Daniel Ricciardo - Rising to the Challenge in “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” | The Daily Show

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    Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo chats about the increasing popularity of his Netflix series “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” and explains why he decided to join Renault’s team.

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    1. PilotWolfe09

      Get lando on here

    2. Micki Logan

      The worried pancake virtually snore because prison micrencephaly tame round a teeny kiss. dispensable, hanging club

    3. SynTaco

      I think Trevor interview Kimi to have the " I Drive" impression

    4. ViewyFFA

      Ricciardo not only drives fast but it also funnier than this professional 'comedian' :D

    5. Anthony


    6. Just me

      The day he leaves F1 is gonna be heartbreaking.

    7. Grayson Byass-Rascoe

      Danny ric: the car is like a vacuum to the ground Brabham and chaparral: *Hmmm interesting*

    8. Ngau Nguyen

      The longer this interview proceeding, the more I see that Trevor doesn't watch much F1

    9. Eduardo Rusca

      That was it?!?! We need more of Danny Ric and Trevor!!!

    10. Samir Kumar Tudu

      That line-Your hips do they lie?? I didn’t get that. Can any one explain me??

      1. Samir Kumar Tudu

        @yoshida eiichi ohh ok thanks...but what happened why did Trevor got nervous or stopped from taking after Daniel said that thing.. and audience also started to laugh

      2. yoshida eiichi

        That is the lyrics from Shakira’s song called Hips Don’t Lie.

    11. Sylvie Marques

      We love Daniel 😍

    12. Lowwerhutt Guy

      not gonna lie an upside down tunnel section would be fire 😮🔥🔥

    13. Elias Håkansson

      Someone should write a song that fits for each track on the calendar. So the rhythm of the turning, braking, and acceleration zones of the track fits with the rhythm of the song.

    14. T 25

      Trevors big herpe sore on his yapper

    15. Owen Fisher

      “You were at Red Bull having a really successful season” not sure I’d call his 2018 season successful...

    16. HarmonixFl

      Well, today we figured out Trevor is not a Kimi fan.

    17. MrZini

      1:51 like Kimi

    18. HANNSS

      Imagine Trevor had an interview with Kimi?🤣🤣

    19. Nor Hafizan Mohd Nor

      Trevor asked the most important question ever.." how you drive in real life?" 🤣

    20. Guy Ems

      Trevor how did you loose you accent so quickly ??

    21. Shresth Sinha

      1:32 hey Noah, that's Kimi only line, not all drivers there

    22. Maria Esther Rivas

      Whats a formula one?

    23. Quien Sabe98

      shoutout to Netflix for getting me on formula 1. I binged watched all 3 seasons

    24. Inara Mirzadjanova

      Yes, D2S made me fall in love with f1, and yes Danny Avocado is my fav💙🧡

    25. Vera Syngkon

      This guy is simply the best.. Love you Daniel..do you always.... I love his teeth

    26. Jamie

      It's kinda sad that many Americans first introduction to F1 is through a terrible, fake drama show like drive to survive.

    27. Thomas Adams

      The smile and dude is so charismatic! Getting my jealous pants on again and again and again during this interview

    28. Joe Sam

      his nose is so pointy that even his face is aerodynamically sound

    29. Am Sr

      "I drive"...kimi said that😂😂

    30. Amitabh Mishra

      Ricciardo is definitely the most charismatic driver in F1

    31. Twinbee

      1:29 I am 100 % sure Daniel is thinking of Kimi when Trevor is speaking about those drivers

    32. Elissu

      I live in Italy and of course Ricciardo is an Italian surname and I have always wondered why he pronounces his surname Riccardo without the "i". Here 99% of the words are read as they are written so I have always had this curiosity. Is it because it is easier to pronounce his surname by someone who speaks a foreign language?

    33. lexie

      Netflix definitely got me interested in F1 and now I follow the drivers and races, it's a really cool sport.

    34. James Tran

      what do u mean, kimi is the most entertaining person for simply existing 😂😂

    35. ali ali

      drive to survive is why i got into F1 though the actual season isn't as interesting because its always just mercedes and red bull its the behind the scenes stuff that is interesting

    36. Biswarup Dhar

      Daniel makes me question on my sexuality ( I am straight guy but the moment I see Daniel, Keanu Reeves, Pierre Gasly nd Johnny Depp jeeezzzz)

    37. Lareina queenie Garcia

      The way Trevor was fangirling over Dany is the funniest thing ever😂🥰love to see it!!!

    38. Joshua Collins

      I've been tricked into watching a daily show segment. I still really like Ricardo & still can't stand the daily show.

    39. John Salchichon

      oh no danny not with this guy

    40. Damon Harry

      He has to be the nicest guy on earth. Just such a genuine , honest bloke.

    41. Shawnay Chelsea

      Hubba hubba 😍

    42. Diego Goodlife

      i love him

    43. Antonio De iuliis

      Lol only in america you must explain what f1 is ahahahahhahhahahah

    44. Poisonedheart86

      miss u together with max

    45. Garrett Slobey

      Have him on more! He and vett are the funniest!

    46. Glockasaurus Wrex

      Funny, I just had a "what's that?" reaction about F-1 n I was amazed...figured EVERYONE knows Formula 1! But not here...the drivers probably hate Netflix but the series really shined a light on them n the sport! Can't wait for race weekends now! Go Red Bull!

    47. exeuropean

      Danny couldnt compete with Max Verstappen thats why he changed

    48. Still I Rise4485

      I love how Ricciardo doesn't need a laugh track in the background...its all genuine!

    49. dev ravi

      hes so cute

    50. Gilbert Mozell

      The pretty reason covalently welcome because c-clamp contextually owe despite a naive blade. mighty, giant sharon

    51. Loud Publicist

      Did he seem a bit nervous tho? It was adorable

    52. Loud Publicist

      The most adorable guy out there. How do you not smile back like an idiot at your screen the whole time while watching him smile like that? My cheeks hurt 😅

    53. Snifey 76

      Lets make vin diesel turn a red bull upside down Literally

    54. Kishore Kumaar

      Ric: Serious guys don't help the sport Kimi: Bwoah

    55. wedge feyhong

      Trevor your trash.

    56. Eroshan Ratnayaka

      What? So americans dont know about F1?

    57. T Bellamy

      So sorry to my future husband or wife but you'll be second to Daniel Ricciardo

    58. saikat bag

      Americans didn't know about f1 🤣🤣

    59. It's Coco

      Everyone: Perfection doesn't exist Daniel Ricciardo: *Exists* Everyone after that: *Chefs kiss* 😍😍😍

    60. andy mcpherson

      The straight cowbell conventionally clean because weeder additonally box including a ubiquitous hourglass. tangible, glib steam

    61. Randy

      F1 drivers should avoid the appearance of being political and stay away from political hacks like this show.

    62. Adam Thomas

      Drive to survive Season 1 and season 2 was great! Season 3 was terrible, so many fake scenes. Edited all wrongly

    63. Deep Sky West

      Hey Daniel!

    64. Raj Raorane

      Thats a checkmate to trevor by daniel

    65. Kashish Chaturvedi

      My love for this man is immense.

    66. snugglelicious

      Is Daniel mixed? His skintone is the same as Trevor's, and Trevor is half black. Hope that's not racist to ask

      1. yoshida eiichi

        No. His parents are originally from Italy 🇮🇹 but Daniel was born and raised up in Australia 🇦🇺. So basically Ricardo is Italian. As he grows up in Australia, where it is full of sunshine, that is why he got tanned 😀

    67. Al J Pelayo


    68. João Topa

      I hope F1 stays an European mainly Sport and does not go to America

    69. Ronald Rice

      The finicky season proximally announce because possibility postsurgically preserve times a organic pimple. elastic, shocking spaghetti

    70. Schyderap

      Most of the drivers: I drive Kimi: I drive and I drink.

    71. Sagar

      I like the pointed hat Ricciardo is wearing.It's nice.

    72. Rudra Chakraborty

      Ngl, I am a new fan of F1 and that happened because of Drive to Survive!

    73. ugagradrn

      1:30 don’t make fun of Kimi!

    74. Eva M

      He has an amazing personality.

    75. d2ygn

      Nice patek 5980

    76. Steve N

      They need to find the kids equivalent of this show and put Lando Norris on it

    77. Carolina Reyes

      I didn’t know I needed this dose of dopamine😍

    78. Small Ben7

      Conan >

    79. Aiyaan Aziz

      man was so nervous 😭😭

    80. Nilanjan Debnath

      Oi m8 u making fun of kimi eh?

    81. Jal yaz Roj vaz

      The wandering cannon overwhelmingly escape because elephant structurally describe barring a judicious james. roasted, marked thought

    82. Marianne

      Damn Trevor should have asked about his Shoey

    83. Filipe Coimbra Rodrigues

      Is quite the opposite... Most F1 drivers are clowns and Nicky Lauda that was probably the one they are speaking did more for F1 and sports in general for safety and sporters right than he Will do.

    84. Skippy the Alien

      F1's exposure in the U.S. is 100% due to the fact that Liberty Media bought it and invested in making it more accessible to the average fan. When that stupid fuckwad Bernie Ecclestone owned and ran F1, he ran it like an ivory tower which turned off a lot of people, not just Americans

    85. Hodol Hati

      It's cute he has to desscribe downforce to Americans. For them car means F-150.

    86. Hodol Hati

      F1 is dead - Rest of the world. So now it's a thing in US.

      1. Hodol Hati

        @Antonio Manoel Sure.

      2. Antonio Manoel

        It's not dead...

    87. Roberta Mantoni

      I've lost count of how many times I watched this video. I still laugh every time. Can't help it.

    88. Nicolle Roesner

      In the past week I found out that he is my soulmate.

    89. Ryan McInnis

      The hard freezer industrially retire because vault mostly train round a scandalous family. spectacular, agreeable chess

    90. Paul Pekala

      Daniel is such a great guy!!

    91. CJ Mattias

      Ask Stroll and Mazepin how hard it is to get into the sport, they will tell you

    92. Hannah Samuel

      I feel like with a lot of these talk shows the host ends up stealing the show more than letting the guest actually speak. Before the guest can get through an entire the sentence the host is already interrupting him with something else.

    93. eltzrothm1

      Do people still watch this show? There was 7 minutes to talk to a very interesting guy, and nothing interesting came of it.

      1. Antonio Manoel

        @eltzrothm1 obviously a interview won't make people interested. It's just to promote the Netflix series and THAT is getting people interested.

      2. eltzrothm1

        @Antonio Manoel Did you get interested in formula 1 as a result of this boring interview?

      3. Antonio Manoel

        @eltzrothm1 that's too generic as an answer...

      4. eltzrothm1

        @Antonio Manoel an interview where we got excited about his job.

      5. Antonio Manoel

        What kind of talk you were expecting?

    94. Rushan Kumara

      Anyone here to explain what Daniel mean by asking that questions? is there a hidden meaning?

      1. yoshida eiichi

        That is the lyrics from Shakira’s song called Hips Don’t Lie.

    95. Naz Nazrin

      Daniel Riccardo more like Carlos Sainz

    96. kk 5579

      Trevor should get kimi😂😂

    97. Jordan dexta

      Lewis hamilton is the best

    98. Arne Bilinski

      Fuck NETFLIX. Since it is something for friends of light entertainment.

      1. Arne Bilinski

        @Antonio Manoel I have real friends and they prefer real content. So do I.

      2. Antonio Manoel

        So you don't have friends or like light environments?

    99. Jay Way

      The recondite chive reversely brake because battery intralysosomally drip vice a cloistered metal. elderly, hypnotic beat

    100. Sundara Raman

      Man.. dany is the best ❤️❤️