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    1. Carter Pao

      He took that like a champ

    2. Common Sense

      That fucking muscle ripping noise 😫

    3. n0limitB TV


    4. CombatMMA

      After watching this, I shall refrain from abusing anabolic steroids and lift what I can naturally, even if that means lifting 1/3 what I'd try using GEAR. Incline bench will MAX out at 165lbsx7 and I'll be fine with that.


      Bro the sound makes it 1 million time worse

    6. Mister Fine

      You can even hear how it tearing

    7. Shaileja thapa

      insane no koi dukh nahi de raha hai...khudko hi dukh de raha link corona...?

    8. Cortéz Batiste W.


    9. Seevetee Seevetee

      Every guy in my gym dropped a couple of 45 plates on bench after this video came out

    10. Steppen Wolf

      Ouch!!! Poor guy

    11. ian 23

      Funny video, thanks larry!

    12. Mr H&K 91

      That is good for him.

    13. Felipe Santos

      Parece o cj


      Lmfao I wish someone paid for my ACL reconstruction 😂

    15. EpIc- JuIcE - BoI

      Now every time I go to the incline bench I’m terrified to do it cause of what happened to him

    16. Flare724

      Every gym-goers nightmare 😬😬😬

    17. Gilded Vulture

      That was hard to watch. I grabbed my chest for reals

    18. justin wong

      Holy shit that's the worst pec tear I've ever seen and quite honestly one of the most devastating from benching in the history of man

    19. EDWARD MAINA .O.

      Guys please for hell seek , his hand were almost 180° , please the hardcore way is not always the best way and i am talking from experience, your hands should be about 70° while benching and medium grip . I have had chest and shoulder injuries when my friend told me to go extreme wide and push the weight to near my neck, just imagine the stress on the pec muscle. Flat bench the weight should end at you nipple if its higher then its risky and the higher to your neck the more stress. I am sorry for ryan but its not everything we were taught in body building was right, so when mark ripptoe started teaching starting strength training how to squat and people were boooing him, i started using his low bar squat method with eyes on the floor and not to the wall as we were taught and all my back and waist pain siezed, my knee pain siezed and nomatter how heavy i went i was in a posture that was 95% injury free and it felt comfortable . And charlse glass is great in his training methods thats advocate for safety fast ,things like pulling bar to you head not neck during behind neck lats pulldown to save the shoulder from unnecessary grinding And mark ripptoe training tricep by engaging both shoulder and elbow hence removing the pain from the elbow completely and its as effective since you can go all way to faliure because of how easy and gentle it is on your arms. Conclusion is what i am saying is , the way you lift matters and it doesn't matter whether you are a bodybuilder or weightlifter but which ever method is safe for you use it. If its lowbar squate method like in starting strength by mark ripptoe is more gentle on your joints and structure then use that method even if you are a bodybuilder and not a powerlifter , i threw away my ego and all my pain left . Now i train with no pain in joints.


      Aww fuck dat 🤒🤕🤕🤒🤕🤧

    21. You know my name.

      That sound. 🤢

    22. Napalm Strike

      You could hear the sinew tear apart 😖

    23. André Danillo Bernardini Cucolotto

      Hope he get well, that must have hurt a lot.

    24. Myrku

      Ok now im scared doing this

    25. حرية التعبير والرأي

      Ohhhhhhhh Fuck

    26. Red

      Omg the noise it made when it tore

    27. Tim

      Blessed by the god of superior spotting in this day.

    28. David Simpson

      Gotta respect the spotting there. 👍👍 would have been much worse if the spotters didn’t secure the weight. Sad to see but if you don’t push yourself you don’t grow.

    29. Joshua Roughan

      The sound is haunting like thousand Velcro straps letting go

    30. Daily Awesome Player

      Man.That sucks.

    31. LetzJezTalk Fitness

      Can never look at the video head on lol

    32. Ezekiel Fili

      Moral of the story...don’t try and keep up with Someone stronger than you 😑stay in your lane and progress from there👍

    33. Ify804-snap Ify804

      I understand why he wanted to push his limits, but we’re only human, it’s just muscle and flesh. You are not superman

    34. Big Mex

      Don’t ever give up Ryan. You kick this injury right in its fuckin ass! Much love, prayers and support from Texas.

    35. Jacob Caudle

      485 lbs? Wasn’t that supposed to be 495 since it shows that there’s 5 45 lb plates on each side of a 45 lb bar? And 45 x 11 is 495

    36. wapwap

      This injury is worse than my injury i didnt even have.

    37. utkarsh tiwari

      0:22 the sound of partial muscle tear

    38. xMaster Luck

      Só eu que vim pelo Léo Stronda?

    39. Robin Åström

      No one should help a steroid user get back to taking roids. Fucking hilarious! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Nick Jones

      Actually someone donated 10,000 dollars by the name "Bohoo man" , that so kind of you, long live stay blessed. Wish you a speedy recovery ❤️

    41. Fagol Beti

      @larry champ your awesome man. Make sure you stay safe inshallah we don’t want to see anything happen to you mate.

    42. Riley Naehu

      I know you wanted him to feel the accomplishment of doing it with interference but when he asked if you got him I wouldn't have took my hands off that bar

    43. James Beaumont

      Go heavy and go home lol

    44. Wise Ronin

      Gotdamn man!!!

    45. Anthony Fennell

      Man I gotta say he's lucky he had a beast like larry spotting him. Not many people could actually hold that weight like that to let him out

    46. Tahmid Ahmed

      I thought the UK does cover surgeries

    47. masemenecynthia Cynthia

      sorry man

    48. The professor

      That's really weird

    49. Ray Flores

      All u guys where doing it worng that's his fault he couldn't hold with out ripping

    50. P S

      Stay off steroids

    51. ꧁𓆩F.B.I ༒ I.G.X𓆪꧂

      moral of the story: *“NEVER MESS WITH YOUR CAREER”* (yes it's in caps, cuz that's also the part of the moral)

    52. lance allen

      I hope he recovers from this

    53. TheHostWithTheMost

      This makes me not want to even work out. Fucking scary. I pray he's ok

    54. Lady Gaga's Dog Walker you can't have my money...nice try...get fucked

    55. Gang gang Since potty train

      The rock ain’t fooling nobody

    56. Dendi official

      I want muscles like you,

    57. Sandeep Tiwari

      Are gand mai dum nahi hum kisi se kum nahi

    58. ricky bobby

      Fuuuck you can hear the tear 🤢

    59. Prophet

      His one true passion is steroids...... NO THANKS!!!!!!!

    60. Lucas LaForm


    61. Matthew Phillips

      That made me sweat. Hope he heals well. Great job by the spotters.

    62. Antôniel Verçosa

      wow that agony 😳

    63. Sergey Zabusov

      Larry, do you have no money for this boy?

    64. Double Sid

      don't roids

    65. joe fortino

      He couldnt even bring the weight down

    66. CHI-DOG73

      Wasnt it bc of steroids

    67. Peter Taylor

      Horrific stuff . Finding your limit isn't fun

    68. Onescia Mcneil

      His muscles got thur

    69. Oliver Jackson

      Fuck a muscle should not move like that, gosh!

    70. KekMan


    71. Jesse Reinosa

      You can hear it tearing.... I feel sorry for him. It's not his fault he was trying to push his limits and this could happen to anyone

    72. Mayur Patil

      Just goosebumps..... 😟😟😟

    73. BRutus2021

      best of luck on recovery Ryan

    74. Aditya F

      Ah shitt

    75. Zan

      Props to the spotters

    76. JStack

      The sound is extremely nauseating

    77. Jordan Barnett

      Hows he doing now I'm praying for hin

    78. Wesley Johnson

      Help a brother to get back on track?? Are you serious? No ryan will never be back on track his career is over.

    79. Mauro Scimone

      How is it possible that the guy didn’t feel anything like little pain or anything wrong in his right shoulder days before doing this? Your body give you some signal that inside there are inflammation and micro cutting of muscles and tendons

      1. baratheon fury

        this is not a overuse injury dude. He added over 100kg to the bar of what he normally does so it tore instantly and combined with the drugs he takes it might have made them more susceptible.

    80. AJ AJUSSHI

      Ouch that hurt I'm out here bye

    81. Papanonon

      What happened, I can’t really tell

    82. Skuffed Gamer

      Can’t imagine that pain and he was talking and walking..Such a Legend..Gl and God Speed Brother!

    83. Jowey de la Nota

      He should quit the sport. A ruptured tendon is no joke and next ruptured could have permanent danger. On a note I thought it was you Larry who ruptured that tendon

    84. San

      Eso debe doler.

    85. Dark- Light

      Im again watching this bad injury and i cannot describe the feeling I get watching this video,it can really “end” his career!Wish him da best!

    86. Димон Грызлов

      Мои соболезнования!Пиздец жаль чувака!

    87. TheBaddestOgre -

      Man that's horrible! I'm a rep guy when I bench. Heavy bench doesn't feel right in the shoulders to me. It's way more comfortable doing dumbell bench so I will do almost max on that.

    88. rosskrem

      The one time I'm happy to be a lanky guy. Can't rip something that's not there.

      1. SkaterLauro

        you can still rip your pec tho lol

    89. julius

      Vim pelo leo stronda

    90. Eukaris Antúnez

      Dumny of the year

    91. Erik M

      Donate, as in in donate new tendons?

    92. SonnyMelike


    93. luster 5

      So too much muscle can kill you, note to self.

    94. Crowbar B292

      Like or dislike???

    95. Dr.JPX919

      Socialized medicine sounds great....

    96. ACE 99

      Spotter saved his life.

    97. SorabeeZ

      All that work just for a career ending injury. sad, i hope he's better

    98. D Unknown

      A cup of tea solves all

    99. Tech

      Maybe stop buying all those steroids and everything else you are injecting so you can pay for it yourself. People who use steroids are PATHETIC

    100. Víctor Eduardo

      This shit funny af, specially when he screams

      1. G

        You not edgy man, shit aint funny

      2. Nathan Gaming_YT