Connor McDavid On His Way To Go Down As One Of The Greatest Players Of All-Time

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    Connor McDavid entered the NHL touted as the next generational superstar and he’s done nothing but live up to those lofty expectations. Now just one point away from 500 on his career, McDavid is well on his way to going down as one of the greatest players of all-time and can hit the 500-point plateau in the exact same number of games as Sidney Crosby with a point tonight.
    With Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on his wing every night, Connor McDavid has recorded 30 points in 16 games this season. So after many combinations over the years, have the Oilers finally found the fit for McDavid? Ryan Rishaug joins SportsCentre to share his thoughts.
    With a single point tonight, not only will Connor McDavid tie Sidney Crosby as the fastest active player to reach 500 points, but he would also be the eighth fastest to do it all-time. Ryan Rishaug joins That's Hockey to discuss how he's seen McDavid's game evolve since coming into the league.
    With a single point tonight, not only will Connor McDavid tie Sidney Crosby as the fastest active player to reach 500 points, but he would also be the eighth fastest to do it all-time. Ryan Rishaug joins That's Hockey to discuss how he's seen McDavid's game evolve since coming into the league.
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    Reflecting on the historic pace at which Connor McDavid has approached the 500 career point milestone.
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    2020-2021 NHL Season

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    1. Will Stuart

      Just as a Hockey fan in general, How LUCKY are we to be able to say we saw these insanely talented KIDS break into the league and Deliver on all the Hype. And that's what these generational players are ...KIDS. We forget that Crosby and McDavid were 18 yrs old when they arrived. That's absolutely insane ... and this is what I'm talking about, we have been Spoiled to have witnessed the Greatness of Crosby ....and then now McDavid. Two players who with all likelihood will be top 5 all-time.

    2. Connie McFairy

      bahahahaha. Propaganda

    3. Mike B.

      Probably going down in history as a top 10 forward. I think people need to dial it back a bit and show some respect for the legends that have come before and understand that Connor's career is young and he needs to stay healthy and consistent. We can revisit the discussion in a decade when he has as many points as Joe Thornton. Fans need to come back to reality and learn that there are more than 3 great players in history.

      1. Sammy Weed

        Thanks Mike B your spot on !!

    4. SB 01

      The comparison with Crosby regarding the cups is unfair IMO, simply because Crosby & the Pens had a GREAT goaltender in Fleury, and an ELITE #1 defenceman in Letang. McDavid has never had a dominant goalie & #1 D so far in his career to go alongside him. Yes he has Draisaitl, but Crosby had Malkin, so those two kind of cancel each other out. The main difference that remains his #1 goalie & #1 D. Period.

    5. dnoz13

      He did not have Mario as a mentor either. Absolutely amazing athlete.

    6. uboo

      If you're even with McDavid, you're two steps behind!

    7. Peter Thiessen

      Conner is the best player to ever lace up .

    8. Tony Montana

      1:05 , keep in mind crosby got injured so comparing his points speed is kinda a weak argument

      1. Tony Montana

        @Belle Dorris for shorter periods of time

      2. Belle Dorris

        McDavid too got injured twice...

    9. Fnargl

      he's the best hockey player I've ever seen play the game by a mile.

    10. robert matt

      I think McDavid is just absloutly absurd, by far the most exciting player I've ever watched. With that said I dont see him hosting the Cup in Edmonton. The team just not there.

    11. leoberget

      He did it aswell! Never letting down the expectations!

    12. Yifan Fei

      I literally thought alexis lafreniere was the next one...slightly dissapointed. Props to Conner, what a monster!

    13. Matthew Au

      Until he learns how to play defense first, he ain't winning no cup

    14. p0tent

      McDavid not having a Stanley Cup yet has absolutely nothing to do with McDavid.

      1. Shoge Kimura

        Connie McFairy what’s that have to do with his comment? It’s not comparable to Crosby because the salary cap was lower when he got out of his ELC. MacKinnon on the other hand was massively underpaid when he resigned his most recent deal, for sure. But let’s be honest, McDavid is a better player than MacKinnon, just not double-ly better. Anyway I digress

      2. Connie McFairy

        His contract pays for Mackinnon and Crosby so theres that....

      3. Shoge Kimura

        definitely. there's literally nothing the team or anyone else could possibly ask of him to do. he does it all.

    15. Timothy Letwin

      If McDavid stopped playing right now, he would still be considered the most skilled player of all time to anyone that knows anything about hockey. That does not mean he is the best. That is still Gretzky's domain. His speed is off the charts and not just foot speed. Everything.

      1. Timothy Letwin

        @Belle Dorris That's why they call him the greatest. There are definitely more skilled player's but none have ever seen the ice like he does. It's like he see's everything in slow motion.

      2. Belle Dorris

        Gretzky is no longer the best player that played in the league. Others since have been better then him.. it's a different age... goalies were not as good. Defenceman were not as good... But still I think Gretzky is the greatest ever. Not to downplay gretzky he was the best and is numbers is career is the greatest. Lemieux was better. Not greater...

    16. Tyler Fish

      I don’t think Edmonton will ever win unless they stack a few more names

    17. Jean-Marc Labelle

      Ovi = greatest scorer of all time Crosby = most complete player of all time McDavid = the most offensively talented player of all time

      1. Sammy Weed

        Wow, I guess hockey just started 20 years ago, so disrespecting all the great HOF before these guys, just wow, I think your wrong on all three

      2. Mark Murphy

        And Gretzky = most ahead of everyone else at his time

    18. Jared Christenson

      He averages 100 points every 65 games, and he's only getting better.

    19. Mr

      @4:10 that's very toxic coaching

      1. Mr

        48 LAWS OF POWER: Never criticize a subordinate/employee/follower in the public, do it private :)

      2. Jakethesnake9

        Just being honest

    20. Pierre Pellerin

      McDavid is getting better every year and he will get Edmonton the next canadian Stanley cup.

    21. Edward key

      Iam canadian and will never have your back i cant stand your game my kid is better your

    22. Tim

      As great as McDavid is, I don’t think he has reached the level of Mario Lemieux. Lemieux missed half of a season due to Hodgkin’s and still won the scoring title. Half the season! Lemieux dominated for a time at an otherworldly level.

      1. dnoz13

        Mario was great, it is possible that McDavid is going to be better.

      2. Dylan James

        Different players, different era. You can get away being 20lbs overweight in the 1990 era, you can't do that nowadays. Hockey now is a science and systematic. 1990 was way different than what we have today. Mario and Wayne tore through soft players, the gold standard for NHL players has increased tremendously since the 1990s

      3. SWEATB0T

        we do not care

    23. Matthew Kress

      Wow these analysts are already pulling the same BS they did with Ovi. “McDavid hasn’t made it out of the second round yet so Crosby’s definitively better.” Get outta here with that man c’mon. How can you do that when McDavid has had to play on Edmonton teams not even in the same league as those Penguins teams?

      1. rob gomez

        @xXIvoixXx Why Not? his teammates have always said connor is their leader and their go to guy so don’t listen to these ppl tryna say connors a bad captain when they themselves aren’t inside the oilers locker room, their just a waste of air.

      2. xXIvoixXx Why Not?

        @T Mo T I don't you know McDavid, he is always talking to his teammates, he's always trying but you don't know about the players, McDavid didn't have as much depth, doesn't have a star goalie MAF, and doesn't have any top tier defence

      3. T Mo T

        They're not wrong. McJesus would be better at the All-Star Skills Competition, but he's not the leader Sid is/was. The season before Sid was drafted, the Pens finished last in the East if I remember correctly (if it wasn't last, it was close to last). Within three years, Sid had already brought the Pens to the finals. And if I were a GM this year and my team had a shot at the cup (this year) and I had the liberty of force trading for any player in the NHL, I'd 100% pick Sid over McD.

    24. Seun On

      He's going to end up top 5 all time. He will get his cup. Whether with edmonton or somewhere else. Too good not to.

      1. Chris Tropeano

        @WorldWide Records same here. I respectfully disagree.

      2. WorldWide Records

        @Chris Tropeano we have different opinions. In my books mcdavid trumps gretzky. You can think gretzky is better, i disagree.

      3. WorldWide Records

        @Chris Tropeano we have different opinions. In my books mcdavid trumps gretzky. You can think gretzky is better, i disagree.

      4. Chris Tropeano

        @WorldWide Records I said nobody did it during Gretzky’s time either. Which is true. His combination high level play and durability is unmatched. I already explained why his durability was actually a skill for him and, not just natural durability like it is for most people.

      5. WorldWide Records

        @Chris Tropeano YOU said that no one came close to Gretzky in the pts department, so I mentioned Lemieux. Without his injuries, he likely would have beaten Gretzky's records.

    25. Slippery Noddle69

      If only he had a good team around him

    26. Ryder Ault

      Would have been way sooner if he didn’t get injured

      1. honkan erkan

        But it's not compared in years it's compared in games so it doesn't really matter

      2. Henkkavevo

        Every player has injurys, its part of the game

    27. David Robins

      What an amazing hockey player. Cheering for him all the way.

      1. Yuv York

        And Cassie Campbell says Matthews is the better player

    28. Alan Dewtie

      Greatness comes in 2022 can he lead Canada to gold

      1. Jere Muttilainen

        As a finn.. Canada will win even with him out injured

      2. Intellect

        @Spud sadly, me too

      3. Spud

        @Intellect I can see that happening

      4. Intellect

        Unless Canada boycotts the game

    29. Tyler N

      The fact he is doing it in 2020 is what's insane. 1970's and 80's were a much different time. I think if McDavid played when Gretzky did, he might be the greatest of all time.

      1. Dylan James

        ​@Sammy Weed LOL. Connor nabbed 2 Art Ross' , 2 Ted Lindsay's and a Hart Memorial, all before he 22 and on a ELC contract. He also has four 100 point seasons, make it 5 if not for Covid-19. You must be delusional to "name 30 players better than him". You're just like one of those old coaches that get replaced because you refuse to acknowledge that game is way different than it was even ten years ago. Defenseman are getting smaller and more skilled. 4th line bangers are becoming a thing of the past. The game is systematic and played in positional quadrants, big hits don't fit in the game anymore. Even if you threw Connor in the mid 90's, his IQ is in top 5% of players from that era. Don't give me that BS "Oh he doesn't have a 200ft game." When you play the game like he does, it doesn't matter. Players of this era are hands down better than players from the era that you listed players from. There is a golden standard for players in terms of Hockey IQ, year round conditioning and positional play that is 10x higher than players of the 90s. Players from the era you are referring to could go out and party, then come to the rink and play while being 30lbs overweight.

      2. Peter Thiessen

        @Sammy Weed to much weed ,not enough brains.

      3. Peter Thiessen

        Without a doubt

      4. Phil Baroni

        @Sammy Weed nice list sammy

      5. Pespi coke

        I am also a strong believer of this. IMO he is the greatest player through all times. Scoring is harder than ever before, the game is faster than ever before, more skill is required each year going forward. The 80s look like beer league level nowadays.