DISCONNECTED: The Champion of Champions Grand Final

Tom Scott

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    The three players who've already won come back to the tower for one final battle. One of them will leave the Champion of Champions: and two will be Disconnected.
    AD: White Light provided the SmartStage studio facilities and crew! You can find out more about their technology here: tinyurl.com/y7dxo2gz
    And disguise connected up all the (virtual) moving parts! Learn more about the latest disguise xR solution: web.disguise.one/xrtech
    ALEC: fiblock.info
    ELLEN: fiblock.info and fiblock.info
    VANESSA: fiblock.info
    Host: Tom Scott
    Question Producer: David Bodycombe
    Set Designer: Mat Hill
    Format: Labyrinth Games / Pad 26
    For White Light:
    Andy Hook
    Harry Greenfield
    Alex Loftie
    For disguise:
    Peter Kirkup
    Lead Camera: Luis Quiterio
    White Light Technical Crew:
    Fraser Carr-Gomm
    Sirus Fernandes
    Joseph Lock
    Composer: Benjamin Squires
    Editor: Michelle Martin
    A Labyrinth Games / Pad 26 Production
    © Pad 26 Limited MMXX
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      And that's our show! Thanks very much to all the players, and all the crew who helped put it together. Pull down the description for all their details!

      1. Marcus Langendorff

        Tom Scott is a natural at this. I hope we'll get more of these!

      2. Shadow81989

        @Marcus Langendorff exactly. If they were to go into the deciding round with 3 vs 1 bar, it's still evened out to 2 vs 2, so that the round in itself is as fair as possible.

      3. Marcus Langendorff

        @Shadow81989 So even if one of them still had 3 bars, they still would start with 2 this round?

      4. Keledran Von Sebottendorff

        I would make a youtube channel just to play =)

      5. Adam Taylor

        Ace show, I hope you do more series in the future!

    2. SoopaTroopa

      Are they supposed to both have 2 lives in the last round? Vanessa only had 1 life left right before it.

    3. Techno Spyform1

      You should've had red subtitles for you

    4. Mr. Random Guy • 32M views


    5. Riley Carpenter


    6. Wiktor Makowiec

      Of course Rockstar isn't on the list considering that there is unskippable yoga minigame in GTA V

    7. David Bunge

      There's Rockstar Energy Drink, which is different from the Rockstar game company.

    8. Richard J Pollard

      Definitely worth ITV grabbing this as a new Gameshow.

    9. Clifton Smith

      Season two petition is here!😀

    10. Tomasz Gałkowski

      Donald Trump's Twitter account: that aged like fine milk.

    11. Clockwork Kirlia

      This show was really cool! Would really enjoy more.

    12. Raisin

      Wait, shouldn’t Vanessa have one bar, not two, after the round where Alec left?

    13. Astérisque

      This was so amazing! Pleaase do another series!

    14. Ville Kivinen

      I hope this Quiz makes a comeback with Lindybeige, Robert Miles, Matt Parker and Colin Furze.

    15. riskinhos

      I'm actually the descendent of vasco da gama but no one will see this anyway

    16. Andrew Lofthouse


    17. Simon Ruszczak

      An all girls final.

    18. Micter Studios

      We need Hank back for season 2 😂

    19. Elan Wan

      I’m actually amazed that the sheer amount of money GTA5 made doesn’t put it on the top 100

    20. Swedish Boy

      "I mean, it's not a battle. It's mostly just a friendly conversation. But... that sounds more dramatic!" I agree, a friendly conversation sounds way to dramatic.

    21. Sta99er

      Tom is an awesome host

    22. Micro Tech

      Crap I had money on Alec winning. Now I owe myself money and I don’t want to owe myself.

    23. Katsura Kotarou

      FIblock originals why aren't you picking up this?

    24. Clar1nettist

      the twitter final didn't age well with trump

    25. rl Neves12

      Vanessa had one life at the end of round 1 and got 2 life's in round 2

    26. Jeremy Bernstein

      I can't believe I watched the entire 35 min "Remedies Book" ad before this video. And it was only Ad 1 of 2!

    27. MitchellMDL

      12:24 😏😏😏

    28. Isaac Foster

      This. Was. AN AMAZING SERIE ! 😃🎉

    29. FlyMaster

      Wait what, colorful subtitles?

    30. krypticallusion

      7:56 -> Vanessa, 1 Bar 9:15 -> Vanessa, 2 Bars Am I missing something?

      1. Jen'ari-asha

        Both players have two bars in the final round

      2. Sean Walker

        I noticed that too

    31. pendeyo

      Is there any british quiz show thats not good!? Please never stop doing stuff like this.

    32. yash

      i only got portugese correct because of bill wurtz's history of the world😂😂😂

    33. Tim Murray

      How did vanessa get a bar back after Alec was disconnected?

    34. josir1994

      Dim sum 點心 is "point heart" not "touch heart", 掂 is the word for "touch" and it pronounces with only intonation difference with 點 so maybe that's where it got wrong.

    35. Ryan CB

      Dam I might have gotten the f1 question

    36. Smuli Fas

      "Champions Of Champions" that's wat we always say as kids like I'm the king of king or infinite chocolate or Ur poopiest of the poop xD

    37. Arbiter

      Next season, do michael reeves please.

    38. Anirudh Iyer

      I was surprised to find the Pancreas question in there, like who doesn't know the answer to that? it was like 7th Grade biology.

    39. August Perez

      the use of ipa in the captions made me so happy omg

    40. Matthew Goodman

      We need a season 2. And probably a season 3 as well.

    41. Ericmyrs

      I don't understand how linear hasn't snapped up this show yet.

    42. Marc Law

      gamers being oppressed as always smh

    43. stoopid apples

      Tom: Would you like flowers, or body parts?

    44. Quinn Paulson

      That thumbnail looks like an astronaut and Darth Vader

    45. IntoLight

      I am astounded Disney wasn't mentioned in that final round

    46. ApemanMonkey

      Stopped watching when you disconnected Alec, you brute!

    47. Boggey3000

      And thank you for the question mark-silhouettes for the Grand Final-thumbnail. (Yes you can kind of make out who it is, but at a glance it's ambiguous)


      Ellen : says the top brand Vanessa : says the runner up Vanessa a bit later : coca cola Ellen : PEPSI VANESSA: NIKE ELLEN : ADIDAS

    49. K L

      Please make more gameshows Tom.

    50. Firebolt 67 Educates

      I feel terrible about the *Touch Heart* question. I knew dumplings was a wrong answer, because 饺子 sounds nothing like anything that means *Touch Heart* , and Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese sound very similar. I feel terrible because I didn't guess the answer was Dim Sum, because 点心 means *Touch Heart* . 点 means poke, or touch, and 心 means heart.

    51. Miriam

      Dim Sum (點心)question was bad. Dim Sum isn't a "Chinese food" that would be like asking for an american food and the answer be fast food. Dim sum consists of a large variety of food that is typically eaten for breakfast/lunch/tea.

    52. General Nickles

      Ellen let her love of video games get the better of her. Neither Activision nor rockstar made it.

    53. Alexandra MacLachlan

      4 of my favourite "obscure" youtubers in one "obscure" video. Love it xx

    54. Zoe

      It's AdidAS not AdIdas! It is a German brand and an acronym for Adolf ("Adi") Dassler👍🏼 Hopefully that is clear for once and for all😂

    55. Kraig The Krevetka

      Rockstar are known for their confrlicting nature but this conflict just came out of nowhere.

    56. Your Subconscious

      advertising at its finest transition

    57. Thunder

      Anyone else get the final question from round one right thanks to Bill Wurtz? "Then I guess we'll have to find, another way, to India~". Amazing.

    58. chris christen

      Glad to see robby rotten making a full recovery

    59. Fiddle Sticks

      That was a really good show! I liked the concept and the format, very entertaining. The guests were great, the competitive spirit showed in all of them and it was great to be able to play along with the list type questions. 😃😃

    60. Pineapple road

      I hope I NEVER get invited to a quiz show

    61. wicked

      "One person who likes this comment will become a billionaire"

    62. Matt Taylor

      Champions of shills Tom Scott

    63. ABeans07


    64. Matt B

      Alec got the hardest topics. Only a Chinese bartender could have done well with that selection.

    65. Adnan Halder

      ellen so dump

    66. SonOfFurzehatt

      Juniper berries are not even a fruit.

    67. Kentyus

      These guesses are so bad ngl

    68. minicolster

      That Kardashian burn was sweet

    69. Zachary Barbanell

      Hang on, red bull is on the list? Really?

    70. Sergio Avila

      Am I the only one to notice that vanessa keeps looking down at something before answering? probably an internet connected device?

    71. Hello Hello

      All 3 have black hairs

    72. Nick Higgins

      I hope socially distanced 2 of these people are lying can happen!

    73. IndigoGollum

      Make them fall off the tower when they lose is season 2

    74. Felipe Vasconcelos

      You cheated against Alec. You said “Vasco de Gama”, but his name is “Vasco da Gama”. It may sound like it didn’t matter, but the preposition “de” is found in both Spanish and Portuguese (the two main candidates), while the contraction “da” is only found in Portuguese (corresponding to Spanish “de la”).

    75. lucas m

      lin-manuel? Are you serious?

    76. Jim Boone Romualdo

      Tom: "So we're starting with our presidents!" Ellen: "Lin-Manuel Miranda" But Hamilton isn't gonna be president now.

    77. Tommaso Nesti

      This season was amazing! I'm already waiting for the second season...

    78. Michal Onufrák

      Vanessa is really smart but super super annoying

    79. Basile L'Eplattenier

      Technically a flower is a body part of a plant

    80. Philosopher

      I love that an Australian won!

    81. Llama Man

      at the finale round i fell lick epic games and Samsung would have been on the list

    82. Mind Jam

      Alec had a Technology Disconnection in this one :)

    83. Rajesh Kannan

      The last question was super easy in my opinion.. I thought they could've gone a long time back and forth.. I'm not even an American..

    84. Ishan Ghimire

      I'm kinda surprised by Louis Vuitton

    85. MNX

      id looveeee more of this show.. but alas xD

    86. MNX

      the nonary games got an insteresting change haha

    87. Grickum

      Vanessa looks like shes looking up the answers on her computer for some reason no cap

    88. Holobrine

      Surprised no one guessed Disney

    89. Udrakan Morturim

      This was a lot of fun.

    90. hpekristiansen

      Considering all the technology behind the stage, I must say that the illusion is BAD. The tower railing looks like a cartoon, the brightness is poor, the scenery is pixelated, and the moire pattern is unbearable. I do not think that they will sell a lot of these.

    91. Joe Tennies

      I thought of Rockstar as Rockstar Energy Drinks, which would fall behind Red Bull and likely Monster.

    92. Merto6

      not choosing f1 what a pleb

    93. David Davison

      Sony is there on 47, and is primarily known for its video games, at least here in the States, I think.

    94. Tadpole

      Why did Vanessa get another bar on the second challenge? I thought they went to the next challenge with their bars from the previous round. Or was that the "tie" Scott was talking about?

    95. Jacob Halifax

      Vanessa's place looks scarily similar to my studio apartment.

    96. Zachary Moss

      Being Chinese, this hurts, ver VERY much

    97. Emma Avery

      The absolute champion of champions is the captions on this show. 💙

    98. Jack Bergmann

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Vanessa get an extra bar for the last round?

      1. Jack Bergmann

        Pineapple road ok. Sounds good, thanks for the clarification

      2. Pineapple road

        I think how it works is that the players ALWAYS start the second round with two bars, regardless of the previous round

    99. temseti0

      Could you post a vid with JUST the advertisement/infomercial bits spliced together?

    100. Jared F

      I'm just not buying the usefulness of that screen over greenscreen. You need real time graphics which don't look good. Also, you can see the pixels line up with the pixels in the camera. It's expensive and fragile.