DAY6 "You make Me" M/V

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    DAY6 "You make Me" M/V
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    1. ty zxcvbnm

      ±100k/day good job y'all

    2. Nur Annisa

      ily so

    3. Fitri Lestari

      on repeat

    4. Camille Federico

      I am welcome to this fandom? sorry, I'm late recognizing this beautiful band

    5. Anon Mashups

      superband DAY6,, truly a blessing to this world

    6. From Aleinne

      just beautiful.

    7. STAY with STRAY KIDS

      19 tr3nding di musik good job myday indonesia

    8. Aron Carl Flores

      IDC if it has few views, as long as they make good music, that is the most important thing.

    9. CoremSulAr

      Una bella Vista del atardecer en la playa + DAY6 = tranquilidad, y ganas de seguir adelante y no rendirse 😌. Amare esta canción por siempre. Gracias chicos!!!!

    10. DÆUNTSÉ


    11. Ria Melisa


    12. La Chaneke

      we have to reproduce more, as well as they reproduced the new mv of itzy please

    13. 97 Marc

      노래는 정말 좋은데... 뮤비 내용..하 아무리 생각해도 홍보 , 콘티 짠거 ...스제,나이브 마지막 북시리즈 앨범인데 너무하다

    14. yumi kun

      day 18 of me saying how much i love and treasure Day6

    15. Keziah Arago

      6M 6M LEZGO

    16. Fangirl Park Jihyo


    17. April Lee

      Can anyone tell me who is the name of that girl and man ?

      1. April Lee

        @jwae thank you

      2. jwae

        lee seoyeon and sungyonglok

    18. jae fake fans

      woahh masih aja trending di indonesia.. sedikit lagi 5,6M, hayook gasssskeun myday

    19. Ike finarsih

      ini masih trending aja yaahhh ... hebatttt myday

    20. Jeciel Ann Marie Tafalla

      I love them so much

    21. Dele Soo

      lets make it 5.6 view on 6th May (¬‿¬)

    22. Dele Soo

      5.6 soon wwooooo

    23. bucin day6

      The reason I stand day6 apart from the song is meaningful and beautiful. They have personalities that are what they are and never show their perfection as idols but they show that idols don't have to be perfect but they always give performances with the best skills that's the reason I stand.

    24. Nahda Safira

      sleeping on your bed not on day6 please

    25. Cate Lin

      Let’s get eat,6M views Mydays!

    26. Lolipop Loli72

      I love wonpil

    27. Lolipop Loli72

      I loveee brian or young k

    28. Lolipop Loli72

      I loveee sungjin

    29. Lolipop Loli72

      I love dowoon

    30. Lolipop Loli72

      I lovr jaeeeee

    31. 갓데이

      han baljjak han baljjak

    32. Meetha833 No2


    33. Seham Usudan

      This could be an OST for a k-drama!!!

    34. Seham Usudan

      This is the first video i've seen of day6. I think i'll start stanning them. The song got me so hooked. I'll definitely search for more!

      1. Montserrat Gutierrez

        Ouw that's so cool, welcome to the FAMdom. If u want to know more about them I suggest u to look for Wonpilates videos, they helped me a lot. ^^

    35. yuki ngesot

      halo sahabat

    36. julo milue

      Bentar lagi 6M Semangat MYDAY

    37. Valeria M.


    38. bang chan

      Wahh trending 18 di musik 👍👍

    39. Iroyaqpikaa

      Good Morning guys, masih pada disini kan? Have a nice day all

    40. StrayTwicePink

      OH MY-

    41. Vi Kartika


    42. Rayna

      These boys have my heart so proud of you day6 such a gem I always look forward to them 🥰🥺💜♥️🦋🌸

    43. Adri Ji


    44. Rizka Pratiwi Jaya

      Trending 18 guys Yok bisa yok

    45. Shifa'

      Any MyDay here has music knowledge and can tell me what is/are the genre(s) of every track in TBoU : Negentropy album including You make Me?

    46. Emily Milla

      Que buena canción, los busque por mi cuenta, JYPE debería darles más publicidad

    47. Alsa Haroon

      I love them

    48. esprit solitaire


    49. ki4rit4

      sungjin te amo

    50. Helan Das Vminhope

      They are so perfect in every way😍❤

    51. Kevin

      Go go go 6M views !! Myday hwaiting !! Day6 hwaiting !!

    52. Sanskriti Barman

      Thank you guys for being my comfort

    53. toji

      keep str3aming! (~ ̄³ ̄)~

    54. Febi Pertiwi

      Gara" fypku banyak bertebaran day6 mulai dari awal tahun.. Dahlah.. Lagunya enak"


      Jyp.. Yokk yokk bisa yokk.. Slamat Malam dan salam kenal Dr Channel sebelah 😆🙏 jangan lupa mampir brader

    56. Ilke Gerdaneri

      Come on guys keep streaming, let's get this to 10 mil in a month!! Thanks to those who are streaming!!

    57. Jentika S

      Tertipu aku astagahhhh😂

    58. BroBoY

      😭😭😭feel like wanna cry ~ thank u for such a music-song which makes me feel good enough!

    59. Difa Aulia

      keep streaming may day :)

    60. foreverskz

      stray kids sayesinde tanıdım inanamıyorum kendime böyle bi grubu daha yeni tanıdığım dinledigim için

    61. Meonie Cassandra

      can we all agree that day6 never released a bad song? like? ever? ugh I love them

    62. Giovanna Luquezi

      idk why but, the intro reminds me of EX from Stray Kids

    63. Micaela Mariana Olguin Torres

      Day6 es lo mejor me encanta siempre haciendo arte

    64. Leng Loik

      aku masih disini tidak pernah bosan

    65. Lisbeth Niebles

      entre mas escucho a day6 lejos de aburrirme amo mas y mas sus canciones

    66. Elina-박채린

      LESS GO!!!!

    67. ethereall

      Makasih yg udh streaming🤗🤗

    68. baek baek


    69. Savvy

      Day 6 songs always make me sob 🥲

    70. Bobbuilder Sungjin


    71. Orenji


    72. Orenji


    73. Llemonist Fairy

      byeorang kkeute seon chaero kkeuchin geot gatado ajikdo nan yeogi isseo jujeoanjjido aneun chaero du bal ttange ditgo anganhimeul sseugo isseo nega eopseottamyeon da bulganeunghal geoya jigeume nan itjido aneul geoya neoraseo nal ireukineun geoya So I’m alright ireoke beotijana han baljjak han baljjak balgeoreumeul ieo ga han baljjak han baljjak mugeoweodo ieo ga nochi mara jweo nega ittaneun ge naegeneun majimak himang han julgiye bichinikka butjaba jweo sara ittaneun ge duryeobgo beogeobgin hajiman gyeondil su isseo oroji neoye geu sarangi ittamyeon You make me byeonhal geon eopseo tto baral geon eopseo geudaeroil geoya nareul ppaen modeun geon heulleogal geoya geu aneseo neoraneun haengbogeul chajatgie neoraseo nan heundeulliji ana geureoni nal nochi mara jweo nega ittaneun ge naegeneun majimak himang han julgiye bichinikka If I lose you There is no tomorrow If I have you nan geugeomyeon dwae nochi mara jweo nega ittaneun ge naegeneun majimak himang han julgiye bichinikka butjaba jweo sara ittaneun ge duryeobgo beogeobgin hajiman gyeondil su isseo oroji neoye geu sarangi ittamyeon

      1. foreverskz

        thnx babyy

    74. Mardhotillah Adenn

      Thanks god to create this amazing band and they always make my day

    75. Keysha Edjenelle Cantre

      Thankyou for existing

    76. Vi Kartika

      Lihat Aq .aku bertahan

    77. Zi Beom

      Jangan lupa nohjiiiii hari ini ^^

    78. Elysia Yoo

      i felt bad for thise people who doesnt know day6 because they also dont know what good music is

    79. Charlotte Dela Peña


    80. Chatarina meLLi

      Elf here support... Lagunya bagus banget,enak banget dikupingq♡ Sukses terus buat Day6 dan fans Ily

    81. NMJ Infos

      Why so much dislikes?? I just think they not only the sense of music but also humanity too!! What do you think guys? ⬇️⬇️

      1. NMJ Infos

        @oceanid really same thought here😂

      2. oceanid

        @NMJ Infos maybe it’s because this trended so random people just dislike everything they see

      3. NMJ Infos

        @oceanid even though, it's a soothing song nah???

      4. oceanid

        It’s literally just 1.8 dislikes

    82. hidden nim

      #18 trending music on youtube

    83. Juliana Peixoto dos Reis

      mano o vacal dessa música estão muito poderosos!! a música em si está incrível!!

    84. jwae

      you’re that one group that i can’t afford to lose.

    85. 28_Winda Nurmayanti

      day6 forever

    86. pinky flo 2


    87. 오롯이해긴

      데이식스 노래 너무 좋다ㅠㅠ (빈센조 촬영했던 곳이다..!!)

    88. Loiseee


    89. Naila Asya Muhfi

      bagus banget ga si omg aku dengernya sambil nangis kangen sungjin..

    90. Flurry Quackers

      The way ITZY got 63mil views in 5 days and the legend Yebbeoseo has been around for 4 whole years and only got 44mil views JYP is really unfair, has favouritism, and doesn't promote their artists evenly Stop stanning because they're popular & new to follow the crowd, stan because of quality deep and meaningful relatable lyrics. Stan Day6's gorgeous underrated as hell music. Stan talent.

    91. rossd watun

      Elf here support,,,enak banget musiknya,,nyantol banget dikupingq,, Sukses terus Day6

      1. Bobbuilder Sungjin

        Thank you elf😍💓

    92. Umi Fadilah


    93. Noel Benedict Marquez 8 Newton ONHS

      Day6 voice is so good and calm, they are great musicians. Day6 deserves more recognition around the world. Proud Myday Here. Day6= Great Music

    94. Mustika Putri

      Is anyone know where to get cardigan that Young k wearing?

    95. IL _

      pingin bisa nonton konsernya Day6.. :'(

    96. Ludy Reyes

      7M before May end?

      1. Bobbuilder Sungjin

        Lets gooo

      2. chewwxsha

        Why not? Fighting!!

    97. Ludy Reyes


    98. Ludy Reyes


    99. Rosalie Almodien

      Bad song is not on discography of day6

    100. Meetha833 No2