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    1. Ty Cat Girl

      Me not even looking at the coke me looking at the house and saying “Wow” he is rich

    2. Asad Sankar

      Oh for real??? And balloon goes : f you🤣🤣🤣

    3. Itz Lani

      Jesus loves you and died for your sins repent and trust in the Lord always.🙏🏽🤎

    4. Fairuz Anuar

      He will fall at the pool tottaly

    5. Lokesh Jhanwar my god thiss reel😍😍😍

    6. Camila Drammeh

      Him:no no no no Me:it’s literally not moving😐

    7. Kwinsch

      His house looks like he build it on creative mode

    8. hugo estrada


    9. Faidana 15


    10. Rajan Kushwaha

      Whole video_ no no no no no.......aaahhhh......wo wo wo wo wo....... Me_ nice house

    11. Paulina Pacheco

      What You help ! l" terd

    12. the walrus U.S

      When u do black tar heroine when pregnant

    13. Joseph Penyisa

      What did you add into the coke

    14. Angelique Sutton

      Why does he get scared of air in a balloon with coke in it anf act like its an actual grenade

    15. pro rekt

      I am watching these while i am in class i am stupid

    16. lily me


    17. Art form. Mahdiya and khushi

      You are cool 😎😜

    18. Art form. Mahdiya and khushi

      Cool 😎

    19. Ahmad Rojadin


    20. LongIslandHobbyist


    21. Семён Овчинников

      Зачем мне эта хрень в рекомендациях?

    22. Tech Badman gamer


    23. Вика ._.

      С колой шутки плохи 😂

    24. Ahmad Ramdani

      Itu yang dimasukin apa?

    25. Aahna Shakya

      That's what she did

    26. SenPaiまるせり

      Tah porra menor

    27. Hxnter 888

      As a employee of leslies pool supplies don’t put power powder or any chemicals in a small amount of liquid.😂😂😂 we aren’t even allowed to bag them in the same bags at checkout

    28. Vladislavs Kaļonovs


    29. kshama parashar

      Mujhe lga ye bottle uddhegi ab🤣🤣🤣

    30. Kavita Ramlochan


    31. Crecko j


    32. Santi Santi


    33. Mauricio escribá

      Que poronga

    34. Roxana Parra

      Qué bonito está el video 😍😍😃😃😍😍🤩🤩

    35. Cassandra Davis

      Why he did that flow that's that is the old to talk

    36. Yaren Şahin


    37. andres pinza

      Entre mas plat hay mas pendejo hay

    38. Rita Bennett that his house?

    39. Ethan Schwetz

      Nobody's making you do this

    40. Emmanuel Boisvert

      Esprit mal placé😂😂😂

    41. Emanuel Rodriguez


    42. Supp8

      This man moans more than porn actresses

    43. Leon Marschall

      4.3 million likes for less then 10 seconds of a guy doing literally nothing(only watch ballon that's slowly filling with gas) (and it's not exploding)

    44. Izazi Nur


    45. Card Stone

      Another ricegum

    46. Margaret Smith

      What is the powder hes using? What happened to the good ol mentos in coke....

    47. Brayden Thomason

      This guys afraid of getting some Coke on him while he lives in a fucking giant ass Scrooge mansion

    48. Sxyldy

      Screw the experiment. Love the house

    49. Malkelm Malcolm

      Like are there any other outcomes to coke and mentos mixture?

    50. Ximena Bañuelos Monroy


    51. Cathea Marie P. Nocete


    52. wasted Girrafe

      Well , your overacting is successful in pissing me off

    53. karom lamia


    54. Yarul Esquivel


    55. valentina Pereyra


    56. Chronic Cloutify

      Bruh why are you running back you have a balloon on top of the soda like what?

    57. Tapi Marine

    58. Luke Antrobus

      Am I the only one that missed the part where there was an explosion?

    59. Luke Antrobus

      The balloon saw a girl it liked

    60. Arzugul Abdraimov


    61. María Gonçalves


    62. Martin Vazquez

      Que estupides los que hacen ahora estos jovenes

    63. Jorge Gracia


    64. Thavone Pakse


    65. Adriana Peck


    66. Светлана Косарева


    67. Abraão Santos


    68. JJ

      How do these people afford the nice houses

    69. Conway Haynes



      Oh its working opps *falls off*

    71. HISITHXX 12

      Tem que balança man

    72. Annnoynmus Unknown

      Okay 👌

    73. tactTV


    74. Ryan Haefner

      This is how the blob was made

    75. nada libzo

      خاف من البالون

    76. Christopher Vagnozzi

      Diet coke you dummy.

    77. Asna Faisal

      Who else was waiting for him to fall in the pool 🤡✋

    78. Maria Clara

      👌 ok

    79. Cristiane Santos

      Ou não desperdiçar coca cola

    80. Nickie Austin

      Jojo- my man...pls do something else then messing with coke-

    81. タɱㄗびղ ロɱ

      Riweuh bangsat

    82. Aaron Maughan

      Too much luxury has made you soft and gooey in the mind.

    83. Raka Wajdi

      He peaked at reacting to ballons and cokes

    84. Elias Dorado

      Peter delag

    85. Emmistic

      Him expecting it to explode The bottle:imma bout to ruin this man's whole career * falls over * The dude:AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    86. Amina Dakki

      Nadi 3chiri

    87. Adrian n


    88. Jolie's World


    89. Ana mabel Cofre Hernándnzjsksez

      Como están hoy pequeñas cosas que

    90. LG Intro's

      And they get paid to do this? Bruh fucking stupid

    91. Ana mabel Cofre Hernándnzjsksez

      Siiii internacional

    92. Nicholas Verrette

      It’s like a bomb

    93. DQ Dukey

      Coke could be invested better..

    94. 3rvin

      So no one is gonna talk about his house 👀🔥

    95. qwp_920

      Put all of it in the bottle

    96. Zoe Randall

      That was so cool

    97. takalani cynthia