Cool Underwater Match Chain Reaction

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    Cool Underwater Match Chain Reaction
    In today's video I show how to make cool underwater match chain reaction. All you need are match sulfur, wooden glue and nail varnish. So, using this method you can build waterproof matches that burns under water!
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    1. Илья Баев

      Блин столько труда, а просмотров мало

    2. Muro

      And now, you got from clean water dirty water. Very gud

    3. TINI LIN



      This is how we pollute the water, this is how the fishes die.

    5. Nisha Chourasia

      It's hot. Not cool

    6. BWT LEGiT

      It's unexpected from anyone in whole world from me 👍 Amezing Do under water blast

    7. Maggie Navales


    8. Mr. AK

      The real name this chanaile is the crazy Q

    9. JJ's animations

      Fun fact: this took a long time

    10. Originality Maze. TV

      I thought a ghost was breathing inside water. Lol😂

    11. lIDarkHeartIl

      Alternative Title:"Human breaks universal,phisiscal and chemical laws putting fire underwater"

    12. Nihal FF


    13. Dominick

      0:16 hes fire bending

    14. Wesley Glenn

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    15. ROYAL

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    18. Jack Black

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    20. Zeven Man

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    21. VVork

      Transition at 1:05 👍

    22. rustamsalev 2009

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    23. O Unsubscribe Me

      That's SUPER COOL


      Kevin de Bruyne not only good in football, but good in editing video

    25. Leon

      Best way to boil water!!!

    26. carter Hall

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    27. Ruby Davies

      These are dangerous do not try

    28. King AAR 9

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    29. Ava Danil4ek

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    30. timy

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    31. B. VG

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    32. Muhammad hussain

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    33. Langkah DK


    34. AstroCat [RTS]

      looks like this descendant of Albert Einstein

    35. Pineapple Ognam

      why do some keep on disliking his videos? envy?


      P O T A T O

    37. 阿爾

      full of the H2CO3

    38. Swapneel Kulkarni

      Is there anything Mr.Q can't do!?

    39. Nadira Sultana


    40. Gurshaan Gaming

      Didn’t expected this

    41. Pahrisgamaliel Delaysla

      Make a walking bike please like with two legs that would be cool


      First he was pro ,now he is pro max ultra 😂

    43. Иди Нахер

      Бедный журнал...

    44. nishant Yadav

      And guys, that's how you boil water

    45. Recep Efe Koç

      can you shoot home vlog? Please

    46. It’s Jaden


    47. MatchstalkMan

      Wait! Greek Fire is real! Even water cannot extinguish it? Nice!

    48. Lord Malek

      1:14 am i the only one who was thinking of eating it in this point ? (:

    49. Boss

      Please say something Without any dialogue it's like charlie chaplin clips

    50. md, mijanur rahman milon


    51. vinita prince

      Which camera r u using...pls tell

    52. Atit Toppo

      Your videos are amazing 🔥. From where you got these ideas?🤔

    53. SuperMichealGaming / Lets-Plays

      1:38 My man can be turned into a meme

    54. Mona Lisa


    55. Mona Lisa


    56. Socialist Husky

      had a burning sensation to watch till the end I'll see myself out

    57. Berk Enis Sarı

      it was nice

    58. -Lennyn -

      hi could you make a drift bike like this tik tok:@fx_1b?

    59. Елена Русак


    60. Elia Favero

      Name of the first rock/metal song? 🤩

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    62. Марк Колесников

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    63. Jola TurTur

      I dont like the smoke dude, im not mad but ya know, global warming etc...

    64. Silver Surfer

      1:21 shit's on fire yo

    65. Chad Gibbish

      What was the purpose of drawing all those lines on the board in the water??

    66. Satish Gupta


    67. Faizan Faizan

      Hey bro can you make height measure stadiometer

    68. AUNGAN Innovative Ideas

      You n your gf is cute

    69. WorldWide Ninji

      0:56 When you follow a "simple" brownie recipe and it doesn't go quite as well you planned it to go.

    70. Gerin F17

      I would like to see you making an acoustic booth to play musical instruments.

    71. Cooking Tips with Sobia


    72. Juniorfelix Felix

      Muito legal o vídeo

    73. Gdhdhehsjs Gdhdhehsjs

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    74. rad.

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    75. GYRO GAMER 360

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    77. TheGamer_460 hehe

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    79. Barış Ünver

      This was surprisingly boring.

    80. laken medico

      Who else thought that red half basketball thing was Patrick's house

    81. Amy Seeks

      Dang, this was such a fun video!!!!

    82. Cyphen Rozulus

      Korone: FIRE IN THE WATER WHY???!!!

    83. Grgr Cchn

      Good Cutter

    84. Дмитрий Журавлев

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    85. Vikki Chen

      Did anyone else suddenly really wanna know how many times the fire alarm went off?

    86. William

      0:36 Hey wait its can't be so much!!

    87. Binod Sarkar Ram

      Wow man your camera and editing is next level

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    89. Ken Mattias Kaljas

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    90. RheaRandom33

      the half orb looks like patrick star's rock house

    91. Akhtar Alfarakhi

      wow fire can in the water😍🔥

    92. Como Hacer

      Nice video sir

    93. Aditya Kothari

      No matches were harmed in this video...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. Артём Павлов

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    95. Samuel .T

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    96. RC Toy & Experiments

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    97. Patricia White

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    98. Vinci Kothalawala

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    99. michael faith

      3:22 - "are you making a bomb?" "oh no, just burning some shit under water for youtube"