL of the same features excluding motorized doors. Its lighter, faster, and might i say nicer. At only $36,000.

    25. jason henn

      Hydrogen is the future not these

    26. amanda

      Can it seriously do those weird gimmicky things like "summon" and "celebration" modes, or is that a joke? Because I am not sure lmo

    27. Jose Alba

      The Grand tour Jeremy likes electric cars. The OG Top gear Jeremy hates electric cars. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    28. Jack Scott

      Cool car but looks hideous for the money

    29. Jared Olson

      Glad they decided to give a fair review this time

    30. Tyler Morris

      sometimes i like to swerve by teslas to make the computer freak out and have a heart attack im sorry im evil

    31. Jonathan David White

      MOTHER OF GOD. This is what top gear always could’ve been. I’m speechless. This is incredible. I’m so happy

    32. HD Evans

      Why did he draw that????

    33. RWN

      What were you trying to draw you little naughty boy??🤣🤣🤣

    34. Tanner Hughes

      1:03 He was straight drawing a johnson

    35. TImothy Poburs

      Celebration mode is the most Clarkson feature that ever has been or will be.

    36. boone dalton

      I think we know what jeremy really thinks !

    37. Peter Gambier

      It's a fantastic thing of technology that's for sure, just make sure you've got fire cover. I loved the lawyers bit, the questions and the drag race, all amusingly described by Mr 'petrolhead' Clarkson. There is always a cost for such wonderful things and, apart from corporate fleets, credit and the very rich, at £156k who can possibly afford one? One question, how long do the batteries last? 10years, 15 years? They won't be cheap. Presumably this is the reason Elon's building the worlds largest battery factory.

    38. Power5

      mentioning the problem with batteries in electric cars in accidents and casually referencing Richard's Rimac accident that almost killed him as humor. LOVE the dark humor.

    39. JerkBaitAddict

      Drawing a penis huh?

    40. Larry Dugan

      Surely the government will subzidize this expensive coal powered electric car si that rich people won't pay too much.

    41. Makin Actions

      Mans really drawed a penis

    42. Oby-1

      It is what all cars should be.

    43. AGP

      When I hear his voice it reminds me of Jixaw and I don't know why.

    44. Michael X

      Chose to draw cock an balls shooting a load?? Bizarre.. 1:03

    45. Detecting Ohio

      Interesting pic to draw on the sketch pad 😂

    46. wwolfdogs

      5000lb overpriced video game on wheels!

    47. Rhyses iPad

      Imagine going through years of law school just to tell Jeremy Clarkson how to avoid a lawsuit

    48. dutoiu hour

      After the original Roadster on top gear I’m glad to see Clarkson sharing enjoyment of Tesla

    49. wwolfdogs

      "Just astaaaunishing " as it drives you into the back of an 18 wheeler at 90 MPH.

    50. Cubert Miso

      EV tech on chassis that looks like old mustang would be great. Not a fan of these melted fridges on wheels.

    51. Insanity Patch

      Wouldn’t have been surprised if they felt safer when Jeremy got out of the car

      1. dutoiu hour

        Ain't this from season 1 or 2??

    52. Eigil Hedemann

      1:04 very pretty pattern

    53. Matt B


    54. Matthew Harman

      unfortunately..with Tesla's fit and finish..Ill pass...

    55. ReplyIfYoureHurt

      Why'd he draw a peepee 🤣 1:02

    56. J.D. Crownover

      156,000 pounds? That would exceed the weight limit of many of the smaller bridges around here. ;-)

    57. Forgiven Sinner

      I love your lawyers as much as I love your excitement during ludicrous mode.

    58. ownhog

      "James may is a moron" Got me

    59. Steven sales

      I hate it

    60. william avery

      I want one. Maybe sell my Etype for it cos is not as fast as this beast.

    61. margaret frost

      sold out to Musk

    62. Jason Tyo

      Can I change the Celebration song? to ruff ryders anthem?

    63. Randy Rush

      But still not confident enough to drive without holding onto the steering wheel.

    64. M

      Only problem is if one crashes and catches fire it take 40,000 gallons of water to put out. That aspect is hardly eco friendly.

    65. Nick

      Ain't this from season 1 or 2??

    66. Parzival

      "So we are just going to take what the car manufacturer says as gospel? Vauxhall says there cars are exciting." 😂😂 How was that necessary 9:00

    67. Oscar Swinburn

      I think it would be cool to do a top gear remote controlled series take the traxxas XO-1 0-60 in 2sec and 0-100 in 3sec

    68. Ben Hardcastle

      This car is stupid

    69. rajinbin

      Did he draw a dick pic as the first thing lol.

    70. secpac58chichi

      my momma always said - "are you crazy or just plain stupid" ?

    71. Ta-Tumbs

      1:05 we gonna just ignore that?

    72. Johei Shan

      We've come a long way... Interestingly, SOME features, like auto-pilot are not THAT new. My best friend's dad was a director with an insurance company, and had a self-driving armored car as early as '89 (For bomb disposal) My friends in the military tested drone 4 wheel drives in the first Gulf War.

    73. secpac58chichi

      agreed - wait - No ! the self driver just wrapped me around a tree and now I am dead - oh well - Clarkson will take care of my family for life - right ???

    74. TechPiton

      1:05 Jeremy, did you just draw a d*ck...? hehe

    75. Vervito United

      1:04 draw pretty pattern 😏

    76. kevin McCaw

      Thing looks like an egg

    77. J

      I think the lawyer in the front passenger seat is super se>

      1. secpac58chichi

        fatty fatty

    78. John

      The whole car is a boot.

    79. Maximus Potestas


    80. Kayla Johnny


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      2. Benjamin Katherine

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      4. Proan Jou

        You're right ma,

    81. Simracing Tv

      6:10 no Launch control?🥴

    82. Moises Sequera

      Shame on you Jeremy, based in your glorious past with cars you should not even consider giving a try to this piece of awfulness.

    83. C A R T Ξ R

      1:04 Did He Draw A Dick?!?!?!?!

    84. Void Mayonnaise

      Time to peanut butter on the seats: 2.9 seconds.

    85. Bruce Gardner

      Old Joke: Q: What do you get when you have a car full of lawyers? A: Make up your own punch line.

    86. Mr Ralph

      Isn't this from 10 years ago ?

    87. Eduardo Padilla


    88. Lord_Falcon

      This video is like 3 years old, the software has come a very long way since then!

    89. overgeared

      can i refuel/recharge it from empty to full inside 5 minutes in any small town anywhere in europe? until the answer to that is yes electric cars will never be an acceptable replacement for petrol.

    90. IdealSound & Performance

      @1:05 this is it..this is what you came for. You're welcome. 2nd time making this exact comment on different channels in 2 days for the same reason. Lol

    91. Michael Hype

      I wonder how much Tesla paid him to say he likes this vehicle….

    92. Bob Dobbz

      Guy hops in a futuristic car, and the first thing he does is draw a dick on the screen. Lol

    93. Hawky

      1:04 "pretty patterns"😂😂🍆

    94. Mo A

      The Tesla Model X needs to be revamped with a horizontal landscape screen.

    95. Sammy Tsang

      Buy a Tesla Model X for £150k or another car with similar features at £5k?

    96. Malthe Johansen

      Remember when you guys faked a tesla roadster breaking down?

    97. Extraterrestrial Life

      What a waste of resources. Make a car with solar panels on its roof and you have a fully loaded car, everyday and forever 🥱

    98. Scott C

      Should we tell Clarkson about being able to change the "motor sounds" to anything you want? Could have raced the R8 with ... fart noises as it left the start line.