Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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    Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
    'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
    Watch the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary:
    A true story by Demi Lovato
    Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
    Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
    If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
    If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
    If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
    Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
    USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
    Connect with Demi:
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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. joão raphael


    2. Billie_Eilish❤😍🤩

    3. Strawberry_Gaming

      Dang this is powerful

    4. Ryan Connearney

      I have been a heroin addict for a year and came extremely close to committing suicide and let me tell you; this song and music video is a HUGE factor in what encouraged me to choose to go to rehab instead of killing myself. Thank you for saving me, Demi. 🙏🏻🖤

    5. Tigostarp HFCtigoune

      Demi Lovato wowww eres y mega increíble debe ser duro pasar por una situación así pero te quiero

    6. Everything Legendary

      Brought me 2 tears

    7. Autumn Marshall

      absolute pure fucking goose bumps

    8. Sara Elisabeth

      Currently mourning my boyfriend's sister who overdosed 5 months ago. This song hits home. I miss you, Mary.

    9. Alexis Rogers

      This has effected so many individuals and their families. The sad part is that this speaks to most homes today. I’ve seen it break some of the most beautiful spirits.

    10. Tashaa xo

      Hi demi, how are you doing these days? We all love you so much x

    11. Sokha Khmer

      1M is coming soon .❤

    12. Gisele Souza da Silva😍😍😍


      This will hit 1m likes in just overnight

    14. if niall notices me i would finish my homeworks

      we all have our own devil, like, i am not addicted to drugs, but i've been to depression since 2017, this song hits hard af

    15. Rodrigo Parotti


    16. TaxiFarmer

      shes so cute

    17. Terrence Thornhill

      Thank you for this song ❤️

    18. Cathryn Golob

      She is so brave for making this♥️ I love her so much this song will help people in more ways than she will ever know. I felt her emotions in every lyric she sang, stay strong Demi you're doing amazing. A friendly reminder not all heros wear capes!

    19. Karina Gómez

      Pobre Demi una mala familia, la rodeó mucha gente perversa, pero gracias a Dios ella ya tiene quien la proteja, tanto talento, joven y genera muchísimo como artista, producto y persona.

    20. Pedro Henrique


    21. Pedro Henrique

      Maravilhosa ❤️😍

    22. Destiny Lee

      I love you.

    23. Ryan Page


    24. ca riito

      Alguien mas llora con esta hermosa canción 😭

    25. tim storch

      Thank you very insparational

    26. Dave4infinite

      Demi glad your still here your not alone in your struggles you count in this world God Bless You Stay Strong!

    27. Wali Masud

      The way people would let this flop and actually hate on her just because she had an od (it's literally one of the most heartbreaking thing that could ever happen). Demi is a fighter.

    28. Tyne Schlegel


    29. Agustina Elvia Diaz

      un hermoso trabajo


      as always Demi's music touches me but this one I won't be able to enjoy

    31. salseo made spain

      like for demi

    32. In The Box

      She is corny as hell !!! Attention !!!! She is still getting High !!!!!

    33. HarleyRay


    34. Lorine Schnare

      im in tears. ive loved demi my whole life, im so happy shes still here to make music and smiles.

    35. This guy

      So from now on you stay away form drugs 🤔

    36. adryelle santos

      Cadê os brasileiros que amaram esse hino.. ?❤❤❤

    37. Danni

      And rose bk nuff respect xx

    38. Danni

      Carnt stop listening nuff respect LV this feel emotion x

    39. Danni

      Feel this been their myself nuff lv

    40. Markoosh

      No one should go through all of this.

    41. Julia Anisia

      Meu Deus,a rainha voltou gente!

    42. Emily Bunn

      That day is now apart of her memories

    43. Ady s

      We should be thanking her assistant because without that call we wouldn’t even have this video 🤍

    44. Sarra Benaboura


    45. Abril Veron Giulietti

      Admirable 🦋❤️

    46. People Helping People

      Man. I was holding back tears this whole time. My husband is 3 years clean from Heroin, I'm 4 years clean from Methamphetamine. Fuck.

    47. Brianna Frank

      Drug and alcohol addiction is so real. I am surrounded by ex-felonies every week at church who were once addicted to alcohol, heroine, meth, etc.. They tell their stories of how they once used to see their kids as burdens and chose their own addictions over them, but now if you met them you would have a hard time believing that. My church is full of some of the greatest parents I have ever met with past stories that do not line up with who they are today. There are people in my church who are now pastors, jail chaplains, evangelist, teachers, work in the government, and have hearts of pure love and compassion for those struggling with addiction. My husband and brother-in-law were both heroine and meth addicts over 6 years ago, but you would never believe it now. It was not relationships that caused them to change, working lots of hours, or even a daily self endurance to not go back to addiction but it was Jesus Christ Himself that brought them to where they are. I know over 50 people that no longer desire drugs or alcohol and countless of families that have been restored. It was not religion, this world that saved them, or just any higher power but it was the one true God that saved them. It was not just putting their hope into this higher power for something better after death that saved them, but it was a true relationship here and now with Jesus Christ that saved them. Jesus historically was a real man that history shows was both scourged (his skin was torn open by a cat of nine tails whip and revealed his insides) and crucified (most painful torturing death even to today) for saying He was the Son of God, and the only thing that takes faith to believe is that He resurrected from the dead three days later. There are even historical accounts of the things that happened world wide as Jesus was being crucified ( instant utter darkness for three hours, earthquake, etc.) and matches with what the Bible states. I know many people who have found Jesus and religion and are clean off of drugs but are still very unhappy. It is those that have truly gave everything they are to Jesus Christ in obedience, intimacy, identity, and don't follow what the culture and world says is okay but follow what the Bible says is right are truly happy and set free. These people do not strive to be good people as they desire to resemble not this world but God. These people I speak of have true relationships with God, they are made righteous by His' sacrifice, seek intimacy with Him, and when God convicts them of their sin they trust in God to remove it as they do not give into it. Relationship with Jesus Christ is not living freely in sin nor living by the Law, but it is simple relationship with Him and obeying His Word whenever He convicts you. I used to struggle with homosexuality my whole life for instance. No mind mentality or striving could make my desires go away, but when I submitted to God, and resisted those desires I was set free. I haven't desired women since 2016 and I have been married for almost four years now to an AMAZING man and we are about to have our first child July 4, 2021. So, if you are struggling don't run to religion, good works, other smaller addictions, or a man or women for identity, but truly run to God with everything you have and I can tell you first hand things will change as you continue to seek God wholeheartedly everyday. 💖💜💖💜

    48. Amrit Bressieux

      Damn girl gave me chills you crushed it 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

    49. Lily Chu

      Song with positive thoughts and unlimited strengths ❤❤❤

    50. Neva Rolle

      This is giving me ghoostbumps its scary sad she had to suffer like this hope she overcome this she is strong for making this powerful video

    51. x x

      the music is dead .... it's not an artist

    52. Yanagrandevato🦋

      Goals: (FIblock) 🔒Solo - 900M 🔒Heart Attack - 700M 🔒 Sorry not Sorry - 500M 🔒Give your heart a break - 500M 🔒Cool for the summer - 400M 🔒Skyscraper - 300M 🔒Really Don't Care - 300M 🔒Neon Lights - 300M 🔒Tell me you love me - 200M 🔒 Instruction - 200M 🔒No Promises - 200M 🔒Made in the USA - 200M 🔒La la land - 200M 🔒Irresistible - 100M 🔒I LOVE ME - 60M 🔒Fall in line - 60M 🔒 I'm ready - 50M 🔒Dancing with the devil - 30M 🔒Ok not to be ok- 20M 🔒I believe - 20M

    53. Megan Venice Abilos

      Let's get it!

    54. shelby York

      I Guess you could make a I survived book, I survived Drug Addiction's. LOL 🤣🤣

      1. Dash120z

        did u also survive three strokes and a heart attack? nope! the stfu and stop making fun

    55. Ange Belyse

      Every person in life encounters such moments: -We try to fight alone -We refuse to ask for help -We find ourselves caught in an endless cycle of misfortunes...

    56. Ange Belyse

      So powerful story and helpful Testimony. I admire her honesty and I can feel every word of this song even though I'm not addicted to anything!Oh Goshhh!!

    57. Risha Venice Socong

      Just PERFECT Who's with ME ~~~ 💛💛💛💓💓💓

    58. Kev Jones

      Just WOW

    59. Vungi

      i love her so much

    60. Vicki Sheley

      So glad she made this video it's so powerful dance with God He is the best high ever!

    61. Zoe Hicks

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    62. Ollesha Davie

      This is so powerful wow truly amazing

    63. Ben Garza

      I was 22 years old, life seemed like it was nothing but abuse and hate and was just gonna fall if I got back up. It felt like I had nowhere to turn, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. One night I took a bottle of sleeping pills and chugged four lokos. I woke up the next morning. I was dissoriented, this constant werrrwerrrwerr in my head as I tried to get myself together but couldn't, I was scared, I called 911 not realizing what I had done. I now have long-term neurological issues, but I lived.

    64. Kris Mar

      This music video is EVERYTHING. Like you can feel her pain while you’re watching it. 😭

    65. Joemark Dela Cruz

      Imagine if demi didn't survive this song wouldn't be hear to everyone 💔 this song is a masterpiece ❤️❤️😘

    66. venus Rodriguez


    67. Fadilla ZENNIFA

      so touchfull

    68. Esteban valenzuela

      This made me tear up so much 😭😭😭😭😭

    69. Sharmaine kean Davila

      A Painful And meaningful Song 🖤😔😔😔🖤🖤🖤🖤 I admire You miss Demi L. 😔🖤

    70. MARIA

      Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ILOVEYOUDEMI❤

    71. Chelsey Russell23

      This lets me know that there is hope I have been clean for 5 years now and it has absolutely been the hardest journey I have went on but I'm so glad I did

      1. Russian Romanoff

        Keep going and just know that you're not alone

    72. Camille Saldivar

      I hope your being stronger day by day Miss Demi Lovato we will always support you. Thank you for sharing your story through this song. We love you keepsafe the best is yet to come to you

    73. Rodrigo Parotti

      Antes del millón de likes?

    74. Val

      Wow this video is so amazing

    75. Cheme Rut

      3:22 parang sa ipaglaban mo HAHAHAHAHA

    76. Adria DY

      i'm crying after seeing this

    77. Akash Pawar

      Eh Everything is watched by Chinese spies and haters and spies, online be careful about how you address Know me

    78. Jus' Sayin

      I just want to hug her...this song is so powerful and I got chills and shed a tear or two. Demi I have nothing but love for you! 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤❤❤❤

    79. Nadine Rich

      A real artist not scared of making Real life true stories videos. Ugly cry and all she put it all on the screen, I commend her for that. A survivor is what she is indeed 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    80. le Tuan

      Have a lot of fun every day.Thank you. If you are having a good life, think of those who need help domestically and around the world. Everyone read and follow suit. Please share it.Know how to correct mistakes. Repent of your mistakes. Hope everyone is always diligent, just diligently studying, just working to bring benefits to life.Listen to and follow the correct adult teachings.have a life of savings.Can take care of family and people around. Develop everything that can benefit life, Stop producing things that are harmful to your life, and limit the things that create negative karma.Limit animal killing. Should donate money for medical treatment, nurturing, teaching and training for those who have difficult circumstances, hardship, old age, and can not rely on. Do not drink alcohol, use drugs, cigarettes, or banned substances because it easily affects health.Do not violate the regulations of state law. Should help others in life. People with difficult circumstances. If you have a good life, and sometimes sad, painful.Shakyamuni Buddha taught how to cease suffering.Reduce sadness, suffering. You should research Shakyamuni Buddha.You should study Buddhism, promote Buddhism, cultivate Buddhism.Try to translate into Vietnamese to learn Dharma.Use google translate.

    81. Sarah Gilli

      Que Jesus tenha misericórdia da sua vida Demetria Devone Lovato.

    82. Kakeru Masumoto

      She's been milking her whole career over these things. She can't produce a hit without a narrative. Maybe her next video should be about a yogurt shop maybe that would also boost her career.

      1. FreddySam

        Bruh. Artists make music to express their situations and feelings!!

      2. Blue Flexin

        Doesn't that go with every artist? It's their life experience, they have the right to talk about it. Every song you hear has a narrative, every artist has narrative within their line of work. Love, lust, kindness, friendship, heart break, empowerment, money, wealth, farewells, partying, issues, world problems, depression, addiction, death, suicide, and many more. Its the artist's story to tell, that's what a song is, it's story with a narrative, wether personal or not, deep or not, it all has a narrative to follow. Look at Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, The Weekend, Sia, Clean Bandit, Sawayama, Katy Perry, Logic, Childish Gambino, Macklemore, Cavetown, Meghan Trainor, Halsey, Jack Stauber, Conan Gray, Lady Gaga, HER, and many more.

    83. Sarah V

      Omg she was sexually abused too. So was i😭

    84. Ms. Park

      I know this song came On April 2nd. But this is a good lesson For kids And Demi Stay Strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    85. Moses Stenblom

      This video is powerful it makes me cry.. I am lucky to be alive from all the OD's I've done from the Opioids I did I shouldve.. yeah but I survived like Demi did. I am a survivor like she is. I am in early recovery now and so I am just grateful I am still here here today alive..

    86. Baribefii Kineeh

      i honestly felt her pain im not addicted to drugs or alcohol but i know the pain sh'es feeling and what probably went through i am struggling to keep myself together and keep on living you know there are just days where you wanna end it, you don't wanna kill yourself but you don't wanna be here either and days where you go to bed even though your not tired but you just don't wanna be awake. days you don't talk or stay around friends and family because you don't wanna deal with people. its hard

    87. sleepygirltoo

      She is so good at singing

    88. Julien Granz


    89. António Rebelo

      Taking advantage of other peoples problems so that she can release another hit... some "artist"...

      1. FreddySam

        Artists make music to express their feelings!

      2. Blue Flexin

        It's her experience, is she not allowed to make a song about it? Whatever song you write, it will always cater to a group of people, it's taking advantage when that's not the intention. It's like saying "Oh they're making baby clothes to take advantage of babies." They're just making baby clothes, it's not deep. All songs target certain groups of people. To take advantage is to be in it for the money, to empathize and to sympathize is to do it to relate to people and to acknowledge this things. Look at Melanie Martinez, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and the weekend. They all wrote their songs from their experiences and to sympathize and empathize with others.

    90. Joe Santtos

      Esse clipe mostra literalmente o que aconteceu quando ela teve a overdose que ela quase morreu

    91. Moses Stenblom

      Powerful video!! I just got off of Opioids and I still.. yeah its hard!! so this video says it all!! Im lucky to be alive from all the OD's I've done from the Opioids.. and I'm still here alive!!! Correction!! But Im alive!! To all Addicts out there struggling you are wanted, needed, and loved!!!!

    92. the strenght within you is unbreakable

      Dear whoever is reading this, I wish there was a way for everyone to erase all sadness and stress and just replace it with happiness. You have an entire galaxy and a beautiful life ahead of you. Nothing in life is ever easy, but what's important is that YOU keep going.🙏🍀💟

    93. Renan Samuel

      algum brasileiro que ama essa música? 😔❤️

      1. Bianca Mariano

        Essa música é perfeita

      2. Pedro Henrique


    94. nimbus 2000

      lovatics lütfen streami bırakmayın Spotifyda düşmeye başladı :(

    95. Jackqualynn Dietrich

      She Inspire so many

    96. Steve Hollingsworth

      Damn i thought she just drank she realy gets down

    97. Mirjam Flatz

      i just was like, isnt she talking about her own story? and then right after i tght that they said it in the video (1:26). I think its good that she is talking about it and i hope it may help some of her fans to open their eyes and may find a way to recovery if they suffer from anything similiar. (or anything else)

    98. Mirjam Flatz

      I hope everyone that suffers from anything like this or anything else gets well soon and that you will stay strong, i believe in you and if you need something, talk to me in the comments, i love you.

    99. Kimora Johnson

      at this point this is all she talks about

    100. Jayrome Gerald

      She poured her soul out with this