CS:GO Karambit out of Popsicle Sticks

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    CS:GO Karambit out of Popsicle Sticks
    In this video I show how to make fully custom karambit from CS:GO. All you need is popsicle sticks, glue and some paint.
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    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound www.epidemicsound.com

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    1. Кирилл Путь 2000 Подписчиков

      Вы англичвни

    2. Janzen Brix P. Crisostomo

      it resembles the karambit in call of duty mobile

    3. tubarão craft

      Muito legal o seu video 😘'

    4. Artuk bey edits


    5. Mohammad mahdi shabanzadeh


    6. Илья Баев


    7. Francesca Macias


    8. Magda W.

      Hłopie zrup mi takiego


      Ele chegou até batume nossa

    10. J CREW


    11. Maribel Partosa

      Bilhin ko yan 300

    12. Medic

      *2 years later* Building a working M3E1 rocket launcher out of glass

    13. Byron Lee

      The end result is so well made, nobody would be able to tell that it's made of wood!

    14. TL

      These Noises are sooo lost and Made for babies...😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    15. BBtissimo

      U made the blade too curvy

    16. Speedran 30К

      I from RASHA 😥😁🤣

    17. Price Jamie

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    19. Doug Mccall


    20. ToucanThunder

      Counter Strike is so fun

    21. Reagan Davis Tahalele 1313068

      imagine if he throw the karambit and then it broke lol 3:05

    22. Никита Карманов

      Он не праве льна держит этот нож

    23. UltraPrimus

      Doug markida would be proud of this

    24. Jervis Sy

      Finally face reveal

    25. Ela Ubych


    26. fikret acar


    27. SzymQ

      This is talon knife

    28. Alex Vlogger-gamer


    29. DEATHstroy _

      Instructions unclear, my karambit became a coffee cup...

    30. Amethyst3742

      Dont gorget to sub is in the desc

    31. unknown_ GamerYT

      Can you give a way i cannot make it

    32. Erma Berdiguel

      Lol funny thing about me it's because I, found him randomly in the video and yeah that's how I, liked his creation 😂😂😂

    33. Zaidan Ahmad Aqilla


    34. Věra Janků

      Houstí to bych chtěl taky

    35. Артем Ананьев

      Ты неправелно держиш

    36. Ilia Kislov

      Керами не правильно держиш

    37. Arlan Arlan

      Chicken Gun Yes

    38. Arlan Arlan

      Me No

    39. AndreiSiAtat XD

      is not a karambit

    40. Saywan Karakilic


    41. Saywan Karakilic


    42. ash res

      That was cool

    43. Officer USSARMY35 Duty

      I like the knife looks very epic and ur a pro at building it

    44. Ali boy1

      I like your work keep it up👌👌👌

    45. Ali boy1

      It doesn’t even look like it’s made from wood

    46. Lisa Godkin

      No way he could of done that

    47. Артём Голуб

      Österreich Esther gronenborn raus

    48. Mr. Cursor

      Thats how you trick your friends if they know this vid they will just say : -_-

    49. Ana Maria


    50. tanki x • 7 лет назад

      this is how the chinese make knives😂

    51. Sean Pfistner

      This reminds me about the knife that Sam Fisher uses in splinter cell black list..

    52. robert gaming

      I'm drilling too

    53. HeadqR


    54. Max Barnett

      can we talk about how he is holding it the wrong way

    55. Jevan Luisan


    56. Jevan Luisan

      are you wanna kill forever?

    57. Charlie Edgar

      Lol at first I thought that the Nike was a real

    58. Светлана Заикина


    59. Munise Ören

      10 milyon Play Button yes no

    60. Маниакальная Шизофрения

      Oh my😍😍😍

    61. P4B23 WONG TSZ LONG

      Oh it was very difficult

    62. yaptığınız ben

      Go market?

    63. Chris Mendoza

      Wow i am going to try making it

    64. George Moss

      great build, I will do it

    65. Igor Zieliński

      0:58 lets drink coffi

    66. Aldo Victor Salazar Cordova


    67. LFT Marshall

      What are you even making

    68. SAMIX


    69. lukas hriňak

      Bivam na zobova 11

    70. lukas hriňak


    71. lukas hriňak

      Aj mňe sprau taki nožik

    72. YKaan A

      İ have no karambit.

    73. serhat izle

      No wood

    74. Maxostroj Hrajeroblox

      Its not karambit knife its talon knife

    75. roblox tutorials

      A dream of a cs:go player

    76. Guglo Raclo


      1. Guglo Raclo


    77. Spoko Tv

      This is not karambit This is talon knife

    78. سجاد عقيل


    79. JJ SISAATH

      3:58 nice shine

    80. Nejc Pavšič

      0.54 I need more coffe

    81. Chamid M

      This is amazing

    82. Bety Boo

      Asme una

    83. Collecting With AJ

      I hate the background music in this kind of videos

    84. Dominic Ldoe

      Well after he made it, I wasn't able to distinguish it between metal and wood. Amazing creativity. Nice work!!!

    85. Harry Hutchinson

      Refresh Uuujj TT

    86. Babak Adashi


    87. Firebeam [aka Gamer Lord]

      so no one is talking about the fact that he killed a Guinea pig?

    88. Subscribe For Block Strike Gold

      I can't make this, not at all! Because I'm not allowed to drink coffee 🎅👌

    89. DheeranFX

      Who clicked this video for the thumbnail? 👇

    90. Mateus Pessoa de jesus


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    92. Nourhan Hassan


    93. Sahaaf Sahaad


    94. jacinto manto


    95. zen1ty

      Thats csgo talon knife...

    96. Shaheer Burney

      Amazing content keep it up

    97. Karthik Narayan C

      Who else came here to see the person in the thumbnail

    98. Gheorghe Stetco