Crazy rope trick!!! #shorts

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    Crazy rope trick

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    1. Łukasz Pieńkosz


    2. Logan Johnson

      He is the type of guy that has 2 friends the 2 that held the rope with string

    3. Logan Johnson

      He is the type of guy that likes stupid magic

    4. mr no .

      Atlast I found that subway surf game real character in this short😂

    5. Chuharvally Ki Shan


    6. Sheela Paul

      What sprae

    7. Abhishek

      He's a lawdya type

    8. Sambhu Giri


    9. Ayshan Rudin


    10. Ayshan Rudin

      Good morning Babu uuummmaa I am intereshow to my ted to hear what the world of God was

    11. Chandrashekhar Gaikwad

      I don't know why all are talking about his type or quality😕

    12. pratik mj

      Are m tya coins ch ky

    13. Keyza Angelica

      Hei you

    14. Nolan cOuLoMbE

      Why tf is everyone saying “he’s the type of guy to... BLA BLA BLA BLA BLAAAA” Like just shut tf up bruh

    15. Sarita Agarwal

      What is the name of spray

    16. da dog wit da big nose

      hes the type of guy to help a disabled person cross the road

    17. Bilal Bali

      I love you

    18. エロこそが正義なのだ



      Bruh he looks like he doesn’t have teeth

    20. Fatih Karakaş


    21. LEGEND GAMER 916

      Actually I am really confused that how he did that

    22. Gamer_Central


    23. bubblx_cocoa

      He looks like Karl from Mr beast

    24. Nazif Ahmed

      99% comments : hes the type Me: wtf did he do

    25. Sandhya Aggarwal

      Comments are more interesting than video

    26. Shivraj singh panwar


    27. MorganVR

      His facial expressions r cringe af

    28. Sicarius Channel

      i tot u were carl

    29. Pro Gamer

      Bro i am serious you are soooooo cute

    30. gaming dimension

      Boys when de wake up in the morning :

    31. Sanjay behera

      You are so cute☺☺

    32. Nova

      He’s the kind of guy who reminds the teacher that we have homework

    33. 아잉드래곤

      SO GOOD!

    34. Ankit Dhania


    35. Harsh Rajput

      Old magike

    36. deepakrathor1508

      Fake your magic 😅 my dear.

    37. Khadija Malik

      His tricks aren’t even that good bruh stop

    38. Preetham Acharya

      Idk why everyone is typing 'he is kind of a guy' But me thinking 'why the fck he sprayed the coins ' !


      I had seen your performance in American Got Talent.......Am I right?

    40. B.J Public

      What is this that are you spraying

    41. Dimuthu Kodikara


    42. juan Vedia bravo


    43. Vish

      Hes the kind of guy who will bring 19 friends to the theatre since the movie is 18+

    44. Russel George

      Bruh ur ending reaction is always the same...change it a bit

    45. dina aulia putri

      ada yang sadar itu ada bacaan air

    46. Krishna Raj

      बेटा पब्लिक मूर्ख बनाना हमें मत बनाना तुमसे पहले दशक पहले रिटायर कर दिया

    47. Anita Gupta

      He is a type of guy who is making everyone write "he is a type of guy " 😀😁😂

    48. T Vasantha


    49. Levente Pénzes


    50. ScotchAlien

      Go from youtube 🤮

    51. ScotchAlien


    52. P creation

      Your every tricks Osam🙂

    53. Kripal Singh

      Inside cycle chain.

    54. АкQа

      13399 comments 🗿 13400 🗿👌🏻

    55. Cosmic Chameleons

      I have one of those from a magic show

    56. Druvrajsinh Sarvaiya


    57. Sachin Rathore

      Abe chutiye ek side se hang hota jusy turn or moving down so beta hm indian ko mt sikhao lodu

    58. Kotaro_Yukasa_Chan

      Eu no começo:q? Eu no final:Q?

    59. xo meryem

      Omg. Omg. Omg. Omg 😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

    60. American dog tags

      What happened with your teeth explain

    61. JG

      It's um idk it's crazy idk how and why I only see 'he's that kida guy' comments ONLY IN EVERY VDO OF HIS?!! can someone explain??!!

    62. Stutika & Sayli

      Some times it seems that you are justin bieber

    63. Bigbrain 2006

      He seems like the type of guy to hit his mom then ask her who hit you

      1. Bigbrain 2006

        Btw i think he act different irl it’s a “joke”

    64. Jay Vasquez


    65. Grace Cobardo

      He's the type of guy who will write in the floor instead of the table

    66. Rizka Illyyana


    67. Swargam Hazarika

      He the type of guy who post shit content in FIblock

    68. kucing LC135ZR


    69. Emzei Vicente


    70. Uzi Saaqi


    71. Ayden Warfield

      He's the type of guy to save a glizzy from a bun

    72. Samurai Gameing

      Welcome to the internet

    73. Pete Zielinski

      Hes the type of guy that gets lost with a GPS.

    74. Xixi chan_.

      Welkam anak gilo

    75. Alex T

      He’s the type of guy who gets a haircut from his grandma at home.

    76. Jamie Pape

      What happened with the coins

    77. HowsTheJosh01

      The vids r good but good does he fucking annoy me for some reason

    78. kirby is our saviour

      hes the type of guy to play call of duty then ask why he cant build

    79. evit

      He looks like the kind of guy that won't leave the youtube shorts thing

    80. Jabiraca

      Só eu q pensei em besteira?😭✋

    81. Surgeøñ Gaming

      He's the type of guy to write what type of guy he is.

    82. ابرچيكك

      النيه شباب هيي ترا مايقصد

    83. Tom Towse

      His face just annoys me for some reason.

    84. IGameStudios

      Would you guys honestly shut up it’s a cool magic trick at least he doesn’t say OH MY GoD GuYs HerE WE gO and y’all are just mad y’all can’t do this

    85. Alexandre

    86. Acesser

      It's just me or he look like karl jacobs?

    87. Gaby _Hoseok

      Hmm... então é assim que os mágicos que Íam lá pra escola faziam !! Descobri!!!Kskskskskskskskskks

    88. Talh Otbi


    89. Dr Makoto

      Probably the rob gets *orny by blowing at it

    90. Yorick De Lange

      I hate how he acts in the end

    91. Neox

      He’s the type of guy that applauses after a school project

    92. Chelsea Lariba


    93. Abhilash Nimbal

      Good logic

    94. ashish panwar


    95. Viona Agnesia

      Mulutnya terlalu lebay

    96. Console Funky


    97. Tavanes Yoges


    98. Desmend Miller

      Nice trick but what was the point of spraying the quarters

    99. Imon Sanyal

      Me reading all the mean comments: So I guess he's a dumb jerk🤔